Seal Mitted Ragdoll

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A Seal Mitted Ragdoll is one that has a very dark brown color on it’s points – ears, nose, legs, tail and on their body – they also have a white chin and white mitts. Sometimes they are called seal colorpoint mitted or a seal point mitted Ragdoll.

Caymus, Seal Mitted Ragdoll

Seal is one of the many colors that Ragdolls and other purebred colorpointed cats come in. For a seal Ragdoll’s coloring, their body color can vary from a light to medium to dark brown – depending on diet, genetics and location, the deepness of the brown may vary. A seal point mitted or seal mitted Ragdoll will have white mitts on their paws, a white chin (if they have a dark chin, they are considered mismarked), a white chest and a different stomach pattern

. The photos and descriptions below will help you understand what a seal mitted Ragdoll looks like. The seal mitted Ragdoll is perhaps one of the most magnificent looking felines on earth combine it with a blaze, and the seal mitted is even more striking.

The seal color in a cat is one of a dark brown and then the mitted part means, quite literally, that they will have white mitts and usually a white chin. If they are mismarked like Rags, who had a brown chin, then that can happen too.

It’s just means that they are not show quality Ragdolls. Caymus and Murphy‘s half brother is a breeding stud at HeartNSoul Ragdoll Cattery, his name is Ace.

RW, SGC, Bluegrasrags Lord Ace of HeartNSoul
RW, SGC, Bluegrasrags Lord Ace of HeartNSoul
At 5.5 Yeard Old - RW, SGC, Bluegrasrags Lord Ace of HeartNSoul
At 5.5 Yeard Old – RW, SGC, Bluegrasrags Lord Ace of HeartNSoul
Dente owned by Sharon O'Rourke
Dente owned by Sharon O’Rourke

  There are a few seal mitteds on this website.

Dandenong Tora Rhianne
Dandenong Tora Rhianne of Ciara Ragdolls
Bobbie, Seal Point Mitted, loved by Nancy

There are three seal mitteds with blazes on this site as well:

Ragdoll Fancier’s Club Worldwide has an excellent page that features seal Ragdolls. Here are other color patterns of Ragdoll cats:

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4 thoughts on “Seal Mitted Ragdoll

  1. Jen says:

    Hi, I have a female kitten that is mitted, and possibly seal colored, but she is not a purebred. She was born in October, and is from the second litter her mother had. She has an older brother from the first litter, and he looks Siamese. My mom has his littermate brother, who has blue eyes as well. My little girl had a blue-eyed male littermate, but I found him dead when he was less than two weeks old. Their mother is just a barn cat, and she is white with tiger markings, so don’t know who their sire is. I was real excited to finally have blue-eyed or Siamese like cats.

    • admin says:

      I’d love to see a photo of your kitty and also would love it if you would consider sharing him as Ragdoll of the Week on my website. Thanks, Jenny

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