Ragdoll Breeder Website Scam: “RAGDOLL FAMILY” or “Ragdoll Giants”

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Current Ragdoll Breeder scams online

BUYER BEWARE: There are a lot of Ragdoll breeder and kitten scams online. We keep a running list of the ones we know about here. But, there are new ones popping up daily. Please email us if you have concerns about a breeder you are considering adopting from.

List of Scam Websites I Know About

Believe me, there are many more than this


  • CHEAP KITTENS – a reputable, legitimate breeder is not ever going to sell Ragdoll kittens for cheap. Why? They are running a business and they have fees, expenses, etc. for those first 12 weeks of the kittens’ lives as well as the well-being of the kitten’s mother. Check out reasonable Ragdoll cat prices right now.
    • $600 each and free shipping – that’s crazy cheap and “free shipping” is as if they are a commodity that’s made in a factory.
  • Misspellings: “We’re giving an excptional discount this week, so be amongst the lucky ones who get a Kitten at 50% off.”
  • Poor English – “Ragdoll Home is highly known for breeding and nurturing Kittens in a loving and caring manner, and we give them out to a true loving family who cares much about them.” – No native English speaking breeder is going to name their cattery or reference their cattery as “Ragdoll Home”
    • I say “native English speaker” because these scams are done mostly by people outside of the USA and Canada
  • Discrepancies in what is on the website vs. what the breeder says in emails: “He said his name is Steven Andrew but reviews on the website only mention someone named “Troy”. He also says he is located in Harrisburg, PA – note discrepancy above.”
  • A Shopping Cart – where you can checkout and buy a kitten today – No legitimate, reputable breeder will have “Buy Now” on their available kittens’ page. A real breeder cares about the breed, the cats as living beings and wouldn’t have a “shopping cart” type of set up.
  • Trust Your Gut – When it feels wrong – it’s usually wrong
  • Addresses don’t match – “The zip code they gave me for their address doesn’t match their city/state.”
  • Payment – if it’s through ZELLE or some other way you can never get your money back. “This company doesn’t accept PayPal and have numerous spelling/grammatical errors in their correspondence.”
  • Freight Company – they have a freight company that you also have to pay to have the kitten shipped. This is not how reputable breeders work. Example: “I’d like to inform you that https://www.lunaragdollhome.com/ is a fake ragdoll breeder and they “work” with https://expressglobalcargomover.com/ to move “kittens”. They scammed my mother out of $3,000 USD in total, $1,000 for the “kitten”, $2,000 for the “shipping”. They tried getting another $2,500 in “quarantine” fees for “3 months”.”
  • Content is copied from elsewhere – a lot of times they will copy content from a legitimate Maine Coon breeder’s website and then just switch our “Maine Coon” for “Ragdoll” – so if you see something along those lines, you know it’s a scam.
  • Odd Cattery Names – Many of these cattery names are targeting keywords that are entered in Google by users, not a NAME a person would name their cattery. So “Healthy Ragdoll Breeders” is a very odd name for a native English speaker to choose
  • Young Kittens – 10 weeks old – no legitimate, reputable breeder lets kittens go before 12 weeks
  • .ORGs – No breeder would have a .org website – that’s for official 5013c organizations, like the Red Cross.
  • Ads – A legitimate, reputable breeder does not put ads online, on Craigslist, on recycler.com – they have a running waitlist. And they attract new kitten buyers through social media (by posting their litters, etc.) or through referrals or through website searches (if their site is set up well for search engine optimization)
Screenshot of a Ragdoll Breeder scam on Recycler.com
This photo was stolen from a legitimate Ragdoll breeder and used as an ad by a scammer on Recycler Classifieds in Los Angeles.
Jump to:

June 2, 2021

I was scammed by www.ryleighsragdollkittens.com

The email they use to contact their “customers” RAGDOLLS HOME <homeragdolls@gmail.com>

The email they use to have an account on ZELLE: rogsdogs@gmail.com Under: Ryleigh Figueroa and Michael

Maybe you can also add the freight company which is in the scam as well. They wanted to get an additional $1,000 for an electrical thermal crate due to the young age of the kitten.

SCAM FREIGHT COMPANY: Pet Rounds Logistics Network (405) 383-8975 info@Petrounds.com info.pet753428@gmail.com General Manager Mr. Chris Caster

April 13, 2021

I was scammed by www.leeragdoll.com

I wish I had seen your web site before connecting with https://leeragdoll.com/.  Unfortunately, I was slow to recognize the scam and they did get some money from me before I figured it out.  It was your web site that helped me confirm the scam.  I wish there was a way to remove them from the internet!  Just wanted to say thanks for having that information available.  I wish I had seen it first.

I used Zelle…. Note to self….. NEVER use a person to person money transfer to someone you are not totally sure who they are and or know personally … EVER!!!! They will make arrangements of other forms of payments such as American express gift card.  I don’t know why that didn’t set of my Scam senses! So if you have to pay any reseller by person to person transfer and you don’t personally know them, RUN.!

These people now are telling me they will hold my money for 30 days per the contract which is null and void as they never intended to send me a kitten. I am still so mad I can’t see straight.  They have all but acknowledged the scam and won’t refund my money. I wish there was a way I could get law enforcement on their doorstep, but I fear that doorstep is not in the US.

I was wondering how you SEO your website?  Getting it to show up when someone types in ragdoll kittens for sale would be great. Did I mention I am an unhappy camper right now? Thanks for having that list.  If I hadn’t checked and found your site they would have scammed me out of all the money they were asking for. I just wish I had thought about the possibility of cat breeders scam before I jumped in.  I hate learning hard lessons.

These guys are good…  the web site is nice, the contract is official looking.  Very easy to be at ease when your hoping to get that special kitten. Its when the payment options pop up that one should beware.  Unfortunately it took me a step to long to figure it out. As always, if it sounds to good, it probably is…. Buyer beware! One more thing… check the timestamp on any correspondence.  These guys were responding to email at hours between midnight and 6 am. Another red flag.”

How to Spot a Pet Scammer

Here’s the latest – Precious Ragdolls using my photo of Charlie, Trigg and me that’s in the footer of our website.  I am not married and have never been – and they stole the content below the photo from another breeder’s website.

Ragdoll Breeder Scam - Pet scams ragdoll breeder complaints

Often times, they will steal from a Maine Coon breeder’s website and then just replace “Maine Coon” with “Ragdoll”.  You can always copy and paste a few sentences of the content and put it between ” ” in Google’s search bar to see where else it appears on the web.

Ragdoll cat scams
ragdoll kitten scams

You can tell they stole it from Ragdolls Above All.

how do you spot a pet scammer
This website has a photo of me with my cat, Charlie – saying my name is “Marie / Cleveland”. I am Jenny and live in Kansas City and did not get my cats from them.

Update September 19, 2020

Kimberly Ragdolls is a fraudulent breeder website

“I’m very appreciative of you posting fraudulent breeder websites. I have been corresponding with a man using the name Kimberly Ragdolls. He is offering to sell me a beautiful female kitten for $350, including shipping from Pennsylvania to Arizona. I asked him to forward a copy of his contract. He appeared to change the name of the breeder at the Beginning of the contract, but erroneously left the name of Cristar Ragdoll Cattery at the bottom. He has now ceased corresponding with me once I questioned him on it. I wanted you to have the new name he is operating under so you can list it also.

Seems this guy has had several fb pages. They don’t have a website this time – just their Facebook page. But they are seeking out buyers on the American Ragdolls fb page. They replied to a post earlier today listing their info and pictures of kittens. I reached out to them as I am currently looking for a female. I just looked back on fb and it appears they deleted their comments with their info. But their fb page was Kimberlyragdoll kittens.

I have messed with this guy all afternoon questioning him. I sent him screenshots of all the business names he has gone by and all the stories buyers have reported about him. He claims it is just fraudulent buyers trying to give him a bad name. He’s definitely a fraud. He went from messaging me on Facebook messenger, to texting me, to using WhatsApp. I questioned him why he kept switching and he said to make sure I was legit! Lol! Thanks for looking out for buyers! I appreciate it!”

Update September 2, 2020

RAGDOLL CATTERY HOME is another Ragdoll breeder scam website.

Paula wrote in, “Unfortunately my 13 yr old rag doll passed Suddenly recently and we are devastated I began looking right away for another rag doll and just get totally conned. I went to https://ragdollcatterys.com/ and unfortunately they took my money (cash accounts only which was a red flag) promised to ship my 11-week kitten they named Cucu, then hours before her due time (Monday September 1st at noon) they then asked for more money for another shot and $650 for a temperature controlled crate. The kitten was to be delivered in a crate anyway They agreed to pay for her shot but still wanted $650 for the crate She was supposed to be on a flight at the time they requested this so I knew it wasn’t right. They sent me shipping confirmation for the flight but trying to google the company showed no such company.

We were so upset at being conned so easily and I don’t know how to get their name out there to warn other innocent pet lovers so it doesn’t happen to them. If you can possibly add this company to your warning list of bad breeders that would be great. Their website and shipping contract looked so real too. If you know a good breeder in Southern California who has rag dolls for pets and I’m not interested in showing or breeding please can you let me know. please post to try to prevent others from being scammed by them!”

Update August 3, 2020

Supreme Ragdolls Home! is another Ragdoll kitten scam website.

Update July 23, 2020

Cristar Ragdoll Cattery is another Ragdoll Breeder Kitten Scam website

UPDATE – July 4, 2020

Yet another Ragdoll breeder scam / fraudulent website – Ragdoll Kitty Shop – Ragdoll Pet Shop

UPDATE – June 28, 2020

Another Ragdoll breeder scam / fraud – Premium Ragdolls.

Doing the same as this one below, but using a photo of my sister with our parents’ cats on their Premium Ragdolls Cattery’s fake and fraudulent website:

Premium Ragdoll SCAM BAD Breeder Fake Breeder Fraud

How To Spot A Ragdoll Cattery Scam Website

Another scammer website using a photo of my sister and me with my parents’ Ragdoll cats. Wish there was a way to prosecute these people. Here was another one – Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten – Ragdoll Breeder SCAM.

Ragdoll Breeder Website Scam RAGDOLL FAMILY or Ragdoll Giants

These are people that do not have kittens – they are stealing people’s photos, content from other legitimate breeder’s websites and creating a brand new website from it. Claiming they have kittens – and then screwing people out of their money. They use keywords like, “Professional Ragdoll Cat breeders” or “Purebred Ragdolls” to help their website be found on Google. And innocent people that are looking to buy a Ragdoll kitten, find it – see all the pretty photos and get suckered into buying one because they make the website look legitimate with a purchase agreement, shipping guarantee and more.  But there is a lot of misspellings and you can find the content they post on other breeder’s websites. For example, they copied and pasted the content on their Shipping and Guarantee page from a Savannah cat breeder.

I HATE wasting Floppycats site’s content on something like this. I HATE spending my time on something like this. BUT I HATE scams and frauds and especially those that involve animals even more.

I am hoping this post will make them stop and also make others stop that might be doing the same. They will probably change their name by the time this posts – but they have used “RAGDOLL FAMILY” or “Ragdoll Giants” so far.  Please let me know what other names they use. I posted about this scam two weeks ago on Facebook – you can see the discussion here:

How to Find a Reputable Ragdoll Cat Breeder:

Here are the pages on the site that you might find helpful:

You can always contact us, if you are wondering if the breeder you’re interested in is a legitimate breeder.  Please send us a link to their website, and we can check it out for you.

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112 thoughts on “Ragdoll Breeder Website Scam: “RAGDOLL FAMILY” or “Ragdoll Giants”

  1. Steph says:


  2. Samara says:

    angelsragdollshome is also a scam site, sent an email with my number just now to ask questions – then found a site with nearly the exact same about us…

  3. R says:

    Hello, Jenny.

    I think I’ve been scammed.

    I am normally very careful and thought myself wise to sniffing out scams… looking back I let my guard down many times and ignored the red flags that popped up.

    I’m currently awaiting the kitten shown as “Cassie” on kittensbooth.com but I have a sinking feeling she will never get here because she doesn’t really exist. I paid $500 for Cassie and $200 for the transport/shipping agency for a total of $700.

    I’m supposed to be contacted by the shipping company on Thursday morning 8/12/21 at 8am – presumably to be told I will need to pay $850 or in that range for a temperature controlled crate and who knows what else.

    I should have known something was up when they asked money to be paid via Apple Cash Pay or Zelle. I’d never before used either. Actually, they said Apple Pay at first which I felt good about because I was initially going to use my credit card and it was only when I was actually paying that I discovered it would be Apple Cash Pay. I ended up using my linked debit card and when that payment went through but was held in “pending” status, they asked that I call my bank or Apple Pay to push the payment through faster. Which I did – only to be told by Apple Pay and greendot that it was a safety mechanism and the seller had to wait ~48 hours. The seller then asked that I cancel and use Zelle instead. I really wanted the kitten Cassie as I had already fallen in love with her, so I canceled Apple Pay and paid via Zelle. Neither of these times did the number or email address indicate that it actually belonged to the breeder with whom I was supposedly corresponding – “Cathryn”.
    I even texted the number she told me to send the Apple Pay to and asked if it was Cathryn or kittensbooth.com and was told “it is not.” Alarmed, I then emailed Cathryn and told her what happened and she said it was an agent who works with her and it is the right number. Ugh. Looking back, I have no idea how stupid I could have been. I blame being emotionally attached to the kitten for my uncharacteristically gullible behavior.
    And as to the Zelle payment – the first email address she gave didn’t work – it said money could not be sent to this recipient, to try a different email address or contact. So then I was sent another one – again not Cathryn’s but another “agent” with whom supposedly she works – and finally this payment went though.

    I didn’t really start thinking (or I guess allowing myself to think) that something was amiss until I asked to be sent more recent pics and videos of Cassie. I was super excited that she was “mine” and wanted these to look at to tide me over until next Thursday, 8/12/2021. (By the way, the only reason she wasn’t being shipped right away was because I asked if she could be delivered on that particular date.) It took much longer to receive a reply to this email but I finally got one. It did have a video of a Ragdoll kitten in a carrier in a car – supposedly on her way to the final vet appointment for the week – and two pics of Cassie, one of which showed different coloring on her leg than in her website photo, or the video, or the other pic that was sent. Also, the video is dated 6/21 even though the email implied it was this week.

    NOW the alarm bells sounded in my head – or I should say I allowed myself to really hear them. It was only at this point I started researching Ragdoll website scams and while I haven’t come across kittensbooth.com in any lists thus far, I truly believe with a sickening feeling in my stomach that this website is phony just like all the others on your list.

    I did ask for a FaceTime with the breeder and also Cassie but was told they currently do not support FaceTime but subsequently hope to make zoom or Skype available. I have just responded that I would like to arrange this since it’s not hard to do. I have also asked what transport company they use and they replied that is dependent on the state in which I live. I told them (and they know) that I reside in Michigan – and I’m waiting to hear what they say regarding this as well.

    On the paper I signed, I now find strange that in the description portion of the pet, it just says Cassie is a “Ragdoll Kitten”. Not what coloring she is, such as “Ragdoll kitten – blue point bicolor” or whatever. The seller is named as Cathryn/Robert Green and the address is listed as 7335 Reed Rd, Azle in the state of Texas.

    What do you think of all this? Do you agree I’ve probably been scammed?

    I’m sure I will find out shortly – whether on Thursday morning when I’m told by the shipping company that I need to pay for a temperature controlled crate or that Cassie is sick and I need to pay for meds/vet bills, if perhaps sooner than that when I get ghosted and don’t get any further response to my emails.

    These awful scam websites need to be taken down and the operators need to go to jail.

    Thanks for reading this. I know you are very busy but I would love a response from you.


    *One more thing I thought of just now: I did ask that Cassie’s status online be changed to unavailable since she (supposedly) is now mine and I was worried she might mistakenly be sent to the wrong person but I was told not to worry since her adoption papers have been taken off the registry and that soon the tech department would make the change. Maybe it’s not a big thing – but I would think they would update accordingly. It’s going on three days since she became “mine” but her status on kittensbooth.com is still showing as available.

    *since I emailed you the above, I now am 100% certain that I’ve been scammed. Firstly, you’ve emailed me back and confirmed that kittensbooth.com is a fraudulent website. Secondly, I have sent “Cathryn” a scathing email outlining all the reasons why kittensbooth.com is a scam and if she is not running a fraudulent website then to get on Skype or Zoom or FaceTime with me, but of course I’ve been ghosted. I’ve also asked that my $700 Zelle payment be returned – but of course I know this will not happen, at least not out of the “goodness of her heart”.
    (I’ve contacted my bank and let them know what’s going on and they’re going to try to help me with Zelle. But I’m not exactly holding my breath for a favorable outcome.)
    *I thought I would let you and everyone know the phone number I was given for Apple Pay:
    (316) 612-3874. Also, one of the email addresses for the Zelle payment was to Alonzo Osorio: osorioalonzo10@gmail.com. When this email address didn’t work, I was given the email address of Chiquita Taylor which is chiquitatlr@gmail.com. This, unfortunately, did work.
    *Suffice it to say, I won’t be paying these crooks any more money should the shipping/transport company contact me on Thursday morning. I’m not even sure if they will since I told them I’m on to them. I’ll update you on what happens with that – and with Chase and Zelle.

  4. Barbara says:

    Hi there, can you tell me if thequeensragdolls is a scam they are in Murietta, Ca the woman’s name is Carla. I put a 300 deposit on a cat. I’m getting suspicious bc not able to get her on the phone, everything through text. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Kay says:

    Hello I think the site awesome ragdolls kittens may be a scams as well. They responded very fast, everything seemed okay they sent more pictures of the kitten I asked about. However when I asked them to send me a picture of my name written on paper next to the cat they responded with a video instead that was more of a web link and after I pushed back for the specific picture they didn’t respond again. Link for reference html://awesomeragdollkittens.com

  7. Lisa says:


    How about this one. [removed by editor]

    Traditional Ragdoll Cattery located in Murrieta, California


    Kindly please check 🙁

  8. EB says:

    Can you check [removed by editor]
    I have no reason to believe this is a scam, other than one: They say they are a registered TICA breeder but I don’t see them on the TICA website.

    • Jenny says:

      Please email me. If you post a legitimate breeder in the comments of this post – then it will show up in Google that they are a scam and that’s not fair. So I am removing them from your comment.

    • Tara batistelli says:

      I was scammed just todsy by ryleigh ragdolls website..i got scammed for 1020.00..im.si.mad at myself for this..so.umbelievably mad…i just shouod have known..500 to.the breeder tyleigh cornelius amd the freightbplace for another 520.00..his mane was carlos varga…the breeder scammed me tbrough zelle.and the other 9ne scammed.me.through cashapp..i.felt bad thinking there really was a kitten alone.waiting to.be flown out…and my 6 year old was so excited….img 8m.so.uoset lesson learned. I just went and made a police report..i kniw it wont do anything..but i felt i had to..1020.00 is alot of noney….pleaae dont make the same mistake i did….

  9. Ashley says:

    This website is also a scam. Has pictures of kittens that you can reverse image search and find on other websites. Testimonials list that a cat was chewing on an antler which they don’t do. Testimonials are copy and pasted, easy to google search. Shipping info lists them sending a pig ear and that the cats love them, news to me. Evasive about phone calls, would not answer even though they said they would.

    Zelle registered email is Jeremybradley57@gmail.com and the name given for it is Elvis. Super original.

    • Jenny says:

      Oh man. Awful. Sounds like the testimonials were probably pulled from a dog website – given the antler reference. That’s what they do – switch it up and out – and most people don’t read – they just skim and look at the photos.

    • Ashley says:

      Here’s the website so y’all know to avoid them, said they’re based out of Norman, Oklahoma via email. Phone number they gave me was a text to mail subscriber.


  10. Jimin says:

    Hi, thank you for all your help. I have found a breeder who is listed on many “find a cat in your area” sites. ragdollstexas.com. The owner has a fractured arm and says she is unable to do anything for 1 month which is a shame but she says her kittens are too young to be sold now anyway. I’m 99% positive about this breeder (who is also a retired vet apparently) but I’m double checking to make sure it passes your criteria.

    • Jenny says:

      i don’t have time right now to look – but looks like she has a phone number – https://ragdollstexas.com/Contact.html – a good breeder will interview you as much as you interview her. she has an assortment of cats. definitely not a traditional ragdoll line breeder. i don’t know what you’re looking for though – let’s move this conversation to e-mail though. i can respond faster.

  11. Jimin says:

    I noticed you listed elegant dolls cattery but didn’t explain why, I was about to purchase from them and it would be useful to know, what makes them a scammer? Because I didn’t catch anything.

    • Jenny says:

      I can spot a scammer website now in 2.5 seconds. But other reasons include those included in this blog post. $700 for a Ragdoll is way too cheap – that’s the first head’s up. Second one is different backgrounds on all the photos – they are stolen from some place else. You can tell on their about us page that they clearly copied and pasted – https://elegantragdollcattery.com/about-us/ – yep, found another scammer website by plugging that into Google: https://submissiveblueeyesragdolls.com/about-us/

      The horrible misspellings or grammar errors – “If you’re looking for an active, fun, devoted companion with elegant good looks, an Ragdolls Kittens cat is a wonderful choice”

      Sorry, I don’t have time to spend explaining why else. If you are concerned about future scammer websites, just email me a link and I can tell you if it is a scam or not.

      • Jimin says:

        I was starting to think that they were real because they sent me 4 more pictures of Lulu and they all looked like the same kitten in the same house. Their name was also TICA registered but it probably doesn’t matter if the NAME is registered because it’s just the name. Here’s another website, they’re missing the testimonials and the page for the parents of the kittens but they’ve been pretty trustworthy so far. ragdollmansion.com

        • Jenny says:

          hmmmm… i would see if you can get them on the phone. how do they take payment? This is not reassuring to me – “Your Ragdoll world in just a click” – these are lives, not commodities. A little more research revealed they are a scam too – they copied their about us content from https://mainecoonplanet.com/ – which is another scam site.

  12. Lisa says:

    Elegant Ragdolls in Texas are a fraud? I am trying to purchase from them, they say they are TICA registered cats, but they want Zelle (instant cash transfer, no protection).

  13. Crystal says:

    Thanks you so much for all the info! I’m certain I would have fallen for one of these scam sites otherwise! Do you know of any legit Ragdoll breeders in the KC area? My kiddo has his heart set on one, but I’m starting to feel a bit discouraged.

    • Jenny says:

      I do know of legit Ragdoll breeders in KC – as I am in KC. But I can never recommend a breeder. I have some videos on our YouTube of a KC breeder. You can always email me websites to check if they are legit.

      • Crystal says:

        Ok- thank you for your help! Are you familiar with American Ragdolls? They are located near Lake of the Ozarks according to the website. I couldn’t find their name on the TICA website for Missouri, so I wasn’t sure if that was a red flag?

  14. Esther Moore says:

    A few more to add to the list –

    same folks as the above with different breeds, as well. here is another –

    Our 16 year old cat just passed. We have our hearts set on a Ragdoll. MOST of the paid ads online that I’ve looked into appear to be scams. Several are included in the list above and are still at it. Several are also listed on various scam alert sites.

    I am thankful that I just didn’t have any peace dealing with these. Using addresses of empty, for-sale houses. Cell phones with no names attached to the numbers. They only want Western Union, MoneyGram, or Zelle. In fact in one case, only would accept Western Union in person cash pick up. None of them will allow us to drive to where they are. None respond unless we act like we’re on the verge of sending money.

    What a shame to prey on people’s emotions like this. I’m sorry for those who have been scammed.

      • Tracy Robinson says:

        Thank you so much for responding so quickly. 4 of the Ragdoll websites on your list I contacted for pricing/shipping info. I’m so glad that I found your website to refer back to. I just don’t know who to trust. I didn’t realize the scammers were literally everywhere

      • Tracy Robinsin says:

        Ok, I found these guys on Facebook and this is my last attempt before using one of the TICA breeders. It’s so disheartening, just about every website that I’ve come across is a scam and on your list. I’ve already lost money and can’t afford to lose anymore. “Ragdoll kittens for sale near me” ph 540-358-5030 They have ads posted in every major city across the US. They say they will ship using Delta or American for $100 and they are not commercial breeders. They ask for payment thru Zelle or cash app. Let me know what you think

  15. Anonymous says:

    We got scammed. Just found out this is a thing! My two boys are CRUSHED and we are out…. starting the complaint and pursuing legal actions. Watch out for

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, they are a scam. They have a photo of me with my cat, Charlie – saying my name is “Marie / Cleveland”. I am Jenny and live in Kansas City and did not get my cats from them.

      how do you spot a pet scammer

  16. GG says:

    Here’s another one that I think is a scam. Found them in Facebook as “Tylr Hanson’s Pets”. They said they had a kitten, I asked for website and guarantees… illiterate answers. I declined due to price and lack of legitimacy. They send pics that Were identical to some other ragdoll sites, so I questioned. Answer I got was that HE breeds and other people sell for him (yeah right). I politely declined and left it alone. Then the next couple of days I continue to get sporadic messages asking me to reconsider – later they send me this website riddled with grammatical errors and incomplete contact info pages (half-assed built site to fake legitimacy) “amazingragdollcattery.com”. They continue to hound me on IM. Ridiculous.

  17. Cathleen says:

    Does anyone know anything about Mason’s Ragdolls? Or Neville Ragdolls? I’m reading all of these accounts and I’m becoming a little worried.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This happened to me as well. If you paid via a payment app, contact them ASAP to see if they can reverse the transaction. Sometimes these scammers haven’t yet taken the cash out of the payment app. So the fraud depot in the payment app could potentially reverse it. We were lucky to get our money back. Best of luck! Lesson for us is to never pay without visiting in person and actually looking at the kittens.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Cindy, it looks legit from what I can tell – maybe follow them on Facebook for awhile and reach out to anyone that comments on their posts to be sure? Thanks, Jenny

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you! I have spoken with her several times. I felt it was legit. I have her on FB and her personal cell phone # . With all the scams I had discovered along my search….I just became such a skeptic. I did my homework, and a bit of CIA work 😉 Amazing what you can discover just from FB. She really checked out in my opinion. We have one kitty reserved for the upcoming litter. I put down $250. Excited. 🙂

  19. Jeff A. says:

    We just figured out we got scammed 15 minute ago… Dynamic Ragdoll Kittens (https://dynamicragdollkittens.net/). They provided a fairly professional looking sales contract that had everything you want to see regarding guaranteeing the well-being of the cats, including requiring the new owner contact them first should they need to give up the cats to allow the breeder the opportunity to retrieve the them. I thought that was a nice touch, indicating they cared.

    Anyway, we paid for the kittens. The shipper then informed us we needed “temperature regulated” containers. Seemed reasonable given the young age of the kittens and it being winter. Things got odder when they followed saying they needed two containers given we had two kittens. Seemed a bit weird, given the ability to fly (non-commercially) with two cats in a container as long as they’re small. They emphasized the different rules for commercial shipment. I reluctantly paid for the second container.

    Then another email came from the “insurance department” saying we needed insurance for $1450! Bells started going off now. That’s not how insurance is supposed to work, paying the replacement cost up front…

    Started to do some internet searching and quickly found out the shipper (Airpet Movers; https://airpetmovers.com/) work hand-in-hand with the so-called breeder to scam customers.

  20. Ryan . D says:

    My best friend just got scammed by https://amazingragdollcattery.com/
    She was eagerly awaiting for a kitten named jasper. She paid 800$ for the kitten. And then was scammed into the 1600$ pet insurance for travel which she paid as she did not do her research.
    The day he was supposed to be sent the *shipping company* asked for 1200$ for a AC crate. Which we found odd as its winter.
    But i dug up some laws on pet travel. And the kitten was 13 weeks according to them. And pets aren’t allowed to fly until at least 16 months in canada.
    I called him out and he tried to guilt my poor friend saying she was causing pet abandonment and that she was terrible for not getting jasper to her.
    He even threatened to sue her after i asked for the insurance money back. I said keep the money for the obviously fake kitten but to do the right thing.
    He stopped responding afterwards.
    All the money was sent via paypal and used under the send to a friend option. Please be careful of this as paypal cannot refund you if you do this.
    Lastly one big thing that i asked my friend was did they make you sign a document for the adoption or purchase.
    She had no receipts. No documents and only the websites photo. All red flags. So hopefully this can help prevent more fraud.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was about to send them payment until I saw your comment. I’d like to know more about your experience with them so that I don’t fall for the same trap. Thank you for letting me know!

  21. Elena says:

    Anne’s Ragdoll Kitten is also a scam. They use the same scamming pattern. After you payed full amount for the kitten they start demanding extra fee for electronic crate – around $2,000. I reported them to Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov and scam at ic3.gov.

    • Anonymous says:

      did they try connecting you to statepets-logistics.com? this is the website they are using and demanding the extra $1,850 dollars for electronic crate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you talking about Anneragdollkittenhome.com that claims to be in Texas? We just contacted them today and they contacted us back but I cannot find them on the TICA registration lists for Texas.

  22. April Torregroza says:

    I believe gorgeous ragdoll kittens is a scam website as well. I tried to get a kitty named Blaze from them and they became very offended when I asked for the vet clinic the kitty has been to and if they could send a snap shot of the kitty next to a glass of water or if I could see it in real time. There was also no actual number that I could speak to a person. It was all through text. The website says they are based in California but when I asked about picking the kitty up, they said they were In Pennsylvania and they would ship it.

  23. AJ says:

    Add another one. Ragdollkittieshome.com. I stupidly fell for their scam. Please let others know this website is NOT legitimate and is a scam.

  24. Jackie says:

    Riverside Ragdoll’s is also a scam. Said they would ship the next day. Then get a text they need full payment in order to be allowed to ship. Then they said $720 refundable deposit That will be given back to me upon delivery. Then the “shipping” company was contacting me that I need to pay $1500 in insurance that will also be refunded. I called them out on it being a scam and refused to send the money. Then they stopped answering. The Fake shipping company that was contacting me was global courier express


    • Anonymous says:

      Wait can you confirm the phone number of the person at riverside Ragdolls that you spoke to?
      I believe I am getting scammed!!!

  25. Melissa Blenkarn says:

    Fantastic Ragdoll Scattery is a scam! I paid $750 and never heard back from them. Please share this so that no one else is victimized by them.

  26. Susan says:

    Aniyahs Ragdoll Kittens is also a scam. I didn’t get scammed, but several have been. I read their stories on http://www.scampulse.com › aniyah-ragdoll-kittens-reviews.
    If these scammers are reported to the FBI fraud division, maybe something can be done and they can be prosecuted. Then maybe other might think twice before trying to scam people out of their money.
    Lets all work together to end this fraudulent practice.

  27. Mac says:

    JahMez is a scammer from Philadelphia. How is presently hiding in Cameroon after scamming $170. 000. Cameroon government is hiding him

  28. Trudy Rose says:

    They are also listed above for Premium Ragdolls. Same people. I will list all of the names they go by also, as soon as I gather them up. Btw, I now have a virus on my phone. Seems it’s from them. It says I have The virus because I’ve gone to adult websites. I have never been on an adult website and my husband can’t use the computer so it wasn’t him and I were the only two in the house. So, I believe they also run one of those.

  29. Trudy Rose says:

    Ps. Premium Ragdolls is also the site of blueeyedpals.com!! Same names of the kittens! We should work together to bring these people down before they take more money from people!!!!

  30. Trudy Rose says:

    I wrote blueeyedragdoll.com and several of the photos in this site I saw in theirs!! They asked for $500 first then gave a bogus email from Dreamline Shippers and said they wanted $999.99 for a special crate and to send the money to them with the promise that the shipper would give me 95% of my money back! The kitten never arrived and nor the crate!!! I could not believe how stupid I was!! Let’s stop these creeps!!!!thename of this kitten was JoJo

    • Mal says:

      Thanks so much for posting here. I found this particular “breeder” page under https://blueeyedtemptations.com/, same kitten names, but mysteriously the kitten labelled as “Mother” has changed pictures. So glad you all have been posting in here, since after I sent the breeder an email, I thought to look for scams and now I can go mess with them if they reply. So sorry to read about your situation, and I hope you get a lovely dolly sometime soon!!

    • Sarah says:

      I had the same thing happen to me. Mine was called Premier Ragdoll Kittens though. The “shipping company” asked for $1605 for “vaccinations” due to covid and some kind of heated crate. I had just woken up and I am not a morning person at all so I was half dead and stupidly sent the money. I lost almost $3000 including the initial cost for the kittens. And now I barely have enough money to pay rent let alone responsibly afford a kitten.

  31. Taylor E. Beaulne says:

    I almost got scammed by these terrible people.
    I was just so excited to get a cat that I didn’t do my research and red flags just kept popping up.
    The minute I caught them in a scam they never answered an email or text again.

    • Elizabeth Thomas says:

      Balinese Home Kittens scammed me out of $840. 00, The so called breeder Jayson who was working with the carrier Noah’s Ark called me at that last minute when the kitten we purchased was about to depart from South Dakota to Maryland telling me since the weather was bad a “special” create was required with the Ernst cost of $1450.00. This kitten Daisy was for my adult special needs daughter, needless to say was furious as I knew I was being scammed.

      Imrdiately contacted Jayson who thought he could con me into understanding the reaso and blah blah blah. He text me a few hours later stating he would refund me. By then I was asleep since it was already late. Early the next morning at 6:00am I responded to his text agreeing to the refund per his text and to the signed contract. I have not heard back from Jayson even though my husband has called and left a message, I have texted him three times and emailed him. My daughter is devastated. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

  32. Patti Johnson says:

    Super PAWESOME & FABULOUS POST, Jenny honey! Despicable scammers! Ugh! Just deplorable behavior! GAH! So glad you discovered this and are spreading the word! TYSVM!!! <3

    Big hugs, lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    • Jenny says:

      yes, i hate to waste my time on these people – but in the happen chance someone has emailed with them, is ready to make a deposit and they google their fake cattery name, then maybe floppycats’ post will show up on their google results – so they can see it’s a scam before they have been had.

      • Anonymous says:

        Another one to add to the list is https://riversideragdoll.com/health-guarantee/

        Was in communication with them. They said they could ship the next day. They said per the contract they needed full payment before shipping or the shipping company wouldn’t ship. They are also fraudulent with a fake shipping company called global courier express. They wanted a $720 refundable deposit for a crate and the money needed to be sent to the sender and then I would get it back. They also wanted a $1500 insurance refundable deposit that would be returned to me. I did not send and called them out on being a fraud. Then they stopped answering.

      • Anonymous says:

        We had same/similar experience with Riversideragdoll.com as the person below – this is a scam. There were so many red flags that we were lucky to not have sent them the cash that they were demanding via Western Union. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE – it is a scam.

        December 11, 2020 at 9:09 pm
        Another one to add to the list is https://riversideragdoll.com/health-guarantee/

        Was in communication with them. They said they could ship the next day. They said per the contract they needed full payment before shipping or the shipping company wouldn’t ship. They are also fraudulent with a fake shipping company called global courier express. They wanted a $720 refundable deposit for a crate and the money needed to be sent to the sender and then I would get it back. They also wanted a $1500 insurance refundable deposit that would be returned to me. I did not send and called them out on being a fraud. Then they stopped answering.

      • Teri says:

        I was just scammed on amazingragdollcattery
        I paid the money and he was supposed to ship my kitten from Mississippi to West Virginia. Then they wanted to charge me 1200.00 for cat insurance. I was told that they can’t release the kitten until then. I have a very sad little girl

    • Anonymous says:

      Paulson Ragdoll is also a SCAM! Their website looks so legitimate and their emails are extensive with information and even have a whole contract drawn up. When it came to payment though, they wanted money through zelle, cvs moneygram, western union- none of which offer fraud protection. The contract is signed Paulson Mike and Silva Paul but the money transfer information was to Isaac Olorunyomi and when clicked on took me to mrsnovakane@gmail.com. Huge RED FLAG!
      So disappointing how hard it is to trust people these days.

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