Cat Scams: Breeder + Kitten Website Scams

Current Ragdoll Breeder Cat Scams Online – on Websites, Facebook, Instagram, and More

BUYER BEWARE: There are a lot of Ragdoll breeder and kitten scams online since scammers know people are looking for the perfect pet for their new family member. We keep a running kitten scammer list list of the ones we know about below.

IMPORTANT: This is not limited to Ragdoll cats – it’s rampant for all breeds and also for dog breeds!

Please know that new ones are popping up daily. So please email us if you have concerns about a breeder you are considering adopting from after a quick online search. But before doing so, please watch our VERY comprehensive video that will help you determine if the site you’ve found is a scam, and check out our running list to know immediately.

A reader once wrote me and said, “Ordinarily, the work of a pet scammer is intrinsically evil. This is because they trade on the powerful emotion of love & tenderness towards an animal – a pet, a companion. Because of that, I view them at the level of pedophiles, rapists, pederasters and slightly above the status of serial killers.

But because they operate in the wide swells of the internet sewer this sort of detritus is of no interest and not worthy of policing, apprehending, convicting, and jailing- substantial effort/ expenditure of resources for little gain. I view pet scammers, in reality, like I do cockroaches. They are hideous and alarming when you encounter them, BUT as hard as you try to exterminate them, they continue to reappear in your bathroom, garage, etc.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) post on this topic suggested that up to 90% of all listings submitted from a Google search like “ragdolls for sale” are fraudulent – in some way or other. The other fact that surprised me was: the center of Pet scam operations is in Cameroon, West Africa.”

How to Spot a Ragdoll Kitten Scam

List of Scam Websites I Know About – Check Out Cat Scams on Facebook Below

Believe me, there are many more than this (and some scammers use legitimate breeders’ names – so be sure to check the website link – as it can be different than the cattery name – they’re getting tricky). Be sure to search this page – use CTRL+F to find if the personal information (email or phone number), website, etc. you are communicating is listed herein. They are getting tricky and will change their website names, but still have the same domain name.

  • Adorable Ragdoll Cattery or Ragdoll Kittens for Homes
  • Adorable Ranch Ragdolls ADORABLE DOLLS
  • Aila Ragdoll Kittens Asking for Zelle money transfer only, Christina (breeder) 301-245-5217 Transportation company 301-867-7898, After I’ve transferred 650+150 shipping I had to pay another 3500$ via Zelle only security deposit for temperature controlled cage,”Transport Tacticians”.After short conversations both stopped communication.
  • Alpha Kittens Village (414) 622-0031
  • AMAIZING RAGDOLL CATTERY or Amazing Ragdoll Cattery
  • AMAZING RAGDOLLS HOME Destiny Jackson (312) 216-9047
  • Angels Ragdolls Home
  • Ann’s Ragdolls Home or Ann’s Ragdoll Kittens “My daughter just paid for a kitten, and when they dropped the kitten off with the courier, she was told she needed to rent a crate, a deposit of $1500. Fully refundable upon delivery.”
  • Anne Ragdoll Kitten Home
  • Appledolls home of ragdoll kittens – This is a Facebook page impersonating a real breeder in Korea. They stole all the videos and photos from the legitimate breeder and pretend those kittens are theirs and then get people to send them money. Of course, they never get the kitten.
  • Appledolls Ragdolls cattery – This is a Facebook page impersonating a real breeder in Korea. They stole all the videos and photos from the legitimate breeder and pretend those kittens are theirs and then get people to send them money. Of course, they never get the kitten.
  • Aromatic Pure Dolls Ragdolls
  • Aromatic Pure Dolls Home
  • Astoria Ragdolls – (680) 444-1086 Pure Dolls Ragdolls Ragdolls – (680) 444-1086
  • Authentic Rags
  • Ayten Ragdoll Kittens Aytenragdoll Dave Richert aka Richard 720-686-0330
  • Ben Ragdoll Cattery
  • Benji Ragdoll Kittens
  • Blue Eyed Temptations Ragdolls Cattery
  • Blue Moon Family Ragdoll Breeders
  • Cathy’s Ragdolls Home
  • Celebrity Ragdoll Home
  • Christmas Kittens – (817) 200-7637
  • Charming Ragdolls Cattery Cooper Rawlings
  • Christmas Kittens – (817) 200-7637
  • Classified Ragdoll Kitten
  • Coast Ragdolls –
  • Cozy Ragdoll Kittens
  • Cozy Ragdoll Kittens Home
  • Cuddly Ragdoll Kitties
  • Cute Ragdoll Kittens For Sale
  • Cristar Ragdoll Cattery
  • Dani Ragdoll Kittens
  • Daniel Ragdoll Kitten
  • Delta Kittens Village 402-318-3325
  • Dollsm Ragdoll & British Shorthair Kittens
  • Doua Ragdoll Home
  • Elegant Ragdoll Cattery
  • Elegant Ragdolls
  • Ellis Ragdolls
  • Empire Ragz Cats
  • Ethereal Ragdoll Cattery or
  • Excellent Ragdolls Home Excellent Ragdoll Kitten Home
  • Family Ragdoll Kittens – claims to be Mark Jessel from Tampa, Florida
  • Family Ragdoll Kittens Home (770) 679-3858
  • Fluffy Ragdoll Kittens – Also, claim to be House of Ragdoll Cattery in Ohio
  • Foryi Ragdoll Kitty Home Felines or Sen Ragdoll Home
  • The Hairless Cattery
  • Happy Family Member,, Zelle email address:, Fake breeder name is Fidelis Tabe (650-910-2427) his wife’s phone number (310-421-4331) (I believe her name is Sev), Paypal name: mendong mikecollins and email: or
  • Healthy Ragdoll Kittens “No credit cards system down need to use Zelle or Walmart or another service.”
  • Heavenly Ragdoll Kittens for Homes – emails, names, etc. associated with this scammer:, and George Armstead – then there’s another set –, Johnson maina
  • Healthy Ragdoll Kittens 4 Sale
  • HEAVENLY RAGDOLLS HOME Felix Soto (214) 310 0529
  • Hilltop Ragdoll Kittens (530) 362-4877
  • Hillside Ragdoll Kittens or
  • The Home of Certified Kittens
  • Home Raised Ragdoll Cats
  • Ideal Ragdoll Kittens
  • Ish Wor Eliragdolls Ice
  • Garland Cattery
  • Gibbs Lovely Ragdoll Kittens
  • Gift Ragdoll Kittens
  • Good Ragdoll Kittens
  • Good ragdoll kittens
  • Goodhope Ragdoll Kittens
  • Gracious Ragdoll Felines
  • Gracious Ragdoll Kittens
  • Jen Ragdoll Cattery
  • Jessica Hill Ragdoll Adoptions on Facebook – “I tried this breeder today, lots of recommendations… weird from the beginning. $500.00 contract after $250.00 deposit. PayPal only friends and family, no protection for buyer. When I entered $250.00 the payment equated to euros. I cancelled and figured another scam.”
  • Julia Ragdoll Home
  • Julie’s Ragdoll Kittens
  • KAIA Ragdoll Kittens
  • Katty Fluffy Ragdoll Kittens for Sale
  • Kimberly Ragdolls
  • The Kitten Breeders
  • Kittens Booth
  • Kittens Kingdom
  • Larry Ragdoll – Larry Ragdoll Cattery
  • Lee Ragdoll Breeders
  • Le Ranch Family
  • Lilac Ragdoll Kittens Home
  • Linda Ragdoll Home
  • Lisa Ragdoll Kittens
  • Luna Ragdolls Home
  • M.Chavez Ragdoll Kittens
  • Majestic Cattery (540) 399-4418 a TextNow number
  • Manifold Ragdoll Kittens
  • Marvelous Ragdoll Kitties
  • Max Ragdolls Farm
  • Mellow Ragdoll Kittens
  • Merlin Ragdolls MERLIN RAGZ
  • Meridian Family Cattery
  • MO Ragdoll Kitten Website – “They say they are in Arlington, TX and the woman I have been emailing with is Shanimia Martin” – also known as “Ragdoll Kittens MO”
  • Mountain Top Ragdoll Kittens
  • Moon Light Ragdoll Kittens
  • myragdollfamily – (213) 352-5799
  • Noble Ragdoll Kittens Family
  • Oaklee Ragdoll Kittens
  • Olivia’s Ragdoll Kittens email: 1-530-362-4877 “The breeder “Zachary” had us send him money over Zelle, we weren’t savvy enough to avoid it until later when there was a new fee for a carrier for shipping.  “Delta express logistics” for their shipping company is surface-deep and just supports a scam
  • Paws Ragdoll Kittens – someone with this name and email asked to advertise on the site – Mike Plastma
  • Peace Ragdoll Kittens
  • Precious Ragdolls
  • Premier Ragdoll Kittens
  • Premium Ragdolls
  • Premium RagDoll Kittens Home (this is a kitten scam website. The same scammer has multiple puppy scam websites as well.)
  • Prime Ragdoll Kittens
  • Purrfect Ragdoll Kittens Home
  • Ranch Ragdoll Family
  • Ragdoll Haven Rescue (828) 635-2530
  • Ragdoll Kitten 
  • Rag Kittens Home (626) 598‑7124
  • Rag-Ragdoll Breeder County
  • Ragdoll & American Shorthair Kittens Home
  • Ragdoll Cattery Kitties ragdollcatterykitties@123janjohngmail-com
  • Ragdoll Kittens
  • Ragdoll Kittens Charm
  • Ragdoll Kitten Happy 310-421-4331
  • Ragdoll Kitten Paradise Thomas Kendall 804-476-4061 – “I Zelle’d them payment and along the way they kept wanting me to pay for more. First they said the weather was bad and I needed to rent a $1600 crate to travel the kitten. Then they called and said the weather got better so I didn’t need to rent the special crate. I was not going to do that anyway Then they said the kitten needed a special vaccine before she could fly and that would cost $182. I did pay that. They said that would be all I would need to pay. Then they called and said her insurance was expired and I needed to pay $945 before she was released. That was the last straw. I told them this was a scam and I’m done. They work with a parcel company called United Logistics Parcel and they are in on the scam. I did some research after this happened and this company appears on another cat scan site.”
  • Ragdoll Kittens Paradise
  • Ragdoll kittens Breeder
  • Ragdoll Straight kittens
  • Ragdoll Kittens Cattery | Ragdoll Kittens For Sale
  • Ragdoll Kittens Cattery 1 (720) 204-8129
  • Ragdoll Kittens For Sale or Ragdoll Kitten Sales
  • Ragdoll Kittens Home
  • Ragdoll Kittens for Homes – or Adorable Ragdoll Cattery
  • Ragdoll Kittens Sales
  • Ragdoll Kitties Home
  • RAGDOLL KITTEN HOME CATTERY or Home of Ragdoll Kittens Cattery
  • Ragdoll Kitten Nation
  • Ragdoll Kitty Shop – Ragdoll Pet Shop
  • Ragdoll Straight kittens
  • Rawlings Dolls Cattery Cooper Rawlings (432) 278-4331
  • Rico Ragdoll Kittens
  • Ryleighs Ragdoll Kittens
  • San Diego Ragdoll Cattery Mark Terran/Maria
  • San Ragdoll
  • Santa Claus Kittens
  • Sasha Lovely Ragdolls Home,
  • Scott Ragdoll Family
  • Seal Point Ragdoll Kittens Breeders
  • Sen Ragdoll Home
  • SPLENDID RAGDOLL KITTENS is their email and is the Zelle email
  • Sky Ragdolls
  • Submissive Blue Eyes Ragdolls
  • Sunrise Ragdoll Cattery
  • Supreme Ragdolls Home
  • Teo Dora Ragdoll
  • Terry Ragdoll Kitten Home
  • Thomas Ragdoll Cattery – 1-406-306-4690
  • US Ragdolls Home ( – this one is tricky because there is a legitimate breeder with the same name – so scammers copied them. The legitimate breeder is – always pay attention to the domain name too!
  • Valiant Ragdoll Home email: The person who received the deposit payments: Tiffany McGee – Zelle – +1 (832) 562-6704
  • West End Ranch Ragdolls • 408-643-0794 – readers have reported that “Trinity Carswell” is the person you send money to (this could easily change after posting this). They also use these numbers – 310-692-9269 “Reb” or Zelle 843-415-9260 – “Daviyone Sanders” or “Sherrod Davis”
  • White Forest Ragdoll Cats
  • Zoey Ragdoll Kittens

Need Help Figuring Out if a Website Is a Scam?

ℹ️ You can always contact us if you are wondering if the breeder you’re interested in is legitimate. Please send us a link to their website, and we can check it out.


  • CHEAP KITTENS – a reputable, legitimate breeder will never sell Ragdoll kittens for cheap. Why? They are running a business, and they have fees, expenses, etc., for those first 12 weeks of the kittens’ lives, as well as the well-being of the kitten’s mother. So check out reasonable Ragdoll cat prices right now.
    • $600 each and free shipping – that’s crazy cheap, and “free shipping” is as if they are a commodity that’s made in a factory. Or they might say there is a small fee.
  • Photos – Photos all have different backgrounds, kittens for sale in the photos are all of different ages. Or they use stock pictures or photos stolen from Instagram accounts (that’s why they will all have different backgrounds). Legitimate breeders usually have a spot where they take their kitten photos – and they’ll have a red, blue, or another colored blanket as the background. Hence, all the images have a similar background or the same one from the seller’s home. Sometimes you can do a reverse image search on Google and see where else a photo has been used. You’ll find that these cat scams will use them on multiple made-up websites.
  • Photos Don’t Change – “About a year ago, I fell in love with a couple of ragdolls from Sasha Lovely Ragdolls Home. However, after several interactions with them, I determined that the website was a scam. As of today (almost one year later), all the same, cats are listed as available (that haven’t aged). They also had to change geographical locations, which I discovered by having family members inquire about the same cats.”
  • Misspellings – “We’re giving an excptional discount this week, so be amongst the lucky ones who get a Kitten at 50% off.”
  • Poor English – “Ragdoll Home is highly known for breeding and nurturing Kittens in a loving and caring manner, and we give them out to a true loving family who cares much about them.” – No native English-speaking breeder is going to name their cattery or reference their cattery as “Ragdoll Home.”
    • I say “native English speaker” because people outside the USA and Canada mostly do these scams.
  • Discrepancies in what is on the website vs. what the breeder says in emails – “He said his name is Steven Andrew, but reviews on the website only mention someone named “Troy.” He also says he is located in Harrisburg, PA – note the discrepancy above.”
  • A Shopping Cart – where you can check out and buy a kitten today – No legitimate, reputable breeder will have “Buy Now” on their available kittens’ page. A genuine breeder cares about the breed and the cats as living beings and wouldn’t have a “shopping cart” type of setup.
  • Trust Your Gut – When it feels wrong – it’s usually wrong
  • Addresses don’t match – “The zip code they gave me for their address doesn’t match their city/state.”
  • Don’t Belong to Cat Associations – TICA and CFA are two significant cat associations in the USA. If the breeder is a member, they will be listed on those well-known websites. If they are not, you can always email those associations and ask if they are. Of course, scammers can write on their sites that they belong to TICA or CFA, so you have to check on the actual organization’s website.
  • Payment – If it’s through Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Chime and Google Pay, you can never get your money back, like cash transfer services, i.e., Moneygram or Western Union. “This company doesn’t accept PayPal and has numerous spelling/grammatical errors in their correspondence.” Don’t send money via Venmo, cryptocurrency, Zelle, etc. – unless you physically have the kitten in hand or the breeder came highly recommended by a friend or family member who has a cat from them. They’ll ask for PayPal payment that is “Strictly Family and Friends Only.” It is always safest to pay with a credit card (not a debit card), so you can potentially get your money back if someone is running a scam.
  • PayPal – With using PayPal they want the payment marked as a friend or family transaction. That way PayPal doesn’t have to reimburse you for it.
  • Freight Company – they will add a middleman like a “freight company” that you also have to pay to have the kitten shipped. This is not how reputable breeders work. Example: “I’d like to inform you that is a fake ragdoll breeder, and they “work” with to move “kittens.” They scammed my mother out of USD 3,000 in total, $1,000 for the “kitten,” $2,000 for the “shipping.” They tried getting another $2,500 in “quarantine” fees for “3 months”.”
  • Additional Fees – Most legitimate breeders are upfront with all fees, etc. A Floppycats reader spoke about these extra fees more eloquently, “The pet scammer enterprise is done primarily over the internet; they maintain anonymity, they promise all kinds of goodies, and they con the unwary out a $1000 or more a pop. I found it interesting but not surprising – when they found a “mark”; extracted cash from their mark; they would come again for another hit on the poor mark- via an “extortion fee” to get their pets out of quarantine or some emergency during transport of the animal. Marks are a gift that keeps on giving.”
  • Content is copied from elsewhere – often, they will copy content from a legitimate Maine Coon breeder’s website and then switch our “Maine Coon” for “Ragdoll,” – so if you see something along those lines, you know it’s a scam.
  • Odd Cattery Names – Many scammer cattery names target keywords entered in Google by users, not a NAME a person would name their cattery. So “Healthy Ragdoll Breeders” is a very odd name for a native English speaker to choose
  • Young Kittens – 10 weeks old – no legitimate, reputable breeder lets kittens go before 12 weeks
  • .ORGs – No breeder would have a .org website for official 5013c organizations, like the Red Cross.
  • Video Chat or Video Visit – Some breeders (not all) will do a video meeting with you, so you know they are authentic, the kitten you’re interested in is real, etc. Some legitimate breeders will not do this because of time and resources, but sometimes it can be a sign.
  • Ads – A legitimate, reputable breeder does not put ads online, on Craigslist, on Facebook, or – they have a running waitlist. And they attract new kitten buyers through social media (by posting their litters, etc.) or through referrals or website searches (if their site is set up well for search engine optimization)
Ragdoll Kitten Scammers. A reader sent me a screenshot of this; she couldn’t get the link. This is on Facebook. This is a photo of me holding kittens. These kittens are not mine, I am not selling them, and someone without the rights to this photo is using this to scam people into thinking these kittens are for adoption – when, in fact, they probably don’t have kittens at all. Please share far and wide so people don’t get scammed.
Screenshot of a Ragdoll Breeder scam on
This photo was stolen from a legitimate Ragdoll breeder and used as an ad by a scammer on Recycler Classifieds in Los Angeles.
  • References to Dog Breeds or Dog Associations – Many of these scammers copy content from a legitimate breeder’s website and then use a quick “find and replace” option to add their scammer cattery name. Many copy from dog websites and then replace “dog” with “cat” or “puppy” with “kitten”. However, if there are things like “pup” or “kitty”, they will miss those, so they’ll appear. See example below – how a scammer’s YouTube ad leads an interested buyer to a buy now page on a scammer’s website – not only are there buy now buttons, but they have “dog breed” under every photo.
ragdoll cat kitten scam breeder from a google or youtube ad
Scammer Ad on YouTube to Scammer Website and Sure Sign It’s a Scammer

Facebook Cat Scams

Please know that setting up a Facebook page is super easy and it’s also super easy to change the name of it. Many scammers have started setting up Facebook Groups to scam people. They will comment on legitimate pages like mine, and pretend to be legitimate groups or pages, so you will join their group and then they will work on scamming you.

Understand the difference between a Facebook Group and Page. Check out this email that I received from a reader – here’s someone who did their due diligence and prevented being scammed:


I’m sure I found a scam Facebook Ragdoll page.

I was actually JUST about to send over $400 as an upfront payment and then $200 was to be paid after I had “met” the nanny/kitten that was going to “fly” over to me. And when I tried to Zelle them, THANKFULLY my Chase bank flagged it as fraud and then called me saying that their Zelle isn’t established.

The profile of the “rehome facilitator” is:

I thought her pictures were legit and all and then checked her uploading dates of videos/photos and it seemed a bit off.

I even asked them to send me a video possibly with them and the kitten together and saying my name in the video for assurance, but yeah, “she” apparently can’t because she is an adoption rehome facilitator. But what has now for-sure made my judgement clear is I literally JUST got removed from the Facebook page, so theres the proof that it’s a complete scam. Bunch of people are on there too…

I thought she was legit too due to 2 other Facebook profiles posting in the group with new kittens:

I messaged both these profiles for assurance if Kerry Jackson is legit or not, but never got a response, even though one of the profiles Israeal Scott, actually posted several hours ago of her “new kitten” sent by Kerry Jackson.

All in all, this has definitely opened my eyes to getting ahold of a Ragdoll for my family as I have been looking for months now for a decent price and all, and thought I hit the jackpot of the perfect kitten picture that “Kerry” sent me and the cheap cost. I’m just so desperate that I almost lost $400 today, jesus.

Well, definitely this page/profiles need to be flagged. The two other girls’ profiles even have weird groups that they follow which seem to be following random African-American people, etc., so that was also a huge major flag, but only found out after I dug intensely more once my bank called.

Thank you for your video

They also love to reply directly to comments on Facebook posts, like mine, to scam people – by targeting something they already love. It can be hard for a one-person show to manage and police these, so they get through:

Here are Facebook scams that I know of – and there are 100 more like them.

  • Active And Royal Maine Coons And Ragdoll Cats/Kittens Ready Near Me
  • Jessica Quality Ragdolls
  • Kittens for adoption Rhode island
  • Santiago home of kittens
  • Ragdoll Kittens for Adoption & Rehoming – Her name is Juanita Theodosia Blessed home Ragdoll <> and she claimed to use this animal transport service which is also fake.
  • Ragdoll Kittens For Rehoming Corner – Please know any of these folks can change the name of the page, so pay attention to the URLs. “I found a group on facebook where they advertise ragdoll kittens for sale and for rehoming. I was so happy that I found a place where I can find kittens cheaper than usual. We started chatting and then I asked her to put us on a waiting list for next May. Then she asked for money from me now £200 for putting me on a waiting list for kittens haven’t born yet. I also found their photos weird, there was no similar or same furniture, and neither photo styles (I am a photographer) backgrounds, etc were different on every photo.”
  • Ragdoll Kittens for Adoption and Rehoming
  • Ragdoll Kittens For Rehoming/Adoption🐱
  • Ragdoll Kitten Lovers and Rehoming – Maria Elena Delatorre 561-325-7387

A reader submitted these screenshots on Jan 30/31, 2022, saying, “Notice the date on the right-hand corner of ultrasound—new pregnancy announcement. But the date of the Ultrasound is August 18 (of God knows what year). Even if it was just this past August, those babies should have been born by now. Here is another one. Same ultrasound photo. “

A breeder shared with me that people are scamming by spamming the breeder’s Facebook pages and claiming they are the owner of the legitimate kitten or someone else’s cat. See the screenshot below – interested party comments, and the scammer replies and says to DM them for more information. And if the interested party person follows through, they get scammed, and a good breeder gets hurt. The scammer commenting here is Lilly Ann, and their profile link is

Ragdoll cat scam breeder kitten facebook

Here is a scammer using a photo of me with kittens from years ago at a legitimate breeder’s house. This is catfishing at its finest.


The reader who sent me these photos decided to have fun with this catfish to see what unraveled. She said, “Omg! She is trying to pass herself off as you. She is saying she is from Washington. I asked if that was the litter she was holding in her profile pic. she said yes. I said she looked like a proud Momma, and she said she appreciated me saying that. Then she gets pushy about buying the kitten at a crazy low price. She claims kittens are now seven weeks, but the photo was posted in November. ??????? She even said they are desexed. At seven weeks??”

Here’s that conversation:

Ragdoll kitten breeder scams on Facebook conversation

How to Report a Breeder Scam to Google

screenshots showing How to Report a Cat Breeder Scam to Google

Help combat the ongoing cat breeder scams online by reporting them to Google.

If you see a cat breeder scam ad or a kitten scam on a Google ad, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the three vertical dots
  2. Click on “Report Ad”
  3. Choose the radio button: “An ad violates Google Ads policies (e.g., scam, offensive or dangerous content)

Follow the prompts from there. Finally, fill in all info and submit.

June 2, 2021

I was scammed by

The email they use to contact their “customers” RAGDOLLS HOME <>

The email they use to have an account on ZELLE (a wire transfer service): Under: Ryleigh Figueroa and Michael

Maybe you can also add the freight company which is in the scam as well. They wanted to get an additional $1,000 for an electrical thermal crate due to the young age of the kitten.

SCAM FREIGHT COMPANY: Pet Rounds Logistics Network (405) 383-8975 General Manager Mr. Chris Caster

April 13, 2021

I was scammed by

I wish I had seen your web site before connecting with  Unfortunately, I was slow to recognize the scam and they did get some money from me before I figured it out.  It was your web site that helped me confirm the scam.  I wish there was a way to remove them from the internet!  Just wanted to say thanks for having that information available.  I wish I had seen it first.

I used Zelle…. Note to self….. NEVER use a person to person money transfer to someone you are not totally sure who they are and or know personally … EVER!!!! They will make arrangements of other forms of payments such as American Express gift card.  I don’t know why that didn’t set of my Scam senses! So if you have to pay any reseller by person to person transfer and you don’t personally know them, RUN.!

These people now are telling me they will hold my money for 30 days per the contract which is null and void as they never intended to send me a kitten. I am still so mad I can’t see straight.  They have all but acknowledged the scam and won’t refund my money. I wish there was a way I could get law enforcement on their doorstep, but I fear that doorstep is not in the US.

I was wondering how you SEO your website?  Getting it to show up when someone types in ragdoll kittens for sale would be great. Did I mention I am an unhappy camper right now? Thanks for having that list.  If I hadn’t checked and found your site they would have scammed me out of all the money they were asking for. I just wish I had thought about the possibility of cat breeders scam before I jumped in.  I hate learning hard lessons.

These guys are good…  the web site is nice, the contract is official looking.  Very easy to be at ease when your hoping to get that special kitten. Its when the payment options pop up that one should beware.  Unfortunately it took me a step to long to figure it out. As always, if it sounds to good, it probably is…. Buyer beware! One more thing… check the timestamp on any correspondence.  These guys were responding to email at hours between midnight and 6 am. Another red flag.”

How to Spot a Pet Scammer – Potential Red Flags

Here are the latest – Precious Ragdolls using my photo of Charlie, Trigg, and me that’s in the footer of our website.  I am not married and have never been – and they stole the content below the photo from another breeder’s website.

Ragdoll Breeder Scam - Pet scams ragdoll breeder complaints

Oftentimes, they will steal from a Maine Coon breeder’s website and then just replace “Maine Coon” with “Ragdoll”.  You can always copy and paste a few sentences of the content and put it between ” ” in Google’s search bar to see where else it appears on the web.

Ragdoll cat scams
ragdoll kitten scams

You can tell they stole it from Ragdolls Above All.

how do you spot a pet scammer
This website has a photo of me with my cat, Charlie – saying my name is “Marie / Cleveland”. I am Jenny and live in Kansas City and did not get my cats from them.

Update September 19, 2020

Kimberly Ragdolls is a fraudulent breeder website

“I’m very appreciative of you posting fraudulent breeder websites. I have been corresponding with a man using the name Kimberly Ragdolls. He is offering to sell me a beautiful female kitten for $350, including shipping from Pennsylvania to Arizona. I asked him to forward a copy of his contract. He appeared to change the name of the breeder at the Beginning of the contract, but erroneously left the name of Cristar Ragdoll Cattery at the bottom. He has now ceased corresponding with me once I questioned him on it. I wanted you to have the new name he is operating under so you can list it also.

Seems this guy has had several fb pages. They don’t have a website this time – just their Facebook page. But they are seeking out buyers on the American Ragdolls fb page. They replied to a post earlier today listing their info and pictures of kittens. I reached out to them as I am currently looking for a female. I just looked back on fb and it appears they deleted their comments with their info. But their fb page was Kimberlyragdoll kittens.

I have messed with this guy all afternoon questioning him. I sent him screenshots of all the business names he has gone by and all the stories buyers have reported about him. He claims it is just fraudulent buyers trying to give him a bad name. He’s definitely a fraud. He went from messaging me on Facebook messenger, to texting me, to using WhatsApp. I questioned him why he kept switching and he said to make sure I was legit! Lol! Thanks for looking out for buyers! I appreciate it!”

Update September 2, 2020

RAGDOLL CATTERY HOME is another Ragdoll breeder scam website.

Paula wrote in, “Unfortunately my 13 yr old rag doll passed Suddenly recently and we are devastated I began looking right away for another rag doll and just get totally conned. I went to and unfortunately they took my money (cash accounts only which was a red flag) promised to ship my 11-week kitten they named Cucu, then hours before her due time (Monday September 1st at noon) they then asked for more money for another shot and $650 for a temperature controlled crate. The kitten was to be delivered in a crate anyway They agreed to pay for her shot but still wanted $650 for the crate She was supposed to be on a flight (airport) at the time they requested this so I knew it wasn’t right. They sent me shipping confirmation for the flight but trying to google the company showed no such company.

We were so upset at being conned so easily and I don’t know how to get their name out there to warn other innocent pet lovers so it doesn’t happen to them. If you can possibly add this company to your warning list of bad breeders that would be great. Their website and shipping contract looked so real too. If you know a good breeder in Southern California who has rag dolls for pets and I’m not interested in showing or breeding please can you let me know. please post to try to prevent others from being scammed by them!”

Doing the same as this one below, but using a photo of my sister with our parents’ kitties on their Premium Ragdolls Cattery’s fake and fraudulent website:

Premium Ragdoll SCAM BAD Breeder Fake Breeder Fraud

How to Spot a Ragdoll Cattery Scam Website

Another scammer website used a photo of my sister and me with my parents’ Ragdoll cats. I wish there were a way to prosecute these people. Unfortunately, another one was Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten – Ragdoll Breeder SCAM.

Ragdoll Breeder Website Scam RAGDOLL FAMILY or Ragdoll Giants

These are people that do not have kittens – they are stealing people’s photos and content from other legitimate breeder’s websites and creating a brand new website from it. Then, claiming they have kittens – and then screwing people out of their money. They use keywords like “Professional Ragdoll Cat breeders” or “Purebred Ragdolls” to help their website be found on Google. And innocent people looking to buy a Ragdoll kitten, find it – see all the pretty photos and get suckered into buying one because they make the website look legitimate with a purchase agreement, shipping guarantee, and more. But there are a lot of misspellings, and you can find the content they post on other breeder’s websites. For example, they copied and pasted the content on their Shipping and Guarantee page from a Savannah cat breeder.

I HATE wasting Floppycats’ site’s content on something like this. I HATE spending my time on something like this. But I HATE scams and frauds, especially those involving animals.

I am hoping this post will make them stop and also make others stop that might be doing the same. They will probably change their name by the time this posts – but they have used “RAGDOLL FAMILY” or “Ragdoll Giants” so far. Please let me know what other words they use. I posted about this scam two weeks ago on Facebook – you can see the discussion here:

How Do I Know if My Pet Breeder Is Legit?

When it comes to any pet breeder, for any animal, the tips remain the same – look for genuine reviews from past customers, avoid any pet which seems cheap and ‘too good to be true’, and look into the authenticity of the photos.

The breeder should also want to get to know you before you purchase – if you can buy a pet immediately, they are more likely to be a scammer.

How Can I Tell if My Kitten Breeder Is Legit?

To make sure your kitten breeder is legit, check to see if they’re registered with associations such as TICA or the CFA – and actually check those websites, don’t take the breeder’s word for it.

Then make sure you can see genuine photos of the kittens, and that the prices seem about right for the breed.

Australian Cat Scammers

This group on Facebook exposes Australian cat scammers.

How to Find a Reputable Ragdoll Cat Breeder:

Here are the pages on the site that you might find helpful:

You can always contact us if you are wondering if you’re dealing with one of the cat scams or if the breeder you’re interested in is a legitimate breeder.  Please send us a link to their website, and we can check it out for you.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Hi Angelina,

    It is best to email me – because now these legitimate breeders will have their websites and names on a scam page – I know it’s innocent, but that’s why I ask people to email me.

    Yes, both of those breeders look legitimate, but I don’t know if they are reputable. I would make sure they genetically test their breeding cats and also that they offer a health guarantee.

    You need to make sure you are 100% comfortable.


  2. Cassandra says:

    Has anyone ever worked with Grand Ragdolls out of Chattanooga, TN?

    1. You’ll want to post a link – as scammers can use real breeders’ names too.

      1. Cassandra says:

        This is the FB page, but it does direct you to the above website

    1. it sure is. they are a dime a dozen. They actually stole one of my photos of my Ragdoll Charlie and use it on their About page.

      1. Cassandra says:

        I believe they are using your photo in their testimonials page as well. It’s a shame they are a scam (I was texting with them) because there are a couple of beautiful kittens I really wanted.

        1. I am sure they are – it’s sooo awesome. Bastards. Yes, those kittens are probably no longer kittens, probably owned by someone on Instagram where they have stolen the photos. Or they will steal them from like a Korean breeder, as the language and keywords will not be the same as in English.

    1. Sure doesn’t look like it. I would never buy from a Facebook page. Be sure to watch the video on this page in entirety. This page has a lot of those red flags.

  3. i like to report Desmond Amedeeu from Carson California as a ragdoll scammer. he tried to sell me ragdoll kitten for 1000.00. when i started to ask for a pedigree and health record he said there where no papers of pedigree and only a hand written shot record by him and not a vet. said i should go somewhere else if i want papers. for sure a back yard breeder and all his cats and kittens are held in cages.

    1. What is the website address?

    2. All I can say is THANK YOU so much for this. I’m in conversations as we speak with Sasha Ragdoll Kittens about Mimi. You are God sent! Thank you again.

    1. I think it is, but it’s weird – English is off (might be just that English isn’t the native language) and also for someone specializing in feline nutrition and feeding Temptations, doesn’t make sense.

  4. Abdul basit says:

    Hello ,
    First of all big thank you sharing knowledgeable information regarding scams .
    There is a cattery in Bay Area California call Sweetdreamdoll cattery (Tica registered tho ) , I had a conversation with a person on insta & email , I requested him to provide his phone number or address so I cloud trust him but instead providing me more details he kept telling me to send deposit amount $200 in order to reserve a kitten , that’s a first step to initiate process , I’m like alright, I don’t have problem sending you $200 but I requested him to send me contract copy so I could read before making any payment online , he denied to do that .
    2nd red flag
    He said he wants payment via zelle account but no credit card payment & when I requested him to use my PayPal account for payment somehow he agreed on that but further added send using friend & family option .
    Offc he mentioned same thing again no ‘ credit card ‘ .
    One more thing he said surprisingly I’ll be able to pick up kitten by next day 10:00 am.
    When I inquired about his address again ,
    Next email I received saying This kitten is no longer available.
    This is crazy right ?
    Please share your opinion about this cattery if someone knows if sweetdraamdoll cattery is legit ? As far as my experience is concerned, I’d not recommend this breeder to anyone.
    I’m adding link here as well

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m dealing with them right now and am getting the same feeling. my husband didn’t want to send the money until he could confirm the phone number or address and they said they won’t have time. But they want me to send $500 to reserve the kitten.

      this is pointing to a scam more and more. all the reviews are a month old, by foreign names who only have one other review. business started in may 2020. two other reviews say they got a cat but it was sick with FIP and another with giardia.

      so not sure what’s going on. but it’s worth looking into.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Foreign? You mean Chinese? San Jose and the Bay Area have a large asian population. The breeder is also Chinese American. I received my 2 ragdolls from this breeder and could not be happier. They are both healthy and so well behaved.


    1. based on the name alone, i am guessing it is a scam.

  6. angelsragdollshome is also a scam site, sent an email with my number just now to ask questions – then found a site with nearly the exact same about us…

  7. Hello, Jenny.

    I think I’ve been scammed.

    I am normally very careful and thought myself wise to sniffing out scams… looking back I let my guard down many times and ignored the red flags that popped up.

    I’m currently awaiting the kitten shown as “Cassie” on but I have a sinking feeling she will never get here because she doesn’t really exist. I paid $500 for Cassie and $200 for the transport/shipping agency for a total of $700.

    I’m supposed to be contacted by the shipping company on Thursday morning 8/12/21 at 8am – presumably to be told I will need to pay $850 or in that range for a temperature controlled crate and who knows what else.

    I should have known something was up when they asked money to be paid via Apple Cash Pay or Zelle. I’d never before used either. Actually, they said Apple Pay at first which I felt good about because I was initially going to use my credit card and it was only when I was actually paying that I discovered it would be Apple Cash Pay. I ended up using my linked debit card and when that payment went through but was held in “pending” status, they asked that I call my bank or Apple Pay to push the payment through faster. Which I did – only to be told by Apple Pay and greendot that it was a safety mechanism and the seller had to wait ~48 hours. The seller then asked that I cancel and use Zelle instead. I really wanted the kitten Cassie as I had already fallen in love with her, so I canceled Apple Pay and paid via Zelle. Neither of these times did the number or email address indicate that it actually belonged to the breeder with whom I was supposedly corresponding – “Cathryn”.
    I even texted the number she told me to send the Apple Pay to and asked if it was Cathryn or and was told “it is not.” Alarmed, I then emailed Cathryn and told her what happened and she said it was an agent who works with her and it is the right number. Ugh. Looking back, I have no idea how stupid I could have been. I blame being emotionally attached to the kitten for my uncharacteristically gullible behavior.
    And as to the Zelle payment – the first email address she gave didn’t work – it said money could not be sent to this recipient, to try a different email address or contact. So then I was sent another one – again not Cathryn’s but another “agent” with whom supposedly she works – and finally this payment went though.

    I didn’t really start thinking (or I guess allowing myself to think) that something was amiss until I asked to be sent more recent pics and videos of Cassie. I was super excited that she was “mine” and wanted these to look at to tide me over until next Thursday, 8/12/2021. (By the way, the only reason she wasn’t being shipped right away was because I asked if she could be delivered on that particular date.) It took much longer to receive a reply to this email but I finally got one. It did have a video of a Ragdoll kitten in a carrier in a car – supposedly on her way to the final vet appointment for the week – and two pics of Cassie, one of which showed different coloring on her leg than in her website photo, or the video, or the other pic that was sent. Also, the video is dated 6/21 even though the email implied it was this week.

    NOW the alarm bells sounded in my head – or I should say I allowed myself to really hear them. It was only at this point I started researching Ragdoll website scams and while I haven’t come across in any lists thus far, I truly believe with a sickening feeling in my stomach that this website is phony just like all the others on your list.

    I did ask for a FaceTime with the breeder and also Cassie but was told they currently do not support FaceTime but subsequently hope to make zoom or Skype available. I have just responded that I would like to arrange this since it’s not hard to do. I have also asked what transport company they use and they replied that is dependent on the state in which I live. I told them (and they know) that I reside in Michigan – and I’m waiting to hear what they say regarding this as well.

    On the paper I signed, I now find strange that in the description portion of the pet, it just says Cassie is a “Ragdoll Kitten”. Not what coloring she is, such as “Ragdoll kitten – blue point bicolor” or whatever. The seller is named as Cathryn/Robert Green and the address is listed as 7335 Reed Rd, Azle in the state of Texas.

    What do you think of all this? Do you agree I’ve probably been scammed?

    I’m sure I will find out shortly – whether on Thursday morning when I’m told by the shipping company that I need to pay for a temperature controlled crate or that Cassie is sick and I need to pay for meds/vet bills, if perhaps sooner than that when I get ghosted and don’t get any further response to my emails.

    These awful scam websites need to be taken down and the operators need to go to jail.

    Thanks for reading this. I know you are very busy but I would love a response from you.


    *One more thing I thought of just now: I did ask that Cassie’s status online be changed to unavailable since she (supposedly) is now mine and I was worried she might mistakenly be sent to the wrong person but I was told not to worry since her adoption papers have been taken off the registry and that soon the tech department would make the change. Maybe it’s not a big thing – but I would think they would update accordingly. It’s going on three days since she became “mine” but her status on is still showing as available.

    *since I emailed you the above, I now am 100% certain that I’ve been scammed. Firstly, you’ve emailed me back and confirmed that is a fraudulent website. Secondly, I have sent “Cathryn” a scathing email outlining all the reasons why is a scam and if she is not running a fraudulent website then to get on Skype or Zoom or FaceTime with me, but of course I’ve been ghosted. I’ve also asked that my $700 Zelle payment be returned – but of course I know this will not happen, at least not out of the “goodness of her heart”.
    (I’ve contacted my bank and let them know what’s going on and they’re going to try to help me with Zelle. But I’m not exactly holding my breath for a favorable outcome.)
    *I thought I would let you and everyone know the phone number I was given for Apple Pay:
    (316) 612-3874. Also, one of the email addresses for the Zelle payment was to Alonzo Osorio: When this email address didn’t work, I was given the email address of Chiquita Taylor which is This, unfortunately, did work.
    *Suffice it to say, I won’t be paying these crooks any more money should the shipping/transport company contact me on Thursday morning. I’m not even sure if they will since I told them I’m on to them. I’ll update you on what happens with that – and with Chase and Zelle.

    1. Hi Riley,

      Ugh. I am so sorry.

      I just checked out kittensbooth – yes, scammer.

      Ugh on Apple Pay vs. Zelle.

      My mom was scammed out of $7,000 a few months back (not for Ragdolls) and they did the same with her.

      “Looking back, I have no idea how stupid I could have been. I blame being emotionally attached to the kitten for my uncharacteristically gullible behavior” – my mom feels the same way, and I am so sorry. It sucks that you feel so badly when they are the ones that should have a pretty bad amount of karma headed their way.

      I did add to the list.

      “These awful scam websites need to be taken down and the operators need to go to jail. ‘ – Yes, but they are mostly located abroad and use a bogus US address – like the one they gave you.,+Azle,+TX+76020/@32.9686051,-97.5228767,3a,75y,270.33h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1svyZLLt-MSvguL1KXgpurPQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x864de421137bbc01:0x7486597fb95e5a72!8m2!3d32.9679895!4d-97.52294

      See if you can get any money back from Zelle or at least let them know they are a scammer and Apple Pay too!


  8. Hi there, can you tell me if thequeensragdolls is a scam they are in Murietta, Ca the woman’s name is Carla. I put a 300 deposit on a cat. I’m getting suspicious bc not able to get her on the phone, everything through text. Thanks!

    1. She looks legit to me. How did you send the deposit? Credit card, I hope? Just so you’re protected?

      1. Pay pal, bc I think you can dispute transactions on pay pay. Ok good to hear. Thanks ; )

        1. I’m curious… how are things going for you now?

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Hello I think the site awesome ragdolls kittens may be a scams as well. They responded very fast, everything seemed okay they sent more pictures of the kitten I asked about. However when I asked them to send me a picture of my name written on paper next to the cat they responded with a video instead that was more of a web link and after I pushed back for the specific picture they didn’t respond again. Link for reference html://

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