Ragdoll Breeder Website Scam: “RAGDOLL FAMILY” or “Ragdoll Giants”

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Update September 19, 2020

A reader wrote in, “I’m very appreciative of you posting fraudulent breeder websites. I have been corresponding with a man using the name Kimberly Ragdolls. He is offering to sell me a beautiful female kitten for $350, including shipping from Pennsylvania to Arizona. I asked him to forward a copy of his contract. He appeared to change the name of the breeder at the Beginning of the contract, but erroneously left the name of Cristar Ragdoll Cattery at the bottom. He has now ceased corresponding with me once I questioned him on it. I wanted you to have the new name he is operating under so you can list it also. Seems this guy has had several fb pages.

They don’t have a website this time – just their Facebook page. But they are seeking out buyers on the American Ragdolls fb page. They replied to a post earlier today listing their info and pictures of kittens. I reached out to them as I am currently looking for a female. I just looked back on fb and it appears they deleted their comments with their info. But their fb page was Kimberlyragdoll kittens. I have messed with this guy all afternoon questioning him. I sent him screenshots of all the business names he has gone by and all the stories buyers have reported about him. He claims it is just fraudulent buyers trying to give him a bad name.

He’s definitely a fraud. He went from messaging me on Facebook messenger, to texting me, to using WhatsApp. I questioned him why he kept switching and he said to make sure I was legit! Lol!

Thanks for looking out for buyers! I appreciate it!”

Update September 2, 2020 – RAGDOLL CATTERY HOME is another Ragdoll breeder scam website. Paula wrote in, “Unfortunately my 13 yr old rag doll passed Suddenly recently and we are devastated I began looking right away for another rag doll and just get totally conned. I went to https://ragdollcatterys.com/ and unfortunately they took my money (cash accounts only which was a red flag) promised to ship my 11-week kitten they named Cucu, then hours before her due time (Monday September 1st at noon) they then asked for more money for another shot and $650 for a temperature controlled crate. The kitten was to be delivered in a crate anyway They agreed to pay for her shot but still wanted $650 for the crate She was supposed to be on a flight at the time they requested this so I knew it wasn’t right. They sent me shipping confirmation for the flight but trying to google the company showed no such company. We were so upset at being conned so easily and I don’t know how to get their name out there to warn other innocent pet lovers so it doesn’t happen to them. If you can possibly add this company to your warning list of bad breeders that would be great. Their website and shipping contract looked so real too. If you know a good breeder in Southern California who has rag dolls for pets and I’m not interested in showing or breeding please can you let me know. please post to try to prevent others from being scammed by them!”

Update August 3, 2020 – Supreme Ragdolls Home! is another Ragdoll kitten scam website.

Update July 23, 2020 – Cristar Ragdoll Cattery is another Ragdoll Breeder Kitten Scam website

UPDATE – July 4, 2020 – yet another Ragdoll breeder scam / fraudulent website – Ragdoll Kitty Shop – Ragdoll Pet Shop

UPDATE – June 28, 2020 – another Ragdoll breeder scam / fraud – Premium Ragdolls. Doing the same as this one below, but using a photo of my sister with our parents’ cats on their Premium Ragdolls Cattery’s fake and fraudulent website:

Premium Ragdoll SCAM BAD Breeder Fake Breeder Fraud

Another scammer website using a photo of my sister and me with my parents’ Ragdoll cats. Wish there was a way to prosecute these people. Here was another one – Jasmine Ragdoll Kitten – Ragdoll Breeder SCAM.

Ragdoll Breeder Website Scam RAGDOLL FAMILY or Ragdoll Giants

These are people that do not have kittens – they are stealing people’s photos, content from other legitimate breeder’s websites and creating a brand new website from it. Claiming they have kittens – and then screwing people out of their money.

They use keywords like, “Professional Ragdoll Cat breeders” or “Purebred Ragdolls” to help their website be found on Google. And innocent people that are looking to buy a Ragdoll kitten, find it – see all the pretty photos and get suckered into buying one because they make the website look legitimate with a purchase agreement, shipping guarantee and more.  But there is a lot of misspellings and you can find the content they post on other breeder’s websites.

For example, they copied and pasted the content on their Shipping and Guarantee page from a Savannah cat breeder.

I HATE wasting Floppycats site’s content on something like this. I HATE spending my time on something like this. BUT I HATE scams and frauds and especially those that involve animals even more.

I am hoping this post will make them stop and also make others stop that might be doing the same.

They will probably change their name by the time this posts – but they have used “RAGDOLL FAMILY” or “Ragdoll Giants” so far.  Please let me know what other names they use.

I posted about this scam two weeks ago on Facebook – you can see the discussion here:

How to Find a Reputable Ragdoll Cat Breeder:

Here are the pages on the site that you might find helpful:

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  1. Super PAWESOME & FABULOUS POST, Jenny honey! Despicable scammers! Ugh! Just deplorable behavior! GAH! So glad you discovered this and are spreading the word! TYSVM!!! <3

    Big hugs, lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. yes, i hate to waste my time on these people – but in the happen chance someone has emailed with them, is ready to make a deposit and they google their fake cattery name, then maybe floppycats’ post will show up on their google results – so they can see it’s a scam before they have been had.

  2. I wrote blueeyedragdoll.com and several of the photos in this site I saw in theirs!! They asked for $500 first then gave a bogus email from Dreamline Shippers and said they wanted $999.99 for a special crate and to send the money to them with the promise that the shipper would give me 95% of my money back! The kitten never arrived and nor the crate!!! I could not believe how stupid I was!! Let’s stop these creeps!!!!thename of this kitten was JoJo

  3. They are also listed above for Premium Ragdolls. Same people. I will list all of the names they go by also, as soon as I gather them up. Btw, I now have a virus on my phone. Seems it’s from them. It says I have The virus because I’ve gone to adult websites. I have never been on an adult website and my husband can’t use the computer so it wasn’t him and I were the only two in the house. So, I believe they also run one of those.

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