The Lilac Ragdoll Cat

The Lilac is grey and cream in color. Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide provides an excellent example of the different patterns and colors (however, there are photos on this page too). Back in the 1980s, the lilac color was referred to as “frost.”

Please also check out the Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Website: Ragdoll Fanciers WorldWide: Lilac Colors

Maple is a 3.5 year old lilac mitted Ragdoll cat loved by S Bryant sitting outside on grass and leaves
Maple is a 3.5-year-old Lilac Mitted Ragdoll cat loved by S Bryant.

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA), Lilac is one of the six possible point colors for Ragdoll cats. The others are Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Red, and Cream. These point colors can be Solid, Lynx, Tortie-Lynx, and partial-colored (or Tortie).
Please note that all Ragdolls are Pointed, but in Mitted, Bi-color, and Van patterns, these appear partially overlaid with white.

Angelmist of Guysndolls
Angelmist of Guysndolls Ragdolls – She is a Bi-Colour Girl and is 7 months old in this photo
Remi, a lilac mitted Ragdoll with a blaze, loved by Carrolyn - bred by Liz Engle - Engelhart Ragdolls , Melbourne Australia
Remi, a lilac mitted Ragdoll with a blaze, loved by Carrolyn – bred by Liz Engle – Engelhart Ragdolls , Melbourne Australia

Several variations of Lilac Ragdoll cats can exist depending on the color pattern. Here are the main characteristics of each of these pattern variations:

Lilac Point Ragdoll Cats

These cats display a white body, with points colored in frosty grey with a pinkish tinge. This is what the term lilac refers to. Please note that this is a technical term used by cat breeding professionals. The typical eye color for Lilac Point Ragdolls is blue. As for their nose leather and paw pads, these are lavender-pink in color.

Maple is a 3.5 year old lilac mitted Ragdoll cat loved by S Bryant 2
Maple is a 3.5-year-old Lilac Mitted
Amjance Frosted Lilly, Lilac Mitt Female, 5 years
Amjance Frosted Lilly, Lilac Mitt Female, 5 years
Jarrah Miss Layla, Lilac Point Female, 5 years
Jarrah Miss Layla, lilac point female, 5 years

Lilac Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats

The body of Lilac Lynx Point Ragdolls is colored in glacial white. Their body shading may take various forms, such as ghost striping or ticking.

Their points present in frosty grey with pinkish tone bars, which are distinct and separated by a lighter background color. Their ears are frosty grey in color with a tone of light pink, and they present a paler thumbprint in the center.

The typical eye color for Lilac Lynx points is blue. Their nose leather can be either lavender-pink (please note that this is permitted) or pink-edged in lavender-pink (please note that this is the preferred variant). Their paw pads are lavender-pink.

Lilac Cream Point Ragdoll Cats

The specific body color for Lilac Cream Point ragdoll cats is glacial white. Should there be any mottling present, this will be in the shade of the points.
The specific color for the points is frost grey with a pinkish tone, which gives it the name “Lilac.” Please note that this can be variably mottled with pale cream shades.

The typical eye color for Lilac Cream Point ragdolls is blue. However, the color of nose leather and paw pads is sometimes lavender pink. Still, please note that the desirable variants are flesh or coral pink mottling.

Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdoll Cats

The body color for Lilac Cream Lynx Point ragdolls is glacial white. In these cats, the body shading might be either ghost-striping or ticking. Please note that cream mottling may also be visible. The points are typically colored in frosty grey with pinkish tones and display a paler thumbprint in the center. But what is specific to this color pattern is the presence of a mottling of cream, which overlays the markings of the points.

Lilac Cream Lynx Point ragdolls typically have blue eyes. Their nose leather can be either lavender pink (please note that this is permitted) or pink-edged in lavender pink (please note that this is preferred). Additionally, flesh or coral pink mottling may be present. Their paw pads are lavender-pink, but they can also be lavender-pink mottled with tones of flesh or coral pink. Please note that lilac cream lynx point ragdolls resemble lynx points more than tortie points.

Below is our gallery of Lilac ragdoll cats, which should highlight this lovely color’s variation. So look at all these lovely Raggies and find your favorite! Enjoy!

Dusty of House Of Steward Ragdolls Lilac Ragdolls sitting on carpet and tile top
Dusty of House Of Steward Ragdolls, a Lilac Ragdoll
Lilac Point Ragdoll, Cody - his registered name is RAGTIME CODY at 15 weeks and then at 2 yrs old
Lilac Point Ragdoll, Cody – his registered name is RAGTIME CODY
(on the left, he is 15 weeks old, and on the right, he is 2 years old)

The kittens pictured below are from Guysndolls Ragdolls in Australia. They are all Lilac.

Lilac Kitten and Mom GUYSNDOLLS Ragdoll kittens, white

Lilac Kitten of GUYSNDOLLS Ragdolls lying on chair

Lilac Ragdoll Kittens of GUYSNDOLLS Ragdolls snuggling

Lilac Ragdoll Kitten GUYSNDOLLS Ragdolls being held by man in green shirt

The photos below are of Milo of Drouindolls. He is a Lilac Point Ragdoll cat.

Milo a Lilac Ragdoll from Drouindolls on a cat tower

Milo a Lilac Ragdoll from Drouindolls sitting on a desk

Milo a Lilac Ragdoll from Drouindolls sitting on desk

Milo a Lilac Ragdoll from Drouindolls lying on table top

The photos below are of Summer Breeze of Drouindolls. She is a Lilac Bicolor Ragdoll. She is photographed here with her first litter. Do you want to see more Ragdoll Kittens? Go to’s Ragdoll Kitten Page.

Summer Breeze a Lilac Ragdoll from Drouindolls, and her kittens

Summer Breeze a Lilac Ragdoll from Drouindolls, snuggling her kittens

Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx, owned by Lora Falconer
Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx owned by Lora Falconer
Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx, owned by Lora Falconer, sitting on red furniture
Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx owned by Lora Falconer
Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx, owned by Lora Falconer
Mustafa Muezza, a Lilac Bi Colour Lynx owned by Lora Falconer
Lilac Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll cat Romeo one picture close up of his face, the other he's lying on cat scratcher
Romeo, a Lilac Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll cat, loved by Dawn


Lilac Ragdolls – FAQs

Now that you’ve seen how gorgeous Lilac Ragdolls can be, we have prepared a list of commonly asked questions about these Raggies. So take a look and find out even more about Lilac Ragdolls.

What color is a Lilac Ragdoll?

While the name may suggest purple, violet, or other flower-like colors, the term lilac refers to a white shade. Lilac is a lavender-pink tone that the cat’s white fur presents. The term “lilac” is purely technical, and it is used by cat breeding experts to define the characteristics of this color pattern in detail. It should not be taken literally, as it does not refer to the range of lavender or purple.

Are Lilac Ragdoll cats purple?

No, Lilac Ragdoll cats are not purple in color. Instead, their bodies are glacial white, with tones of lavender-pink, which have led to the development of the name for this color variation. Even though some people expect Lilac Ragdolls to develop purple fur sooner or later, this does not happen. However, if analyzed in direct sunlight, the lavender-pink inflections of the cat’s white fur are perfectly visible and quite a marvel.

What does a Lilac Ragdoll cat look like?

Lilac Ragdolls have glacial white bodies and points colored in frosty grey with pinkish tone bars. According to the specific color pattern, Lilac Ragdolls can be Lilac Points, Lilac Lynx Points, Lilac-cream Points, or even Lilac-cream Lynx Points.

Are Lilac Ragdoll cats rare?

Yes, Lilac Ragdolls are actually very rare. In fact, Lilac is the rarest color seen in Ragdoll cats. As you can imagine, this makes Lilac individuals more valuable in breeding and competition.

What color are Lilac Ragdolls’ eyes?

Almost all Lilac Ragdoll cats have blue eyes. According to the CFA, this is the typical eye color for the Lilac color. However, there may be exceptions, and some individuals can have eyes of other colors.

Are Lilac Ragdolls born purple?

No, they are not. Some folk stories say that Lilac Ragdolls are born purple and develop lighter colors. However, this is not true. All Ragdoll cats are born white, regardless of the colors they will grow up to have.

Then, as they age, white becomes their definitive color. In the case of Lilac Ragdolls, this means a slight darkening of the tone of white, which shifts to the specific lavender-pink tones. Find out more about how colors progress in Ragdoll cats.

Do Lilac Ragdolls ever get purple fur?

No, they do not. Even though their name might suggest that their fur will be purple at some point in their lives, this is not the case. Instead, these expectations are generated by the name of the coloration. Still, “Lilac” is a technical term that refers to the cat’s white fur tones rather than an actual solid color.

What do old Lilac Ragdoll cats look like?

When Ragdoll cats get old, their fur becomes white. While this is less visible on the body, where they get white hairs, this is relatively easy to notice on the face. Here, they get large areas of white fur.

Since Lilac Ragdolls are already white in color, the main difference will be a change in the tone of white on the face area. This is something that the cat’s parents can notice since they are very familiar with the details of the cat’s coat.

What does a Lilac Ragdoll cat look like when its body temperature is up?

As you may know, Ragdolls are living, breathing temperature maps. This refers to their ability to change their fur color according to temperature. This becomes noticeable when their body temperature shifts significantly.

When their body temp is up, their fur becomes lighter in color. This is something relatively easy to spot in darker-colored Ragdolls. Still, it can be tricky to see in Lilac Ragdolls because a change to a lighter tone of white refers to the details.

What does a Lilac Ragdoll cat look like when its body temperature is low?

When their body temperature drops significantly, the fur of Ragdoll cats becomes darker on their bodies. If noticing a lighter tone is quite tricky for Lilac Raggies, spotting the darkening of their fur is undoubtedly much easier.

Suppose your Lilac Ragdoll suddenly has a darker area on its belly or side. In that case, you should check its temperature immediately to see if the color shift correlates with a temperature drop. If true, you should take the cat to the doctor.

At what age can you tell that a Ragdoll cat is a Lilac?

It typically takes a few months before the coloration of a Ragdoll cat is entirely determined. However, in some cases, it is easier to figure out where the coloration is going, like it is for Seal Point Ragdolls, for instance. However, when it comes to the rare Lilac Raggie, it might take a bit longer to see the final version of the tones of white of the cat’s fur.

Do Lilac Ragdolls change color?

Yes, they do. It all starts when the Ragdoll cat is born; its fur is white all over its body. Then, in the following months, the development of color pigments occurs, and the fur coloration is defined as more apparent.

A Lilac Ragdoll cat can change color throughout its life due to body temperature variations, but these are only temporary changes. As the cat gets older, the areas on its body with white fur become more and more prominent. This is very visible on the cat’s face, which gets full-white areas.

Even though this only means a shift in tone for Lilac Ragdolls, the change can also be observed in these cats if you look close enough. In this regard, Lilac Ragdolls change their colors throughout their lives much less than other Ragdoll cats.

Can Lilac Ragdolls also be Lynx Ragdolls?

Yes, there are Lilac Lynx Point Ragdolls. They have glacial white bodies and points in frosty grey with pinkish tones. What makes these tones very visible is a lighter background color, making them appear distinct and separated.

This is only one of the variations of Lilac Ragdolls. There are also Lilac Cream Lynx Point Ragdolls, which have their ears colored in frosty grey with a pinkish tone and a paler thumbprint in the center. Cream mottling may also appear for this color variant.

So, what do you think about the Lilac Ragdolls in our gallery? Do you like Lilac Ragdolls better than Blue Points or Seal Points? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

Please contact if you have a Ragdoll kitty with this color type and want them to be featured on this page!

Would you like to see more Adult Ragdoll Cat Pictures? Click on any of the following color patterns to see more Ragdoll Pictures:

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  1. Always a wonderful re-post, Jenny!! The Lilacs are just so beautiful and precious!! Lurve to look at them as they just look so dreamy and delicate with those colors to me! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    Beautiful kittes! I agree with Patti about discerning the lilacs from the blues since it very subtle.
    Was just perusing the site about the colors, etc., and noticed that there are minks listed but no sepias. Makes me sad that Gracie always gets left out and she is more of a Floppycats than Illaria who is a seal mitted lynx.

    1. I probably didn’t get to the Sepia page back in the day when I started those pages. I also first learned that Sepias were versions of Minks, so I guess you might have to start a page for me.

      1. Teresa Reid says:

        Yes, of course! Would love to do that if you would like. Am working on a project right now but after it’s complete, will get together and make a page!♥♥♥

        1. Awesome! No hurry – after all, I did those pages in 2010.

  3. Great re-post, Jenny! So fascinating to see all the different color patterns of our beloved Ragdolls! The Lilacs are truly beautiful! I can definitely tell the difference between the Lilacs and the Blues now (about a year and a half after my first comment, above). I have learned so much about the coloring from Floppycats and my dear FB friend Peg (a retired Ragdoll breeder). 🙂 <3

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Yes, Peg is crazy knowledgeable! We used to email on a regular basis, but I haven’t heard from her in years. I hope she’s doing well.

      1. We correspond at least once a day on FB and she’s doing well. She’s such a special lady with a great love for the Ragdoll breed. I have learned so much from her and she’s shared some awesome photos of her litters and special kittehs over the years that she has bred and raised. She must have been an awesome breeder back in the day. She had some beautiful kittehs from her cattery for sure! 🙂 <3

        1. Oh, I know – I don’t know if I ever offended her or what – but I think she has a lot of information to offer and wish she would contribute to the site!

          1. I know she stays pretty busy. Perhaps you should try reaching out to her on FB or via e-mail? She posts a lot on Teresa’s Heart of Grace FB page. 🙂 <3

          2. I have and also have said things on Heart of Grace. =)

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Soooooo pretty! I have a hard time telling the lilacs from the blues…. 🙂

    Gorgeous kitties! Lurve each and every pic!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  5. My baby Ragdoll is a Lilac,born to a seal bi colr mom and a full seal point dad.Hes more white ,than my seal bi color Murphy his Uncle.He has really soft fur and a sprigg,of pinkish blue on his nose at first I thought he was a Blue bi day I will send pictures.When my son rehomed the kittens everyone wanted the sealpoints the full dark face like the Daddy cat Winston,My BABY WAS THE ONE KNOW ONE PICKED THE RUNT.Hes 5 months now and a Beautiful normal sized Raggy that loves to eat.I need to find him now and kiss him.Didnt know Lilacs were rare.I like the bi color face cause they look like humans sometimes especially Big Murphy when he stares at me.huh huh Bye Lisa. I luv them all

  6. I originally wanted a lilac or blue– but discovered they are hard to come by. I also would love a blue lynx bicolor, but I can’t find any of those around either. The more common colors and patterns are equally as beautiful, so not a problem!

  7. Alexandra says:

    Three of my Rags are lilac……they are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I bet they are beautiful! You can always submit photos if you’d like to share them on this page!

  8. Dear admin,

    we are small ragdoll cattery in Slovakia, Europe. We are specialized on light colour, especially on lilac, lilac-cream (lilac tortie), cream and the darker colour in our cattery in blue. We have lilac colorpoint, lilac tortie mitted, lilac bicolour ragdolls. In case you want to publish some information and photos on Your webpage, please contact us and we will sent to you all what you need.
    You are right – lilac ragdolls are very rare and among them lilac tortie are very very rare. But they are so gently, soft and delicate – we like them very much.

  9. The Lilac coloring for Ragdolls is so pretty looking, but somewhat rare therefore expensive!

    1. I have not looked into Lilacs and their pricing, as I prefer the darker colors – but no doubt if it’s rare it’s more expensive. If you have information on them, I’d love to include it on the site. In fact, with all your research, you’re more than welcome to post anything you think would benefit the other readers.

      1. Thanks for the offer! Off the top of my head, there is one breeder that floppycats already interviewed once before that specializes in Lilac and Chocolate too, I believe, Ragdolls. The cattery is called Angel Girls Ragdolls ( Their webpage is quite informative too from Ragdolls to cat stuff that they have tried in the past. There is even a cat toilet on there! I prefer the blue coloring and then seal 🙂

        1. Yes, Angel Girls’ website is neat because she really takes the time to walk through all the different colors and explain them. Education is always a nice bonus on a breeder website.

          1. Definitely! Plus, Angel Girls conducts elaborate testing to ensure healthy cats as well as no inbreeding with their pedigrees. They are one of the breeders that I have down as an option to adopt a Ragdoll from later on in the future!

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Lilac Ragdoll

Lilac Ragdoll

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