Bad Ragdoll Breeders

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The other day on Facebook, I asked, “Do you think it’s bad karma for me to post a blog post about Ragdoll breeder that is notorious for adopting out sick cats?”

Thank you to those of you who responded.

I cannot recommend Ragdoll breeders, unfortunately there are too many things to take into account, so the best I can do is have a page on the site for Recommended Ragdoll Breeders and let the people (YOU!) with Ragdoll cats talk!

I get over 300 emails a day – from people asking advice to Ragdoll cat owners telling me horrible things about breeders.  Of course, some of the time, I realize it is not the breeder’s fault or the person that adopted the cat – sometimes there are just bad circumstances.

Let’s take FIP for example, my first cat, Skittles, died of FIP at 2 years old.  It wasn’t the breeder’s fault – we know that now, that it’s a freak thing.  Rags and Cosby came home together – Cosby died at 10 months old of FIP and Rags lived to be 19.5 years old – again, a freak thing that SUCKED.

Because I have not had a direct experience with the bad Ragdoll breeders I am told about – I cannot list them here.  But, if you are wondering about a specific breeder, I can always tell you what I have heard if you contact me.

Ways to Find Out If a Ragdoll Breeder is Bad:

  • Go to Google – search their cattery name plus the word, “bad” – for example, let’s say I am a breeder and my cattery name is “floppycats” – so you would enter, “floppycats bad” into Google
  • Go to Google – search their cattery name plus the word, “sick”
  • Go to Google – search their cattery name plus the word, “complaint”
  • Go to Google – search the human owner’s name and the cattery
  • Go to Google – search for just the cattery
  • Go to the Better Business Bureau and search for their name or any derivatives of it – for example, I would search for, “floppycats”, “floppy” and “floppy cats” if I were searching for my site.
  • Go to TICA’s site and search for the cattery name – if they are not registered there or CFA, it’s not a good sign.
  • Go to CFA’s site and search for the cattery name – if they are not registered there or TICA, it’s not a good sign.
  • Ask to speak to some of the people that have adopted from them
  • Visit Complaint Boards and enter the human name of the breeder and also the name of the cattery
  • Ask if people have had experience with a specific breeder on our Facebook page
  • Ask in our Ragdoll cat Facebook Group

BEWARE! Ragdoll Breeder Scams

Apart from just bad breeders, you have to watch out for scams too – people that pose as Ragdoll breeders, but really are just scam artists.  Here are a few times we have encountered them:

You can also check out TICA’s file about what to look for in a good breeder.

How to Know if a Cat Breeder is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette

Home raised ragdoll kittens:

Sharon Fincher of HiFancy Rags weighed in on what to look for in a recommended breeder:

“The one thing I know of that will not be found on the TICA or CFA websites is ‘HEART’   If you do not have a heart your animals will know it.  The simple  truth is that although there is a world of ‘good breeders’ as you say, out there. There are also just about as many that I would consider a bad breeder. Then again you are going to find those that at one time was among the best, yet somehow turned bad. My advise is that when new parents are considering a kitten, look at the reality of it. After all no matter what name they carry, they are cats. They have special needs just as people do. You cannot just toss one in a room and a happy family does it make!  Not by a long shot! Do your homework on the breed you are interested in. If you are able, go to a couple cat shows, learn from the exhibitors what to expect and what to do. It is not the kittens fault because he feels no love. They have their little quirks you are going to have to learn. They will teach you if you just listen to them. They do not understand when they are tossed from one home to another continually. They become angry and will lash out as if to say ‘ just leave me alone’. Good breeders will do a complete background check on the new parents. Qustions like do they have other animals? Do they treat them well? Do they take their animals to the vet when needed and keep vaccines up to date?  How many children are in the home and their ages? There could be an allergy factor you have to address. It is not easy by any means, by either party. You just cross your fingers, say a prayer and hope that you have made the right choice.”

Sharon Shulby of Magnadolz Ragdolls also weighed in on what to look for in a recommended breeder:

UPDATE December 26, 2019:

“In looking for a RD, please advise people that, first off, Google the cattery and “complaints”. If they have a history of scamming people, keeping their money, not delivering the kitten on the agreed upon date, selling sick kittens, what in the world makes you think they’ll be any better with you? You MUST do due diligence!

Also, ascertain if the parents have been tested for FIV, FeLV and HCM. And the breeder can prove it to the prospective parents. That any breeder who wants to send your kitten home at under 12 weeks old, isn’t doing right by you or the kitten. 

They get 3 vaccines, at 8, 12, and 16 weeks. I prefer that my breedings are fully vaccinated before they leave here. Also, younger kittens don’t have that time with their parents and littermates to socialize. This is VERY important for the well being of your kitten.

If the parents aren’t registered with FIFe, CFA or TICA,  your kitten can’t be registered either. And there’s no guarantee that the kitten is truly a purebred RD.

Don’t fall for the “rare mink/sepia RD with green/yellow eyes”. RD are pointed breed and they have BLUE eyes. There are breeders who are trying to have TICA accept these cats, and be allowed to show them, but, so far, not happening.

The price of RD has increased significantly since I wrote what’s posted below. Pet quality kittens go for $950-$1750, show quality can go for $1250-$2500 and breeders? Well, let’s just say the sky is the limit.

What I can tell your readers, again, that if they do their homework before buying a RD kitten, there shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck!”

From Aug 17, 2012

“I don’t care for the statement that ‘if a breeder is not certified by TICA of CFA, this is not a good sign’. I’ve found many good breeders who aren’t ‘certified’ by either group simply because the breeder can’t afford it or doesn’t want to do everything CFA/TICA wants the breeder to do.

I’m a member of CFA and TICA and my litters are registered in both organizations, but I’m not certified. I’m in the process, but it is very expensive and time consuming.

I would remind people that this is like a wedding. It must be a match between breeder, buyer and animal. With honesty, open communication and truthfulness on the part of the humans.

I would tell anyone looking to ‘adopt’ a Ragdoll that they should understand ‘adopting’ a Ragdoll from a breeder isn’t like getting a free kitten from a box at the grocery store. Even the SPCA charged $125 when I ‘adopted’ a cat from them. We like to be politically correct and say ‘adopt’, when we should really say ‘sale’.

As a breeder, I screen potential parents. If I get a call from someone who wants a cat ‘right now-it’s a birthday present for my_____(child, spouse, friend, whatever), I tell them I have no available kittens. I don’t want this kitten to be a spur of the moment, last minute, gotta have a gift decision. I also don’t sell kittens as last minute holiday gifts. If you really want to bring a kitten into your home, Christmas Day stuffed into a stocking is great for a Norman Rockwell painting, but probably isn’t in the kitten’s best interest. Give a stuffed cat and bring the kitten home after there’s less chaos in the home-the holiday festivities are over, family has left, gift wrappings disposed of, decorations packed away, food and beverages cleaned up.

I’ve lost sales, and that’s ok, I must do what’s in the best interest, safety and well-being of the cat. I don’t get returns when the novelty has worn off!

Please tell your readers that a contract is just that. It is a legal and binding agreement. I review the contract with the buyers and have them initial every paragraph. It says that the buyer needs to take the animal to their vet within 72 hrs. That’s non-negotiable. If your vet feels this kitten has something that makes it ‘not fit for sale’, you must return the kitten and I will replace the kitten or refund your money at that time. If this is done within 72 hrs, it’s less likely that the buyer will want to keep the kitten and still get a replacement or a refund. (I’ve NEVER had a kitten come back like this!) Please don’t call me and complain that there’s a problem 6 weeks later! I guarantee my cats for a year to be free from genetic problems. I will replace a kitten (with a necropsy report) for even longer. But, if your cat has been injured, exposed to another cat who was sick and yours is now sick, please don’t expect me to pay your vet bills. I’m very specific in my contract as to how to care for the cat, what to feed it, how to introduce it to your home AND how/when to add other animals. If the buyer doesn’t follow the contract, what do they want from me?

My ‘pet’ quality cats are just that. Pets. They are NOT show and/or breed quality. They are de-sexed before leaving me. The blue slip reflects this. Please don’t ask me to change the blue slip. You certainly can show an ‘altered’ Ragdoll, but don’t complain when they don’t win. They won’t. That’s why they’re ‘pets’.

I am unable to return your purchase price after the cat leaves my home because you’ve changed your mind, your living situation has changed or whatever.

If, in the event you can no longer keep your Ragdoll, the contract states the cat will be offered back to me. If I can rehome the cat, I will give you the $ received from the new owner. (Usually under $300)

I don’t take deposits as I’ve had too many change their mind for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, someone else has expressed a desire to buy that cat, the cat has missed out on a forever home and the first family then wants their deposit back. Now, the cat is older and the price drops. It’s a cash and carry process. (Of course, you’ll get a receipt!) I don’t have to worry about a check bouncing, or payment being stopped or credit cards being refused, reversed or whatever. Too many breeder friends have been cheated, lied to and basically had cats stolen from them. What kind of treatment can I expect for this precious animal if they’re dishonest with me?

Please don’t ask to take the cat home at 8 weeks old. I know they’re ‘cute’, but they shouldn’t be away from the family for several more weeks. I don’t care if it’s a birthday/holiday present. They need the socialization until 12 weeks. Also, they are still receiving immunizations/spay/neuter/registration.

Remind your readers that if the breeder doesn’t show/copy genetic testing for both parents, ask to see it. If they don’t have it, go to another breeder!! You can absolutely get a ‘darling’ RD kitten from some breeders for $350, but, there’s been no HCM, FHP, FLV testing on the parents. You could be setting yourself (and your cat) up for a short lifetime of heart problems, leukemia, and other diseases AND heartache!!

“Pay me now or pay the vet later”

A Ragdoll kitten, pet quality, from a responsible breeder should run $650 up to $1,000!!

I will NOT bad mouth my fellow breeders! Some potential parents spend weeks kitten shopping at every local breeders. Kind of like the ‘looky-loos’ at a real estate open house.

Then, they want to tell me how imperfect someone else’s kittens are. Sorry, I don’t play that game. Some of my best friends are fellow Ragdoll  breeders and I have nothing but good things to say about them. If you call me and tell me that you want a certain color/sex and I don’t have one, I will even send you to one of them because I know what they have!

If you’ve never been owned by a Ragdoll, I can (and will) spend weeks educating you on the care/feeding of them. You can call anytime for anything you’re concerned about. Unless I’m in a show ring/driving, I will answer the phone and your questions.

Please remember NEVER to declaw your cat. Most people don’t understand what declawing does! In my contract, is a clause with $1,000 fine per toe for any declawing (the money is donated to several rescues that I donate to). If you’re not willing to spend some time training your Ragdoll not to claw your leather couch, please don’t get one!! (Couch OR Ragdoll). The kittens know how to use a scratching post, litter box and food dish when they leave here. When you get them home, PLEASE spend some time showing them where these things are!

The breeder should have both parents. Some don’t have Kings, but ASK!!

I show potential parents both of the Ragdoll parents even before they see the kittens. ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Realize Ragdoll Kings can be 20-22# and Queens up to around 12-14#. Of course, there is the lighter end (15# Kings and 8#Queens). Remember, the Ragdoll is the second largest domestic breed (second only to the Maine Coons). So, your little 4# kitten may become a BIG boy!!

If you want a cat that isolates and ‘does it’s own thing’, perhaps a Ragdoll isn’t a good choice for you. Usually, (and I always say usually, because there’s always that one that doesn’t fit into all of the characteristics of the breed), Ragdoll want to be with you/the family. They WANT to be in your lap, at your side, involved with everything that’s going on in your home. They think they’re dogs, come when called, fetch, and will wait by the door for your return!

Please understand, I’m NOT being ‘mean’, ‘controlling’ or ‘neglectful’ when I tell you that Ragdoll are indoor cats!! And if you tell me that your Ragdoll will be allowed outside, you won’t be going home with one of mine! If outside, they will either be stolen, picked up as strays, or victims of other animals/cars. You can always install a ‘catio’, which is an enclosed patio if you have a burning desire for them to be outdoors and still be safe. I even have mixed feelings about walking them on a leash. Too many diseases transmitted on the streets!

Please don’t be offended when I have you remove your shoes before you come into my home. Again, too many diseases transmitted on a shoe! My cats are not caged (unless it’s a new Mamma and babies) and they have the run of the home. When potential parents go into a breeders home, tell them to take a minute and breathe! There shouldn’t be ‘cat box odor’. The Ragdoll should come to greet the PP. If everyone runs and hides, this isn’t a good sign. That means these cats are not socialized properly.

PP should realize this isn’t a business; it’s a passion for me. I’m doing this to enhance the breed. Ok, built a better, stronger, more perfect Ragdoll. I’m not doing this to populate the world with Ragdoll, so that everyone who thinks they’d like one can have one. (I’d like a mansion in Malibu, too)

There’s a phrase “if you want to make a small fortune as a Ragdoll breeder, start with a large fortune!!”

So true!

When you figure the cost of the vet, the immunizations, the Queen’s food, the time spent working with the kittens (assuming all goes well at birth), the registration paperwork, the de-sexing, breeders don’t make money!
Have your potential parents ask if the breeder shows the cats.

Don’t get me wrong, showing isn’t for everyone. I wouldn’t necessarily rule out a breeder simply because they don’t show.

For me, showing is an integral part of my breeding program. The cats are judges on breed standard. The shape of the eyes, head, color of the eyes, body structure, color, length of their tail, placement of their feet (for hip problems), their coat texture, grooming, breath, AND their personality. Not all cats like to show. Not all cats SHOULD be shown. Many will show for a while, then decide they don’t want to do this anymore. Especially when the get hormonal. I must pay attention to the signs they give as to when it’s time to not show that cat any longer.

But, at a show, breeders can find out if the cat has an imperfection that they need to be aware of before they DO breed. Or maybe that cat shouldn’t be bred. It can be the sweetest cat, but, if there’s an imperfection, may be best not to reproduce.

I would encourage potential parents to attend a cat show. Talk to the exhibitors. Look at their cats. Look at the breeder. See how they interact with the cat, the other exhibitors AND the general public!
See how they react after the ring. How did the cat do? How does the breeder treat other people who beat or loose to their cat?

Since a cat lives for up to 20 yrs, it HAS to be a match between potential parents, breeder AND cat! Come to my home; spend some time with the kittens. It’s said that ‘you don’t pick a cat, a cat picks you’.

Please think about allergies. If you suspect you’re allergic, some visit and see what happens. If you have a reaction, maybe you want to take something (Zyrtec or the like) and try it again.

It drives me batty when I hear stories about people who take a cat home, and call 3 months later wanting to return it because they’re allergic.

Potential parents  need to understand that responsible breeders spend HOURS with every kitten from every litter! Some don’t work outside of the home and they spend even more time with the kittens. Ensuring that every kitten ‘gets a seat at the table’, even ‘the runt’, every kitten is kept clean, birthing box clean, fresh food/water/litter for Mamma cat. Touching, rubbing, interacting with the kittens, introducing them to the litter box and their first solid food. Playing with them and teaching them how to play!

Understand that a little piece of me goes with every kitten that leaves me. My goal is to have them in homes where they’re wanted ‘forever’, loved, cherished and valued!

Many breeders have cat sitters. When the breeder is gone, someone is in attendance at the house. My kittens have someone with them 24/7. I also have an alarm system and ‘kitten cams’ installed throughout the house for safety, security and entertainment! I know a breeder in Redondo Beach who (2 weeks ago) had her home broken into and 6 Turkish Van 8 week olds and 2 Turkish Van 12 week old kittens were stolen!! Heavens! I’d lose my mind if that happened here!
There seems to be a myth that Ragdoll don’t shed, and they don’t need much grooming because they don’t have an under coat, which makes them perfect for folks with allergies.

This simply isn’t true. I know of NO responsible breeder who would tell you that!

They DO shed! I spend time every night brushing coats and teeth of every cat here!!

It’s comforting for them, helps keep their coats looking good and provides human interaction. So critical for ALL animals!

Please don’t call and ask for a ‘cheap one because I’m on a limited budget/fixed income’. While I do discount a second kitten going to the same household or repeat family, I can’t justify putting a financial burden onto someone who’s already strained. Realize that ANY animal is expensive and will need vet care, immunizations, food, litter for perhaps 20 yrs. Maybe you could foster an animal, volunteer at the shelter or local rescue.

I forget the annual amount ‘they’ say it costs for an animal. It has to be over $2,000 per cat!

Having said all of this, I’m not really as mean as I may sound. But, my first priority is the health, happiness, well-being and safety of the cats. I dislike people who mistreat cats (or any animals) or can’t tell me the truth. I don’t like people with agenda’s!”

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46 thoughts on “Bad Ragdoll Breeders

  1. AC says:

    I had the most devastating experience purchasing from Kootenay Ragdolls and I’m sharing my story in hopes it will save others from a similar situation. The breeder was pleasant enough to interact with, polite, professional, and responsive. After taking home my ragdoll kitten of approx. 13 weeks, she exhibited MAJOR separation anxiety to the extreme– caterwauling, crying, and trying to nurse from me with claws and teeth when I attempted to sleep, including going for my face (I ended up wearing goggles), even though she was given food and water. Consequently, I did not get any sleep in over 24 hours. I couldn’t put her in a room by herself because she would caterwaul and it would not have been long before the neighbors complained. She would still cry intermittently when we were in the room together (which was 99% of the time). As a first-time cat owner, I was absolutely overwhelmed and sleep-deprived. Lori did not warn me about this at all– not once; and she screened/interviewed me prior to purchase. I thought that her kittens would’ve been socialized enough to be emotionally healthy. I was so stressed out (probably because of sleep deprivation) that I was considering surrendering the kitten to a shelter, despite the fact that it was against the contract. I texted Lori and she insisted that I drive back 2-3 hours (depending on traffic) to her to return the kitten even after I pointed out it was unsafe due to not having gotten any sleep. I prepared to go back but she ended up finding me a local buyer who would only pay 1/3 of the cost. It killed me to give up my kitten (especially at a fraction of what I paid) but she was so difficult that I felt like I had no choice. Perhaps if I didn’t live in a condo, I could’ve just left her in a room and let her caterwaul, but since I do, I couldn’t risk the complaints. It was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I have ever had and I don’t know if I’ll ever get a cat again. I feel that Lori should’ve known her kittens better and been responsible enough to warn the buyer, especially a first-time cat owner. Or perhaps she did know and neglected to tell me. She had stated in one of her emails that most of her kittens are not fazed by the transition. Well, this kitten was certainly the opposite.

    It was a childhood dream of mine to own a cat, and that was destroyed, along with a significant amount of money lost.

  2. Griz says:

    BabyBlueEyes Ragdolls cattery located at 91 Chase Ave. in Webster, MA and 11 Ensfield Road, Warwick, Rhode Island, breeder’s name is Jeanine Saviano.
    Some of the problems with this breeder and cattery:
    -website is full of lies (for example, says kittens will be altered and dewormed before going home – not!)
    -breeder is neglectful and overbreeds -has many dead and sick kittens per litter.
    -my kitten came with flea infestation, upper respiratory infection (feline herpes virus), tiny, not spayed, not dewormed, dirty, questionable if breeder actually administered any vaccines, never seen by a vet.
    -poor communication from breeder – for example, did not admit to me that my kitten was never seen by a vet and not spayed until 1 day before pickup.
    -actual location of cattery not known as there are no cats and kittens at the listed address of 91 Chase Ave Webster MA on the website and FB page. Breeder made adopters meet her in 11 Ensfield Road, Warwick, Rhode Island to pick up their kitten. Something is not right, the breeder is running from the law.
    -not TICA registered, although website mentions TICA. No registration papers come with the kittens.
    -mother cats and kittens are kept in some kind of cage and too many cats and kittens locked up in a bathroom (20 plus) from breeder’s personal FB page photos.
    -my kitten was constantly suckling when I got her, making me think she was weaned too early.
    -multiple complaints from numerous ppl of receiving a sick kitten. yet the breeder doesn’t care,no refunds or apology. Instead posts the brand new car she purchased from all of the sick kittens that she sold.
    I’m sure there are even more problems with this particular breeder and cattery than I’ve listed but that should be enough to warn others to do your due diligence and don’t fall for this scamming place.

  3. Aleta says:

    My kittens name was Violet, she was from the Incredibles litter born in 2018. Unfortunately, from a young age Violet had neurological symptoms, and IBD. The breeder, Karli, declined any type of responsibility when I brought these concerns to her attention.

    In September 2020 Violet had her first seen seizure. When we asked Karli for a refund of any kind to help with Violet’s ongoing care, she asked for all of Violet’s medical records, which I gladly gave her and her vets. However, when I asked for Violet’s parents and grandparents medical records for my vet to see the lineage, Karli declined, along with a refund, blaming Vi’s condition on a parasite/environmental factors (which was not the case). We found out karli likely declined the release of her cats medical records due to her not taking her cats for annual exams and testing (we have proof of this).

    Shortly after, another kitten that was related to Violet from a different litter started having seizures, Karli quickly dismissed the owner and accused them of lying.

    Since then, Violet has unfortunately passed away due to her seizures, and Karli has not reached out to us since her diagnosis, and hasn’t reached out since Violet’s death.
    We believe a good breeder would reach out, find out what happened, and want to properly test their cats.

    She still refuses to give new families full medical records for the dams and sires, and will play victim to deflect the big concerns that her families have. Karli needs to do proper genetic testing regularly, not just one test and done. As cats age, proper genetic testing should be done to see if anything shows up as sometimes genetic disorders won’t show up right away.

    Karli needs to take responsibility for her breeding program and start showing her many many followers that she is serious about the health of all her cats and practice what she preaches, and stop playing victim.

    I’m not saying Karli doesn’t love her cats, however, I think she started off strong and amazing, but over the years she has gone down hill. And it looks like her pride and the financial benefits of breeding is getting in the way of proper genetic testing and annual exams, and therefore proper care.

    I would not recommend Karli/flower baby ragdolls as a breeder until she is ready to be more open, honest, take responsibility, and give families proof that her cats are healthy and getting proper testing and annual exams.
    You also cannot find her on the TICA website anymore.

  4. D P says: supposedly selling RD for $700. They registered in the USA address in WI but their IP original address is in Pakistan. Here is the email: The cost price for a kitten is going to be $700 plus an extra $150 as
    shipping and home delivery cost. Which one of the kittens are you after? Where about are you located?
    Best regards
    Basically, they don’t exist. If the cats are too good to be true, it’s a red flag.

    Also, anyone selling kitties online without a care of an interview who is buying the animal is a red flag. Check BBB for their low score and buyer beware. For example: kittens4u selling kittens to the USA from foreign countries. Which I guess is all good, but if they’re selling $3000 kittens then thier real price if the kitten is probably 1/3 and since they are a broker, what are you going to do when your cat is sick?
    Ship the dead cat back to Russia?

    Another one I have found, has no address and even if the are TICA members, that really means what? If they break thier contract of selling you sick, unsociable cats? If they are still in business then thier States don’t care either unless you shine a spotlight and bring the press and advocacy groups. Look, if I buy a lemon, there are laws to protect me, the consumer. If I hire a contractor who is licensed, their is state insurance for it. If we all agree that pets have rights, then why isn’t thier insurance to protect the animals and the consumer?

    In the meantime, I’m looking at rescue cats from shelters, and they want a walk-through of my house and to know I am financially able and to talk to my vets as a reference, and rightfully so. They’re not so lenient and all volunteer.

    If it takes me weeks to adopt a cat, then that same crisitism should be for both buyers and sellers of purebreeds. Who would you want your children to be raised by? To go home to? We are all strangers in this game and we all have to do more than due diligence, we shall do due care.

    Look, I’m not talking about all breeders are bad, but the good breeders also have to stand together and call the bad ones out. The kitty mills are the ones who are giving your industry a bad rap.

  5. Cathleen Rendon says:

    LITERALLY, sitting in a driveway of an individual of who’s address we were given to pick up a kitten. We drove from mid-Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee to get it-overnight and all. Pulled up and it was a scam. Out $400. The woman said she had three people come to her door since December. Two looking for kittens and one for a puppy. Do not use FAMILY COONS CATTERY. They couldn’t have been worse.

    • Jenny says:

      Oh my goodness – I am so very sorry. Was $400 the deposit or the price of the kitten? If it was the price of the kitten, that would have been a for sure sign.

  6. Sundari says:

    I am not surprised to see the various bad reviews on Cindy from O’Canada Ragdolls, because I had the same disgusting experience. I simply emailed and just asked a few questions once about the ragdolls in question, she was off-put by me being a responsible person asking about the health of the cats, and she straight off refused me and said she feels I’m not a good fit. Based on no information about myself or my family. Do not get from here at all. No other breeder or even shelter/rescue/adoption centre has ever ‘turned me away’ because I am asking responsible questions. This points to something – there’s something fishy.

  7. kathy justus says:

    I have been looking for a ragamuffin kitten for a few months now and am much more informed since I read all of this info. Thank you so much. It is a little overwhelming trying to find the right baby with so many options. After reading your article I realize it will be awhile before finding not only the right kitty but the right breeder also. Again thank you for all the good info!

  8. Tracy says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been searching for a Ragdoll breeder in B.C. , Canada, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Kootenay Ragdolls? I would really appreciate any input.

    Thank you so much!

  9. ragfan85 says:

    Midwest Ragdolls. Changed her cattery name a couple years ago when she had a slew of sick kittens , and didn’t test them for HCM. She since tests her breeders. The number one reason she is a bad breeder is because she (a vet by profession) declaws her own11-12 week old Ragdoll kittens on demand. Pretty much every other Ragdoll cattery website in the US and Canada I looked at, forbids declawing of their kittens! In today’s world, de-toeing is antiquated, animal abuse and unacceptable. Just have a look at the rest of the world where people and cats with claws live together just fine.

    • Nicol says:

      Anyone have an update on this cattery since? I just put a deposit down after some very poor communication. I should have done my research beforehand and I’m kicking myself. No confirmation of a reserved kitten….I saw many poor reviews on websites like this from quite a while ago. I’m very disappointed in myself! Crossing my fingers that everything works out for me and hopefully my future kitty.

      • Lori says:

        Any update on this Cattery or your deposit on your maybe future kitten? I put a deposit down in May as well and was told I would have a kitten in late summer. Also am having poor communication experience. I haven’t gotten any details about my future kitten, when he is to be expected, or any info on the parents. I too am kicking myself for not doing my research.

      • Mimimum says:


        I recently adopted from the cattery and thankfully the kitten is healthy. We put a deposit down in April and picked him up in July. Off the bat, communication was not the best as everything about the kitten was initiated by me. She also offers declawing like its nothing which is another red flag(her website said she’d only do it for certain circumstances), only sent us 1 picture with no details on age or anything, on top of that she let’s you take them home at 8 weeks… Our kitten is healthy and growing like a weed but we’ve learned our lesson.

      • Sophia says:

        Unfortunately, I share the same experience with poor/no communication from Midwest Ragdolls. My mom gave a deposit, was told we’d have a kitten by a certain number of weeks/months…and still waiting. The approximate date kept getting pushed later and later, but I only know this if i initiate communication, no followup info from them. At this point, would rather just lose the deposit and find a more organized responsible cattery.

      • Sophia says:

        Unfortunately, I share the same experience with poor/no communication from Midwest Ragdolls. My mom gave a deposit, was told we’d have a kitten by a certain number of weeks/months…and still waiting. The approximate date kept getting pushed later and later, but I only know this if i initiate communication, no followup info from them. At this point, would rather just lose the deposit and find a more organized responsible cattery.

  10. Cora McCaine says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been searching for a breeder in B.C. , Canada, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Mt. Cheam Ragdolls? I would really appreciate any input.

    Thank you so much!

    • Jennifer Hermkens says:

      We purchased a kitten from her last year and we have not had a problem so far. He is almost a year old now and our vet has indicated no problems. Our vet is known and specializes in cats only. The cat is adorable and so sweet and such a darling.

    • Cora McCaine says:

      Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to provide an update to my experience as this forum was very helpful to me in selecting a breeder.

      I eventually contacted two breeders: (1) Tamsin from Victoria Ragolls and (2) Rhonda from Mt. Cheam Ragdolls.

      In comparison to Rhonda, Tamsin was very friendly and prompt to reply to my emails. So I contacted her by phone to ask more detailed questions, including visiting the cattery at a suitable time and questions about her attitude toward breeding. My first red flag came up when she said she can’t control how many times the cats breed because they breed whenever they get impregnated, which seemed ignorant of the stress cats experience in over-breeding. She originally said she welcomes visits to her cattery, but after the phone call I found her to become increasingly evasive and her attitude became so bad that we couldn’t communicate with her anymore.

      Rhonda on the other hand was slower to reply but each of her replies was very thorough. I wasn’t very comfortable with purchasing a kitten from her originally because of her slow replies (which I thought meant she wasn’t interested in potential buyers who ask too many questions) and the high price tag (a bi-colour ragdoll starts at CAD $1,600). I also couldn’t find any reviews on her, either good or bad. However, when I met Rhonda in person, I knew I made the right choice. She was cautious, thorough, and she made sure to educate us in regards to how the take care of our kitten, and how the kitten might behave the first few days after coming home with us. She provided a “cat passport” containing a record of all the vaccines my kitten had obtained to date, and a bag of the kitten food she had been feeding my kitten. My kitten is now 9 months old, and she has so far been healthy, playful, and extremely sweet.

      • Cora McCaine says:

        Hi Shirlsy,

        Sorry for being slow to reply. I haven’t checked this page in a while. My cat is doing very well. She just turned 2 years old this week. She is very playful, chatty, sociable, mild-tempered, and she gets along with our senior (13-year-old) male cat as well. We brought her to the animal clinic for an annual checkup in the summer and she remains healthy. I hope this is helpful!

  11. ajc says:

    Ragalong ragdolls breeder warning!!!

    I got a kitten from Marilyn (Ragalong ragdolls/Briarglen Farms in Sooke, BC Canada), which I was in complete and utter love with. I had asked to see photos of her mom and dad (Numerous times) as they were not updated on her website. Marilyn kept giving excuses and only ever provided one of her dad (Which took a while) I still don’t have one of her mom. Just before my kitten turned 6 months of age she died a very very sudden and tragic death from a heart attack. We tried to help her and were on our way to emergency but she passed away in the car as her heart was just not strong enough. I told marilyn what had happened, she said this never happens, that all her adult cats are very healthy and get checked routinely/get ultrasounds to ensure they don’t have any defects. I was never provided with these records nor the names of the vet hospitals she takes them to. She said shes only ever lost one cat to a heart attack.

    She said she would get me a replacement kitten asap. I waited for months and months. My kitten died mid oct 2016 and I finally called marilyn and asked her how much longer I would have to wait in january 2017 as I was seeing her posts on her page of people thanking her for their kittens.
    My friend who also ordered a kitten from her after mine died was offered a kitten before me. She said I was at the bottom of the list. My husband called and she finally offered us one. I absolutely adore our new kitten (We also don’t have a photo of his mom either) but I found out that he has a grade 2 heart murmur. Something she should have disclosed to me as she had him neutered and vets normally do a quick check/listen of the heart before putting an animal under general anesthetic. Now I worry everyday that something could happen to him as well. Today I met a woman whos parents got two radgolls from marilyn and both kittens died before the age of 1. She did not go into detail as this was still obviously a very delicate subject.

    Do not trust this breeder. I believe she’s only init for the money and not for the love of the cats.

    • Laura says:

      do you have any updates on your kitten? I recently made a deposit to ragalong ragdolls and am a bit concerned now especially since her communication with us over email and on the phone didn’t seem so genuine.
      Thank you!

    • Kellie says:

      I just adopted a kitten from Marilyn and am having the same issues… she won’t give me any info on the parents or vet he got neutered at. My ex boyfriend is a vet and said MY KITTEN IS WAY YOUNGER THAN 13 weeks. He said more like 7weeks 8 tops.

  12. Love Sum says:

    O Canada Ragdolls (CINDY) is a very UNPROFESSIONAL & Unethical Breeder, I have a hunch that she Bids her kittens, I had put down a deposit for one of her kittens, her website says she will provide picture updates of her kittens biweekly, since its a “CLOSED CATTERY”

    I emailed her a reminder asking very politely for pictures of our soon to be kitten even included a smily face emoji in my email to show how excited we were, She snapped at me and sent me an email saying “DO NOT demand pictures -SHE IS STILL MY KITTEN & ill send it when I WANT” and that she’s “cancelling the adoption” —which was a COMPLETE SHOCK to us, her email was EXTREMELY Mean, she outright told me off and called me “Pushy ” and that its HER kitten and thats she’s busy and doesn’t have time for me.

    So I replied back to her and apologized very nicely and explained to her that I only asked and that i didnt mean to make her feel this way and that we (Me and my 3 YEAR old daughter were just VERY Excited for our kittens updates) She replied back with a too bad attitude and that I’m too “RIGID” for her and to look elsewhere!! OMG at this point my family can’t believe whats going on here,

    I have emails to prove the entire scenario. Whats even more shocking is that she resold the kitten the next day without even posting her. I’m sure She probably sold her for more to someone else who she had on a waiting list for more money since she was very sure she wanted to cancel the adoption with no chance for clarification (even though there was nothing to clarify as we only wanted to see pictures)
    I read many reviews from others and a lady who also waited 3 months for their kitten for their daughter and ended up with no kitten as she cancelled their adoption as well. I read She’s famous for cancelling adoptions, in other words I think someone probably offered her more money, This Sounds very greedy and wrong from what I understand.

    STAY AWAY If you decide to purchase from her don’t even by mistake ask about two kittens she will expect you to buy both and make you feel like a liar. I have never dealt with such unprofessionalism in my life.



  13. LJ Hall says:

    I really liked this whole post! All the information is very helpful in finding a good breeder.
    Sharon Finchers explanations of what all it entails to raise a happy healthy kitten are so straight forward and real. She gives great advice on what to look for in a breeder and a healthy kitten. There is so much great information, things I didn’t know and things I wouldn’t have even thought of.
    Thanks so much Jenny for this awesome article, it helps so much in making an informed decision when I decide on a new kitten.
    Lisa Jo

  14. rachelw says:

    Breeder: Righteous Ragdolls
    Location: Wilmington, North Carolina (United States of America)

    I want to start this post by saying this is very much intended to be a review of this breeder. She has no Yelp or Google accounts for me to post a review on- only her Facebook account. Since I do not have a Facebook, I have decided to post this review on FloppyCats in hopes it still reaches the vast majority of Righteous Ragdolls’ potential buyers.

    A month after buying our first Ragdoll, Kaki, my boyfriend and I started the search for a second. The breeder we bought Kaki from did not work out for us the second time around, which is perfectly fine- I still very much have a positive opinion on her, and would strongly recommend her to anyone (Pinkerton Ragdolls of Monroe, Georgia United States of America! So, the dreadful search for a new breeder started. After contacting numerous breeders within a reasonable distance from us, we decided to put a deposit down on a blue, mink male from Righteous Ragdolls. I read her entire website and searched the internet for any review I could find. The only review I found was, I believe, from 2014. The girl was morning the loss of her kitten from Righteous Ragdolls as it was victim of HCM. So, I went back to her website, yet again to see if she tested for HCM and found this: “We DNA test all our breeders for HCM through UC Davis Medical Labs. All kittens are HMC negative by parentage.” So, I was not concerned. That night was when we felt as if she was a reputable breeder and put the deposit down on our new baby boy: Lycan.

    A few days before picking up Lycan, Courtney (the owner of Righteous Ragdolls) texted me and said that the kittens had their wellness visits at her veterinary clinic of choice and were all seemingly healthy. She said that Lycan did have a “kitten sniffle” and was on antibiotics. She gave me her veterinarian’s phone number to call with any questions. I thought nothing of it- maybe just a sneeze here and there, but I still called the vet.

    The veterinarian that saw Lycan was out of the office, so I spoke to a receptionist who pulled up his file. First red flag: his birthday was listed as 10/26/2016. Courtney had originally told me his birthday was 11/1/2016, but shortly corrected herself to 10/18/2016. After speaking with the receptionist, she assured me that a “kitten sniffle” (AKA: upper respiratory infection) was extremely common in kittens. Feeling reassured, I then asked for his shot records. The receptionist told me that Courtney administers everything herself, which didn’t sit well with me, considering the fact that Lycan had one vet visit before we picked him up. She could have caught his upper respiratory infection sooner if she had taken them in. I do understand some breeders do administer vaccines and dewormers themselves; however, in this case, administering core vaccines and deworming herself prevented the proper care for our kitten. I told the receptionist that I had been asking for what exactly he will have had done before coming home, but she wouldn’t give me specifics. The receptionist told me that should be a red flag to me before ending the phone call. Just to clarify, I wanted to know what exactly he would have had done before coming home so I could budget his first few vet visits, make sure Kaki was protected, and because I was curious.

    I let that conversation slip to the back of my mind as my excitement grew in temptation of Lycan coming home. When we picked him up, my heart sank. Courtney handed Lycan to my boyfriend. He was covered in green/yellow mucus and was sneezing mucus the size a human could sneeze out every couple of minutes. He was also so congested that when he would sneeze, he wouldn’t be able to breath. So, we canceled his appointment for the next morning and brought him straight to our vet’s urgent care after hours. The veterinary technician immediately said, “It’s a shame a breeder let a kitten go home this sick.” I thought that was strange because at that moment I remembered on the Righteous Ragdolls’ website, it specifically saying a kitten would not go home until it was ready-even if it meant it would go home later than planned.

    We got him treated and brought him home. We obviously separated Lycan and Kaki to keep her healthy, but also to slowly introduce one another for a healthy bond. When we got him home is when we started noticing other red flags. In our opinions, we feel as if he was barely held and not properly watched. Courtney has three young children and the house’s first impression to us was chaos when we picked Lycan up. We could envision the children being so crazy that the kittens’ acclimation to people was neglected. He is very, very resistant to be picked up. Once he is picked up, he will squirm and scratch you until you let him down. Now, I understand some cats do not like to be picked up, but to us, this is different than not wanting to be picked up- almost a fear of humans. He will fight you until you let him down. If you move too quickly, he will cower in fear, and if you come to pet him with your hand above his head, he will become scared and freeze. He does, however, cuddle a lot. If he comes to you, he is a very loving cat. It may just be that he is not used to us yet, but I feel like Courtney could have possibly spent more time with him- getting him used to people and being held in general.

    The one thing I will say positively about this experience is that he did not come home with fleas. We love Lycan dearly, we are just concerned and curious as to how he was raised and think he should have been taken care of differently, in some aspects.

    • Dusty Willera says:

      I made a deposit for a litter that lmoat ready in a few weeks. I have had a bad communication experience so far. There are delays to important question. Like were i am on list, pictures of dad, updates on kittens and mama. So on. Always busy never home was on vacation…so on. She doesn’t remember anything. I been patient. I had a suspicion that with her 3 little kids (from pictures) and 6 or so mamas and Russian blues and dogs and her photography hobby….her kittens might be neglected! I tried to push my suspicion to the back….then i read this!! So your cat has HCM? On her website, it stats you will get a refund…please post on fb. Please make a fb with your kitten pic and reviews on her FB! I would not have gone to her if i had found your review earlier. Someone more knowledgeable showed me this review

      • rachelw says:

        No, no, he doesn’t have HCM. He came home with a severe upper respiratory infection. I do agree with everything you have said- doesn’t answer important questions, doesn’t give updates, etc. I had to call her at least twice to get her to answer the phone so I could ask her questions. The good thing that came out of it is that my kitten came home so neglected that he wanted nothing more than attention- very loving and sweet. The downside is that he was very obviously not held a lot. He hated being held for a long while. He did have a dead flea on him when we picked him up. I would say if you aren’t 100% satisfied when you pick your kitten up, tell her.

  15. HM Reynolds says:

    We adopted a sweet ragdoll from Parisavan Ragdolls (Wendy Hamel) in January 2016 through her add on kijiji. From the beginning there were problems. She talked a great deal about her TICA registration, and how genetically healthy her breeding pair (Shadowland and Simba Rouge) were but couldn’t provide written document because she was in the process of moving and they were all packed away. We signed a contract specifying no spaying till 7 months of age, and receiving TICA registration “upon spaying”. I had to repeatedly request information about previous vaccinations and when she finally provided them, they were wrong (it showed 2 vaccinations, when in fact our kitten only received one). Our kitten was spayed at 7 months 4 days, and we sent the document to the breeder who acknowledged receiving it. Since then she refused to provide registration, and actually stopped responding to our request for explanation. In October (our kitten was 10 months old by then) we found out from TICA she NEVER registered any of the kittens from that litter. 2 days before our kitten turned 11 months old she began having trouble breathing and after spending over $2,100.00 on having her diagnosed and treated (chest tap to drain fluid) she was diagnosed with severe and terminal stage hydrotrophic cardiomyopathy which, according to the veterinary cardiologist, she was born with and which was genetic. The kitten was give 45 days to live provided she had repeat chest taps and was on 3 kinds of heart medication. We decided not to turture her just to have her for a few more weeks, and we let her go to sleep in our arms that night. We managed to contact the breeder through her new kijiji ads, and through her new Facebook profile advertising her breeding facility, but didn’t once again hear back. The kijiji ads and the Facebook page disappeared…
    We have no idea where to turn to stop this breeder from continuing to sell unregistered and genetically impaired kittens, and TICA Northwest manager not responding either. I need help warning others before they go through the same heartbreak

  16. Jessi says:

    PLEASE stay away from also has been known as Elegant ragdolls & Lovely rag dolls. Jessica Perry and Leah are running a mill of sick and dying kittens. They will not hold true to there contract. You will only get a reply from anyone if you are inquiring about purchasing one after that you are cut off. After you have your baby fixed you will not be getting your papers. There website is very impressive so as a “newbie” buying a rag doll i was easily tricked as well as many others. They have lived in several states doing this. When things get to heated they move. They also screen there phone calls so will not answer people who have purchased one. I just hope this can help anyone who reads and is looking for a new baby.

  17. ontarioragdoll says:

    I would like to add that we had an awful experience with Cindy the O’Canada Ragdoll breeder from Kitchener, Ontario. She was non-communicative and unprofessional as we waited for 3 months as the kitten grew up. Ultimately, she provided various lies and cancelled the adoption. We have no kitten but one heartbroken young child. I know we are not the first family to have experienced this terribly unprofessional behaviour from this breeder.

  18. Gloria Adler says:

    BEWARE OF JESSICA PERRY breeder in Wichita Falls, Texas. She sells sick and dying kittens..she over interbreeds. She claims they have had their shots and they haven’t. She changes names and locations often and the law has come close to getting her many times. I gave her $1800. for a “calico ragdoll” and found out there is no such breed. I signed a contract with her that stated I could not get my money back, only another of her sick cats. Because of her contract, the bank Visa would not stand behind me. So I am out my money and have no kitten because I refuse to take her sick kitten. Check out Bad Ragdoll Breeders and you can read about how many people got her sick and dying kittens and invested $2000-4000. in vet bills only to have the cat die within 2-6 months. I am in contact with someone who worked for her and didn’t get paid and he said the cats are all so sick they need to be euthenized.
    I am helping him get the proper authorities to put her out of business.

  19. Rhana Wyble says:

    I blame both myself and the breeder for the problems I had. I have rescued kittens and cats since I was a little girl, my mom did it, so it was nothing for me to bring a cat home. I knew how to bottle feed kittens and bury them when I was very young, my mom was too heartbroken to do what had to be done. I’ve picked up a mother cat and her 3 kittens from my beauty shop parking lot, when we were moving into a brand new house with the 3 cats and 2 large dogs we already had. One of the girls at my vet, every time she saw me would bring out kittens managed to pawn 3 on me at 3 different times. I’ve had 2 left at my front door in a cat carrier. I just wanted to kind of show you how my feelings were about rescuing kitties, I had thought about having a bred cat, but never dreamed I’d get one, because I was too busy saving all the kitties. It was just a couple of years ago I heard about Ragdolls and had been obsessed with them every since. At the end of last year I started looking through the internet at Cattery’s. The first one I found made me fill out an application about my animal experience and what animals I have, she was impressed, but she didn’t have any kittens and wouldn’t for a long time, she recommended another place, they also wouldn’t have any until the end of this year. Already filled with orders. I found this website Cattery they had location here in Texas, Louisiana, SC, NY and Nevada. I contacted them and looked at some pictures but, I was on the fence then, I had no idea what I was doing. The girls name was Leah and she kept emailing me and sending me pictures and showed look like when they were full grown, I found thus gorgeous Seal Bi-Color, 11 days old and signed the contract and sent a rather deposit, higher then the other Catterys. After a few weeks, I emailed Leah and asked if I could have an updated picture of Sean. She said she’d have to ask for one, I emailed back and said what do you mean. She said he’s with the breeder, I told her I thought you were the breeder, she said no, I work with her. Then a week before I’m suppose to pick him up, she emails me and says I can’t come get him, he’s not eating like he should. I need to wait 2 more weeks, so 3 days before I’m suppose to get him again she emails me and says I can’t have him he’s sick their having to force feed him. I’m sorry, but I immediately felt something was fishy about the whole thing, if he was sick they knew 3 days before I was suppose to pick him up. I wanted my deposit back, they wouldn’t give it to me, even though it was not my fault I didn’t get the kitten and they didn’t have another kitten I wanted. So for 2 months we went back and worth and she would send pictures, but they were nothing like the little Seal Bi-Color I had already fallen in love with and they were way above my price range. She said and I read in the contract that I could go $200 above what my first kitten was, Leah found a Ragamuffin that was very similar to what Sean looked like, but it was $100 over the price, she came back with a price that didn’t even honor their own contract. So I got so fed up with it and this is after I found Merlin’s Hope In Ennis, TX that takes in the throw-away Ragdolls, so I went to their discounted page to find one of their kittens that was having a hard time getting bought and I found a solid white Ragdoll and only paid a little bit more then what I had already given them. Since he’s been here I’ve already figured out, they don’t let the kittens spend time together playing and socializing with other kittens, because he’s mean and my 2 year old male plays with him like he’s full grown. They de-flead him just days before I picked him up, because my Vet was digging a massive amount of black goop out of his ear, but it didn’t show ear mites, so she said they must have just killed them. He also was not use to being picked up. I’m still on their email list and they are constantly having new babies. Unfortunately, I believe this is a kitty mill, fortunately, I belong to a very, very large group of people who are trying to put an end to animal abuse. In all of this when I went to pick my kitten up, they had me meet a girl at a gas station outside of Lake Charles, LA, was not even Leah or the breeder, I don’t even know the breeder’s name. I do have the full name of the girl I met and wrote the check out to. So, I do blame myself, for not doing more research before I decided on a kitten. I’ve never bought/adopted a breed cat before, I should have known better. I blame the breeder, because they are strictly in it for the money, they do not care for the health and well-being of the kittens/cats and these are the ones that make the good ones look bad to people like me. I know there are good ones out there, because of the first one I contacted. The bad ones have to be shut down, so the good ones can continue what they love to do. I do love my Ragdoll, he will be 4 months on 7/23, my husband who said if I got another cat he would move out (this makes 6) carries him around “Flopped Out” on his arm all the time. Thank you.

  20. Kelly Wilson says:

    In 2004 we adopted 2 beautiful ragdoll kittens from Brier Rose Ragdolls in southwestern iowa. They were so beautiful. One of our kittens came to us with an eye infection, the other was just fine. They grew into such amazing boys! The problems started when they both turned 7-years-old. I have been a cat parent all my life, and I have never had cats with health problems like this. Mojo developed severe asthma that nearly killed him. He was saved, but it cost a fortune. He now requires very expensive inhaler treatments twice per day, and an oral steroid every day. While he is doing ok, for the past year his breathing becomes very rattled and distressed if he does not receive his medication on time. We have now had to add an additional medication, but we are not sure how long he will be able to handle all of those treatments. Of course we will do whatever we can, but we are sad about his condition.

    The other cat from Brier Rose was Manny. We got he and Mojo together, but they were 3 weeks apart with different parents. He was a mitted seal point, a very big cat with a healthy weight, with an adorable personality, and absolutely gorgeous. he began suffering from severe arthritis in his right front leg after he turned 7. We did everything for him to keep him healthy and mobile, including message, laser treatments, recommended supplements, and steroids. He became entirely immobile in 3 legs and was unable to go poo without medication. His bones deteriorated quickly over the course of about one year. He was eventually in so much pain and no longer had any quality of life. He died last week. He was only 8 years old. We are heartbroken about it. The vet believed he had an aggressive auto-immune disease that destroyed his joints.

    if it was one cat from this breeder, i would not be writing this. this is 2 cats from 2 different sets of parents. The cats are lovely, but I would never ever recommend anyone buy from this breeder.

  21. Geo says:

    Jenny, thanks for providing another GREAT service to Floppycats readers. Choosing a good breeder is so important! And people need to know what to look for, what questions to ask, and what the ‘red flags’ are. Since I adopted my first Ragdoll,I’ve learned so much I wish I had known earlier!

    • Amanda says:

      I’m with you Geo, looking back now I know I wouldn’t have bought from the breeder I did. Don’t get me wrong, I worship my RD but I now see a lot of red flags. Studding out the male, trading kittens, no contracts or receipts of any kind, no pets or breeding cats roaming around to see and NO discount for buying two. Never saw a pedigree or proof the parents tested negative for all things. Just gives me a bad feeling looking back even though the breeder was a very nice person. I originally bought two kitties but the 2nd one ended up sick on the 4th day and long story short was returned and I received a refund but my heart is still torn up over it because I loved him so much. When the day comes that I finally do get a second RD I am going to be extremely prepared and picky.

  22. JennR says:

    Great post ! ! This gives a lot of research options for those searching out a breeder. Hopefully no one else has to go through what I did or to what the others I read about did ! !

  23. Kim Maxwell says:

    I like your post Jenny. I am working on a breeders list on my site but I have never bought from a breeder so I can not give an opinion either way. However, in researching for the list I was shocked at how many do come up on some kind of complaint board. I know that every breeder can not make every client happy. If I were researching to buy and someone had more than a few bad reviews or complaints though- I’d move on to someone else. BTW- good way to handle the posting of the topic!

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