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Pet Food Can CoversDo you feed your kitties canned food? Did you know that there are covers for your pet food cans? I discovered this wasn’t common knowledge when I was at my brother’s house and his wife was sticking the can inside of a Ziplock baggie. Of course, that works too – but that’s a lot of Ziplock baggies.

There are a lot of options for pet food can covers on Amazon, here are a few:

Ethical 3-1/2-Inch Pet Food Can Covers, 3-Pack for $3.00

Molor Pet Food Can Covers, Set of 6 for $11.24

Bow Wow Pet Food Can Covers, 3-Pack for $6.58

You can also find them at pet stores like Petco and Petsmart.


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  1. HI! Petsmart makes “Whisker City” brand cat food can covers for little cans like Fancy Feast!! I, too, was using plastic ziplocs and plastic wrap on my kitten wet food containers until I JUST discovered them by accident on an end cap at Petsmart. They are very modestly priced!! $1.59 for 3!! or 59 cents each. Here they are: Maybe your readers would be excited to find them in this size, like I was too?? I enjoy your blog. 🙂

  2. Hi, Just wanted to let you all know that I got 3 colors of the lids in a pkg. at the Dollar Tree and they do fit the fancy feast, I am using one of them right now. Check it out and see.

  3. I used those lids for several years. They are convenient, but recently we started putting leftover food from open cans in glass jars instead of using the plastic lids. Since my cats prefer a fresh can every time, this may help preserve the food better in the fridge.

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