Cream Point Ragdoll Cats

Cream point Ragdolls cats are cream/ivory in color. Imagine a cat with a coat as soft as freshly fallen snow, accented by mesmerizing blue eyes and delicate points in shades of ivory or cream. This captivating feline is the cream point Ragdoll, a breed renowned for its stunning appearance and remarkably gentle nature.

This article delves into the captivating world of the cream point Ragdoll, exploring their unique characteristics, charming personalities, and the fascinating genetics behind their exquisite coat. Whether you’re a seasoned cat enthusiast or captivated by the allure of this breed, prepare to be enchanted by the elegance and grace of the cream point Ragdoll.

Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide provides a good example of the different patterns and colors, but I will include some here as well. 

Kobe by Nada Stankova

Kobe, a Cream Ragdoll. Photo by Nada Stankova.

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Cream Point Ragdoll

With traditional Ragdoll cats, there are eight main colors recognized in the official breed, six of which are point colors. These are split between primaries, which are more dominant in the genes and dilutes. Cream is a dilute of the red color, which means that breeders that want a litter of cream point Ragdoll kittens need to be more selective in which cats they use.

The term ‘point’ refers to the extremities of the cat. A cream point Ragdoll will have a face, ears, feet, and tail that are all a shade of ivory or cream. A Ragdoll cat’s eye color will always be blue, while with a cream point Ragdoll, the paw pads and nose leather will be somewhere between a flesh color and a rosy pink, depending on the pattern.

A Ragdoll kitten will always be born white, with the color starting to develop after around 10 weeks and sometimes not being fully developed until the cat is four years old. Cream point Ragdolls keep the white coat, with the color developing in the points.

For a cat to be seen as a purebred, it should have a clear white color across the body, although subtle shading is permissible by the CFA standards. While a Ragdoll coat will darken as the cat ages, there should still be a clear definition between the body and the points.

In terms of pattern, a cream point Ragdoll can present as a Colorpoint, a Bicolor or a Mitted cat.

The Colorpoint pattern will be where the Ragdoll coat is a little lighter than the points but without any white spots. A locket on the chest would also disqualify the cat from being classified as a purebred Ragdoll.

For the Bicolor, you should expect to see a white inverted V mask on the face, which should ideally be symmetrical and shouldn’t extend beyond the outer edge of the cat’s eyes. Any dark spotting in the V will mean that purebred cat status can’t be recognized.

Finally, for the Mitted pattern, expect to see a belly strip extending up to the chin in white, with a clear contrast between the cat’s body color and the points. The front mittens should also be white, ideally extending up to the wrist joint.

Cream point Ragdoll cats are beautiful (as are any Ragdolls), with their pristine white coat, gentle cream points, and shiny blue eyes. If you have a purebred cream point Ragdoll cat AND have a crystal-clear photo of your kitty, we would be happy to feature your kitty here – please contact us.


Barry Cream Mitted Ragdoll Cat
“Who needs carpet on their tower if mom has a rolltop desk!”
Barry, a Cream Mitted Ragdoll Cat
Cream Point Ragdoll Cat Jaffa
First Photo: Jaffa longingly watching the birds fly past Second Photo: Jaffa looking like we’ve offended his great ancestors after one of us sneezed Jaffa is a Cream Point Ragdoll Cat loved by Genevieve and Wil
Milo is a Cream Point Ragdoll Cat Loved by Stacey
Milo is a Cream Point Ragdoll Cat Loved by Stacey
Fred, a Cream Bi-Color Ragdoll

Fred, a Cream Colored Bi-Color Ragdoll (owned by Karen Wilkinson)

Gizmo, a Cream Colored Bicolor Ragdoll

Gizmo, a Cream Colored Bi-Color Ragdoll (owned by Karen Wilkinson)

Gizmo - a Cream Colored Bicolor Ragdoll

Gizmo, a Cream Colored Bi-Color Ragdoll (owned by Karen Wilkinson)

Cameo, Cream Point Ragdoll, owned by Nancy Slocum and breed by Sue Villareal, Lonerock Ragdolls
Cameo, Cream Point Ragdoll, owned by Nancy Slocum and breed by Sue Villareal, Lonerock Ragdolls
cream point ragdoll Cashew
Cashew, a Cream Point Ragdoll, loved by NBurton

Please contact us if you have a Ragdoll kitty who has this color type and you’d like for he or she to be featured on this page! Would you like to see more Ragdoll cat pics? Click on any of the color patterns below to see more:

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  1. I have a 1 year old Ragdoll cat. I have a problem with him eating wet food. I’ve tried different companies and he still does not eat any. He’s good with dry food and drinks a lot of water. Is there anything I could try to get him to eat wet food ?

  2. LURVE this re-post so very much, Jenny!!! The cream points are SOOOO VERY STUNNING to me!!! They just look so very soft and fluffy and yummy!!! Like toasted coconut! I’m really drawn to the cream points and the flame points! Lurve me some ginger tinted kittehs!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Lauren O'Malley says:

    Do y’all know the difference between creams and reds? I know the cream are cream/ivory in color….but they look pretty red to me:)

    1. Have you Google image searched the two to see the differences? Reds are just deeper in color.

      1. Lauren O'Malley says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I have google searched them but wasn’t able to tell a huge difference. I’m getting my kitty in a month, and my breeder calls him red/cream so i’m trying to estimate how deep the color will get in a few years 🙂

        1. Got it – well, the breeder should be able to provide photos of how the kitty will ultimately look =)

  4. Patricia McDermott says:

    wow they are like cream puffs! i just love that first one “kobe”.. thosse cheeks!

  5. Patti Johnson says:

    Oh, so pretty! I would have just assumed these were pics of a flame-point Ragdoll! They look so similar (to me). Very beautiful! 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  6. As a registered breeder here in Brisbane, Qld. I love all the raggie rainbow of colours. However, if you told me I could pick just one colour of ragdoll to breed.. it would be creams and reds. They have a certain x factor that is special just to them. I have two very special cream raggie boys, both desexed who I just love to pieces. One is Cinna, my big teenage baby, and the other is his half brother RayRay, they are both just delightful babies.

  7. Hi! I have a cream colored cat named Rowe that looks like a 6 year old version of Fred and Gizmo. The main difference is that his mother was a petite short-haired tortie and his littermate was a petite short-haired white and gray tabby mix. No telling who the father was, but is this unusual? He is 18 lbs right now and is a lovable, loud-purring guy who loves to ride around on my right shoulder. (OW!) He’s a dead-ringer for a cream bicolor Ragdoll!

  8. I LOVE RAGDOLLS (LILAC) I want one!! Anyone????

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Cream Point Ragdoll

Cream Point Ragdoll

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