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Hello. I’m Jenny Dean, the creator of Floppycats. I get many requests wondering about me, what it is I do and why I have this website about Ragdoll cats.

Rags and Jenny
Rags and Jenny

In an attempt to do a better job in answering those questions (and saving me time), I made this about me page.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO, but now I live on the KS side of KCMO. I have two MAs – one in Spanish and one in Liberal Studies – both of them required a lot of research and a lot of writing.

5-29-82 My mom found these today. This is me with my Aunt's boyfriend's new Ragdoll kitten, Shamus. I'm 3 and he's 3 months old.
My mom found these today. This is me with my Aunt’s boyfriend’s new Ragdoll kitten, Shamus. I’m 3 and he’s 3 months old.

I met my first Ragdoll cat in 1982 when I was 3 years old. But it wasn’t until I met Halston (my Aunt’s Ragdoll) when I was 6 years old that I became a Ragdoll cat fanatic.  I adored him and begged my mom to go to Aunt Nicky’s house just to see Halston.

Ashley and Halston
Ashley (left) and Halston (right)

After years of begging my mom for a Ragdoll, I got my first Ragdoll cat, Skittles (age appropriately named), when I was 8 years old.

Jenny and Skittles
Me with Skittles

He was gift from my maternal grandparents. He died at 2 years old of FIP.

Jenny and Skittles
Jenny and Skittles (my first Ragdoll that died of FIP at 2 years old)

Christmas 1989, my parents gifted my brothers and me, two Ragdoll kittens – Rags and Cosby.  Cosby died at 10 months old of FIP.

Marsh, Cosby, Spencer, Jenny, Rags and Snickers
The day we got rags. I am holding Rags. My older brother, Marsh, is holding Cosby, my little brother, Spencer, is in the box and Snickers is the GSD.

But Rags lived to be 19 years old and was the reason I started this website in 2008. After completing both of my Masters degrees in August of 2004, I returned to Kansas City because I was totally crazy about Rags, and had missed him dearly when I was away. 

I started the job hunting process while substitute teaching. I finally found a job the following February and began to work as a Customer Service Representative for a local roofing manufacturing company.

Jenny with Rags Circa 1990
Jenny with Rags Circa 1990

I left that company 2 and a half years later as the Inside Sales and Customer Service Manager. I started a blog writing business from home and continued working on Floppycats.com.

Rags died in March 2009 when I was 29.5 years old, and he was 19.5 years old. 

It was a huge loss for me at the time, but he will always be my inspiration to keep going with Floppycats – it has morphed over the years into what I am proud it is today – a place where cat owners communicate and help to make their lives more joyous and harmonious with their feline counterparts.

In August of 2009, I found Charlie’s photo on Soulmate Ragdolls’ website and adopted Charlie and Trigg in October and November of 2009, respectively.  They are my current Ragdoll cats. We do have a lot of Ragdoll cats in our family:

  • My mom had 2 Ragdoll cats – Murphy and Caymus
  • My sister has 2 Ragdoll cats – Ash and Addie
  • My cousin Jill has 2 Ragdoll cats – Huck and Harlow
  • My mom’s identical twin, my Aunt Jean has 2 Ragdoll cats – Maddie and Hobbs
  • My Aunt Nicky, my mom’s other sister, has 1 Ragdoll cat – William

So you will see all of them featured on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Over the last decade+ of work on Floppycats, I have interviewed many veterinarians, reviewed hundreds of products, written a few books, and met some pretty awesome cat owners.

Welcome to Floppycats.com – I am excited you’re here and hope you’ll share your (Ragdoll) cat love on the site!

 All are welcome here – whether you have a Ragdoll or not, you are welcome to be here and hang out with us =).

Napa's Introduction to Rags
Me Introducing Rags (Ragdoll) to Napa (German Shepherd)
Napa Dean in 2009

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15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Beth Childress says:

    What do you know about LisaRagdollkittens in Richmond, VA? She is offering me a great deal and I am feeling very uncomfortable. The cat is beautiful but he is not 10 weeks old

  2. Ausia says:

    Hi!! Love your story!! I am worried about my rag doll who’s just over a year. She’s having lots of poop accidents and showing a bit of blood in there too. She’s also shedding a lot. Wondering if it’s her diet? I’m a first time cat owner and need advise on if I’m giving the right food etc. Would really really appreciate any guidance. My vet doesn’t seem to be too worried but my gut is telling me I should at least inquire. I don’t have FB so if you can email me pls. Thank you in advance!!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Ausia,

      It’s best to email me about these things – blood in stool can mean a number of things – take note of the color and be sure to take photos for your vet. Does sound like you might need to get a second opinion vet wise.

      Yes, diet is the number one for everything, right? Please check out this page – https://www.floppycats.com/best-canned-cat-food.html – and then email me if you have further questions.


  3. Karin Johnson says:

    I would love to share my story of how I obtaned my precious “schmookumboots”…My 12 yr. old Rag doll cat. but, it is a very heart wrenching story! I am not very computer savvy and am not sure I can figure out how to send pics as I lost most of them when my last computer died. But, my beautiful schmookies story is amazing!

  4. Casey Moffett-Chaney says:

    Hi Jenny,

    My partner turned me onto your site. What a wonderful life story. I really get not wanting to work in an abusive environment. Been there, done that, and now we work for ourselves, too. One of my friends described the ability to get to that place of freedom (?) as a combination of discontent, frustration, impatience, determination, insanity and pure guts. Guilty as charged. I would add an element of faith to that bunch, but all in all, she’s got it right about me.

    I admire your tenacity and appreciate your sites and the work you put into them. Thanks for giving yourself to the wonder-filled world of Blog!

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