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Sponsorship is right for you if you target cat owners and want to enhance your website or brand awareness. This website ranks well in search engines and attracts a readership who are interested in –

  • Cats
  • Cat products
  • Cat Health
  • Cat Behavior
  • Products safe for cats

A sponsorship campaign may work well for you if you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics. The statistics below are taken from Google Analytics, Active Campaign (newsletter provider), and respective social media sites: Statistics as of March 29, 2024

Floppycats’ Website

  • 82,000+ Unique visitors per month
  • 108,701+ Page views per month
  • 12K Newsletter Subs – 28% Open Rate

Floppycats’ Social Media

  • 49.1K Instagram
  • 140K Facebook Likes
  • 151K Facebook Followers
  • 10.2K Facebook Group
  • 47.4K YouTube
  • 1.8M Monthly Viewers on Pinterest
  • 5K Twitter
  • 366 TikTok

Floppycats’ Demographics

Floppycats Stats Courtesy of FOHR

Changes in Pricing As continues to grow daily, the prices will increase shortly. To get the best rates, you may wish to purchase now.

Giveaway Campaign

Last month alone, we had over 1,800 readers enter our giveaways! So, what is included in a giveaway?

  • One dedicated giveaway post on our website that is visited by over 100,678 cat lovers every month.
  • Two campaign Facebook posts
  • One giveaway campaign announcement in our newsletter

    You can see our cat giveaways here.

Sponsored Post Campaign

You get commerce content on the Floppycats website about your product based on the information you provide. This post has the potential to be seen by over 100,000+ cat lovers from a source they know and trust. So, what is included in a sponsored post?

  • One dedicated post about your product/service on our website
  • One campaign post on our social media site network
  • 1 “boosted” post about your post from our Facebook account of over 132,000+ cat lovers.

I will create a personalized post about your product and use Facebook’s advertising platform to reach more people.

Cat Product Reviews on Floppycats Ragdoll Cat Blogger Yeowww

Sponsored Video Campaign – Instagram and TikTok

Looking for more presence on Instagram Reels or TikTok? Grab this sponsored video campaign. Using your stock photos (unless we have previously reviewed your product and can use our content), we will make a video and run it on our TikTok and Instagram Reels. Here is what is included:

  • 1 video about your product posted on our Instagram and our TikTok
  • One share on Instagram Stories of the video

You can see an example of a sponsored video campaign here.

Product Review Campaign

One of the things that is known for is our cat product reviews.

A complete product review, including two videos of your product (we’ll let you know the cost when we know what the product is – some products require more time and effort than others – so they need to be individually quoted).

This service journalism has been one of our current and previous partners’ most effective forms of advertisement. With a personalized product review, you get in front of over 46,300+ cat-loving subscribers on our YouTube channel and 100,000+ cat lovers on our website. So, what is included in a video review?

Cat Product Reviews on Floppycats Ragdoll Cat Blogger Necoichi
  • You get one unboxing video that will include one cat playing with (when applicable) your product and a link where to buy the product.
  • After a 4-6 week review period, a complete, comprehensive product review video will be posted on YouTube.
  • You get a comprehensive Floppycats post about your product, including the video embedded in the review.
  • You will get a prominent call to action button on the Floppycats post to drive traffic to buy your product.
  • You will get posted to our vast social media network of over 200,000 cat lovers at least three times.
  • We can also include links to your social media accounts if you’d like.
  • You get a boosted post from our Facebook account of over 132,000 cat lovers.
  • I will create a personalized post detailing the product review and use Facebook’s advertising platform to reach more people.
  • BONUS – Other manufacturers have found that they discover different ways to use their product, different ways of marketing it, etc., simply from the high level of engagement of our readers on social media. And if I love your product, you will be included in things like our Favorite Cat Products Video.
Floppycats Favorite Cat Products Video

You can see our current cat product reviews here. You can read what other manufacturers have said about our cat product reviews here. Giveaways, posts, and review spots are limited and first come, first serve every month, so if you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible. If you’d like to consistently get your product in front of the growing Floppycats network, ask about our super affordable quarterly advertising plans!

Customized Advertising Packages Customized advertising packages are also available. Please contact me at info [at] floppycats [dot] com