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If you love Ragdoll cats (and any cat for that matter!) and all their quirks, gorgeous personalities, and adorable faces, then you are in the right place. As a feline lover and dedicated cat blogger, much of our information is devoted to the Ragdoll cat breed — though any cat mom or dad will find interesting tidbits and facts for all kittens and cats to help their feline friends live happier, healthier, and lengthier nine lives!

Here are some of the awesome things you’ll find on our cat blog:
Ragdoll kitten adoption and breeder information
Cat health and nutrition tips and interviews with veterinarians
Ragdoll adult rescues and adoption — always consider adopting an older cat!
Ragdoll breed specific information — colors, markings, vocalizations, behaviors etc.
Cat behavior — answering all the questions why your Ragdoll cat acts the way they do
Cat photos — want to see a Ragdoll kitty flopped in a sink or shoebox? Click here!

Featured Products

Honest Cat Product Reviews will not only satisfy the curiosity of those seeking a devoted cat blogger but for those in need of cat product reviews too. We eagerly set out to test cat products and offer honest, reliable reviews, how-to-use advice, and where to purchase the product for a decent price. Because, if you know cats, you know they are capricious. Whether the human sees value in it or not, cats might feel the exact opposite!

Cat training products
A breakdown of the purpose of products, why they are awesome for your Ragdoll (or any food–motivated kitty), and videos of Ragdolls using the reviewed item;
Play time and cat toys
Wondering what toy will entertain your cat (and you) for hours? Read authentic reviews, including real photos and see videos of kitties playing with the product;
Cat grooming products
The pluses and minuses of cat grooming tools; what kind of cat the product is for; how the cat reacted, and so on.

Our cat product reviews are vast! We want to give you as much of an insider look as possible so your Ragdoll cat (and any other furry companions you have) are going to be all purrs and slow-blinks!

Featured Posts

Floppycats Updated Favorite Cat Products Video 2019

In 2014, after many requests, I finally made a Favorite Cat Products video.  It has done well with over 100K views, but it was high time to update it….

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Muffin - Ragdoll of the Week

Hi, my name is Kirsty, I have a Ragdoll Kitty called Muffin who is 5 half years old.
I was never really a cat person but fell across the Ragdoll Bree…

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Wonderful Cat Toys Springs That Any Cat Would Love

Cat toy springs are probably the simplest toys for cats available on the market. They are exactly what you would expect them to be – colorful plas…

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How to Keep a Pill Calendar 💊 for a Ragdoll Cat

My sister’s Ragdoll cat, Addie, has a disease called Feline Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Sclerosing Fibroplasia.

The disease is monitored via ultr…

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How to Keep a Pill Calendar for a Ragdoll Cat and How to Pill a Cat - Addie

Best Cat Leashes and Harnesses

If you want to take your cat out for a walk, then having a leash or a harness is a must. A leash and harness are the best way to keep things under con…

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SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash - Adjustable Soft Mesh Vest for Rabbits Puppy Kittens

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