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Ragdoll Colors & Patterns

Ragdoll cats come in a variety of patterns and colors.
Each one is absolutely beautiful and elegant in its own right.
You can also explore color progression in Ragdolls as all Ragdoll cats are born mainly white.

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What people have to say about Floppycats!

“I have to begin by saying I am a HUGE fan of your website, YouTube, and I so appreciate all the information provided about Ragdolls! Your interview with Dr. Hofve was extremely enlightening on many topics – specially Andre’s issues with his herpes. Another interesting take was the immunizations. I firmly believe in her opinion of vaccines. Again, thank you for creating Floppycats.com and uploading YouTube videos – there is so much helpful information for the cat loving community!”

Jackie S

“For some reason I’ve followed you all on IG forever and just recently stumbled across your site and all the awesome info–thank goodness for all the grooming tips, I was fearing the worst–but am now feeling reassured. I love reading the Ragdoll features and feel relieved to know that I didn’t get a defective kitten–that they’re not all overly affectionate and loving like I’d been lead to believe!! LOL”

Jen O.

“We lost our Biggle two Christmases ago, at the ripe old age of 16. I then found you and Floppycats which made me so happy, and because of that discovery we now have our own rather large cuddly bear called Francis. I love Charlie and my husband loves Trigg we told our breeder and she called us when Francis was born, he is a Seal Mitted Linx or Tabby as we call them over here in the UK, he’s a mix of Charlie & Trigg. Thank you for everything you do, without you we would never have known such a beautiful and loving cat breed and our perfect boy wouldn’t be with us.”

Joanne D.

“Thanks again for recommending the Litter-Robot! It has changed my life! It came yesterday! The thing is huge, it would not fit in our small bathroom so we put it elsewhere. We poured some old litter into the robot and left the old litter box in the bathroom, just in case. Maui has been using the Robot since last night. Today, he seems to prefer it also. This is an amazing invention, I love it! Can’t wait until he completely abandons his old box so we can stop scooping. FYI, Maui is 17 weeks.
Glad he isn’t picky with his litter box and has taken to it. He loves watching it cycle but doesn’t jump in while it’s doing it. For those who are curious, I’ve read that it just stops if your cat jumps in. It will restart once the cat jumps out. It does cost a lot but it seems to waste very little cat litter, so I do think it will pay for itself eventually. If you’re on the fence about it, I say go for it. In my opinion, scooping cat litter is the worst thing about owning a cat. This eliminates it.”

Kristen L.

“My whole life I always wanted a Himalayan and then I came across your Floppy Cats channel and have been in love ever since. I now have two, a blue-bi and a seal point and couldn’t be happier. Have been in love with Floppycats ever since I found you six years ago.”

Cobo591 via youtube

“I ordered this product. Your information has always been helpful to me. Never have you steered me wrong. Just making me aware of items has been helpful. I can order things from Amazon or walk right in to a pet store and ask for what I want. It makes it that I don’t waste time or have to fiddle with odjects and guess how my cats will react to them.”

Alise via youtube