Ragdoll Cat Rescue: List of Resources to Help Find a Ragdoll Cat Rescue

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Ragdoll Cat Rescue

Hercules, a Ragdoll RescueFloppycats is not a Ragdoll Rescue – however, we know many people find this page needing help to locate a Ragdoll cat rescue.  This page is intended to list resources to help people looking for a Ragdoll cat in need of rescue.  If you know of additional resources, please do add them to the comments on this page.

Unfortunately, as with most pets, Ragdoll cats need to be rescued or rehomed. While there is no one Rescue Group for Ragdolls in the United States, there are several Ragdoll Cat Rescue groups (please see the links to them below), but you can always check with breeders to see if they have any retired breeder Ragdolls that need to find a permanent forever home and sometimes breeders know of cats needing to be rehomed for a variety of reasons.

A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide

We do list Ragdolls needing rehoming on a regular basis on our Facebook page.

Finding a Ragdoll Rescue can be a lot of work, but it will be well worth your effort!

Below is a list of resources online that might have Ragdolls listed for adoption.  Make sure you check out all the Ragdoll cat rescues, because if there is a cat that you are interested in, but it is not in your area, sometimes arrangements can be made to get that feline to you through RESCUE AND TRANSPORTATION GROUPS.

Also, please be aware that most shelters list Ragdolls erroneously under Himalayan and/or Siamese, since Ragdolls are still not a very well-known breed of cat.

Another great resource for finding a Ragdoll is to do a search on AdoptaPet.com, Rescueme.org, Petfinder.com or Craigslist.com in your home town or surrounding areas. There are a lot of Ragdolls out there that have been called a Himalayan or Siamese, so be sure to check them all! 

On Craig’s List, it is very important to be careful with the transaction.  You want to meet in a public place, exchange cash only and be very careful that you’re not being scammed or robbed.  There are Craig’s List success stories, though!

Need help getting your kitty to you?  Or want to help transport a kitty?  Here’s an extensive list of RESCUE AND TRANSPORTATION GROUPS

Pilots and Paws – They are a 501c3 organization wherein pilots volunteer their time and airplanes to fly animals in need from place to place. Sometimes it’s to rescue; sometimes it’s to their forever homes.

When the hurricane hit Houston a while back, pilots flew in en masse to empty the shelters to shelters further away so that animals displaced by the storm would have somewhere to go. Anyone can request a rescue flight.

Just register on the website and put the need up. Planes have much longer legs than cars, so even cross-country trips can be arranged. Because the time is so much less, the stress on the animals is much less too.

Once you’ve found the Ragdoll that you were looking for, you might check out a list of names for your kitty, if you don’t think the name she or he was given at the shelter was appropriate for her or his personality.

Tips and Tricks for Grooming Ragdoll Cats

If you currently have a resident kitty who you are thinking about finding a friend for, be sure to read our How to Introduce New Cats to Your Household page.

Did you rescue a Ragdoll cat?  How or where did you find your Ragdoll cat in need?

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    1. Please feel free to post you information as well as a photo of your kitty here:

      Be sure to include a description of the cat with a reason for the rehoming as well as your contact information – age of the cat, whether or not s/he is declawed, neutered, etc. all helps.

      Here is an example of a posting: http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/floppy-cats/0/0/ragdoll-rescue-ragdoll-cat-adoption-needed-ghandi-and-buddha-in-rochester-mn

      Once the kitty is adopted, we can remove your contact information from the site. The site gets about 10,000 visitors a month and Ragdoll Rescue is one of the biggest pages hit.

      I have helped adopt out several Ragdoll rescues through my site.


      1. Hey Jenny my family has been looking for some kittens since our cat Bear recently passed away do you know any places where I can get ragdoll 2 kittens for under 500 dollars in the chicago area or even a place that is willing to ship every where I look they are like 700 dollars a piece we are looking for 1 boy kitten and 1 girl kitten

  1. I have a beautiful female ragdoll, 12 years and still as beautiful and playful as a kitten… we lost our jobs and our homes last year. Maggie has lived with a friend of ours for over a year now (my husband to Florida for a job oppt’y and I am in WI for same). Living apart is hard enough on our family, but NEITHER rental landlord will accept our Maggie. Please help; our friend has been a wonderful foster home for Mags, but she needs a permanent home. We are heartbroken… she was a birthday gift for my daughter. Maggie is fostered just northwest of Mpls. Thank you…

    1. Hi Connie,

      Please feel free to send me your information as well as a few photos of your kitty. Be sure to include a description of the cat with a reason for the rehoming as well as your contact information – age of the cat, whether or not s/he is declawed, neutered, etc. all helps.   

      Here is an example of an incredibly well done write up of a Rescue in need – https://www.facebook.com/floppycats/posts/10153079694693038

      I highly recommend asking for an adoption fee and require you ask for one in order for your kitty to be listed on my site.

      Here’s why:

      When you have to pay for something, you tend to be more responsible with it
      it keeps your kitty from becoming food for a snake
      it keeps your kitty from becoming bait for another kind of animal
      if someone can afford $200 for your kitty, then they can afford all the other things that come with owning a cat – vet bills, litter costs, food costs, etc.

      Any true animal lover will have no problem paying an adoption fee. Someone that knows what it costs to take care of a cat, will understand why you are charging an adoption fee and someone who wants your kitty will pay it. You can always donate the adoption fee to a Ragdoll Rescue, a local shelter or to your vet clinic for strays that they receive in, if you aren’t comfortable keeping it.

      Once the kitty is adopted, we can remove your contact information from the site. 

      I have helped adopt out several Ragdoll rescues through my site.

    2. I have had two Ragdolls and loved them very much. Did you find a home for Maggie? I’m in El Paso, Texas and do have a rescue kitty, a little calico-not sure how she would interect, but Maggie would probably be a good companion for her if Josie would become used to another kitty. I also have a college friend on FB who loves my stories about Murphy, my ragdoll who is with my ex-boyfriend. He commented that he would like to have a ragdoll, they are a very nice family.
      Nancy 214-402-1251

    3. Hi connie I live in Wisconsin . I live alone no other cats. My rescue Maine Coon I had passed away in Jan. He was a rescue kitten with special needs I had for 14 years. Miss him every day. I need a new fur baby to love.

  2. I am looking for a ragdoll kitten or young cat in Florida near Daytona Beach I want to adopt one for my husband as a therapy cat or kitten he has Parkinsons and loves to watch them we had to send out persian who was almost 19 yrs old to cat heaven a year ago, and our hearts are still broken, so we have alot of love to give a new family member. Please notify me if you have one or know of someone who may have one that is in need of a good loving home? Thanks

    1. Hello, did you find a ragdoll kitten? I am trying to find a good home for two ragdoll cats, 9 years old, have been together since kittens and are wonderful companions. They are the “children”of my friend who just had cancer surgery and has to relocate from his home to a home where cats are not allowed. He is heartbroken that he has to give away his companions. They are in Davenport Fl so not too far from you. My friend is 69 years old, the cats are very docile and loving. Please e-mail me if you are interested. thanks

  3. I have a beautiful petite female ragdoll that I got from a woman who went overseas to do missionary work. Unfortunately, Maddie is not happy in my home as I have one other cat and two dogs, one of which is a puppy and agrivates Maddie to no end. She needs a calm, quiet home. Can you help or point me in the right direction to find a home for her? Thank you!

  4. I found just the right kitten from a breeder in Port Canaveral Fl and she was kind enough to give me a 5 mo old kitten her name is Muffin and she is a blue point ragdoll, love her. She has brought many hours to my husband of love and laughter. If ever you want to get a ragdoll or need info about a ragdoll contact emilysragdolls.com she will be happy to help anyone with any questions you might have they are very hard to care for properly and should not be given just anything to eat or any parvo virus, she is a world of info, and after 25 yrs of breeding and losing some she knows what works, and even to the proper food if you are going to have a ragdoll then make sure you know how to care for them.

  5. I have just received another ragdoll kitten he is 6 month old and his name is rags, I now have 2 a boy and a girl, and enjoy them both. I will say that they are not a docile cat they are full of life running like a freight train through the house chasing each other, and jumping up on counters, table, and anything that they can. They are a very energenic cat so if you are considering getting one remember that they are a handful, and are not lap cats, they are very independant and want to be with each other or left alone, and they can be very shy if they are the only one. They cannot eat just any food, and cannot have parvo shots, they could die from it. They are beautiful, but need alot of care to care for them right or you could have problems with their health, so think hard about getting one.

    1. You can have mine. He is 12 weeks old. He isn’t very cuddly. Rather sleep on the floor then with me. I have had it with him.
      I miss my cats so much more now. He is nothing like them.
      He rejects me so I am giving him away.
      He is 12 weeks old, flamepoint, blue eyes, strong phenotype ragdoll. Just too independent for me.
      I don’t ever want another cat again. My babies can’t be replaced. I don’t love him. Thought I did but I don’t.
      Spent $2000.00 on his medical care, food, toys, countless hours playing. He doesn’t like me. I don’t like him either. We didn’t bond.

      1. this makes me so sad. he is a baby. give him a chance. we are given certain souls to learn and grow from – your energy of not embracing him certainly isn’t helping.

      2. Iam dear Hong for a rag doll to adopt. I live alone would love to have one to love and spoil. I had a rescue mainecoon for 14 years who had special needs and loved him so much. He passed away. Will someone help me please to give a Rag doll a rehome kitten or cat or a rescue. Thank you. I live in Wi.

  6. Hi MeLinda,

    I’m looking to adopt a ragdoll kitten for my family near the Wilmington, North Carolina area, but have been unable to locate a cat. Do you know of any local shelters or rescuses I could look into? Traveling to rescue a kitten would be no problem so any help in the area or beyond would be much appreciated!

  7. My best friend is looking for a new home for her 9 yr old male Ragdoll. He is beautiful and loving. He is partially blind. He has been neutered but not declawed…easy to clip his nails.

  8. I recently lost my 17 year old male ragdoll
    Kasper and want to give a home to another male ragdoll. I don’t have any other pets. Kasper was my companion and I miss him dearly. If you hear of a male ragdoll that needs a home please let me know.

    1. I have a beautiful male ragdoll that is in desperate need of a home – he is a flame 5 years old Also have his sister who is a seal point. I live in Northern Alabama – they are both purebred and wonderful pets! I simply can not afford to care for them any longer!

      1. Floppycats is an informational website – and our tag line is “Uniting Ragdoll Lovers Worldwide.”

        We are not a Ragdoll Rescue, but we do try to support and help all Ragdolls, so we allow owners and rescues to post their available kitties on our website here: http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/ragdoll-rehoming

        There is no one Ragdoll Rescue, so we have the following webpage to help you find a Ragdoll Rescue in your area:


        Thank you for reaching out!

        Good luck! Hope you’ll share your little one with us when you have she or he.

  9. Hi there! Looking to adopt a rescue or young adult ragdoll in November when we move to a 3 story house and my husband will be away on a work contract. I am in Green Bay, WI and am trying to find a local rescue. I hate to sound like I’m concerned about the cost, but I am hoping to not have to spend much. I had originally wanted to rescue a kitty from our local humane society so it wouldn’t be destroyed, so I hadn’t planned to budget a couple hundred dollars. I want a furry companion to be part of our family and help keep me company while my husband goes out of town for work. Thank you so much! Ragdolls look so sweet and cuddly!!

  10. Hello, I’m looking for a Ragdoll Kitten but cannot afford to pay 700-1000 for it. I love kittens and cats and just lost 2 of them. Is there anywhere in Maryland/PA that I can adopt? I’m looking to spend no more than 200.00 since I am unemployed. I would be forever grateful to you. Thanks so much. Joyce

  11. Hello,
    I am looking to rescue a young female ragdoll or even maine coon. I have a 3 year old ragdoll male (fixed of course) and he is a bear but I love the breed so much that I would like to rescue one. My Loki would be socialized apprpropriately to her because he is totally an indoor cat. I just think he needs a friend but would like her to already be fixed but not a kitten. I live in Huntsville, Alabama w/ my husband. If anyone hears of a rescue that I might could help..please feel free to contact me anytime.

  12. Hello-
    We are looking for a Ragdoll to rescue. We lost our beloved blue point last year, and just lost his brother a beautiful seal point today. I have two boys who are beside themselves and want another one to love. We are located in southern WI if you are able to help us. Thank you.

    1. Hi Megan,

      Floppycats.com is an informational website.

      This page/post where you left your comment is aimed at giving you more tips and tricks to find a Ragdoll in need in your area.

      We are not a rescue and therefore cannot help you locate one more than what we already do by posting Ragdolls that need to be rehomed on our blog or on our Facebook page.


  13. Looking for one or two (sisters/brothers/combos)Ragdoll’s near Alaska (lol). I lost my dear old “Cooney (the Ragdoll) Cat” a couple of years ago and am now ready to start a 2nd family. My other is 14 and sadly has Cancer. I have Schnauzers’ but they are afraid of cats and keep out of striking distance. (My Cooney Cat used to sit on the chair by the kitchen and whack them for sport! if they weren’t on the far side.) So he has trained the dogs well 🙂 We are early senior citz and still have a lot more love to give.

  14. Hello!!my name its mariana and i watch animal planet a lot abd i love these types of kittens iv’e looked on internet a lot of places for kittwns for sale but they are way to expensive i just want to adopt one but i cant pay that much for it so im looking for aperson thats giving them out for free i want a small one for about 2months old and preferly a boy if any of you guys know were to get one please comment i love kittens i just really wabt one

  15. I lost my “Buddy” to cancer a few weeks ago and although husband and I
    (both professional animal people) know we will never have another exactly like him we are trying to find one as close as possible.
    There are sooo many deserving homeless cats , I am sure it is just a matter of time. We are both retired and have one 12 year old dog
    who is showing his age so if he arrives after the passing of my other buddy that would be one less stress factor for them both. Sometimes
    on Ragdoll Rescue I see a “possible” in California, Canada,etc.(I live on the East Coast)
    Are there ways to connect other than arrange transport – groups that do this? Any other means of connection.?
    I usually just pass those by that are too far away!
    (PS for your readers- a greatly DETAILED description is most helpful
    for people in our situation)
    Thank you for what you do!

    1. Hi Bettie, I was just wondering if you have found a new fur buddy yet? If not my Mom lives in east TN and is looking to re-home their Ragdoll “Hogan” he is about 7 or 8 and is registered. He is just not happy being around the other 3 cats and his girl went off to collage and can not take him with ; ( . My Mom is very worried about him and would love to find him a forever home where he will be Happy, Happy, Happy! Hope to hear from you, Kelly.

      1. Hi Kelly
        Thank you for considering us for “Hogan”
        I have not found my new “Buddy” yet
        however tomorrow & Sunday I am
        “investigating” 2 separate prospects.
        You never know how this may or may not turn out,
        so, I would like to see a pic and more info
        if I am unsuccessful this weekend.

        Thanks again for considering us for Hogan.


      2. Bettie, Did you find your ragdoll yet? I have a 5-year-old male that I want to find a new home for since I am now working and he is very unhappy that he can’t be outside. I live in the mid-Atlantic. I can give more information if you are interested.

      3. Hi Linda

        I am still looking
        Pics also

        Bettie 717-235-6966

        Thanks for contacting US

        Can’t wait to hear more
        I can assure you a great home
        for him if we are a match.

        Have a great day


      4. Bette I am in MD and have a healthy 7 year old male seal point that needs a new home. He is a beautiful boy who would love to be the only cat. I’ve had him since he was a baby. Got him from a breeder I’m Oregon.

      5. Thank you so much for considering me for those two Ragdollls
        however I am in the process of beimg “considered” for another adoption
        My husband is tepid about adopting an older cat/s.
        I too am hearthbroken to hear of the circumstances of both owner and kittys!!!!
        I am not saying I am absolutely a gainst these two homeless but another factor
        is how I would get these to the Md. /Pa line (I-83).

        So if its not much of a problem could your e-mail me w/ more info
        re:personalities, colors size, health , etc. I have been looking for months and
        still haven’t found my new guy/s.
        Best wishes to all and you must be a dear friend to help these have the quality of
        life for the rest of their lives.


      6. Hi Loril,
        I saw your post and am also looking for a kitty to give a forever home to. I am in MD and he/she would be very loved. I lost my 14 year old girl a year ago due to kidney failure and would love to give a home to another. If you or someone else would know of someone looking for a home for an older kitty I would love to know, thanks.

  16. Hi, a few months back I rescued a mail ragdoll that was being seriously neglected. I nurture him back to health and now I am looking for his forever home. He is not a giant by any means, but he is as sweet as any ragdoll. I think because he was seriously malnourished his coat will never be super fluffy, but you couldn’t ask for a more affectionate little guy. He is only about eight months old now and looking for a home in the Southern California area 🙂 if you can spread the word for me I would be greatly appreciative. His name is Gideon. I can be reached at 818-439-7250

  17. Desperately seeking young ragdoll. Hoping to find a rescue but will consider a breeder. My yellow lab is 12 and misses having a kittycat around the house. Me too! Wisc., Mn., area.

  18. A cute little ragdoll kitten, I think a girl of about three months, has taken up residence in my furniture warehouse in Los Angeles. She’s afraid of people at this point, but is litter box trained, so apparently not feral. Eats dry food and talks a lot.

    If you’d like to give her a good home, please contact me at labreaantiques@gmail.com

    I can send pix as well.

  19. No Ragdoll yet but I’ve been following you for years on YouTube. I’ve been longing for a Ragdoll since I saw my first one. I do cat rescue so I’m just putting it out in the cosmo. I do have a Maine coon mix and can’t imagine ever living without one. Since I want a rescue and don’t care if it’s a purebred I’m sure the shelters I deal with will eventually provide my special Ragdoll for me someday. And I will know how to take care of her from following you all these years. I also train service cats and a Ragdoll will be perfect.

      1. I wanted a Birman. My friends Himalayan somehow got pregnant by the neighborhood Birman and I midwived the only litter that ever survived. I wanted a Maine Coon. A rescue kitty had kittens two of which looked and acted like purebred Maine Coons. Daughter kept the mamma, I kept most of the litter, wonderful experience and one of them is sleeping on my hip as I type. My last rescue mommy seemed like a cross between an Abyssinian and a Maine Coon. My oldest kitty, a purebred Cymrk, died while I was fostering the kittens and little Jett, who has his mom’s adorable personality and a magical color changing coat is curled up by my knee. I had no plans to adopt another cat, certainly not a kitten, yet here he is. I was even given a rescue African serval when my beautiful black cat was dying of renal failure. My serval was a very sick kitten and not expected to live long but blessed my life for 14 wonderful years. I look after the cats, the cosmos looks after me, and I’m sure there is a Ragdoll in my future.

  20. My first Ragdoll was a $350 rehome I named Reggie. He came with papers and was a gorgeous bi-color seal with perfect markings. He was only 1.5 yr. old. What a deal. His personality equaled his beauty. We had him for 2 yrs.
    Unfortunately, he developed (or was born with) a rare aneurysm in his gallbladder duct which had begun to leak. He had to have emergency surgery. He never woke up. I was devastated and for months I couldn’t even talk about him without crying. Finally, I began a search on my laptop. I knew he couldn’t be replaced but I wanted another one. I then found a breeder who had a pregnant queen. All of her kittens cost $750 and she showed me photos of the mom & dad. I didn’t care what I got, I just wanted one and waited 4 weeks for the birth and got first choice. At 6 weeks I picked out a blue mitted male. Then, I had a long wait until he was old enough to come home with me. He is fabulous and I named him Tommy (Twinkle Toes). He is now 1.5 yrs. old and seems healthy except for crystals in his urine. My vet put him on Canin Urinary SO (dry) and we’ve had no more problems.
    Do you think Raggies have more health problems than run of the mill domestic cats?

    1. Thank you for sharing – usually purebreds will have more health problems than non-purebreds – that’s true for dogs too. But crystals is usually because of dry food. Have you read catinfo.org? Hope you’ll share Tommy as Ragdoll of the Week!

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