Are Ragdoll Cats Expensive?

Ragdoll cats are some of the most famous cats in the world because of their brilliantly floppy personalities and dazzling looks. But with all of these great traits comes a cost boost as well.
So, are Ragdoll cats expensive? The short answer is yes, they are among the more expensive cat breeds. But the overall price depends significantly on the cat’s specific characteristics. In addition, there are other things to consider. It’s not just the initial cost of the kitten or the cat themselves but also all the things that go into the proper care of a feline companion.

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Ragdoll cats are an astonishing cat breed having attractive looks (large and sturdy cats with beautiful blue eyes). The felines from this breed are:

  • Lovable
  • Loyal
  • Calm
  • Gentle

They are perfect family pets and easy to care for. However, due to their unique qualities, Ragdoll cat breeds are more expensive than the most common breeds of cats.
Ragdolls have playful nature and love playing games. This makes them a good fit for kids and families.

What kind of Ragdoll cat are you looking to buy?

Before you start looking for options, you first need to figure out which kind of Ragdoll cat you are looking to buy. Whether or not you want a pedigree cat with unique markings might significantly influence the final price you will have to pay.

10 year old seal mitted Ragdoll cat Charlie outside April 2020 sitting beautifully in the garden

Moreover, suppose you want your cat to exhibit the breed characteristics in the finest detail. In that case, you should be prepared to invest more.

But how much more significant investment do you have to make if you want a show-worthy Ragdoll cat? And if you don’t, what kind of cats are you looking for?

To better understand your options, look at the main cat categories from a breeder’s standpoint. Why are Ragdolls more expensive than other breeds:

1. Pet Alter Quality

These Ragdoll cats are unfit to be shown in cat competitions because they do not have the perfect show quality markings of the breed 100%.

10 year old blue lynx mitted trigg chiggy outside April 2020 smelling the air and sitting in the sun

This means they are not fit for competitions but perfectly fit for pets. In addition, they may be mismarked or display incomplete coloration formats. For example, my Rags was a seal mitted Ragdoll with a dark chin. The breed standard says a seal-mitted Ragdoll should have a white chin, so his dark chin made him unfit to be a show-quality Ragdoll cat.

Pet alter quality Ragdoll cats are less costly. They’re mostly spayed or neutered. A mixed-breed kitten is suitable for those who prefer Ragdolls just for their personality. These cats will usually cost about $1200-$2800, depending on the breeder, where they are located, and more.

If you are looking for a Ragdoll cat to be your only pet, this is a category you might consider. It will always be significantly less expensive than others.
On the other hand, if you want to purchase a Ragdoll cat to take it to competitions, later on, you have to exclude pet alter quality cats.

While most Ragdoll breeders neuter or spay pet alter quality cats, some leave this up to the owner. You should talk to the breeder and ask about this, also depending on your personal preferences.
If you want Ragdoll kittens (that will also be pet show quality), then there is a high chance you might get them.

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2. Show Alter Quality

These Ragdoll cats perfectly display the breed’s characteristics, making them fit for official competitions. However, these cats are sold neutered or spayed, which reduces the overall price since they cannot reproduce.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat with a Blaze Charlie meowing profile looking up expensive ragdolls
Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat with a Blaze, Charlie

Suppose you are looking to participate in cat shows but do not want Ragdoll kittens in the future. In that case, this is the ideal category for you.

Show-quality Ragdolls are purebred pedigree cats that can’t be used for breeding (they’re neutered or spayed). So instead, the cat breeder performs a DNA test to ensure that the cat is not a mixed breed or just supplies papers from a legitimate cat association like CFA or TICA.

These Ragdolls cost $1500-$4000 or more. These cats have perfect markings, which is why some Ragdoll cats are expensive.

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3. Breeder Quality

These Ragdoll cats might be mismarked, which makes them unfit for official competitions. But, on the other hand, they might have great genetic and hereditary lines and great dispositions.

Therefore, they can be used as breeders because their offspring may ideally exhibit complete breed characteristics.

They are similar in price to show quality cats. Still, the final cost depends on the specific characteristics of the cat. For example, they might cost 1800-$3000+ dollars.

4. Show/Breeder Quality

These Ragdoll cats display the breed’s characteristics 100%, making them competition-worthy. They are also fit to be breeders because their offspring can be of the same show-quality cat as their parents.

15 year old Ragdoll Cats Caymus and Murphy Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat coming at you in middle of hallway

As you may expect, this is the most expensive Ragdoll cat you can buy. The average cost of these cats is over $2300-$5000+.

Other Factors that Influence the Price

Aside from the cat’s quality, many other factors can influence the final price of a Ragdoll cat.
The ones mentioned above are only some of these factors. Continue reading to find out what to look for or what to ask a breeder about before you purchase your Ragdoll cat:

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When you purchase a pedigree cat, the breeder may be required to give it a complete set of vaccinations beforehand.

However, this differs from one state to another (and can vary from one breeder to another). So, check the requirements according to your location. If so, the breeder will provide proof of these vaccinations in the cat’s official papers. Since there is a cost to vaccinations, that’s why the cat might cost more.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat Caymus getting blood pressure taken at KC Cat Clinic Feline Veterinarians additional expens

Vet Checks

Another requirement is taking the kitten for vet visits.

Most breeders prefer to take the kittens to at least 2 checkups before they sell them to their owners. This is extremely important because kittens are very sensitive during the first part of their lives.

If a breeder took the cats to the vet twice, it might signal that they are trustworthy and genuinely invested in this. Please read our page about how to find a good cat breeder to find out more.

DNA Testing

DNA testing must be performed to determine the show and/or breeder quality of a cat. This is the ideal way to determine a cat’s breed quality.

If a breeder has performed such tests, it is very likely that these will be reflected in the final price you have to pay for your cat. In addition, DNA testing costs $45-$150, which is another factor that reveals why Ragdoll cats are expensive.


Harlow and Huck Seal Point colorpoint Ragdoll Cats with Carl Dog laying in the sun

The age of a Ragdoll also affects its cost. Kittens are typically more costly than adult Ragdoll cats. However, an adult Ragdoll will cost you about a hundred dollars less than a Ragdoll kitten.


A good pet quality Ragdoll cat is insured by their parents’ DNA tests and health insurances; therefore, they are more costly. In addition, some amateur cat breeders might not be as concerned about the health of their breeding cats.

It is a good reason why it is advised to get a Ragdoll cat from an experienced, reputable cat breeder.

Kitten Care

The costs of taking care of a kitten (proper food, litter, accessories, etc.) add up in the weeks that breeders keep them.

Considering that most of them keep the kittens for 12 to 14 weeks or even more, this comes with a financial investment reflected in the final cost of the Ragdoll cat.


In most cases, breeders pay for neutering or spaying when it comes to altered cats. Therefore, the procedure cost will also be reflected in the final price of the Ragdoll kitten.

Keep in mind that spaying costs significantly more than neutering, as it is a much more complex procedure. In some cases, females can be more expensive than males.

Are ragdoll cats expensive pinterest collage image two cats walking on a wooden floor, a ragdoll cat sm

Ragdoll Price Ranges

Now that you know the main factors to consider, it’s time to get to the numbers. Are Ragdoll cats expensive?

In the table below, you can see the price ranges for each quality type of Ragdoll cat. This should give you a more specific answer to whether or not Raggies are expensive and an overall idea of how much Ragdoll cats cost.

Quality:Approximate Cost:Notes:
Pet (Alter) QualityUSD$1200-USD $2800+(some breeders charge more for females due to the fact that spaying costs more than neutering, also some breeders will charge more for rare or non-traditional color patterns, like Torties CreamsLilacs and Flames)
Show (Alter) QualityUSD$1500- USD $4000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is perfectly marked to be shown at cat shows, but is spayed or neutered.
Breeder QualityUSD$1800- USD $3000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is fit for breeding and should also have been tested to be free of genetic diseases.
Show/Breeder QualityUSD$2300- USD $5000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is perfectly marked to be shown at cat shows, and is also fit for breeding.

Adopting a Ragdoll Cat – Is it Possible?

Yes, it is. Rescuing a Ragdoll cat comes at a lower initial cost (if there is a rescue adoption fee or a rehoming fee). Still, it certainly comes with a lot of responsibility and maybe with higher prices. As mentioned earlier, owning a Ragdoll cat can be a long-term investment past the initial cost of buying or adopting them.

What Is a Female Cat Called Addie Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat beautiful looking up with her blue eyes
Addie, Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

Make sure to look at our page about Rescue Ragdolls because it includes more detailed information about how you can adopt one. 

When you think about adopting or buying a Ragdoll, your first question usually is: Are Ragdoll cats expensive?

Most people think there are no abandoned Ragdolls out there precisely because the breed is so popular, but this is a common misconception.

Despite their popularity, some people abandon these cats because something happens in their life that forces them to give them up. For example, a tragedy happens, and they can no longer afford them, they find out someone in the family is allergic, and many more reasons. So, consider the option of adopting a Ragdoll kitty. There are many out there who need a new home!

Keep in mind that adopting a rescue animal is a big commitment. Some of these cats come with physical or psychological traumas, and you must be ready to take care of them in the long run.

Moreover, some of them could have chronic illnesses, which will bring about extra costs. If you are on board with this, consider adopting a rescue Ragdoll. You will be saving a soul at the end of the day.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat Caymus on stairs outside high maintenance cat

Here the question is: Are Ragdoll cats expensive enough to drop the idea of buying one? Or will it be good to adopt a Ragdoll?

Of course, when you adopt a Ragdoll cat, it can be more affordable for you than buying a Ragdoll cat. But it might be a challenging procedure to find a Ragdoll for adoption.

Adopting a Ragdoll from an animal shelter can cost between $200 and $1000.

Other Factors that Influence the Overall Cost of Owning a Ragdoll Cat

Is the initial investment enough to determine whether or not a Ragdoll is expensive? Certainly not.
Aside from buying the cat, there are plenty of costs that come with owning a cat. Ragdoll kitties are high-maintenance pets.

  • Food
  • Litter
  • Brushes and accessories
  • Toys
  • Veterinary visits

These are just some of the expenses you should keep in mind when you’re adopting a kitty.
Plenty of long-term costs come with owning a cat, and you must be well aware of them before you get one.

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In fact, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when buying a pedigree animal. They are willing to make the initial investment. Still, they need help to visualize the long-term financial commitment of owning a cat.

Once they see that caring for a cat is not free of charge, then they end up abandoning it. To prevent that from happening, people should always understand what it means to own a cat.

Here are only a few of the expenses that you can expect when purchasing your new cat:

Veterinary Bills

Ragdoll Cat Addie at Vet getting her ears checked additional expenses

Veterinary bills are essential to the long-term costs of owning a cat.
If you feel that your Ragdoll is in good health, visiting the vet clinic once a year is exemplary. For senior cats, most veterinarians suggest 2 visits a year. Regular veterinary care checkups with the vet can cost you a few hundred dollars. But if something is wrong with your kitty, diagnostic testing can cost quite a bit more.

Consider setting up a medical plan at your local vet’s office, which should include at least the basic requirements. You might also invest in cat health insurance like my sister did. Here are the main things you should keep in mind:

Periodic Care and Checkups

All cats must be vaccinated yearly and have at least two checkups per year. Once the cat gets older, the checkups should become more frequent and more elaborate.
Another aspect is dental care, which is often not covered by the medical plans in vet offices.

Emergency Care and Unplanned Procedures

Ragdoll Cat Charlie Mission Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Visit July 25 2019 Xrays

Your cat is bound to get sick throughout its lifetime, and you need to be ready to take care of it when it does.
Some medical plans cover emergency care, but you should always keep in mind that the overall cost may be more considerable.


This is probably the main expense that comes with caring for a cat. Therefore, it is vital you feed your cat high-quality cat food to keep it healthy in the long run.

Are Ragdoll cats expensive two cats eating from glass bowls on a counter

Investing in good cat food like, a raw diet, should save you money on veterinary bills.

Before buying your cat’s food, it is crucial to understand proper feline nutrition. This is paramount. Feeding your cat a proper diet will, in the long run, keep you for unnecessary vet visits and chronic diseases. Do your research on feline nutrition before all else.

For example, suppose you need to be made aware of the best Ragdoll food. In that case you can consult a vet (but sometimes they need to be better versed in feline nutrition). Or check out our page on Ragdoll cat foods with terrific veterinarian information.

Ragdoll owners might invest quite a bit of money in their cat’s diet every month, which is another factor in why ragdoll cats are expensive.

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Food Bowls

A feeding bowl is another item you have to invest in. Ragdoll cat owners use food bowls daily, so they must make sure that they are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Clean

Feeding bowls for food and water will cost approximately $10-$15.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is another item you must invest in regularly if you have a cat. Opting for high-quality litter will keep your house odor-free, which makes it worth the investment, but it adds up to the overall cost at the end of the month.

expenses to consider when getting a ragdoll cat litter a hand-full

A cat litter tray or litter box is also essential for your cat. You will have to buy the best quality litter box that should be easy to use and clean.


After you get a cat, there are some accessories that you may need to provide for it.

There are a few essential ones, which we have mentioned above and that you’ll need right away, such as a:

But there are plenty of others that you will have to add along the way, such as:

Grooming accessories

15 - BEST Cat Brush Cat Grooming Tools different types of brushes combs and other accessories for fur maintenance
Read our post about the BEST Cat Brush Cat Grooming Tools

Your Ragdoll cat will need to be groomed regularly. You should expect to gather a collection of grooming tools to ensure that your cat’s fur is free of mats and tangles.

Some Ragdoll cat owners have grooming kits, including a nail trimmer, hairbrush, and comb. Cat nail clippers can be necessary if you want to trim their claws periodically.

Read our post about the Best Cat Brush Cat Grooming Tools.

Cat toys

toys and accessories for ragdolls a cat playing with a catnip banana
Ragdoll Cat, Murphy, kicking a Yeowww! Catnip Banana

Ragdolls are mostly indoors, which makes their lives a little less active. Cat toys can help enhance their indoor lifestyles. There are many excellent options to choose from, so be prepared to account for these in your budget.

Ragdolls are unique pets. They love playing, wrestling, and smelling different things. So naturally, you will need to buy toys for your cat to keep their muscles and brains active.

Cat scratchers

Scratchy Ramp incline cat scratcher best cat scratcher next to a light sofa
Ragdoll cat, Charlie, on the Scratchy Ramp 2.0

These are extremely important for your cat because they help with claw grooming. Be prepared to experiment with several cat scratchers before you find your cat’s favorite.

Cat Collar and ID Tag 

Some owners like to ensure their cat has an ID tag and collar.
If your Ragdoll kitty accidentally gets outside, a collar and ID tag will help you reunite with your cat if your cat gets lost somewhere accidentally.

A quality cat identification tag and collar start at $20.

Cat beds

Brentwood Home Runyon Bed Product Review a ragdoll cat laying on a pillow half-asleep
Ragdoll cat, Trigg, on the Brentwood Home Runyon Bed

Your cat may sleep on your sofa and armchair, but you might want to get it in its own bed in time. This is an important element because lounging space is essential for cats.

Cat Carrier

Although a Ragdoll is fine walking around the home, you will still need to buy a carrier for it. A cat carrier is helpful when traveling with your Ragdoll cat, as it provides a secure place.

Pet travel accessories

Depending on how far you want to go with your cat, you may be looking at an entire collection of pet travel accessories.

You’ll want to have a cat carrier to take it to the vet, but if you’re going to take your cat out on walks, you may want to look into cat strollers and leashes and harnesses.

FAQs – Are Ragdoll Cats Expensive?

Are Ragdoll cats good indoor cats?

A Raggie is the perfect indoor cat. These cats are very social pets in comparison with other cat breeds. Because of Ragdoll’s loving and calm nature, these cats are suitable for families with children.

Are Ragdoll cats good for 1st-time cat owners?

Ragdoll Cats are the ideal pets for the 1st time cat owners. Ragdolls are also suitable for families having kids because Ragdolls have unique, friendly nature.

Is it reasonable to buy two Ragdoll kittens or cats rather than one?

If you buy two Ragdoll cats or kittens instead of one, you might get a special discount from your breeder. Many cat breeders provide a deal if a person buys more than one Ragdoll.
The discount can vary (from $100 to $300+), depending on your floppycat’s quality.

Moreover, your cats will have the company of each other all the time and you wouldn’t have to worry about your fluffy friend being a lonely cat, while you’re away.

Are female Ragdoll cats more expensive than male Ragdoll cats?

Yes, it can. As discussed earlier in this article, a female Ragdoll can cost you more than a male Ragdoll. Because a female cat costs more to spay, but also because a female cat can get pregnant and deliver babies.

Is it possible to buy a Ragdoll cat without being scammed?

Sure it is. Check out our Ragdoll breeder scam page to avoid getting scammed. It is very important to find a reliable and reputed cat breeder to buy a cat without being scammed. Of course, a feline from a reputable breeder will cost you more, but you will also get a healthy, purebred Ragdoll cat that way.

Are Ragdoll cats loving and affectionate? 

Ragdolls are thought to be the most loving cat breeds across the world. Because they are bred in a specific way to generate unique characteristics that makes them rare cat breeds in some circles. This is one of the reasons why Ragdoll cats are expensive.

Are Ragdoll cats expensive?

Ragdoll cats usually cost about $1200 to $4000+. But the price of a Ragdoll varies in different areas. However, a Ragdoll can be more expensive than other cat breeds because of its exclusive nature.

How does coat color matter in the debate about why Ragdoll cats are expensive?

The Ragdoll cats have about twenty color variations. Some of the color coats and patterns take work to breed. For this reason, some of the color patterns of Ragdoll cats are rare and have higher prices.

In Conclusion

So, are Ragdoll cats expensive? As you can see, many costs come with getting your own Raggie, including the initial investment required for buying the cat and the long-term costs of caring for it.

Are you an experienced Ragdoll cat owner? Are there other costs to be taken into consideration? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

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  1. Daylon Sunbeam says:

    It’s actually become ridiculous how expensive ragdolls have become.

    I bought a retired breeder ragdoll and she was at least fairly priced. I cannot justify the ludicrous pet quality prices for kittens these days. It’s frankly laughable, no matter how you want to justify it.

    1. Jennifer Carter says:

      Most think it’s a get rich quick opportunity. If they do it right they find out very quickly it isn’t what they thought. Buying a good stock to produce the very best kittens cost what a down-payment of a home would cost. Then, once you get them they need veterinarian care, Testing, grooming care, and food is astronomical. Especially, if the breeder is like me and feed their cats the very best which includes additional supplements. I can easily spend 1000+ just in food a month. That doesn’t include litter and litter boxes. Furniture for the cats, cleaning supplies to keep your home clean since they do make messes. Especially, during potty training time. Kittens need formula and extra care if mom has more than she can handle which means a lot of sleepless nights. It is not what people think and most spend whatever they get from the kittens back on the cattery. That is why most who are in it for the money either get out or they cut cost by feeding kibble only and finding other ways to cut cost all take from the cats and kittens. Some keep them outside in barns or locked in a spare room. Imo, all that does is make for a kitten who is not socialized. If you want a lap cat who is beyond socialized then you need a breeder who does this out of love ❤️. Those are hard to come by. I will say price doesn’t mean they are a good breeder. You really want one that will let you come meet your kitten and find the kitten that bonds with you. I work with people all the time on price since that isn’t the most important thing to me. Finding my babies the very best home is, but it is nice when I can buy them everything they need and more plus have a few bucks left over for my time and energy. I just wish people understood just how expensive and time consuming it is to raise they very best and loving kittens for others to love and enjoy.

  2. SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS Post, Jenny honey! TYSVM for all your hard work (a labor of love, obviously) putting all this together! As usual, the incredible level of detail is AMAZEBALLS!!! LURVE! I can’t think of anything to add. Very well done! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  3. Some breeders offer a free month of pet insurance, (I use Trupanion) and if the new parents wish to continue, it’s as inexpensive as $29/month.
    A good test for combs and brushes is for the owner to run it through their own hair…if it rips hair out of your head, it will do the same to your pet.

    1. Sunbeam Larry says:

      Stop wasting money on pet insurance. Countless studies have been carried out. It’s generally a complete waste of money. Unless you’re terrible at budgeting and cannot set aside a pet budget.

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