Best Cat Grooming Tools for Long-Haired Cats

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When you have a long-haired cat, grooming is a daily ritual. Depending on your cat’s personality, it can be a rewarding bonding experience with your furry companion or a daily moment of repentance. Whichever way you have it, there is no way around grooming when you have a long-haired cat. Using the best grooming tools for this endeavor can make this routine procedure efficient and, hopefully, even enjoyable. In this article, we will tell you about the best brush for long-haired cats that you can use to groom your cat properly.

Essential Guide for Grooming Tools for Long-Haired Cats

You must perfect your grooming technique to ensure the best results. When dealing with long-haired cats, the best thing to do is to begin by brushing and then work your way up to combing. Depending on the length and thickness of your cat’s fur, you may use several different combs.

Cat shedding brushes are handy because these are tools you can use daily for maintenance. These are lifesavers for long-coated cat owners because they are easy to use but take out a fair amount of fur. Once every few days, you should perform a more comprehensive grooming session using several types of combs, brushes, and rakes, including ear cleaning if you can.

One of the most problematic parts of grooming long-haired cats, compared to  short-haired cats, is dealing with mats. It is ideal for preventing these from forming because they can damage your cat’s skin. And the best way to make sure your cat does not get mats is to groom it correctly and on a regular basis. Unfortunately, even with the most rigorous grooming rituals, mats still occasionally form in cats with long coats.

As such, you must be ready to deal with mats if you have to. One of the most common mistakes made by pet owners is cutting the mats off. This is something that I do not recommend because it is all too easy to cut your cat’s skin along with the mat. You have to use a fine-tooth comb to ensure that does not happen. First, place it close to the skin, precisely underneath the mat, and then begin combing carefully. Small mats will come off by combing only, so you will not need scissors. As for the larger mats, you will have to break them down and remove them piece by piece.

Without further ado, I will tell you about the best cat combs and cat brushes that you can include in your grooming kit. When going through this list, the most important thing you should remember is that your cat will have the final word on which product is the best. Even some feline friends with a good temperament can hate grooming, so take the time to find a comb or brush that works for them. Regardless of stellar reviews and breed-specific characteristics, it is all a matter of compatibility between your cat and the products you use.

01. JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Shedding Blade

JW Pet Grip Soft Shedding Blade

This shedding blade is an absolute must for any grooming kit because it is the ideal brush for the daily grooming routine. Its primary purpose is to remove dead or loose fur, so it mainly works on the overcoat. Cats with long hair shed more than those with shorter coats, and getting rid of that hair periodically is essential. The GripSoft Cat Shedding Blade from JW Pet comes with a rubber handle and non-slip grip, which is handy if your cat moves around during brushing.

This JW Pet brush will remove fur in multiple directions with a continuous stroke of its circular blade. This will significantly reduce your grooming time, but it will also help you be thorough with your daily brushing. I tested the GripSoft Cat Shedding Blade on Charlie and Trigg, and I am proud to say that they have approved it (and they hate being brushed).

02. Safari Cat Comb

Safari Cat Comb and cat looking at safari cat comb

The Safari Cat Comb is one of the most helpful cat grooming tools for thorough combing. It is also an excellent detangling tool because it has two sets of teeth (long and short) that allow it to take out a large amount of fur. The long teeth reach to the skin and comb out your cat’s overcoat, and the short teeth comb out the undercoat. So you get to comb out the cat’s entire coat with one stroke.

The metal teeth are rounded at the tip, so they don’t damage the cat’s skin during combing. The Safari Cat Comb has a wooden handle that will give you a firm grip, which is very important for cat grooming. It is a basic yet essential tool because it can be used for so many steps of the grooming process. Read a full review here.

03. EquiGroomer

Equigroomer New Design 2023 - Best Cat Grooming Tools for Long-Haired Cats That Actually Do the Job

As the name suggests, this de-shedding tool is inspired by grooming tools used for horses. The EquiGroomer has a saw-like blade firmly inserted into a wooden piece, giving it a suitable weight. It also has a colored plastic coating, which gives you an excellent grip. Unlike other de-shedding tools like the Furminator, which cuts out the healthy fur rather than remove the dead and loose fur, the EquiGroomer removes the shed fur by grabbing it at the ends.

Because there is no fur-pulling, my cats responded better to the EquiGroomer than other similar tools. This gives it an advantage over other cat grooming tools, but, in the end, it is up to your cat to decide how much it likes it. Remember that the EquiGroomer will take out a lot of fur, so I recommend you use it outside or where you don’t mind hair flying.

Read a full review here.

04. Shedmonster

Closeup of the ShedMonster de shedding tool and a pile of pet hair next to a ragdoll cat

This high-quality all-in-one cat grooming tool does an impressive job. Essentially, this long hair cat brush combines metal combs and a rake. It uses the long and short teeth principle of the comb. So instead of simple teeth, it has stainless steel blades arranged longitudinally like in a rake.

While regular blades are perpendicular to the cat’s fur, with the ShedMonster, they are parallel to the fur. The overall effect is that this tool can take out a considerable amount of hair in a short amount of time…but beware – it will strip the hair more than one of the brushes mentioned above. Therefore, I’m not particularly eager to use it on a lovely sheen coat – as it will eradicate even the finest hairs.

Read a full review here.

05. JW Pet 5-Inch GripSoft Rotating Comfort Comb

JW Pet Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Cat Comb being used on ragdoll cat

This small tool will be handy when you have to deal with mats. Long-haired cat grooming isn’t a chore anymore. The JW Pet Rotating Comfort Comb will help you break up the mats and remove them without damaging your cat’s skin. Its fine rotating teeth give it a gentle touch, making removing mats and loose hairs much easier. You can also use it at the end of the grooming session on the entire coat because it works very well as a finishing tool.

See our review video here.

06. Kong Zoom Groom for Cats

Kong Zoom Grooming tool for Cat being used on Ragdoll

Many readers swear by the K0ng Zoom Groom.  They say how much their cats love the grooming process. My parents’ cats (who like to be groomed, like this brush, but Charlie and Trigg, my cats, did not like it – and they hate being groomed). The Zoom Groom isn’t supposed to pull on hair, which creates a positive experience for the cat. It is a primary cat grooming tool made out of rubber.

The rubber teeth of the brush will remove loose fur, and they give the cat a massage as well. This Kong Zoom cat grooming tool is small and colorful, which helps it provide a positive experience for owners. Because it’s so soft, you can use it to remove any tangle around a cat’s ears without bothering them, usually.

Read a full review here.

07. JW Pet GripSoft Cat Brush

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush with plastic ends being used to brush ragdoll cat

This brush from JW Pet is a fantastic daily cat grooming brush for cats that enjoy regular brushing. As mentioned above, selecting the best tools depends on your cat’s preferences, but this brush is worth trying. It has soft pins, which makes it a friendly brush for any cat, even those with debris caught in short hair. It also comes with a rubber-sheathed handle that will give you an excellent grip during the process.

8. JW Pet GripSoft Soft Slicker Brush

JW Pet GripSoft Soft Slicker Brush being used to groom cat

This slicker brush from JW Pet is worth trying as a cat grooming tool for regular use. Instead of regular brushes with simple straight pins, this brush has angled pins. Like tools with long and short teeth, this slicker brush gets to the overcoat and undercoat and helps you thoroughly groom out any dirt and dead hair. It also comes with finger-fitting contours on its handle, so it will never slip from your hands during brushing.

9. JW Pet GripSoft Cat Comb for Combing

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Comb shown and being used on ragdoll cat

This JW Pet comb is a kitty grooming essential. Your cat grooming supplies are only complete with it. Combing long-haired cats prevent mat formation and leave the fur looking very neat. Even on human hair, combs work differently than brushes, and it is highly recommended to comb your hair regularly. It is the same for your furry companion, so having one of these combs in your cat grooming kit is crucial. Like the other JW Pet tools, it has a high-quality handle that makes combing easy.

10. Zen Clipper Cat Nail Clipper

Zen Clipper a Unique Pet Nail Clipper 2 and shown being used on cat nails

If you want to be extra safe when trimming your cat’s claws, then there is no better choice available than the Zen Clipper. This is designed to cut only the tip of the claw and, thus, prevent any injury during nail trims. In addition, it has a conical blade that can only fit the tip of the nail so that you never have to worry about cutting too high! It also has an easy-grip system, letting you hold your cat by the paw with ease, and stainless steel blades, which make the Zen Clipper the ultimate claw-trimming tool.

Read the full review here.

11. Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers

Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers2 shown and being used on a cat

A significant part of cat grooming is trimming and cleaning your cat’s nails. These nail clippers are handy because they offer the best possible grip. You can hold the Veterinarian Grade cat nail clippers just like a pair of scissors. They also have rubber-coated handles, making the entire process more comfortable. It also makes the cuts more precise because the clipper will not slip from your hand. This is an excellent choice if you want to be extra safe when trimming your cat’s nails.

To sum up, there are a lot of options when it comes to cat grooming tools for felines with long hair. You don’t need professional grooming services – you can do just as good a job as a cat groomer at home.

As you’ve seen with the items on this list, each has its approach to excess fur removal. While each product has its advantages, it will ultimately be your cat that will help you decide which is the best. So be prepared to deal with a lot of hair, whichever product you choose. If you want to put the post-grooming hair to good use, try spinning some cat hair yarn. This will add a creative touch to the entire grooming process and may result in you forging an even stronger bond with your furry friends.

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