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retired breeding ragdoll named Jaran (although we call him a bunch of different names, such as JaranBall, Ball, Mr Fluffypants, Bubbaloo and Mr Jaran)
Jaran (although we call him a bunch of different names, such as JaranBall, Ball, Mr Fluffypants, Bubbaloo and Mr Jaran)

Cat Names

Figuring out cat names for your Ragdoll cat or any cat for that matter can prove to be a difficult task, especially if they live as long as my Rags. Certainly, their name needs to match their unique personality.

Jaran, pictured at the right, was Ragdoll of the Week.  You might enjoy reading through our Ragdoll of the Week submissions as well as our Floppycat of the Week submissions to find out how other cat owners determined which cat names they wanted to use.

If you have a creative pet name, please write them in the comments below!

There are some fantastic websites out there when you can search for some more great names. Please see the list (click on the links) below.

Alternatively, you can also e-mail us a photo of your kitten and we will post it on our Facebook page like this one – and ask for Ragdoll cat name suggestions from our readers:

…or this one:

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26 thoughts on “Cat Names: Cat Name Ideas

  1. Alicia Horovitz says:


  2. thegirls13 says:

    Our Ragdoll of 15 yrs was named Piper. She was the love of our life. Five months after she passed away we decided we had to get another Ragdoll. So we got TWO!!! Their names are Mischief and Zoe and they are sisters. And yes Mischief lives up to her name!

  3. Lynnette says:

    I have been following and loving your website for years and finally decided to sign up officially! I just couldn’t resist sharing all my crazy cat names.

    My first cat I ever had as a young girl was a orange tabby cat I found and named “Tiger” which lasted a day and then he was officially “Cuchie”
    Then there was “Bear”who was quickly renamed”Cuda” get it Bear-a-cuda?

    We gave our 5 year old son a kitten for Christmas in 2000 Gabriel named her “Cuddles” but she soon became “Dudden”

    “Boone” was nicknamed Baboon, or Dog which I believe he was in his prior life.

    Along came “Cooper” or “Coopie” he was my first Ragdoll that I got from a shelter and I absolutely fell in love with the breed. I had never heard of a Ragdoll till he came into my life, now I’m pretty much obsessed 🙂

    And last but not least theres “Jack” or as we call him Scrappy, Scrappy Jack & Poppy! He is such a great boy who loves to travel around the house slung over my or my husbands shoulder.

    I think you all get the picture, all names are subject to change 🙂

  4. Teresa Reid says:

    Olivia Grace was born only a month after my sweet Angel kitty died. Felt like Angel played a big role up there in Heaven selecting a baby to send to mend my broken heart. Grace was initially registered to a breeder under another name, but when she heard that I lost my soul mate, she said “something told her” that Grace should be mine. So, Olivia Grace or Gracie is my sweet, sensitive angel.

    Our little baby Ragdoll who just turned 3, was already named Illaria by the breeder after a character in a children’s book. After having her at home for several days, it because clear because she is just so pretty and innocent that her formal name should be Illaria Rose. Last year, Illaria Rose modelled her glasses and feather hat for a photo on our FB page, “Heart of Grace,” and our dear Patti Johnson so fittingly named her “Illaria Rose Peabody” when she is all dressed up with her glasses and hats. However, when Illaria looks at me with those big, blue innocent eyes, and my heart melts, she is “my sweet little Puddie-Pie.”

    Our Maine Coon rescue, came to our backyard about 9 years ago. Our daughter was taking Spanish at the time and named her “Mariposa” which is butterfly in Spanish. Because she has such a moody way, her other names are “Miss Mari” and “Miss Moody Mari” by Patti Johnson, especially when she scolds her little sisters.

    Lastly, our sweet 15 year old grey rescue is named “Pumpkin” or “Punkie” because because he came to us between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  5. lrunning says:

    My orange tabby kitten is Hunter after the SF Giants player, Hunter Pence. When I saw the kittens picture on the rescue website, his hair was sticking up everywhere and he had big, round eyes, which is how Hunter Pence looks when he’s doing something amazing on the field. Since the Giants had just won the World Series when I got my new kitten- it seemed like the perfect name. His name variations are Bunter, The Bunt, Hunter Bunter, Might Hunter, etc.

  6. RagdollCatMom says:

    I always think long and hard when coming up with the right name … for my three boys:

    Dusty (Longfellow Dust Bunny) – he came with the name “Pretty Boy” from the breeder, but no boy cat of mine was going to be called that! However, when he came home and started crawling under the furniture, he came out covered in “dust bunnies” and the name stuck. Not sure it’s much better than the breeder’s name LOL

    Stormy (Longfellow Storm Cloud) – he came with the name “Miracle” because he wasn’t expected to survive when he was born. However, when my (then) 6 year old nephew saw him he exclaimed “he’s fluffy as a storm cloud!” and the name stuck.

    Denali (Longfellow Denali Bear) – his daddy’s name was Teddy Bear, and he’s a seal mink so very dark brown. I looked up all the names that meant “bear” in other languages, but ultimately concluded there were a lot of bears around Mt Denali in Alaska, so his name plays homage to all the bears there.

    I’ve already got a name picked out for my future girl kitten, but when she ultimately arrives it may not fit!

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    Lurve all the names everyone has provided!!! This would be the place to go if I ever get a second Ragdoll and can’t think of the perfect name myself. 🙂 <3

    Thanks for reposting, Jenny!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  8. Wicket says:

    My Ragdoll is named Loki after the Greek God of Mischief…and he is that…if I’m missing something I know he’s taken off with it.

  9. Patti Johnson says:

    Great name list, Jenny!

    I will add our girl’s name: Miss Pink Sugar

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarboo 🙂 <3

  10. Rose says:

    I have two Ragdolls
    Daisy – because her markings remind me of a daisy
    Annie- named after my beloved(late) neighbor, Mary Anne who was like my grandmother. (Ironically she HATED cats!:-))

  11. Clair says:

    I have two female Ragdoll Sisters who are now 21 months old.
    Their names are Charlie and Lola, named after a UK children’s programme.
    Their papers actually have them as Princess Charlotte and Princess Lola but they are far from girly girls, these two acted like two little tomboys! We had a few names in mind but picked them when we held them both as 12 week old kittens.

  12. Mary Hubbs says:

    Our kitty was born a week ago and his name is going to be Ishkabibble! It is a word from my husband’s childhood and means no worries, it will be okay. I am sure there will be a few nicknames developed from it!

  13. Linda says:

    I have two new Ragdoll males. One is named Raggs and the other is Salvadore. They are a week apart in age but years apart in personality. Raggs is mischievous and into everything and Salvadore is so laid back, but very independent. Raggs is a cuddlier and food motivated while Salvadore is not. Both are such interesting characters!

  14. patricia says:

    great names. i always wait for a while to see and feel the personality of my cat before i name it. like one orange tabby that came off the street to live with me once.. i couldn’t think of a name for him until one night i woke up to this noise and went to find out where it was coming from. i walked into the kitchen and he was on top of the fridge, with his head in a bag of barbecue chips. i said “what are you doing?” and he pulled his head out of the bad and had barbecue dust all over his whiskers. he was “mr chip” from that day on. plus all his other names that evolved over time. “ts elliot” said a cat has at least 5 names. one i have now.. a huge black and white.. i didn’t know if he was male or female when he first showed up so i called him simply “big cat”. it stuck, though i call him “fuzzy pants” a lot.. lol. he has the cutest pantaloons.

  15. ChristyB says:

    OMG – Jaren, in the picture that accompanies this entry, is SO pretty, I want to bite him!!

    I love hearing why people chose the name they did for their animals.

  16. Stacey says:

    Our first cat BRAIDEY Maxwell was a Birman and we lost him to FIP before he was two years old. Our second cat SAMUEL BRAIDEY was a Himalyan and we lost him of conjestive heart failure at 8 years old. Our current baby is a Ragdoll named Henrey SAMUEL and he is a very healthy 8 month old baby! With all of our boys we’ve had a little girl who is an 11 year old Birman named Halley Kate… when the day comes she is gone…our next baby will be Kaitley. ♥♥♡♡

  17. Dementia Boy says:

    I’ve always wanted a cat named Huck but haven’t found one whose personality fit that name. My Puck could have been a Huck, but he was more Puck-y than Huck-y.

    I’ve also wanted a female named Cosima, the ultimate muse (composer Wagner’s wife, Liszt’s daughter, the secret love of Nietzsche’s life). But that’s a big name to live up to.

  18. New Ribena says:

    So after finding my ragdoll kitten and waiting an additional 8 weeks for my new baby girl Sashi, they realized she was actually “he” when they were attemtping to spay. Yesterday we finally got our baby boy and we updated the name to Shiloh.

  19. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    Those are all great names!

    I like:

    *Delilah (I might have misspelt it)
    * Allison

    To just name a few;-)

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