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Prince William Drinking Water from the Faucet at 8.5 Months OldIs your cat not drinking water?

Cats have always had an odd relationship with water. Legend has it that cats hate water, but any cat owner will tell you that any cat can find an unattended cup of water just about anywhere.

As a responsible pet owner it is important to always monitor your cat’s water intake. If you notice a drastic change one way or another then it would be a good time to schedule a vet visit.

While ALL living creatures need water to survive, cats seem to need less water then some, yet you don’t want your cat not drinking water. Unfortunately, there are health problems, like chronic kidney failure, bladder infections or kidney stones that may require that your cat drink more water then they normally would.

Getting your cat to drink more water can be a trick and you might need to end up thinking like a cat to accomplish this task.

Cats are very curious creatures and often will pay attention to things that are out of the ordinary. While this might be a frustrating thing, be positive and see it as a way to be creative, after all you don’t want your cat not drinking water! Try placing various size bowls in various places in the house. Keep an eye on which type of cat water dish they prefer. It might be something as simple as the cat not liking to bump his whiskers against the sides of the bowl or preferring stainless steel over ceramic.

Try to spice up his water drinking experience by adding ice cubs or bath toys. Cats love to dip their paws in the water. Giving him something to bat at might be the perfect way to get him to drink up. Make sure whatever you put in the bowl is large enough that he cannot get it into his mouth and choke.

If you find your cat likes water movement you might want to invest in a cat water fountain. There are many on the market. Not only will it provide constant water movement but will come with a filter that will keep the water clean.

You might consider using a pet fountain because the water gets filtered and recycled.

Ceramic Fountains:

Metal Fountains:

Plastic Fountains (don’t recommend these for kitties with acne problems):

Keep in mind that much like humans, cats have their own tastes. Try adding some water from a can of tuna to his or her bowl. If you live in an area that has hard water try using filtered water. It could be that he doesn’t like the metal taste.

If you find that your cat is still not getting enough water try switching him over to a high quality canned food. If your cat is already eating canned food add a little more water to it. That will help increase the moisture he is taking in.

It can be scary when you think your beloved pet is not getting enough of something as crucial as water. Should you become worried that your cat has become dehydrated there is a simple test. Gently pull the skin on the back of your cat’s neck. If it is slow to snap back it might be an indication that he is becoming dehydrated. You will want to seek your Veterinarian’s assistance at that point.

Every cat is different. What might work for one cat might be the exact opposite of what another cat likes. Don’t get frustrated. Try new things and don’t be afraid to be creative. Your cat may prefer a flower vase to an expensive cat bowl. Your cat will give you the answer, you’ll just need to pay attention.

What tricks have you tried to get your cat to drink more water?

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  1. my 3 month old female kitten refuses to drink water…when I got her she was drinking from a bottle and she got lost from her mom …is it ok to give her ‘easily digested’ milk formulated for cats..she loves it..but the vet milk….I fear she’ll become dehydrated…she is a big eater…most of her food is wet food..and she very seldom eats any of the dry kitten food…plays continously and seems to be very healthy…what should I do to insure she is getting enough fluids…?

    1. Linda, this is certainly a question for a vet. When he says no milk, does he mean human milk? Did you specifically ask him about milk formulated for cats?

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