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Cat Zit?! Some cat owners find themselves asking, “Can cats get zits?” The answer is, in fact, “Yes! Cats can get zits from time to time!” Some cats unfortunately have chronic acne problems. Acne can be caused by many different factors.

Cat zits can begin popping up anytime in a cat’s life but usually starts after 1 year of age. While cat acne is not serious it can cause an infection that can become uncomfortable. Often times these zits are caused by overactive oil glands. The pimple will form usually on the chin and be a small, crusty lump. It will often look like a dark area that will not go away even when cleaned off.

“How do cats get zits?” It can be one of many different reasons. The first thing to look at is your cat’s diet. Improving your cat’s diet might clear up skin. Look for a food that is not oily and free of corn. Also, look at the food bowl. If you are using a plastic bowl you might want to look into switching to a ceramic one. Plastic bowls can hold bacteria that can cause skin irritations—which can usually be avoided by cleaning the plastic bowls on a regular basis (i.e., every day).

One last thing to consider is that cats with flatter faces are more prone to acne. Washing the face area and any wrinkles with a towel soaked in warm water after every meal will help avoid future breakouts.

The most important thing in treating a cat pimple is to keep the area clean. Washing the area with antibacterial soap will help keep the area free of oil build up. Next treat any red or swollen areas with antibiotic ointment.

Cat zits, like human acne, are not normally a serious condition but can be uncomfortable. It also can be an indicator that something else is going on and your cat is not getting all the nutrition he or she needs. With a proper diet and cleaning routine the acne can be very easily handled.

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