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Here’s a little bit about my love😍

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Her name is Mali, which is Thai for “jasmine flower”. I’m active duty Air Force for 21 years. My first two rescued Siamese mix cats traveled the world with me, but both passed from renal failure at 16 and 17 yrs old. I didn’t know the start of their lives, but they obviously had some trauma.

My male Siamese mix was very aggressive, he put 7 people in the hospital, including myself for 5 days from a bite when he was sick in his final year. I loved them both very much, but knew if I wanted to live a more relaxed life and actually have guests over my house without fear of an attack, I needed a kitten that had a gentle temperament…one who I could protect from trauma and travel the world with me.

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After my 17 yr old Siamese passed, I grieved for 1.5 years and then finally decided to look for a new kitten. I researched so many breeds, knowing I needed the sweetest kitten. When I found the Ragdolls, I fell in love! And they looked identical to my Siamese mix!!

I saved and searched for a year while stationed in South Korea on a one year remote deployment and found an amazing breeder in Massachusetts (my home state) called Rhetorical Ragdolls. I immediately put a deposit on a kitten and planned for a Thanksgiving pick up when I’d fly home at the end of my deployment.

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After several tours in Japan and Korea, I knew my baby needed an Asian name because my heart has such a pull towards the kindness of their cultures. Mali just kinda became a sweet option while talking to my friends in Korea.

She was born on 9 September 2016, she’ll be 4 years old this year. I got divorced from my husband of 15 years after Korea, we weren’t able to have kids…so to say this baby kitten is my world would be an understatement.

Since 10 weeks old, she has traveled EVERYWHERE with me for my military job.

She’s very social, absolutely loves kids and strangers. On our travels, she will play with anyone in the hotel hallways when we get our daily exercise after work….including flopping over for a belly rub.

She is a treat monster! This little girl could eat an entire container of Temptations Savory Salmon treats if I let her!! And I’ve never had such a picky eater…she will not eat the same flavor food back to back, she wants variety…but only chicken and turkey flavors. No beef.

She has a few nicknames….Floofy, Floofster, Kitten, Floofinator, Floof. Her coat is unbelievably…Floofy!!, so to keep her comfy in the hot summer’s playing outside, I shave her down myself with professional clippers. Shes not a fan of the shaving…but is 100x happier without all the fur and extra grooming. I just drop treats on the floor the entire time and shes cool with it 🤣🤣.

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We are so bonded, its insane…we have conversations, play chase, hide & seek, fetch, fold laundry, yoga, make the bed…shes gotta sit in my lap in the bathroom🤣🤣… we do everything together…including rides to the store and playing at the beach.

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Shes not a runner…she doesn’t dash for the door, she walks at my feet when getting into the car or coming home. I leave her carrier in the car permanently 🤣🤣. She loves playing games on my ipad and watching bird videos on YouTube.

Her favorite game is Paint for cats, she thinks the mice are under the tablet and sticks her paws underneath. Funny story…at about 1 year old at her check up… I told the Vet I was really worried because shes not a “jumper” like most cats.

She wants to be picked up or held all the time. The Vet looked at me and was like… yea, because you spoil her rotten, so she doesn’t need to jump if mom is gonna pick her up 24/7🤷‍♀️🤣

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  1. ABarletta says:

    Mali is exquisite! I am happy you found a kitty that suits your life style. She is a very good little girl. I can’t get over her traveling the world with you. My cats get car sick in the five minutes it takes to get to the vet! I got a kick out of you worrying about Mali not being much of a jumper. First thing I thought was exactly what your vet said, “why should she, she is probably picked up and fussed over every minute of her day!” And that is as it should be! You both deserve to be pampered. You for your service. Mali for her adorableness.

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