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A cat food bowl or water dish is a staple for any home with cats, but there are good reasons to choose one kind over another, and if you have never shopped specifically for a cat dish you might be surprised about all the options that are available. Pet food and water dishes range from very cheap and basic to higher end and high tech. We have tested and reviewed a wide variety of cat dishes and have several different options in our shop. An important thing to note: cats often prefer their water in a different location from their food dish, so if this is an issue for your kitty, a double water and food dish may not be the best option.

Check out beautiful, heavy glass cat dishes, ceramic cat water fountains that continuously provide fresh water, sealed food bowls that open when your cat approaches to keep food fresh, and pet food mats to save your floor from pet food and water spills or from pushing dishes around the room. Please see our unboxing and review videos for each product to find out if it might be a good fit for you and your kitty. You can also read our blog posts about the products, and even read the comments section on each blog to see what other readers think about the items.

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