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Cat ClimbersThe Litter Spinner is a non-electric litter box. Designed to be both functional and attractive, this litter box is made from recycled material without any plugs, cords or batteries. It provides privacy for any blue lynx mitted Ragdoll with its patented design.

You don’t have to assembly the Litter Spinner. It measures 18" width, 20" height and 14 1/2" deep, and has a 7 1/2" opening for cats weighing up to 25lbs. Easy to move around, the Litter Spinner also reduces cat litter that could get spilled due to digging and bolting of your bicolor Ragdoll during or after use.

You can use any self-clumping cat litter with the Litter Spinner. The entire cleaning cycle takes 20 seconds. After your cat uses the litter box, you only need to turn the handle and the litter gets sifted, leaving the clumps inside the litter tray.

Just remove the litter tray to throw the waste and place the empty litter tray back. The Litter Spinner is once again ready for use.

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