Interview with Emily Walker of Albuquerque Cat Clinic did an Interview with Emily Walker of Albuquerque Cat Clinic. Emily Walker is the owner and operator of Albuquerque Cat Clinic in Albuquerque, NM. Her phone is (505) 323-1460. Her website is

How long have you been a vet?
I graduated from veterinary school in May of 1999.

Why did you want to become a vet?
I knew it is what I wanted to do when I was 7 years old, and just never changed my mind.

What is your favorite type of animal to work with and why?
Obviously kitties – it is all I do =).

What is your most favorite procedure that you do on a cat?
I don’t really have a favorite or least favorite procedure – as long as I am helping a kitty get better, I am pretty happy.

Should a cat be fed wet or dry food or a combination? Why or why not?
I like to feed kittens a combination so that they do not develop a strong texture preference that would prevent us from feeding a therapeutic diet latter in life if we need to. Later on, I prefer canned food for the extra moisture and lower carbohydrate content.

Do pets need their teeth cleaned?
Absolutely. This is one of the number one quality of life issues in older cats, in my opinion.

Is this link pretty accurate of what you have seen in your years as a vet?
Nope – I see cats with dental disease on all kinds of diets, including raw diets, and we do a lot of dentistry.

Is Catnip safe? Why do some cats go crazy with Catnip?
It is definitely safe, but not all cats are genetically made to respond to the chemical in catnip, so not all cats get any enjoyment out of it.

Can you give a pet aspirin?
I would never advise this without current blood tests and a consult with a veterinarian. There are, in general, safer medications in most situations.

Do you recommend a heartworm and flea preventive for cats? Which kind?
Yes, I do. Year around, for every cat. I don’t have a strong preference for brands, but I do not like over the counter medications, as they often contain chemicals that are less safe than those in veterinary-only applications.

Do you prefer to give a kitty herbs or medication?
According to the definition, many herbs are medications =). I prefer to give kitties medications that are proven by scientific research and well designed clinical trials to be the safest and most effective for the problem that I am seeing.

What do you think about declawing a cat?
I know in some cases it saves cats’ lives. It should always be a last resort.

What is your most common complaint about pet owners?
I don’t really have a complaint about pet owners – most of my clients are very open to learning about the ways they can keep their cats healthy and happy, and that is the best I can hope for.

Have you ever wanted a pet owner’s animal for yourself because you loved it so?
I like many of my patients, but I have a full household =).

What diseases can you catch from your cat?
The list is extremely long – this is why I advocate parasite control (heartworm, flea and tick medication) for all cats, and why it is important for your cat to have regular check-ups.

What do you think about pet insurance?
I love it – my only complaint is that more of my clients don’t have it.

Can Music Help Animals?
I doubt there is any data on this, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

If you moved to a new city/town, and were looking for a new vet, what sort of questions would you ask to make sure the vet was a decent vet?
Look for a veterinarian that belongs to associations related to the health needs of your pet – for example, the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the American Veterinary Dental Society, etc., then go visit the clinic and go with your gut. I think most people know within a few minutes if a particular practice fits their definition of a place they want to go back to. I also think that by and large, most veterinarians are decent people who will try to do what is best for your pet – from there, it is just a matter of finding a place that makes you feel comfortable.

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