Top 100 Cat Names

Need some inspiration for naming your new kitty? How about some tried and true favorite cat names? Below are 100 of the top cat names around the world to spark some ideas in your search for unique cat names for your cat’s unique personality.

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The website Find Cat Names pulled from their most selected male and female cat names in 2017 to come up with this cat names list—interestingly, there is a good mix between human names and food related names! The top ten are in order of most searched, and the rest are top searched names in no particular order.

Top Cat Names Female

  1. Bella
  2. Nala
  3. Abby
  4. Luna
  5. Daisy
  6. Angel
  7. J.
  8. Cleo
  9. Alice
  10. Coco
  11. Ali
  12. Fuzzy
  13. Babe
  14. Dottie
  15. Nadia
  16. Hazel
  17. Buttercup
  18. Oreo
  19. Willow
  20. Ava
  21. Paris
  22. Violet
  23. Addison
  24. Princess
  25. Fifi

Top Cat Names Male:

  1. Simba
  2. Tiger
  3. Oreo
  4. Biscuit
  5. Leo
  6. Felix
  7. Chewie
  8. Bacon
  9. Caesar
  10. Jasper
  11. Bear
  12. Archer
  13. Fuzzy
  14. Blitz
  15. Milo
  16. Monet
  17. Whiskers
  18. Blue
  19. Banjo
  20. Jax
  21. Axel
  22. Bandit
  23. Atlas
  24. Max
  25. Tigger

Another great place to look for inspiration for cat names is checking out the top names internationally. For example, “Mimi” is a popular cat name in China and “Mau” is popular in India—both are based on cats’ “meow.” Here are some other favorites from around the world:

Top Cat Names in Australia (2010)

  1. Oscar
  2. Max
  3. Tiger
  4. Sam
  5. Misty
  6. Simba
  7. Coco
  8. Chloe
  9. Lucy
  10. Missy

Top Cat Names in the UK (2006)

  1. Molly
  2. Charlie
  3. Tigger
  4. Poppy
  5. Oscar
  6. Smudge
  7. Millie
  8. Daisy
  9. Max
  10. Jasper

Top Cat Names Quebec

  1. Minou
  2. Grisou
  3. Ti-Mine
  4. Felix
  5. Caramel
  6. Mimi
  7. Pacha
  8. Charlotte
  9. Minette
  10. Chanel

Top Cat Names Germany

  1. Felix
  2. Minka
  3. Moritz
  4. Charly
  5. Tiger (tee-gher)
  6. Eve
  7. Susi
  8. Lisa
  9. Blacky
  10. Muschi

Different names reflect different languages and pronunciations, but it is interesting to see that names like “Tiger” and “Felix” enjoy some universal popularity.

Just for fun, to round out the list of Top 100 Cat names here are the top ten cat names from movies, TV, or comics:

  1. Amelia Gabble (from The Aristocats)
  2. Berlioz (from The Aristocats)
  3. Carlos (from Marmaduke)
  4. Cat (from Peg + Cat)
  5. Chinese Cat (from The Aristocats)
  6. Crookshanks (from Harry Potter)
  7. Diana (from Sailor Moon)
  8. Duchess (from The Aristocats)
  9. Edgar (from The Aristocats)
  10. Fritz (from Fritz the Cat)

Naming a cat is a very personal process, and it is really about what name clicks for you and fits the personality of your kitty. In general, it is good to remember that shorter is better if you want your pet to respond to their name—and even if you pick a long one, you might shorten it anyway! For more tips on finding the right name for your kitty, check out our post “Ragdoll Names: Help Finding the Perfect Kitten’s Name”.

What are your favorite cat names? Where do you look for ideas for Ragdoll cat names? Share inspiration here!

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  1. Super fabulous & pawesome fun post, Jenny! Thanks for the great information & inspiration! My fave kitty name is Miss Pink Sugarbelle…of course! Pink Sugar was her official name by the very lovely breeder we adopted her from. As her purrsonality began to emerge I changed it to Miss Pink Sugarbelle (and Miss PSB for short) as I just found the name fit her very well due to her overall quirky diva-like attitude about everything PLUS she is truly sweet as sugar! Of course, she answers to “Sugar” the best. 🙂 <3ffff

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  2. I’m stunned to learn the name “Prossimo” didn’t make the list!!!

    1. where have you been?! Well, I know how to get your attention next time!

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