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Doctor Zulu as a kittenI am often asked for recommendations of Ragdoll breeders.  I learned long ago not to recommend breeders!  So I let readers do it =).

If you love the breeder that you adopted your Ragdoll cat from, then please post your favorite breeder in the comments section and be sure to include:

  1. Cattery Name
  2. City, State
  3. Country
  4. Website
  5. When you adopted your kitty
  6. Adoption Story

#5 and #6 are important to show the validity of the comment/knowledge.  Otherwise, I think anyone could post the rest.  Thank you!

If you’re on the hunt for recommended breeders – you will also want to check out our page on Bad Ragdoll Breeders.

How to Know if a Cat Breeder is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette

Sharon Shulby of Magnadok Ragdolls shared the following with me:

“In looking for a Ragdoll, please advise people that, first off, Google the cattery and “complaints”. If they have a history of scamming people, keeping their money, not delivering the kitten on the agreed upon date, selling sick kittens, what in the world makes you think they’ll be any better with you? You MUST do due diligence!

Also, ascertain if the parents have been tested for FIV, FeLV and HCM. And the breeder can prove it to the prospective parents. That any breeder who wants to send your kitten home at under 12 weeks old, isn’t doing right by you or the kitten. They get 3 vaccines, at 8, 12, and 16 weeks. I prefer that my breedings are fully vaccinated before they leave here. Also, younger kittens don’t have that time with their parents and littermates to socialize. This is VERY important for the well being of your kitten.

If the parents aren’t registered with FIFe, CFA or TICA, your kitten can’t be registered either. And there’s no guarantee that the kitten is truly a purebred RD.

What I can tell your readers, again, that if they do their homework before buying a RD kitten, there shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck!”

BEWARE! Ragdoll Breeder Scams

Apart from just bad breeders, you have to watch out for scams too – people that pose as Ragdoll breeders or home raised ragdoll kittens, but really are just scam artists.  Here are a few times we have encountered them:

Discussion on Facebook about How to Figure Out if a Breeder is Good or Not

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298 thoughts on “Floppycats’ Reader Recommended Ragdoll Breeders

  1. Tiffany Post says:

    Cattery Name: Holmestead Ragdolls
    City, State: Holly, Colorado
    Country: United States
    Website: https://holmesteadragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: 11/28/2021
    Adoption Story: My boyfriend and I were looking into adopting a ragdoll cat to add to our family and had been looking into getting on a waitlist for kittens. That was until we heard back from Holmestead Ragdolls about a beautiful 3 year old named Delaney looking for a new forever home. I fell in love and I just brought her home this past Sunday. She has been a dream—she’s very gentle, friendly, affectionate and patient. Jan has been a huge help whenever I’ve had questions and always replied in a timely fashion. I highly recommend her as a breeder.

  2. Sherri Labuda says:

    Our family has adopted three Ragdoll kittens from Holmestead Ragdolls https://holmesteadragdolls.com/
    They are located in Holly Colorado. We have adopted two kittens and my adult son has adopted one.
    I had spent a lot of hours on the internet researching breeders and I could not be happier that I found Holmestead Ragdolls. Jan was fast to answer all my questions and ask me questions to make sure we were also a perfect fit. She sent us many updates and pictures until the adoption day for each kitten. We adopted our first sweet girl Bella in May of 2018. In December of 2020 my son decided he loved the breed so much he also adopted his sweet girl Fable from Holmestead Ragdolls. We decided in October to adopt a friend for Bella since she got a long so well with my sons kitten and seemed like she missed Fable when my son brought her back to his house. We then adopted Skye in October of 2021. All three cats are the most precious, sweetest, beautiful, and healthy cats. It all started from the love and care that they received from day one at Holmestead Ragdolls. They love each and every kitten that they raise and make sure they have the perfect home. I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a perfect breeder.

  3. Debbie says:

    Holmestead Ragdolls
    Holly, CO (USA)
    I adopted my Hugo in October of 2014. He is our not-so-little love! He has the epitome of the perfect Raggie temperament: sweet, mellow, patient, and tolerant. He became instant besties with the other feline family members and even the puppy who’d been adopted a couple of months prior. He’s hilarious- he loves to play fetch and to gather any long, thin objects- he will hide pens and makeup brushes under our covers and rugs! He’s 17 lbs but has the tiniest “mew?”. Seven years later he’s healthy and strong and still plays like a kitten. Jan is the best breeder there is.

  4. Lisa says:


    Cattery name: Holmstead Ragdolls
    City, State: Holly, Colorado
    Country: USA
    Website: https://holmesteadragdolls.com/

    When you adopted your kitty August 2020

    Adoption Story: we adopted our sweet kitten from Holmstead Ragdolls, and I have never loved a pet so much. He is the perfect mix of lazy companion and playful goofball. He is amazing with our kids, and other pets. My kids describe him as the most handsome gentleman. After our sweet Biscuit I could never have another cat from anywhere other than Holmstead Ragdolls. The owner is so nice and was great through the whole process. I can’t recommend them enough!

  5. Nev says:

    Looking for a reputable breeder in the New England area, I see the only one with availability on their website is Bayridge Ragdolls in East Greenwich Rhode Island. Looks like their boys and girls come from Europe but they look gorgeous and look legit. Can anyone share any feedback on them? I know there’s a great review from 2017 on Willetterags but they have a year long wait list and I don’t want to wait that long. I’m not planning to breed them, just a pet for my family. Just want to make sure no health issues and so on. Being unable to visit the cattery due to Covid restrictions sucks so any advice would be helpful. Or if anyone can recommend a good one in the New England area and surrounds that would be great. I’m willing to drive up to 5-6 hours out of Boston for a good recommendation.

  6. Denice Fisher says:

    I highly recommend Upstate Ragdolls in Lauren’s,SC. Beth Parker is the breeder. We adopted 2 mitted seal point Ragdoll kittens from her in August, 2021. All of her cats live in her home & she has a special room for her kittens that is loaded with stimulating toys & cat trees.
    Beth was wonderful to work with & patiently & quickly answered all of our questions, pre & post adoption. Our kittens are beautiful & very healthy. I will definitely adopt from her again! Her prices were also less than what most breeders in my state charge.

  7. Judith Moon says:

    I just wanted to pass along a cattery I suspect is a scam..Happy Homr Ragdoll Cattery. I was suspicious of the site right away , they do not have queens or kings and no gallery of past litters. Asking price $850.00. I exchanged a few emails, she sent more pics, but then wanted the entire cost of cat plus money to ship cat. I said no, they came back with how about $500 ? I won’t be buying from them.

  8. Katherine Patton says:

    Our family, (well, ok, me… ) did a lot of research for months during COVID – and we were blessed to find and buy our ragdoll from AngelGirl Ragdolls in Virginia, USA. There email is angelgirl_ragdolls@yahoo.com; and what we found out is that they do require you to fill out their contact form, but if you do, they are immediately responsive. WE ALSO VISITED THEIR HOME AND SAW THEIR RAGDOLLS. It really is just like on their website and their video’s. They have a lovely home that smelled great for a home full of cats! It was a very large yellow house, and they are genuinely nice people. First of all, just check out all of the info on their website. Even if you don’t buy from them, you will get all the info you want (and need) about ragdolls from their website. Also, the kittens that get listed online are their more expensive kittens. They have kittens that never make it onto their site because they sell so fast. This is 2021 and they had kittens from $1800 and up. My research showed that good breeders were all selling above $2200. That’s really the lowest we found for HEALTHY, tested, purebred, registered ragdolls that were raised in a home and not in cages. LOTS of the breeders with cheaper kittens won’t allow visitors and we saw cages when we could visit.
    We picked a gorgeous, big fluffy seal boy we named Milo, and he is super lovable, super cute, very friendly, and acts just like a dog! We were so happy with him we are now looking to get a second kitten from them, and they text us pictures daily. Oh, I forgot to mention that they did provide us references and they all had great things to say. But our kitten says it all. He was well-loved before we got him, and I can’t imagine my life without him now.

  9. Izzy says:

    This site helped me identify a scam– https://ragdollkittenssales.com– right before I sent in my money. So heartless. When I realized it was a scam– they only accept payment from non-purchase protected sources for one– I told my daughter, who burst into tears. At least we didn’t waste any money and are still on the hunt for a ragdoll kitten for our kids. Thank you for your help!

  10. Teresa Carpenter says:

    I recently lost my beautiful ragdoll three weeks ago. My husband and I brought her with us from Indianapolis to Pooler, Ga. We got her as a kitten in 2008. She settled quickly into her new surroundings, but on June 28,she died next to me. Lulu was 13 years old. I have been browsing for honest ragdoll breeders in Georgia. If anyone knows someone, please let me know.

  11. Kristie Casay says:

    Hi. My name is Kristie and I am proud to give you all the information on my Ragdoll Breeder which I love. My Ragdolls are Daisy and Lacy.

    1. Breeder name – Sweet as Candi Ragdolls/Candi
    2. Chino Hills, California
    3. USA
    4. http://www.sweetascandiragdolls.com
    5. Adoption date/gotcha date 07/11/2020 – Daisy and Lacy
    6. Story…

    I have always wanted a Ragdoll since 1992 and by 2018, I had spent close to a year talking to breeders and searching the internet until I came across Candi from Sweet as Candi Ragdolls. Candi and I spent a good year corresponding back and forth until she sent me the video that would change my life forever. Her Queen- Daphne a Blue Point Ragdoll along with King- Alaska a Flame Point Ragdoll had a litter of seven babies for me to choose from. I was looking for a Tortie Ragdoll and sure enough, this combo was a hit. I remember the day of 07/11/2020 like it was yesterday. I picked Candi up from the airport with Daisy and Lacy in toe. I was so excited and Candi spent the weekend with me at my home. I showed her around my town and had dinner and we were practically up the entire night watching movies, playing with Daisy and Lacy and gossiping like best friends. I was sad to see her go back home but we are definitely planning on seeing each other again for a family gathering. Candi and I talk almost every day and I send her pictures and videos of Daisy and Lacy. I can honestly say that Candi is now part of my family and we plan to see each other again very soon. – Kristie

  12. Dawn Carpenter says:

    The best breeder we found is Bluegrass Rags in Winchester, Kentucky. Please check out their Facebook page.

  13. Michelle says:

    For breeders in the UK…
    Unfortunately the breeder where our cats came from has now retired her cats, however, The British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC) lists reputable breeders on their website and offers guidance to avoid being scammed.


    I believe they update this list regularly and remove breeders if they do not follow the guidelines. They also occasionally, in unfortunate circumstances, re-home Ragdoll cats.

    Our cats are pure bred Ragdolls and have GCCF papers. For UK people looking to buy a pure bred it is possible they could be registered with TICA papers or GCCF papers. I hope this helps someone as we had no idea there were such organisations having never owned a cat before.

  14. Semana Zhang says:

    I know this is an old post but does anyone know any reputable or good breeders in NY/NJ area? I’m having so much trouble screening these breeders or they’re charging 3K for a kitten. Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

  15. Jan says:

    Dazzling Ragdolls of Baltimore, Agata Brown
    Mount Airy, Maryland, USA
    http://www.dazzlingragdolls.com (website)
    https://www.facebook.com/dazzlingragdolls/ (Facebook)
    Adopted 8/15/2020

    For over 20 years we searched off and on for a Ragdoll. We believe in ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ and tried the rescue route on 2 separate occasions. Those attempts were unsuccessful. (In both instances we requested a ‘foster-to-adopt’ agreement with the understanding that, if things didn’t work out, we could return them.)

    About a year ago we started searching for a reputable Ragdoll breeder in earnest. Angle Girl Ragdoll (Washington, D.C. Metro area) was one site we researched. I sent 2 emails over the course of a few months asking about available kittens. There was no response to either email. Since their website indicated deposits were non-refundable, I wanted to learn more about the kittens, parents, etc., prior to submitting a deposit. I did complete their application so they’d have information about our home and us. In addition to the lack of response and their current prices (start at $3,200 and go up to $7,000), they feed (and require adopters to feed) their cats what I consider poor quality food.

    I sent an email to Jazzmania Ragdoll (near Lancaster, Pennsylvania) inquiring about their kittens. We received a timely response – albeit not the one we wanted to hear: she wasn’t breeding at the time. She recommended we look at Dazzling Ragdolls of Baltimore (Maryland).

    We almost didn’t contact that cattery because of some negative comments/reviews found on the Internet. Thankfully the breeder had provided responses which eased our concerns. At the same time, I came across the Floppy Cats website and asked for Jenny’s input regarding the various catteries I found on-line. Jenny was very helpful

    We contacted Agata and learned she had moved from Baltimore and much closer to us. She went above and beyond by answering all of our questions whether they were via email, phone or Facebook messenger. We also learned she keeps late hours, often communicating with me at midnight or later. We sent a deposit and were put on her wait list: number 37. Agata provided an estimated date of early to mid-October based upon what we were looking for.

    Agata sent us pictures and descriptions of 3 available kitties in July. They didn’t have the look we had initially requested but there was one we couldn’t resist. Covid issues prevented us from meeting mom, dad and kitty in person but Agata felt any of them would be a match to our request for an affectionate lap kitty. The health guarantee covers any hereditary/ congenital issues for 1 year, HCM for 2 years FIP for 6 months. Our baby came neutered, socialized and litter box and scratching post trained!

    Two weeks after bringing our kitty home he was terribly injured by our Golden Retriever. (He’s doing fine now.) When we notified Agata not only was she very supportive and understanding, she requested that we keep her posted and continues to ask how he’s doing.

    • Heather says:

      I read this post and could relate to a lot of what you wrote. I too prefer adopt don’t shop. And was lucky to get my first Ragdoll as a surrender at the shelter I was volunteering at 12 years ago. I was lucky. Because searching for another is difficult and exhausting. But after reading your post today, I decided to reach out to Dazzling Ragdolls. I’m so happy I did. I spoke with Agata tonight and plan to put down a deposit tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to write your post. It gave me hope and hopefully a new Kitty soon !

  16. Daina Moore says:

    Cattery Name: Mt. Cheam Ragdolls Cattery of Excellence
    City, State: Chilliwack, British Columbia
    Country: Canada
    Website: https://mtcheamragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: June 19th, 2020
    Adoption Story: My husband and I lost both of our senior tabby female cats at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am a nurse and everyday my grief was enormous, compounded by the stress of working in the healthcare frontlines. The day that Rhonda from Mt. Cheam Ragdolls replied to my email about getting on her waiting list was a MIRACLE. It took a few weeks but eventually it was my family’s turn to choose our Ragdoll baby. He is beautiful and the light of my life. I still miss my female babies but he is helping my healing tremendously. He is very clean, litter box trained, on a healthy Royal Canin kitty diet and I also received a kitten passport for health and a care package with trial health insurance. As a nurse, I am very picky about cleanliness and infection control, and of course I am very careful to use all COVID-19 physical distancing precautions. Mt. Cheam Ragdolls made the exchange of the kitten so safe and I was comforted by that. We named him Jasper, which means “little treasurer”. He is a very loving, sweet, and beautiful baby boy Ragdoll. He missed the cattery so much when we first brought him home. When I saw the Instagram page for Mt. Cheam Ragdolls, I immediately knew why my baby was so sad. The cattery is so amazing, large and a cat paradise with a crate, cat towers, shelves on the wall, toys. I have a large crate set up in my living room, so I hope he likes that when he is ready. I was told who Jasper’s parents are so I could see their pictures. That is so neat. I have never seen “parent” pictures for any of my previous pets. Ragdolls are an investment but are so worth it! Our baby boy Jasper is the most special blessing and treasure of the 2020 pandemic! Thank you to Mt. Cheam Ragdolls! 5 stars and highly recommended for the best Ragdoll breeder experience. ~ Daina and Chris Moore, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

  17. Minna says:

    Has anyone adopted kittens from either Smoky Mountain Ragdolls (Shane Burton) in Indiana (previously Tennessee) or Blue Gem Ragdolls (Mary Eagle Horse) in Ohio? or know of their reputation? Smoky Mountain has mixed google reviews and I am having a hard time finding reviews for Blue Gem.
    Thanks in advance!

  18. Robin says:

    San Diego-Los Angeles

    I think this post is old, but worth a shot. Has anyone heard about Doll Villa Ragdolls in La Habra Heights, CA (Los Angeles) area? Website is professional and breeder is Lauren Tan, who definitely shows her Ragdolls, many who are CFA Grand Champions. However I can’t find any online reviews good or bad. Anyone have feedback?


    • Jo says:

      Hi – I am also in the search for Ragdoll kittens in So Cal area. Just wondering if you did go with Doll VIlla? I am researching about them and a few other ones (Ruby Ridge, Ragbencher, Creekcats, Rock Creek). Perhaps you can let me know who else you have tried and ended up with.

  19. Emily Gallina says:

    1. Cattery Name – Arizona’s House of Rags
    2. Location – Waddell, AZ
    3. United States of America
    Breeder: Kathleen Nickeson

    We adopted our little ragdoll kitten very recently. My boyfriend and I just moved out to the Phoenix area and knew we wanted to adopt a ragdoll kitten as soon as possible. I googled ragdoll kitten breeders in the Phoenix area and Kathleen Nickeson immediately had a fantastic website, great information, and a good feeling overall. I decided to call her and ask about available kittens, the adoption process, general meeting and what it’s like, etc.

    Kathleen was more than happy to answer all questions, she had a litter due very soon and another one she was hoping for shortly after. We scheduled an appointment to go meet her and her babies. When you walk into her home, you can immediately sense that the cats are happy and are properly taken care of. The cats roam around freely, no cages, lots of toys, tons of room to play and walk around, food and water, all the essentials. She went over the adoption process, spay & neuter included, vet care, shots, quality of her cats, great health, etc. Kathleen is a fantastic breeder, very knowledgeable, and never pressured us into anything. She let us make our own decision.

    We now have our little ragdoll kitten home and it has been an incredible experience with him so far. Our kitten is healthy, Kathleen provided all our vet information in a nice booklet to have, and is readily available with any questions. Being new cat parents, we have had many questions. She’s happy to answer anything and everything. Would 100% recommend Kathleen from Arizona’s House of Rags for a healthy ragdoll kitty.

  20. Schuyler D. says:

    Hello! Recently we attempted to purchase an adorable blue lynx mink female kitten from a Ragdoll breeder in Canada, but we were sadly unable to obtain her because of border closures. I was just wondering if any of you might know of a Cattery near Upstate NY that might have an available kitten that will be ready to go soon? We would be fine with $1,500 or less if includes spay/neuter, and our max would be $1,000 if does not include spay/neuter. We are heartbroken to lose the kitten we tried so hard to bring across the border but we are going to have to look for some more options in New York or the surrounding states, so… here I am!

    • Jenny says:

      We might have a better responses if we slap this up on our Facebook page….sorry about your kitten – what a bummer. Please let me know if you want me to put it on our Facebook page. Best if I post it for you and send you the link.

    • Hazel says:

      Please protect the ragdoll breed. Minks are not ragdolls. Yes. They were part of the results of creating the breed but the creator, Ann Baker, did not have minks as her ultimate standard of what makes a ragdoll. Note a white angora was used to create ragdolls…is a white angora a ragdoll? No. Only part of the making of a ragdoll.
      A ragdoll IS….read carefully. Ragdolls ARE a pointed breed. Minks are NOT (not point- not white) POINTED cats have blue eyes. MINKS DO NOT – green aqua coloring some even amber, I seen.
      This is marketing strategy and in no way are minks rare. I will explain what is rare. A male tortoiseshell (of any breed). Why? Because this is by random not by breeding selection (mink x mink = mink, why because they are the un wanted characteristics during the making of a ragdoll, not perfected yet. The end ultimate goal and when finished, you got a pointed cat with no undercoat unlike a mink) Minks can be created by selection, your guaranteed the result. Rare traits are those that are out of your control like a male tortoiseshell which is 1 in 3000 changes amongst the tortoiseshell lines (in ragdolls too) it is more difficult to find a red(flame) female than it is to find a mink which contradicts the ragdoll standard. If a ragdoll association brings in mink supporters to change the breed by adding minks to the standard, ragdolls would no longer be a pointed breed and would ruin the blood line by backing tracking to before Ann perfected the pointed ragdoll.

      Unfortunately, floppy cats article is misleading. She may not of had enough information during her research. But its very simple. Even if someone is a cat except with little knowledge of minks. . . Minks are not pointed or Blue-eyed. Not ragdoll.

      They were produced during the unfinished creations of the ragdoll. Like baking…a mink is a recipe with missing ingredients. The recipe wasn’t finished. Is cake batter a cake if it hasn’t been baked. Its simply bake batter and no one wants gooy smlime batter for their birthday. Unfinished. But in selective breeding, its the removal if trait that do not contribute to the end result. finished the minks was filtered out because this was not the goal of what a ragdoll is or was planned to be.

      Reference this link to learn more, originall post from Desi:

  21. Aliwinsmore says:

    I’m looking to adopt my first ragdoll baby. Has anyone heard of “My champion heart ragdolls” from Michigan? Any help would be appreciated!

    • Eunice Zhu says:

      At My champion heart ragdolls, the deposit you put done might not secure a kitten for you. A friend of mine was just been told that the kitten she reserved is no longer available to her after she prepared all the kitten supplies and ready to welcome the kitten home. The breeder insists that she reserve the right to withdraw from the transaction without giving a reason.

      • Hazel says:

        Hello Eunice,
        I believe you have been misinformed base on your post. I value your support for your friend but the information is misleading or dishonest.

        Your friend did not receive a kitten from me. That is true. .. She was on a waiting list (at the time a deposit was required to join the waiting list) she did NOT have a kitten reserved.

        All kittens are required to be evaluated at 10+ weeks of age and required a Purchase Agreement to officially be reserved. Your friend did not have this. I paid her deposit back, which took time due to her refusal to provide her info to send her deposit back the same method she paid. I remember she states she was entitled to the kitten she wanted, without considering breeders have first choice, simply because I still had her deposit. She did not have a kitten reserved, no purchase agreement signed. She passed on every kitten which were offered to the next person. Eventually she cooperated with me in regards to her deposit.

        I was waiting on development for one kitten she was doubtful and complaining about her too. Nearly demanding me how to raise my own kitten. Saying I need to play more with her or whatnot base on a video that is public on my YouTube channel. Note, kitten wasn’t reserved, too young and underdeveloped. She was under evaluation. The kitten development was improving (she was born a runt and was fading) but I decided to keep.

        Your friend did have a reason and the whole negative review on fb was base on the reason why she didn’t get a kitten. That part of your post is sadly either dishonest on your part or you were mislead by your friend.

        Your friend’s review is visible to the public posted on fb @MCHRagdolls with screenshots of the conversation we had, posted by your friend, to include her friends comments, similar to yours, people I never spoke to before her post.

        She wanted to negotiate with threats after letting her know I was keeping the runt kitten. I refused to work with threats. I wont ever allow someone to manipulate me with threats.

        I couldn’t meet her expectations, its as simple as that. I pushed to receive her info to refund the deposit. Eventually she got her deposit back.

        I later got word she purchase a kitten at nearly double my low price to her (only). Was told she was complaining about that kitten too.

        The kitten I was encouraging her to buy is named Larkin, now Simba. He is beautiful with dark blue eyes. But the dark coloring under his eye was a complaint she had. She sent me a screenshot with outlines of his imperfections. After not reserving him, he was offered to a next person.
        She was presented with others that didn’t meet expectations.

        Out of all the kittens, he had the best eye color and a beautiful expression. I felt he would have been a good match. Beautiful with dark blue eyes.

        If someone is looking for perfection, I’m not the breeder to look for. If someone is looking for “perfectly-imperfect” I can work with that.




  22. Lisa Daniszewski says:

    Cattery – Sweet Shoppe Ragdolls
    City, State – North Ridgeville, Ohio
    Country – USA
    Website – http://www.sweetshopperags.com
    When my daughter and I got our kitten – We adopted our sweet girl Coconut about a week ago
    Adoption Story – I have wanted a Ragdoll for many, many years, but with there being so many cats in shelters, I usually ended up adopting older cats. My almost ten year old daughter really wanted a kitten that she could help raise. She has been through a lot the last couple of years – loss of her grandfather, I moved us for a job, new school, etc. so I thought this would be a good time to get a kitten. I researched some local breeders, and no one had any kittens available. On a whim late one night, I came across an ad for a female Ragdoll kitten, and sent a message. The next morning I received a really nice message in return telling me all about her and tons of pictures. We then spoke on the phone and she was such a lovely woman, I made arrangements to pick her up in a few days. When I got there I was so pleasantly surprised. Her cats are raised in her home as beloved pets (I still want her secret on how she kept her house so clean and gorgeous). Our kitten (Coconut) was so silly and sweet, and immediately ran up to us. She provided me detailed information about her cattery, how to properly take care of her, all of the vet paperwork including the vet’s business card in the event my vet needed to call him, and she provided me with a really nice care package with some food, litter, and her favorite toys to get us started. My sweet girl was well socialized, litter trained, super healthy and happy (oh and I had never had a purebred cat so she explained all about how that process works and provided the necessary paperwork to me.) I have her phone number so if I have any questions I can email or call her anytime, and I send her pictures so she knows that she is loved and well cared for. Sweet Shoppe Ragdolls (and Lisa) is the type of cattery/breeder you hope you can find and is 100% just all about loving the breed and wanting to share that with others. Huge detail to not leave out – she
    DNA tests for HCM, so I know Coconut does not have the gene for this horrible disease. I am not sure if she ships or not, but if you are in Ohio or close state, and are wanting a Ragdoll kitten raised with love, attention, and the utmost care, I could not recommend them enough. She was the last of her litter (it was meant to be from the start – she was reserved but the person never picked her up or returned/answered any calls) or we would have gotten two, but we definitely plan on getting another when she has more kittens. We love our sweet girl so much!!

  23. jeannie says:

    Hello all,
    I live in Northern CA. Does anyone have any recommendations for reputable Ragdoll breeders on the west coast or nearby? I am so afraid of getting scammed by a bad breeder. It’s so important to me that any kitten or retired Ragdoll cat is healthy and well socialized and happy. Any recommendations other than going through TICA and CFA’s website is appreciated. I don’t think there website works very well with finding registered catteries. The search engine seems a bit buggy. Some of the websites of the catteries listed have not been updated. Looking forward to getting any leads.

  24. Cora McCaine says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been searching for a breeder in B.C. , Canada, and narrowed down to 2 breeders. The first one, Victoria Ragdoll, seems to have good reviews. But I can’t find any reviews/comments on the second one, Mt. Cheam Ragdolls. Has anyone had any experience with this breeder? I would really appreciate any input.

    Thank you!

  25. Sherry169 says:

    Hello Everyone –
    I am looking for a good Ragdoll Breeder in the CT/MA/RI area. I have googled some but would like to hear from my Floppycat brethren as to experiences. A must is healthy happy kittens and screening for HCM. I have recently lost my baby to HCM and I know how long it takes to find a good breeder, so starting now on the research for when I am whole again and can set out on the quest.
    Thank you all for any input

    • Heather says:

      Hi @sherry169, I know you posted this a few years ago but just wondering if you ever found a breeder in the New England area that you would recommend. Our 3-1/2 year old Ragdoll just died a few days ago, completely unexpectedly. The vets think it was a pulmonary embolism from what I told her happened, but with all the posts on here of Ragdolls with HCM , who knows if it was that. How did you know yours had it? Mine had no symptoms of anything being wrong but suddenly died right in front of us 🙁

      • Sheila says:

        so sorry for your loss Heather 🙁 it’s always hard, esp when that young. Did you buy your kitten from a breeder in MA? I bought my Bailey in 2002, from a breeder in the Cape, Leona I think was her name. I forget the name of the cattery but I got papers, etc..and Bailey lived to be 18 yrs old, had to put him down in Sept of this year also, kidney disease. He had a really healthy long life though, never had issues til the last 8 mths of his life. I’m also looking for another kitten in the MA area. They’re so expensive now. When I got Bailey he was $600, looks like cost is doubled if not triple to get from a reputable breeder. There’s a breeder in TX looking for $700 but I read really bad reviews, so I’ll stay away, plus I don’t want to have a kitten flewn to me on a plane.

      • Marcy Stemm says:

        Oh Heather…my heart goes out to you. Our rescue Ragdoll sickened and was gone within 4 hours on June 2. He exhibited no symptoms until 4 am when he had trouble breathing, miaowed piteously and could not stand up or walk. We rushed him to emergency vet who did tests quickly and informed us bloodclots in the heart broke off and traveled to his lungs and back legs, paralyzing him. She said it was HCM and nothing could help but to anesthetize him because it was suffering terribly. Our baby boy was held by his daddy, my husband, who talked to him and rubbed under his chin.Shermie started purring and opened his eyes. Then he was anesthetized. Our hearts are broken. He did not have a heart murmur and HCM went undetected. Nothing could be done for him. I am so sorry you lost your baby. I’m still in shock over Shermie’s sudden death. As a rescue kitten, he was unidentified as a ragdoll…they are totally white until they begin to mature.paid $100 for him. In looking around to try and “replace him” I am stunned by the prices. He was a seal, mitted. His points and markings were perfect!! He was with us 11 years. His quality runs between 3,000 and 5,500 dollars nowadays. We can’t afford that and there’s no guarantee our next ragdoll wouldn’t suddenly die from HCM . Apparently one can test for the HCM gene but it’s still not a guarantee.
        I hope you find, or have found, another furface to love. ❤

  26. Tory Hamilton says:

    Cattery Name: Angel Girl Ragdolls
    City, State: Fairfax, Virginia
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.AngelGirlRagdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: April and June of 2018
    Adoption Story: I’m a college student in Virginia from Dallas Texas. I loved the website these folks had and they also were very responsive to my texts and phone calls, so I scheduled a visit. There home (inside and outside) is viewable on their website and it was just like the pictures… a big yellow Victoria farmhouse close to DC. The house was beautiful and clean, but more importantly I liked the couple. They were very friendly and helpful.

    I met with many of their cats just wandering about that came up to get petted while I visited with some of the available kittens they had. All of the cats and kittens looked healthy and clean, and there were lots of different colors and patterns to look at. I chose a kitten that is now a big part of my life, Maia, and she was not too expensive, I think. She was $950 in 2018. Some of their cat were a lot more expensive, but I wasn’t in the market for a show cat or a rare color.

    Best of all, they contacted me later to check in on how we were doing, and they offered a lot of good advice. Their website has a lot of good info too, which I appreciated. My kitten came with a carrier, liner, toys, dry food, a can of wet food, papers, a pedigree, and some papers for my vet.

    When I went back home to Dallas in the summer my parents fell in love with Maia, and so they bought a kitten from AngelGirl Ragdolls too. This time the wife flew with the kitten to Texas because she has family in Austin and loves to bring kittens to Texas. They didn’t charge extra for the shipping, (It was about $180 in 2018.) Both my parents and I have loving and healthy ragdolls, and since I visited their house, I thought people might appreciate hearing about it.

  27. indyragmom says:

    Cattery Name: Blossom Ragdolls, Dana Pendergraph breeder
    City, State: Dallas, TX
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.blossomragdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: July 2018
    Adoption Story: We did a lot of research when we decided to get Ragdolls. Blossom Ragdolls impressed us with their beautiful, award-winning cats who are DNA tested, plus Dana’s extensive work with TICA, her long experience as a breeder and her amazing passion for Ragdolls. We liked that she had so much information on her website and extensive photos of her cattery. Even though we live 1400 miles from Dallas, we filled out a kitten application. Dana called the next morning and we knew it was a perfect fit! She kept us informed every step of the way, sent us weekly videos and photos of the kittens, and offered advice about traveling by plane with our new baby. We got a beautiful, healthy Ragdoll who is sweet and floppy 🙂 We highly recommend Blossom Ragdolls-definitely worth the trip to Dallas for us!

  28. cthompson022 says:

    Cattery Name: Moore’s Mountain Rags
    Location: Mountain Home, Arkansas
    Country: USA
    Adopted: May 6, 2018
    I got in contact with Christy and Terry Moore they were very sweet and responded quickly to me. Sent pictures of the kitten to me. They are TICA certified and have HCG/ FIV/ FeLuk negative or normal breeding cats. They met me more than half way for pick up and had enough food to tranisition my kitty to her new food. They told me about the Cattery and stories about my kittens parents, Lilly and Walter anout their personalities. She does allow people to visit the Cattery. I felt it was a nice experience with a breeder this was my first time getting a purebred animal and a Ragdoll.

  29. indyragmom says:

    Cattery Name: Keepurrs Ragdolls, Christie Lyons breeder
    Country: USA (Northern Kentucky)
    Website: http://www.keepurrs.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: March 27, 2018
    Adoption Story: Our other cat was entering the final stages of kidney disease, so we started researching ragdoll breeders, hoping to get on someone’s list for a future litter. Based on recommendations from this website, we found Keepurrs Ragdolls. Just looking at Christie’s cats on her website you can see how beautiful they are, plus she checked all the boxes (tested HCM, FIV, FELV negative, 1-year genetic guarantee, raised/socialized underfoot, actively showing her cats to insure breed standard, championship lines, etc.) We filled out a kitten application and much to our surprise, Christie responded right away that she had a male seal bicolor available! We said yes and in three days, brought our new boy home. He is absolutely gorgeous and everything the ragdoll breed is advertised to be. Christie is very professional. Her website clearly explains everything and she provided us with some food, toys and a packet with health records, testing results, pedigree, TICA registration papers and other helpful information. We love our sweet Kalani and highly recommend Christie and Keepurrs Ragdolls!

    Reply to this comment

  30. Noel Barnes Taylor says:

    Cattery Name: Kikiragdolls, Tracey L Thebout, breeder
    City, State: Batavia, Ohio
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.kikiragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: Raggs in August 2016 and his half-sister Kiki in June 2017.
    Adoption Story:
    Raggs: https://www.floppycats.com/raggs-ragdoll-of-the-week.html
    Kiki: https://www.floppycats.com/kiki-ragdoll-of-the-week.html
    Love Kikiragdolls Cattery, breeder Tracey L Thebout! Both my Ragdolls, Raggs and Kiki, came from Kikiragdolls. They are healthy, funny, athletic, and full of personality. I highly recommend Tracey!

  31. GashleyKate says:

    Cattery Name: Cats by Francy
    City, State: Lafayette, LA
    Country: US
    Website: catsbyfrancy.com
    When you adopted your kitty: 1/15/2018
    Adoption Story: Francy had an open house where you could come in and look at the living quarters, meet the sires and dames, and interact with the kittens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go because I had the flu, but she allowed my husband to turn on Facetime, so I got the virtual tour. These cats and kittens are not only well cared for, but are pampered beyond belief! It looks as though she has completely tailored the house and grounds to suit the cats rather than the humans. The place was immaculate and at one point I remarked that it looked like the happiest place on earth. Francy was very thorough in explaining what vaccinations had been given and when the kitten should see the vet and what shots she needs, etc. She gave us a packet of new kitten information (feeding, bathing, houseplants, etc.). She was kind enough to follow up a few days after the adoption to see how our kitten was getting on. She’s a lovely lady and it is obvious that she cares about every cat in her care. Also, while the website is a little “loud” I loved looking at the pictures of families with their new kittens. We’ve had “Kensie” a little over a month now and she has passed all her vet visits with flying colors and is a healthy, happy baby girl.

  32. suzannamaya says:

    Hello. I highly recommend American Ragdolls in Missouri. The website is americanragdolls.net. We adopted/purchased our new kitten named Grace (blue pointed mitted female) from them a few weeks ago. The owner, Stacy, has been wonderful. Grace is the third ragdoll kitten we have purchased. Previously, we had a very unfortunate, sad experience when we purchased our first ragdoll kitten from a Massachusetts breeder. Being a TICA member alone does not necessarily indicate the breeder is ethical. Anyway, back to our wonderful experience…… we decided to open up our search to other parts of the country and we are so glad we did as this is how we found Stacy at American Ragdolls in Missouri! The breeder is inspected by the USDA regularly and is licensed to ship kittens by air. They have a pair of seal mitted siblings- male and female- available now- and I would absolutely adopt them if I could convince my spouse that we should have 4 cats! It is such a leap of faith deciding on a breeder so I really wanted to share my experience. Best wishes to you all.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi I just found this site and am seeking New England area breeders. Could you share the name of the breeder from MA with whom you had a bad experience? I’m trying to figure out which breeder to work with and suss out ones that experienced RD owners would or would not recommend. Ty!

    • Trisha says:

      I know this is old, but yes. Very familiar. She used to be in NC. Scottie Cone and Rags2Riches was the cattery we got our Mikasa from in 2016. She had just retired to Ms and flew back to NC with a few kittens to deliver to their new families. She was wonderful and has remained in contact since.

  33. 7107 says:

    Can someone recommend a canadian breeder? I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect kitten for my daughter as a christmas present and 3 weeks later, i’m still nowhere

  34. Amanda Aubrey says:

    Can anyone recommend a breeder in Nevada? I’m looking to put a deposit on a december-january kitten. A baby that will be ready to come home march or April.

  35. Sher Murdoch says:

    Cattery name: Kelowna Ragdolls

    Cattery name: Kelowna Ragdolls
    City: Peachland, B.C.
    Country: Canada
    Email address: Kelownaragdolls@gmail.com
    Breeder: Pam
    Adopted: June 2017
    Terrific breeder, loves all her cats. Well taken care of, socialization skills are excellent.
    Parents of her Ragdolls are genetically good. Pam has always responded both before,
    and after the adoption of our kitten, she is always there for you. Believe me, I have bombarded her with emails, and she always replies. She has been super. We are
    fortunate to have found her, and our newest family member from her!

  36. ajc says:


    I got a kitten from Marilyn (Ragalong Ragdolls), which I was in complete and utter love with. I had asked to see photos of her mom and dad (numerous times) as they were not updated on her website. Marilyn kept giving excuses and only ever provided one of her dad (which took a while) I still don’t have one of her mom. Just before my kitten turned 6 MONTHS of age she died a very very sudden and tragic death from a heart attack. We tried to help her and were on our way to emergency but she passed away in the car as her heart was just not strong enough. I told Marilyn what had happened, she said this NEVER happens, that all her adult cats are very healthy and get checked routinely/get ultrasounds to ensure they don’t have any defects. I was never provided with these records nor the names of the vet hospitals she takes them to. She said shes only ever lost one cat to a heart attack.

    She said she would get me a replacement kitten ASAP. I waited for months and months. My kitten died mid Oct 2016 and I finally called Marilyn and asked her how much longer I would have to wait in January 2017 as I was seeing her posts on her page of people thanking her for their kittens.
    My friend who also ordered a kitten from her AFTER mine died was offered a kitten before me. She said I was at the bottom of the list. My husband called and she finally offered us one. I absolutely adore our new kitten (we also don’t have a photo of his mom either) BUT I found out that he has a grade 2 heart murmur. Something she should have disclosed to me as she had him neutered and vets normally do a quick check/listen of the heart before putting an animal under general anesthetic. Now I worry everyday that something could happen to him as well. Today I met a woman whos parents got two radgolls from Marilyn and both kittens DIED before the age of 1. She did not go into detail as this was still obviously a very delicate subject.

    DO NOT TRUST THIS BREEDER. I believe she’s only init for the money and not for the love of the cats.

  37. Barbara says:


    I’m in Massachusetts and would like to adopt a Ragdoll Kitten from a very reputable breeder in New England. Any current recommendations would be really appreciated! Thanks!

  38. Robin Owens says:

    Cattery Name: Springvale Dolls
    City, State: Brandon, Wisconsin
    Country: USA
    Website: http://springvaledolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: December 2016
    Adoption Story: I adopted my girl to be an emotional support animal, and I love her. When I went to pick her up there were a bunch of little kittens running around and the breeder, Cindy, was absolutely lovely! My poor kitty was teething when I picked her up and Cindy was quick to help me, sending me home with medicine to help stop her digestive issues and with homemade food. It was clear to me immediately that she loved these cats and that they were well cared for, and she was clearly knowledgeable about what she was doing. She took the time to walk me through the papers I was signing and educated me about vaccines, and answered every one of my questions. Abby has had kitten-related health issues, but is a loving and playful and energetic little kitten, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her immediately. Couldn’t recommend her more!

    • dnasmyth says:

      This is my cattery. I have been operating since 2015 and have had 6 litters during that time. I likely don’t have any reviews because I’m new. I’m happy to provide references if you are interested in a kitten. I also have a Facebook page for the cattery where you can see pictures and hear from other owners.

    • stratusphr says:

      Better late than never, but I saw this and had to reply to your question. We picked up our second Ragdoll, Gus, from Dawn @ Bee Cave Ragdolls on March 23rd. Dawn is second to none! Our first boy, Pi, was a ‘retired’ breeder, we got him Oct 2017. He was two years old. Dawn had also shown Pi. She does not keep these cats and breed them for years. All that I know of (our daughter got a 2 yr old female breeder) are young enough to go to a home and be a good pet. Gus is our first kitten, he was born on Christmas day, 2018. I followed him and his five litter-mates on the Bee Cave FB page, from birth!!! They are extremely socialized. They start ‘lap kitten training’ at four weeks. There are pictures posted of the kittens once a week, sometimes there will be additional cute pictures. After a certain age, the kittens sleep in the bed with them or one of the children. Gus has slept with us from day one. Pi and Gus are very friendly and loving. With a Bee Cave kitten, you’ll get: TICA and CFA Registrations , a health certificate from a veterinarian. Your kitten will be neutered or spayed, and micro chipped. The kitten will have had FVRCP Vaccinations (2 sets of shots), wormed twice. Your baby will have a 2-yr genetic health guarantee. These babies were clearly loved, and handled. I have no reservations about recommending Bee Cave Ragdolls. Oh, and she ONLY breeds traditional blue eyed Ragdolls, which was important to me.

  39. Annie Ryden says:

    1. Cattery Name Blue Eyed QTPies
    City, State Roseville, MN
    Country USA
    Website http://www.blueeyedqtpies.com/
    When you adopted your kitty January, 2017
    Adoption Story I adopted Teddy from Blueeyedqtpies in January of this year. I have been very happy with the experience. Amy was wonderful and I was impressed with her experience and the way that she raised her kittens. I would recommend her cattery to anyone looking for a ragdoll cat.

    • Maggie Saylor Patrick says:

      Hi! Do you have Amy’s contact information? I tried to submit the contact form on her website but it doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks!

    • DeidreC says:

      If you haven’t already gotten your Ragdoll, you should definitely check out Willetteragdol.com. They have a great breeding program and are highly reputable. Healthy, uncaged and well socialized Raggies. Good Luck!!

  40. rachelw says:

    Pinkerton Ragdolls (Stephanie Ingram)
    Monroe, Georgia
    United States of America
    Date of Adoption: 10/22/2016

    My boyfriend got me my first Ragdoll kitten, Kaki, for my birthday. He included me in the process to make sure I got a kitten that “chose” me and would have a great bond to. After doing some research, I immediately knew Pinkerton Radgolls was the place I would be receiving my new baby from shortly after entering her website. I cannot say enough good things about Stephanie Ingram and Pinkerton Ragdolls. Kaki is the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever been around. She came home and immediately was acclimated to our home- she slept in my arms her whole first night. That was a shock to me because I was expecting her to be timid for a couple of days. Kaki was extremely healthy and happy when she arrived home. She had proper care, was healthy, had no fleas, and was extremely friendly. I know cats are born with their own personality, but I give some credit to Stephanie for taking such great care of my baby. I can truly say I don’t know if Kaki would be the same if she was born with a different breeder. I received my cat soulmate from Pinkerton Ragdolls, and for that, I will always be grateful to Stephanie.

    I have a review posted on her Google account, but will post it below to emphasize my fondness of Pinkerton Ragdolls.

    “Anyone in search of a cattery to purchase a Ragdoll kitten/cat from- look no further than Pinkertons! Stephanie Igram and her husband produce nothing but beautiful, true-to-breed, well tempered angels. Making this her career, I believe, Stephanie gives as much love as her heart could possible hold into her cats, her cattery, and her future kittens. She researches and executes only the best care methods in her cattery- creating the healthiest of healthy kittens. She treats each of her kittens, kings, and queens with love as she wants nothing but the best for her and your babies. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! If you ever visit Pinkertons, you will know exactly what I am talking about because it is not hard to see how much she cares about what she does and her precious cats. I came out with my dream kitten- coat pattern and temperament. I have visited Pinkertons twice- once to pick out my kitten and then again to bring her home. The house is very clean and tidy. And, boy are her cats well tempered! Any one of them will come straight up to you for love and attention. None of them run and hide, they are all very loving and sociable cats- creating great temperaments for future litters. Stephanie herself is a kind soul. She is a great person, even through all that she’s been through. That is why I wanted to give her this review- not only because her cattery has far exceeded my expectations, but because a person like Stephanie deserves it. I strongly recommend Pinkerton Ragdolls as I will for sure be purchasing my Ragdolls only from Pinkerton Ragdolls. Also, If you are concerned about fleas due to other reviews, don’t be- after searching for a while, I never found a single flea on my kitten or on any of the cats in the cattery. The kitten came home in condition that exceeded my expectations. Kittens will come home very healthy, very happy, and very clean!”

  41. Jennifer McFadden says:

    CATTERY NAME: Emblemystic
    CITY, STATE: Central Texas, Austin, Waco, Killeen, Harker Heights
    WEBSITE: http://www.emblemystic.com
    WHEN KITTY WAS ADOPTED: June 2016, Received Sept 2016

    Danielle Eastman, and family, of Emblemystic Ragdolls in Harker Heights, Texas is amazing! After having spent several months researching Ragdolls, I began the famous breeder search and came across Danielle and Emblemystic. Right away her small home cattery caught my attention for the services/contract it provides with the purchase of a kitten. They travel and will deliver your cat to you!! I am with disability and thus, this service was paramount to me. She also places greater emphasis on matching cats to the right people than just going down the list and matching color/sex to the next person.

    I love this about Emblemysitc. From the day I contacted her first to the day my baby came home, she let me be a part of every milestone of the litter’s life. I texted frequently, weekly or bi-weekly, to check on their progress and this was no thorn in Danielle’s side. I knew the first time I saw Gus he was the kitten I needed but Danielle was cautious in assignment, wanting to make sure his temperament suited my home. I respect that outlook on breeding so very much.

    If you are looking for more than a home pet, Emblemystic also has great bloodlines of gorgeous Blue and Seal color/pattern combinations. I was provided extensive pedigree info, a 5 year contract and complete DNA health. Also a lifetime microchip! Danielle has a family team who helps her with her litters and her kittens are full of life and beauty. I was fortunate to meet three of her kittens, including my Gus, and I wanted to keep them all. She also has teenage kittens to provide and this was almost the option I took.

    Pictures, updates, fantastic price/contract, and true interest in the cat’s and owner’s well being makes for an amazing combination. She also loves updates on the cats/kittens she has placed. With Danielle, she is not only a cat breeder, but can become a great friend to you and your cat and a box of answers to questions.

  42. Lauren O'Malley says:

    I went to Regency Rags near Galveston, TX, to get my Samson. While I love my Samson, he was scrawny, skinny, and scrappy when I picked him up– as if his littermates had been getting all the food and no one really noticed. His littermates and half-brothers were all big fluffy things. He’s now gained the weight he should be at, but I can’t ever get back those weeks that I spent worrying about him once we picked him up. I even submitted photos to the Floppycats facebook page to get advice because we were so worried! The breeder was nice and I don’t have any *actual* complaints, but I did not feel that my Samson was loved the way that I wish he had been…

    Now I’m looking for a new breeder to get Samson a little fur sibling. This time around, I am really looking at how the breeder feels about their job and why they do it. If they do not absolutely love every kitten, even the pet quality ones like my Samson, then I walk away.

  43. thekawaiikiller says:

    1. Ahart For Rags

    2. Easton, Pennsylvania

    3. United States

    4. http://www.ahartforrags.net/ OR http://www.facebook.com/ahartforrags

    5. May 25th 2016

    6. 3 years. 3 years I had been considering a cat. After months of research, I stumbled on a small breeder, unregistered. I called, and she was so kind. We kept up a correspondence via text and she answered ALL my questions. Flash forward a few months, I go to pick up my new little guy. Cats, everywhere. Just…. relaxing. She pointed out his momma and his dad was at the head of the steps. She handed me a veterinary pamphlet showing all the shots he got and what he still needed. She gave me a baggie of his food as per request, we payed the balance and were on our way. She was SO nice and accommodating, despite all my nagging and pestering(it’s the first time I’ve done something like this, what can I say?), and my little fuzzball was the epitome of cuddly purring love. I’m so happy I found Ms. Holly!

  44. apw5g5 says:

    DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY A KITTEN FROM —> PAMSDOLLHOUSE in NY CELESTIAL CATS in IA <— 🙂 🙂 🙂 I dearly love the two kittens I got from this cattery.. although the tragic loss of my first kitten will never be forgotten, these rags are beautiful, healthy, and so so lovable!!! Highly recommended.

  45. MushyPotato says:

    1. Chatabelles Ragdoll Cattery
    2. Tillsonburg, Ontario
    3. Canada
    4. http://www.chatabelles.com/index.php
    5. September 2015
    6. After years of research and convincing, my parents agreed to look for a breeder. There were not many breeders in my area that I could find, and it was hard to find any other testimonials as everyone seemed to be in the USA. The first one I looked at had written all of their credentials as well as a fair warning about backyard breeders, so we decided to go ahead and email them. We recieved pictured and even gave them a call so we decided to send a deposit. This was our first experience with a breeder and I did not know at the time how to use or search in forums so that was bad on my part. We never got a reply after that and found out their phone number was no longer available and their website no longer exists. We were very disappointed and I continued my search. This is when I found out about Chatabelles! Their pictures were so charming and the kittens were very adorable. We were extra cautious about the deposit this time and visited them beforehand. She understood when we explained what happened with the first breeder and was very empathetic. This is when I met Potato, the biggest and most fluffiest out of the litter! Although I originally wanted a different coat color, I fell in love with him (a pointed seal instead of a bi-blue). We visited them a couple weeks later to pick him up and was surprised on how fast he has grown. He meowed a little on our long car ride home but fell asleep not too long after. (He more like chirps than meows, it’s so cute!)
    Almost a year since he has been born, we can tell you that he is a very healthy, good tempered and sociable boy. He loves going out on walks to the park and greeting new people as long as they play with him a little first! He is more or less a dog than a cat, which is what I expected from a Ragdoll. I love him! He has only hissed twice in his life at the vet’s office :p
    We will soon be getting a puppy so he is less lonely when I am at school and my parents are at work. I am not at all worried on how he will react because he is such a sweet boy.

  46. Anna De Mesa says:

    Does anyone have experience with Razl Dazl in Hesperia, CA or AdorableDolls in Roseville, CA? Thanks!

  47. jiwi12 says:

    Hello, does anyone know anything about ragdoll or ragamuffin breeders in Connecticut? I’ve seen a couple online, but it’s hard to find third-party info about them. Thanks for your help.

  48. JessEd says:

    I’m new to the Ragdoll breed and have been researching online and trying to find a good breeder. I would LOVE to bring a Ragdoll into our family. Can anyone recommend a good breeder in the Nebraska/Kansas area?? We live in a super small town in Nebraska-right on the Kansas border. I did come across the House of Steward website. Does anyone have info or experience with this breeder? As far as I can find, this would be the closest to me. Are there any reputable breeders in Nebraska?? Any info is appreciated! If I’m going to make this big of an investment I want the best Ragdoll 🙂

  49. Vicki White-Sklark says:

    Cattery Name: Simonsezz
    City, State: New Port Richey, Florida
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.simonsezz.com
    When you adopted your kitty: Two girls, Susi and Mischeli (2010, 2012)
    Adoption Story: Amazing personality, beautiful, loving, sweet. A friend met my cats (we are in SFLA) and had to have one. She also traveled to New Port Richey and had the same experience. I am at my cat limit but when it is time to fill a hole in my heart I will know where I will go.

  50. Mishamac says:

    Does anyone know of any breeders on the east coast of the US (some of the Midwest would be fine, anywhere within 12 hours of Philly is really doable)? I’m looking solely for a breeder who feeds a raw or at least a partial raw diet. Please let me know if anyone knows and can recommend someone 🙂

    • Sophia Johanna says:

      1.Cattery Name Ridgeview Ragdolls
      2.City, State I think they are located in Ridgeview VA
      3.Country: US
      4.Website ridgeviewragdolls.com
      5.When you adopted your kitty adopted him 8/15/15

      Lori, the breeder was really nice and drove 2.5 hours with her daughter to meet me (I drove from springfield VA. I was hesitant at first to drive so far but she sent me pictures to my phone, and video of Mickey showing off his personality and I was convinced he was the cat for me! She feeds her cats on a grain free diet on some special dry food that is special ordered online, I forget the name. Mickey is super friendly, socialized and likes to be held. He also likes to sleep near /on top of my head/neck, so I know he will come handy in time for the winter! lol He was clean and flea free and smelled good when I bought him (still does!). He even lets me clip his nails when he is drowsy. I love Mickey and I would go back to ridgeviewragdolls if I wanted another ragdoll and would recommend her to everyone.

  51. Robin Colucci says:

    Cattery Name: Blue Eyed Q T Pies
    Location: Coon Rapids, MN
    United States
    Website: http://www.blueeyedqtpies.com/

    Adopted a Seal Point Lynx Male on May 7, 2015

    First of all let me say, this was my second breeder in 9 months, as I found myself having to find a companion for my 9 month old ragdoll girl after her sister passed away on us. I was SO nervous about going through that whole experience again, that I did a LOT of corresponding with the next breeder (I wish I would have done the same the first time). Anyway, I say this because I want you to know that THIS breeder knows her stuff. I found that a good breeder will NOT correspond with you much via email, they WANT to talk to you. Good sign #1.
    So, I picked up the phone and called the breeder, and OH MY!!! Although she was busy, she took the time right then and there to talk to me, for over an hour. Telling me things I never knew about Ragdolls. She listened to my heartbreaking story of my one little girl, and even told me things the Vet didn’t know about that whole situation. Amy is like an encyclopedia of Ragdolls, which in my book, is key in a breeder. She knows how to breed them, she has her own lines that she has bred just right to get the quality that she wants (and she has immaculate family trees to show it). She has show quality kittens, and pet quality, and has no reservations telling you all about the kitten you have chosen. She invites you into her home, at ANY time (call and make a date of course). You can watch your kitten grow in person if you want. If that isn’t your thing, she also takes PERSONAL pictures and text messages them to you, about any time you ask. I have pics from age 4 weeks until our lil guy came home with us at 12 weeks.
    Amy also doesn’t just breed ragdolls. She molds the kittens into beautiful souls. She has a system of socializing them, and let me tell ya, it works. When we brought Cosmo home (ta-da!), we did the whole put him in a safe room, let him get used to the noises and smells of the house…blah, blah, blah. However, Cosmo was NOT having this one room gig. He was NOT afraid to roam the house after just being home under 24 hours. There was no stopping him. We have other BIG dogs, and cats, and he just went up to them like he had known them forever. I believe this is because Amy raises her kittens “under foot”, with other cats and dogs, children, AND the visitors she has coming to see their own kitten. These kittens love to be held and handled and most of all, loved.
    Amy is also into some holistic measures. Probiotics and coconut oil as supplements. She will tell you how to use them if you choose to do so. She has recommendations on types of food you can use and the type she currently has the kittens on. She is very knowledgeable about vaccinations and has very strong opinions on when and how often Ragdolls specifically need them. She sends you home with their Vet records, and proof of vaccination and or vaccination schedule (all of her kittens ARE vet checked). She also sends you home with a goodie bag, filled with some toys, treats, food, etc.
    Amy loves all of her cats and kittens. She puts her heart and soul into breeding, and the results are the best Ragdolls I have come into contact with. They are beautiful, social, loving, and the true definition of floppy cats. I cannot praise Amy enough!!!!! She wants to know how her kittens are doing once you bring them home as well. She is available for questions/comments/advice. I call her before my vet to see if this or that is normal, or if I should be concerned. I am pretty sure Amy too, is now a part of our family, as she loves to see pics of Cosmo and hear how he is doing.
    I have 2 Ragdolls, from 2 different breeders, and you can definitely tell which one comes from Amy. Amy is the best, period. You won’t be disappointed with her as a person, or as your breeder, for a remarkable, beautiful, loving and overall well rounded Ragdoll.

  52. Laurence Baillie says:

    I know there would be a lot of readers from Australia. I cannot recommend enough Amberglade Ragdolls in the Adelaide area. The breeder ELLY is a wonderful person who genuinely cares about her babies. My Ragdoll Monty recently got sick (nobody really knows why but he is all good now). Even though it’s been 6 months since I bought him, she was calling me every day to check on him and was also calling the vet every day to get updates. She was as worried as I am and very supportive. Her babies are all gorgeous and healthy.

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, Laurence, Australia is the 4th largest country that visits my site – #1 is USA, #2 is UK, #3 is Canada and #4 are Aussies!! Thanks for your input!

  53. mkhan says:

    Has anyone in the Massachusetts area ever gotten a ragdoll from Wimpole Street ragdolls?

    And are there any other breeders in the Massachusetts area you can recommend? I emailed a cattery called Willow Tree Rags about a week ago and haven’t gotten a response back yet.

    Thank you so much.

    • Barbara says:


      Just wondering where you ended up adopting a Ragdoll Kitten. I’m also in Massachusetts trying to find a reputable breeder. Thanks.

      • sheila says:

        I’m looking too..Willow tree is very expensive $2800 for pet kitten? Sorry, but that’s crazy!
        I can see paying $1000-1500 for a kitten but anything more..no. IF you find anyplace in MA or Northeast, please let me know. Thanks.

  54. gorgongirl says:

    Crabapple Ragdolls
    Alpharetta, GA
    Sep. 2013 & Dec. 2014

    I have two retired show cats/breeders from Crabapple Ragdolls, adopted a year apart, and they are both wonderful and affectionate cats. Both my cats are total clowns and live up to the Ragdoll name. They flop, love to be held like babies,follow us around, give kisses, and love to snuggle. We can tell they were raised to be social, gregarious, big-personality cats. I couldn’t dream up better cats.

    We got our first Ragdoll after our domestic long hair passed away after a traumatic health battle. I never thought we would be purebred cat people, but I had always wanted a Ragdoll and after our last cat died we just didn’t have the emotional capacity to work with a rescue; we wanted a cat with all the personality traits we love already built in. I highly encourage adopting rescues, but I know everyone has different needs.

    We looked at a few breeders in our area but knew Crabapple was the right fit the moment we met them. Their home is beautiful and clean, the cats are not caged but treated as members of the family, and the cats are raised to have great Ragdoll personalities. Crabapple really cares about Ragdoll health and all kittens are HCM tested, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered before going home. The breeders are great at answering questions and providing advice for Ragdoll owners. I can’t give them enough praise, they are just really amazing.

    Our first Crabapple cat quickly became the love of our lives, but we thought she would like a friend. When it came time to get a second one, we didn’t consider going anywhere else.

    I highly recommend checking out Crabapple Ragdolls if you are in the southeast.

  55. TammyS says:

    Starlite Rags
    Plover, WI
    My husband adopted this kitten for me as a surprise for Christmas. He knew I had been wanting one of these beautiful Ragdoll cats for awhile now. He found this breeder Ann (Starlite Rags) all by himself and met with her. My husband said she was super helpful in picking out just the right kitten for me! This little kitty is already sleeping in my bed and what a purr machine! I’d suggest this breeder to anyone. Best Christmas Ever!

  56. brittanyk88 says:

    Cattery-Long Fellow Rag dolls
    Owner- Kristie Longfellow and business partner Jane McMillian
    When I adopted my kittens- today
    Adoption Story-I have wanted a rag doll kitten since I was a child. I remember being in the 5th grade and doing research for a cat project and came across the rag doll breed, and immediately fell in love with them. When I was in the 7th grade my parents adopted a himilayan blue and I fell in love with him and cherished the days that he greeted me at the door every day when I came home from school. He recently passed away and I was devestated and felt guilty because I didn’t spend as much time with him as I got older because I went to college and moved out of my parents house. I live on my own now and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to adopt a rag doll finally(15 years since doing my 5th grade project). Long story short, I had contacted several breeders by email, since I was feeling slightly anti-social and I received no response from anyone!I found a cattery in California and I was extremely interested in flying down there but they said no and only wanted to have me pay for the kitten and have it shipped to Washington. Why I would pay and ship a kitten I’ve never seen is beyond me. Anyway, I finally met this woman who had a rag doll kitten named Sky. I spent a lot of time with Sky and was really attached to her and couldn’t wait to adopt her. I called the lady one day and told her I was ready to pick her up and bring her home, and she never answered her phone! I sent her emails, left voicemails, and even texted and got no response. Two WEEKS later she emailed me and told me she sold Sky to someone else…I was heart broken and didn’t understand why. She told me that my emails were going to her spam and she didn’t realize it and sold Sky because she thought I wasn’t interested….I did more research and came across Longfellow rag dolls because it was right down the street from where I lived. However, the Kristie had stated that the only available rag dolls were in Gig Harbor which is an hour away from me. So I emailed Jane, the lady that was located I’m Gig Harbor, and had been emailing me back and forth. She encouraged me to come to gig harbor but I was apprehensive because it was far and I am not the most trusting person. I decided to drive down there after a day of speaking with Jane and got to her house and was so nervous! She brought me to the kittiens and of course it was their nap time so they were all sleeping…Just my luck. So I hung out with Jane and just talked to her and learned a lot about her and even told her about myself. I started to feel like we were friends! She was so genuine and friendly that I almost forgot about the kittens. After a little time the kittens started to wake up and boy were they a lot of fun. They seemed so happy and playful! One of the kittens jumped into my lap and I fell in love. I think he did too, because I couldn’t pull him off of me. His claws were attached so tight that I could pretty much walk around with him on my chest without holding him. After spending the whole day there with Jane, I not only left feeling like Jane was my friend, but knew that I wanted to adopt two kittens! Jane didn’t even pressure me into, nor did she recommend it to me. But she felt like it was ideal because I work 8-5 M-F.She told me to think about it, but I already knew I wanted to work with her and adopt the twins(brother and sister). I am so thankful for Jane and all her help, and really just the fact that she came into my life. I’ve sent her several texts asking questions, expressing my concerns and she addressed every one of them!She even sent me pictures capturing how much they’ve grown and giving me updates!I’m even glad that I had all of the bad experiences with breeders because Jane showed me what a real experience with a breeder is supposed to be like. She’s passionate about what she does, and it really shows because of how happy the kittens were, and how great they turned out.The momma cat named honey looked very happy and healthy as well and was very attentive with her kittens.I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Kristie Longfellow, the owner of the Longfellow rag doll csttery and she was so genuine and candid with me. She even took my kittens and drove them down from gig harbor Olympia to get them a vet check-up and get them spayed and neutered and even set it up so that, the veterinarian that did the check up for my kittens will be the vet that I use for future visits! To conclude my long review, I just really want to say that I am so thankful for Jane and Kristie and would recommend that anyone adopt from them regardless of what state you are located in. I can honestly say that I feel like I am adopting two children, and will maintain my relationship with Jane and Kristie throughout my kittens lives! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Jane and Kristie, and am so excited to pick up my kittens today!!!

  57. janice says:

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable breeder in Alberta, Canada? I was looking at Char-an-dolls in Rimbey, Alberta, Lise from Rainbow Ragdolls in Toefileld, Alberta and lissey’s Ragdolls in Hanna, Alberta.

    Thank- you

  58. Caitlin Cooper says:

    1.Cattery Name: Hollywood Ragdolls
    2.City, State: Martinsburg, WV
    3.Country: United States
    4.Website: Hollywoodragdolls.com
    5.When you adopted your kitty: Perry was adopted on July 12th, 2014
    6.Adoption Story: I found a raving review for Hollywood ragdolls on this Ragdoll Breeders page in December 2013. I emailed Hollywood ragdolls about my interest, and within the same hour I received an email back requesting more information about myself and my interest in the breed. I LOVE that she cares about who she adopts her kittens to. Because I was local, and had never seen ragdolls in person she invited me to her home/cattery to visit. The visit was what sealed the deal for me: Immaculate home and an abundance of love for these cats. I confirmed my position on the waiting list at that visit, and from there I waited for news of kitten arrivals. Because I had done so much research, I had convinced myself that I needed a male blue point ragdoll like the Chiggdoo. I told her what I wanted, and waited and waited to find out the colors of the kittens. This was where she went above and beyond for me. She knew how picky I was and never raised an eyebrow or complained. Perry was born and although he was not a blue point, he had a gorgeous blaze. I knew I had to have him instead of the kitten I had originally put on hold. Luckily I was able to make the switch and the rest is history! Perry is now 5 months old and about 5lbs. He is a Gorgeous, cuddly, playful kitten. Everything I expected from the breed and so much more! I highly recommend Hollywood Ragdolls to anyone in the area.

  59. Theresa Morgan-Jump says:


    Does anyone know if there is a Breeder in the Colorado Springs, Colorado are that has the Ragdolls or even the Ragdoll lynx munchins?

    I went to a so called “breeders” home and purchased an exotic snow white bengal leopard ragdoll that has some some extra toes and his back feet look like rabbit feet and unfortuately my poor babies pretty blue eyes are very cross eyed. He has a very sensitive tummy and can only have very expensive cat food. I call him my very expensive baby boy he is seal color he is very very friendly and would go home with anyone. Very spoiled rotten. But I think he has been breed with a lot of different breeds throughout the breedings process channels maybe inbred maybe. I know when I went in the area where this so called breeder had her different cats there were a couple them but she would not let me see mother or father she said mother was the snow white bengal leopard and father was the ragdoll..but i would love for him to have a friend cuz hes so playful indoor cat. So pleas if anyone knows of anyone even close to Colorado that has a cute munchin even….

    thanks for listening to me…


  60. Denise Grande says:

    Cattery Name: Willow Tree Rags
    City/State: Mansfield, MA
    Country: US
    Website: willowtreerags.com

    Earlier this year, our ragdoll Merlin died from cancer. I was devastated. Merlin was so exceptional and loving and smart, etc. that we decided no other cat breed would do. Merlin followed me everywhere, greeted me at every door (bathroom included) and laid on my lap for as long as I was watching tv. Merlin was my constant companion and when I was working, I would have to sit on the edge of my chair because he loved laying behind me for a belly rub. He had the most beautiful eyes and his meow was like heaven to me. I never videotaped Merlin and I am so sorry I didn’t. His meow was so comforting and to think I will never hear him meow again makes me cry. Crying now… but my story is a happy one.

    I started researching breeders in my area and found several within a few hours drive. I contacted several of those breeders. Most responded via email, but the only one who took the time to respond to all my questions was Mable. Mable was so thorough and gave me so much information that I could write a book! In the meantime, I joined a couple of ragdoll facebook pages and a woman from California (who shows ragdolls) recommended Mable from Willow Tree Rags. She has at least one of Mable’s kittens. I also found floppycats.com and read the article about Mr. Bojangles who was from Willow Tree Rags. I also went on the ragdoll database and saw all the Willow Tree Ragdolls that were registered. Mable is a traditional ragdoll breeder and very well known and respected.

    From our correspondence and descriptions of the kittens, I decided to adopt two kittens from Mable. The first one I selected was the kitten in the first photo she sent me. He was so adorable I had to have him! After I put deposits down on both, Mable mentioned she was showing her cats locally so my husband and I went to the cat show to meet Mable. When I met her, I couldn’t believe how young she is! She is just such a great person and her cats are to die for! Drop dead gorgeous and so friendly… Their fur was so soft…amazing! I was completely blown away by their beauty inside and out! I knew at that point I made the right decision. Although I wanted the second to be a female, I had the opportunity to adopt a cream colorpoint from SGC Apollo Amadeo and Pricilla’s litter so I did and he is so gorgeous! We picked up our kittens when they were 12/13 weeks old and we couldn’t be happier. They are so beautiful and playful and their eyes are so beautiful. It took a while to name them but I finally named them after their eye color. Sonny Skye (sky blue eyes) and LoveLee Oceane (deeper blue eyes). (Skye and Oceane for short). Lee and Sonny are my parents and they got a kick out of me using their nicknames. I will forever be grateful to Mable Roberts and her mom Anette for my boys and I will always consider Mable Roberts my friend. We stay in touch and whenever I have a question, I get a lengthy response! Mable is the best breeder in my opinion! Thank you Mable, Anette and Willow Tree Rags for my beautiful angels!

    • Barbara says:

      Hi Denise,

      That was a great, detailed review. I am wondering if you were able to meet your two kittens in person, or visit the cattery, before adoption. Besides Willowtreerags, were there any other breeders in the New England area that you particularly liked? Thanks for the info!

  61. Jan says:

    I got a kitten from Rags 2 Riches Ragdolls in Wendell, NC, breeder Scottie Cone. My kitten is beautiful and Scottie has been great. She has the oldest cattery in NC……44 years! My kitten was a little stressed after I brought her home, and Scottie was so helpful in getting us through with flying colors. My baby, Mimi, is a healthy, beautiful, happy kitten. Scottie’s website is rags2richesragdolls.com. I recommend her.

    • Valeria Treviño says:

      Hi Jan! I am about to buy a kitten from Scottie Cone. How is your kitten doing? Would you still recommend her to me? It is my first Ragdoll.

      Thank you!

  62. Jeanne Mazzoni says:

    I highly recommend 5 Star Rags in Hollister, California, USA. We adopted our 1 and a half year old female from Karen in March 2014. She is a beautiful cat. Karen gave us a folder of information about our cat (Ellie) that included all of the shot records and testing for HCM, etc. We were confident that we were adopting a healthy cat. She couldn’t be more adorable. If you want a cat who wants to be in whatever room you’re in, adopt a ragdoll. She is wonderful about using the corrugated cardboard rectangles sold at pet stores, and hasn’t scratched on any furniture.
    Our adoption story is that our Maine Coon died in October 2013. We started looking at Ragdoll breeder websites in northern California, thinking we would adopt a kitten. When Ellie came up for adoption, and we went to 5 Star Ragdolls to meet her, it was an instant attraction. (I wish I could post a photo).
    The breeder helped us with everything. Ellie eats raw turkey and raw rabbit, so that was a new process for us to learn about. Karen sent us home with lots of that food so we could feed her until our order arrived. She also gave us a beautiful gift basket of various things for Ellie. She is very open to having us continue to e-mail questions, and is quick to reply.

  63. Deborah Easley says:

    Cattery Name: BigCityDolls
    City/State: Cincinnati, OH
    Country: US
    Website: Bigcitydolls.com

    I had such a great experience the first time with Kristi that I have gone back for another one! Kristi and I began communicating early last year when I atarted looking at Ragdolls. I had just lost my 15 1/2 year old Scottish Fold and wanted a different breed. I still have an 11 year old Fold. Anyway, she provided a lot of information and was great at listening and answering questions. Jazzy Blues was born April 26, 2013 and I fell in love with the first picture. He’s a blue mitted with the best personality. When I brought him home, I took him to my bedroom, opened the carrier and he came right out. Within 15 minutes he was crawling in my lap. Kristi’s kittens are well loved! Jazz is now 10 months old and makes me laugh every day. He loves to play in water and usually gets his paws and head soaked every morning while I brush my teeth! He also loves to carry around my house slippers. Jazz is very active and my poor Fold, Scotty, just isn’t as active as he used to be so I decided to get Jazz a little brother from Kristi. Cruzin’ Maverick was born February 7, 2014 and I’m in love again. He’s a sealpoint lynx mink and adorable. Kristi said he’s already following her around. I can bring him home in another 8 weeks! I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Jazz and Cruz will get into! I don’t know if my recliner is big enough for three of us but we’ll try! Don’t know where my feel will go on my bed because I have trouble with two sleeping with me. Three will make it interesting, but I can’t wait. I highly recommend Kristi and BigCityDolls.

    • Lynn Kennedy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! Big City Ragdolls is where I got my amazing duo, Napa & Sonoma. They are brother & sister from the litter you mention above (born 7 Feb 14). Napa is a blue mitted mink lynx while his sister is a sealpoint mink lynx. Both are the sweetest kitties ever and OMG do they love to play! Kristi was always responsive to my emails/phone calls, even after I brought them home. Love, love, love these kitties and recommend Kristi and BigCityDolls 100% percent!

      • huntjumper says:

        Wow, I did not have a pleasant experience with BigCityDolls. I out a deposit on a kitten but as time drew closer to picking up the kitten she would not show proof of HCM testing and avoided the subject every time I asked. I was going to be in Cincinnati around the time of pick up but she insisted I meet up with her in Pittsburgh and wanted to charge me $75 to do so. I finally gave in and agreed to meet and she all of a sudden refunded my deposit electronically and said another customer wanted the kitten and as it turned out, the kitten ended up being female. I wanted a boy and she said she was wrong about the gender. I did not believe her story but even if it was true she could have kept my deposit and allowed me first pick from the next litter. I continue to be very Leary of this breeder. Also she is close friends with and often trades sires with Three Rivers out of Pittsburgh. There are other negative posts about Three rivers. She sold my neighbor a kitten who upon pick up had an eye infection that turned out to be herpes and the poor kitten had fleas.

        I am still looking for a breeder in Ohio or even Michigan or other neighboring states.

  64. Rhonda says:

    I would like to recommend the breeder that I got my 2 Ragdolls from. I adopted Tippy and Lani in Jan 2010. I had moved to the UK in Dec 2009 and wanted to get a cat to keep me company since I had to leave my cat in the USA. I initially had searched the internet for a rescue cat but unfortunately was not able to adopt in the area that I lived. I went back and did an internet search for a Persian or Hymalayn since I have had both of these breeds in the past. As I was searching I came across the Ragdoll breed. I liked what I had read about them and began to search for a breeder. I found RosyPosy Ragdolls in Darwen, Lancashire, UK. I took a trip to this cattery to view a kitten that was available. It was love at first sight! While I was there the breeder, Christine Redmayne showed me a 6 month old that she had and asked if I would consider him as well as. Since it had been my intention to get to 2 cats, I took him as well. These 2 have are the most loving cats that I have ever had. Christine was wonderful and readily available if I had any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this cattery. I moved back to the USA last year and brought Tippy and Lani with me. They traveled very well and settled in quickly.

  65. Amira says:

    Cattery Name: Ragtime Blues Ragdolls
    City, State: Springfield, Oregon
    Country: USA
    Website: ragtimebluesragdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: 2009
    Adoption Story: Getting Jazmin was a completely wonderful experience. We had done quite a bit of research on cats and decided our first one should be a ragdoll. We searched the internet for breeders and stumbled across Bonnie and her Ragtime Blues Ragdolls. We called her to inquire about kittens and she actually answered the phone! She said that she had two litters that were ready to go. One litter was 8 weeks old and the other was 11-12 weeks. We asked about reserving one and after a discussion on our living situation, she said that we could pick a kitten out. The greatest thing about getting Jazmin though was the fact that Bonnie actually drove the kittens out from Springfield to Portland. I don’t quite remember why she was coming out to our area, but it had something to do with her cats and she was bringing all the kittens out anyway. She stopped by our house with all 10 kittens. They were all already spayed/neutered and litter box trained which made our lives so much easier. We took somewhere between 2 and 3 hours to pick out my baby and Bonnie was wonderfully patient. After I picked Jazmin out, Bonnie went through her whole kitten adoption packet which was pretty much a Dummies Guide for Raising Your Ragdoll Kitten which was exactly what we needed. It had information about feeding, grooming, socialization, and so much more important information. We also had to sign a contract that said we would never declaw her, sell her to a lab for research, give her away, sell her, or dump her at the pound. It specifically stated that should we ever need to give her up, we would give her back to Bonnie. The contract also stated that we would never keep her as an outdoor cat due to Bonnie having catnapping problems in the past. Bonnie also gave us food samples and told us about good toys to get for Jazmin. Bonnie was also amazing with following up. About 5 days after we got Jazmin, we had trouble with figuring out what kind of food she was eating, so we called Bonnie and she cleared everything up for us. She also called us about two weeks after we got Jazmin to see what we had named her. Jazmin is almost five now and has had absolutely no health or temperament problems. Overall, our experience with Bonnie and her cats was wonderful and I could not have asked for a better cat than Jazmin.

  66. Christy says:

    I am looking for a reputable breeder in the northeast Texas area. I’ve scrolled through this entire message list and haven’t seen one listed.:(

  67. Dorsey says:

    Can anyone review the guidelines for a reputable breeder for me. I personally think the kitten should be fully vaccinated and with his or her mother for 12 weeks. I would also like to know if early neutering is a good idea. Thanks so much!!

  68. Mumsies says:

    I am SOOOO frustrated! I just feel like screaming atm.

    I have contacted 2 Missouri breeders (Joplin and St. Louis) who currently advertise available animals both on their websites and on e-bay classified and they will not respond!!! I email via the e-bay ad and via their websites and still nothing! I ask all of the right questions and for more photos so I am now thinking that maybe they are not reputable breeders and I am not receiving any reply because I am asking all of the right questions… I have checked my spam and still nothing. It is not me or my email service; it is them. This is definitely causing a negative taint on our search for a Raggie. Any suggestions?

    • Mumsies says:

      The two catteries mentioned for reference are:
      Krystal Blue Rags-Joplin
      GloryBe Ragdolls-St. Louis

      No responses whatsoever from either cattery despite multiple polite and friendly emails. Moving on and SEEKING RECOMMENDATIONS :D.

      • strikersmom says:

        Hello Mumsies,
        It’s been over a year since you posted, but I’ve had my Ragsoll only since July. I am wondering if you ever did find a breeder. I am also in Missouri. We had to travel to Oklahoma to get our baby, but he was worth it. Blue Reign Ragdolls in southeast Oklahoma is a wonderful cattery. There is a website, and Amanda is also on Facebook.

  69. Margaret says:

    I adopted my first Ragdoll, Katy from Rags2RichesRagdolls in Wendell, NC. Katy is a wonderful kitty with lots of personality and love to give. Scottie of Rags2Riches Ragdolls is always available and pleasant when I have any questions.

    • Linda Wax says:

      I have 3 cats from Scottie at Rags2Riches.
      She is kind, friendly, knowledgeable.
      She runs a very healthy cattery conscientiously.

      Her kittens are gorgeous and have won many awards.

      You can’t go wrong.


      • Valeria Treviño says:

        I am about to buy a kitten from Scottie Cone. It is my first Ragdoll and I am very nervous! It is very reassuring to read your posts though. Would you still recommend her to me?

        Thank you!

  70. Dorsey says:

    Cattery Name: Ritterkatz
    Location: Lewisville, NC

    I adopted Kirby in July 2013 when he was 4 months old from Ritterkatz Ragdolls. He such a love with a loud purr, lots of great kitten energy, and personality. I would recommend Ritterkatz to anyone who is looking for a Ragdoll. Christina was wonderful to work with and always available for any questions I might have. He is very healthy and growing bigger everyday!!

    • ragfan85 says:

      I too have a Ritterkatz Ragdoll. Misha is 2 years old this week and was featured as a Floppycat Kitten of the month (January 2017) . Christina Ward from Ritterkatz http://www.ritterkatz-ragdollcats.com/index.html is easy to work with and has always answered any questions I might have. My kitten was healthy, well socialized and loved from day one and is now a gorgeous creme lynx mitted Ragdoll. He integrated into my little pride of cats with no issues and from day one has been nonstop purring, laid back and playful . As I was waiting for my kitten, Christina updated me with pictures and videos and answered all of my questions, every two weeks or more. Her cats aren’t caged, even her studs have their own rooms. Christina loves her cats and it shows! I would highly recommend her to anyone, my email is Neureut33@aol.com if you have any questions .

  71. Islay Parno says:

    I would love to adopt a calico rag doll if they exist I need to get a kitty that won’t be aggressive to my two toys ‘mi-ki and maltese’I love the breed but there is nobody in jersey and I won’t take a kitty that is shipped I need to have some one deliver to me and meet my guys. They both sleep with me in my king bed and I have much more room for my kitty if he so chooses to sleep with us guys. My hubby is in a nursing home and beside visitng him I am home alone all day and to tell the truth I love being with my animals ‘sorry’I would love him to be beautiful and would like a pet and be spayed or neutered [because I get frightened if their uncomfortable.Not a blue please, can you help me find one in Jersey ? he or she will be well loved I promise I saved 900.00 Dollarsthe more striking his markings the better and I would love a very large when grown.Trust me I am not to old 60.thank you for your time.Islay

    • John Pekala says:


      I would look at The Purfect cattery in northern Virginia area. I got both of my male ragdolls from them in July 2015 a cream point and a blue mitten. I couldn’t be happier with my entire experience. The owner Maria was a pleasure to do business with an always did her best to answers all my questions within 24 hrs.

    • Elaine Hannah says:

      Ridgeview Ragdolls-I just got a blue mitted mink boy who is healthy and wonderful. They are in SW Virginia. Great communication, met me halfway when I picked up.

  72. Mary says:

    We are actively looking for a breeder in the SW MO area that is reputable. Does anyone have any recommendations for a certified non-HCM cattery? At the moment we are looking for pet but in a few years may want to show for fun and enjoyment. Thanks!

    • Mumsies says:

      I changed my post name to avoid confusion since there are other “Marys” posting here.

      I am SOOOO frustrated! I just feel like screaming atm.

      I have contacted 2 Missouri breeders (Joplin and St. Louis) who currently advertise available animals both on their websites and on e-bay classified and they will not respond!!! I email via the e-bay ad and via their websites and still nothing! I ask all of the right questions and for more photos so I am now thinking that maybe they are not reputable breeders and I am not receiving any reply because I am asking all of the right questions… I have checked my spam and still nothing. It is not me or my email service; it is them. This is definitely causing a negative taint on our search for a Raggie. Any suggestions?

  73. Janell Simpson says:

    Cattery Name: Cajun Ragdolls
    City, State: West Lake LA
    Country USA
    Website http://www.cajunragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: 2008
    Adoption Story: I first adopted a small 6 month old runt that had been nursed by Anne. Mitsy developed unexplained progressive ataxia shortly after she was spayed and had to be put down. Anne was very supportive during the ordeal and offered another beautiful kitty, Zoe. Anne brought Zoe to me after a hurricane while her husband was repairing roofs in Baton Rouge. We adopted Zoe’s best friend and enemy, Zelda, who was born during Hurricane Gustave, a few months later. I have visited the cattery twice. Anne obviously adores her cat family and produces several beautiful litters each year. Both kitties have wonderful distinct personalities and good health.

  74. Lisa Reier says:

    Cattery Name: HeartNSoul Ragdolls
    City, State: Staunton, Virginia
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.heartnsoulragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: I got Gracie my Seal/Flame Tortie bicolor Ragdoll in March 2012. I live in Ohio & HeartnSoul is located in VA so her Ragdoll partner from http://www.rockinblues.org met me in Akron Ohio! Save me a long drive. Gracie is the most beautiful, sweetest, long & tall Ragdoll! She’s just a dream Cat & we love her! We also gave Gracie 2 sisters from the same breeder http://www.heartnsoulragdolls.com in Sept 2012. A Seal bicolor & A Blue bicolor we named Josie & Annie. They are Gracie’s cousins. Again since we were so far away she actually drove half way & met me in Charleston WV! Of course I brought Gracie with me so Carolyn can see how beautiful she is! Gracie actually enjoyed the car ride & accepted her sisters right away! Gracie is more like the “mother” to Josie & Annie. All 3 are Large, sweet beautiful Ragdolls & I would buy another in a heart beat from Carolyn. She sent regular pictures & updates. Went above & beyond to help me with my kitty’s!!

  75. Dana says:

    Can anyone recommend any ragdoll breeders in or around Salt Lake City, Utah? I’ve done a ton of searches but always seem to come up dry, and I’d prefer not to have to drive all the way up to Washington and back with a kitten in the car!

  76. Sammy says:

    Does anyone know anything about Cynthia Stevens in Carlsbad? I think her cattery is called ragdollkitty, but she does not have a website. When we visited her home, it seemed very clean with few ragdolls walking around. But I cant find any info on her online. we put a deposit on one of the babies, they are only 1 wk old. But her prices are so different- babies are 750, but there;s 2 13 wk old kittens and they are on “holiday special” for 450. She said its because she needs space. Please help. Maybe we should just get the 450 special? They are boys, though (dont know if boys are cheaper, we put deposit on a girl). Please help

  77. Kelly J. says:

    We are longtime feline lovers, and have always had Siamese and Balinese cats since childhood. I am now becoming a real Ragdoll admirer and have done a lot of research on breeders in the Los Angeles, Ca area. We have visited Heather at Snugglerags twice and found her quite knowledgeable, friendly, accessible, and her cats are beautiful and healthy and friendly and her house is immaculate. We are on a waiting list for the next litter to be born toward the end of this year and have given her a deposit so we can pick out our specific kitten. My only question is what has been anyone else’s experience with Heather and Snugglerags? Would appreciate any other feedback.

  78. VictoriaGirl says:

    I would NEVER recommend Ragalong Ragdolls in Sooke, BC. Marilyn is a HORRIBLE person. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories from different veterinarians in Victoria about the sick cats they see who come from Ragalong Ragdolls. It’s a kitten mill. She’s in it for the money and she couldn’t care less about those poor cats and kittens.

    • Kate Sitka says:

      VictoriaGirl, if you’re still around would you kindly email me? I have settled on Ragalong and placed a deposit for two kittens. I have contacted three vets in the Victoria area and have heard only good things about this breeder. If you would care to contact me privately, my email is tofinopsychic@gmail.com

      This is the first negative comment I’ve come across in my research into Ragalong. It appears Marilyn is very quick to respond to emails, even while at a show. She has a long-standing reputation, multiple people in the cat show circuit who have known her for years reccomend her. Her cats appear healthy and beautifully marked, she does all the available testing, as far as I know. Her cats have been the foundation lines of several other ragdoll catteries and she has a great reputation as a breed mentor.

      With all the months of research I’ve put into Ragalong, I would be very upset to discover, upon picking the kittens up, that it’s a kitten mill. That’s a very serious accusation. If you get this message, I would appreciate it if you’d email me with your personal experience, and I will follow up on it.

      • Kate Sitka says:

        Update: I visited Ragalong Ragdolls and had a strange experience. From what I saw I don’t think it’s a kitten mill, but it’s not what I was expecting.

        We arrived ready and hoping to buy two kittens… and we left with no kittens. We experienced several things which gave us pause, and while we’re continuing the conversation with Marilyn, we’re no longer sure this is the right breeder for us.

        Anyone researching ragdoll breeders in the BC area is welcome to email me at tofinopsychic@gmail.com to discuss our experience.

        I am not smearing this breeder, nor am I jumping to conclusions, I’m just sharing my honest experience. I am continuing the conversation with Marilyn, but I’m not sure it’s going to work out at this point.

        That was very disappointing, and I’m pretty bummed about it right now.

        • Kate Sitka says:

          Update! Through a serendipitous series of events, we found kittens through another breeder! We adopted from:

          Tamsin of Victoria Ragdolls
          Victoria, British Columbia

          I really had my heart set on getting ragdolls from a breeder who was emotionally invested in their animals, and raised the kittens “underfoot” in their house.

          Ragalong certainly meets TICA and veterinary regulations, but they don’t seem to be raised in the house. We never met the mother, father or other siblings, and prospective kittens were brought into a staging room.

          Tamsin of Victoria Ragdolls was an entirely different and very positive experience. Her kittens were more expensive than Ragalong but not the most expensive I’ve found. I believe if you’re going to pay $500 a kitten you may as well pay $700 a kitten so that you can have cats that have been socialized from their day of birth! For a breeder, it simply costs more to raise kittens in the house with you.

          We met the father, a huge, silver lynx point boy who is just a pile of love. We met the mother who was the queen of the castle in more ways than one! Both parents were very friendly and lived in the house as loved pets.

          The kittens were all healthy and delightful. Tamsin had the vet come to her house to examine them and give them their shots. She has housecalls because she doesn’t want to stress or expose the kittens to the vet clinic while they’re so tiny and vulnerable. (Factor this into the cost of the kitten, too!) Many breeders I researched buy their own vaccines and vaccinate themselves to save money, without vet-checking the kittens before sale.

          The pair of boys we adopted need only their third booster and to be neutered. We brought them home two days ago and they’re the most well-socialized, gregarious, loving animals. They snuggled with us on our bed for an afternoon nap after playing (humans and cats were exhausted after so much travel.)

          Tamsin, I believe, is a truly ethical breeder; we had a long phone call where she talked to us about what we were looking for in a cat, and we were screened with all the appropriate questions I would expect from a breeder who cares where their animals end up. Tamsin also has a “check with me before re-homing” policy, demonstrating the breeder takes *lifetime* responsibility for her animals.

          Again, floppycats readers are welcome to email me if they would like to hear more about our adoption experience with Victoria Ragdolls and hear how the boys are doing later on down the line!


          • Kate Sitka says:

            Hey I thought I’d post another update as a few fabulous floppy cats readers have contacted me about my experiences in the past year, and I just want to say I welcome the questions. I do answer my emails, so feel free to ask if you’re curious about my experience with Ragalong and with Tamsin of Victoria Ragdolls.

            Our beautiful boys, Rupert and Mikey, are officially one year old and are no longer kittens! If you’d like to see videos of them in their kitten state, here is one from their first day home:


            And here’s a more recent video of them getting to be grown ups, you can see how big they’ve gotten:


            Feel free to friend me on facebook. I love connecting with other ragdoll people!

            As always, feel free to email me tofinopsychic@gmail.com

    • ajc says:


      I got a kitten from Marilyn (Ragalong Ragdolls), which I was in complete and utter love with. I had asked to see photos of her mom and dad (numerous times) as they were not updated on her website. Marilyn kept giving excuses and only ever provided one of her dad (which took a while) I still don’t have one of her mom. Just before my kitten turned 6 MONTHS of age she died a very very sudden and tragic death from a heart attack. We tried to help her and were on our way to emergency but she passed away in the car as her heart was just not strong enough. I told Marilyn what had happened, she said this NEVER happens, that all her adult cats are very healthy and get checked routinely/get ultrasounds to ensure they don’t have any defects. I was never provided with these records nor the names of the vet hospitals she takes them to. She said shes only ever lost one cat to a heart attack.

      She said she would get me a replacement kitten ASAP. I waited for months and months. My kitten died mid Oct 2016 and I finally called Marilyn and asked her how much longer I would have to wait in January 2017 as I was seeing her posts on her page of people thanking her for their kittens.
      My friend who also ordered a kitten from her AFTER mine died was offered a kitten before me. She said I was at the bottom of the list. My husband called and she finally offered us one. I absolutely adore our new kitten (we also don’t have a photo of his mom either) BUT I found out that he has a grade 2 heart murmur. Something she should have disclosed to me as she had him neutered and vets normally do a quick check/listen of the heart before putting an animal under general anesthetic. Now I worry everyday that something could happen to him as well. Today I met a woman whos parents got two radgolls from Marilyn and both kittens DIED before the age of 1. She did not go into detail as this was still obviously a very delicate subject.

      DO NOT TRUST THIS BREEDER. I believe she’s only init for the money and not for the love of the cats.

      • Kate Sitka says:

        That is just awful, I’m so sorry you went through that. I really don’t think Ragalong is the good breeder she is marketed to be. Perhaps she was better when she started out, but the advice I got from her was suspect. I wanted to buy two litter-mates, and requested either a boy and a girl, or two boys. I paid a deposit for two kittens.

        When I got there, she tried to sell me two girls, who showed absolutely no interest in us. They had not been socialized at all (which is the whole reason I was willing to pay for kittens from a breeder.)

        We were advised to keep the kittens separate from each other – in separate rooms, so they would “bond to people instead of to each other.” This is RIDICULOUS advice. It’s a strategy to tame feral kittens and not something you should have to do with kittens from a breeder.

        When I insisted I wanted at least one male kitten, she tried to sell me a 6 week old male, along with a 12 week old female, which is just asking for trouble. First of all, no breeder should be willing to sell a kitten before they’re 12 weeks old. Second of all, the 12 week old would likely dominate and potentially harm the 6 week old.

        When I expressed this concern, she said I should be keeping them separate from each other anyway, which defeats the whole purpose of getting two kittens. Even feral kittens can better when you raise two litter mates together, as long as their temperaments are compatible.

        I should have insisted on getting my deposit back. She got $300 from us basically for just screwing us around.

        The more experiences I hear about Marilyn and Ragalong the more disgusted I am with her operation. She is not an ethical breeder.

        I am so happy I decided to go with Tamsin and Victoria Ragdolls instead. Our two boys are turning 3 this summer, and the vet says they’re both healthy!

        They were both getting fat on kibble, so we now feed 2/3 wellness canned food, and 1/3 raw food (the prepared pucks that already have the right mix of everything). They are at healthy weights and the vet was happy.

        They both have some food sensitivity, nothing major, and this is a common issue with this breed. We may need to switch them to a unique protein diet like duck or lamb etc. But honestly, this is an issue you can run into with domestic cats too. There are no guarantees, but with a purebred you should expect to get more than 1 year. That’s just tragic, and the way she treated you is shameful.

  79. Lothar says:

    Hello! I love Ragdolls, live in Northern California, near Sacramento. Does anyone know good Ragdoll breeders in that area? Thanks.

  80. Joann P. says:

    Does anyone know anything about Springvale Dolls in Brandon, WI? Looking at a kitten there, but not too sure about the breeder.

  81. Rita says:

    Anyone know of a good breeder in around Cleveland, Ohio?? I’ve tried to google it and did not come up with much. Also can someone tell me what is the going price range for a Ragdoll? Thanks!

  82. Rebecca says:

    1 cattery name : Starliterags
    2 city, state : Plover WI
    3 country : USA
    4 website : http://www.starliterags.tripod.com/
    5 when adopted : July 2010,Nov.2012,July 2013
    6 adoption story : I had wanted to get a ragdoll and name her Lily after my grandma…as soon as I saw pictures online of Ann’s kittens and found a blue mitted kitten that looked exactly how I pictured her, I knew I needed to meet her. I fell in love with her and a little chocolate mitted boy named Hershey from a different litter and decided to get both. Even thought they’d never met before, Hershey went right up to Lily and wanted to play. This began the obsession with ragdoll cats…specifically, Ann’s ragdoll cats. A couple years later, I wanted to have a show quality cat and I wanted to name him Jax. I went to Ann’s site again and found a handsome blue bicolor boy named Jax. It was meant to be! By showing Jax, I saw some gorgeous seal lynx ragdolls and decided that would be the next addition to my family. Jezzi came home July, 2013 and is the perfect little seal lynx ragdoll!

  83. Sandra says:

    1.Cattery Name: Royal Duchess Ragdolls
    2.City, State: Ludlow, MA
    3.Country: USA
    4.Website: http://royalduchessragdolls.com/Home_Page.php
    5.When you adopted your kitty: June, 2013
    6.Adoption Story: We lost our dear sweet Cleo to an inoperable tumor back in April. I have always gotten my pets from rescue organizations or shelters. This time, I decided that I wanted to go with a particular breed and definitely a kitten.

    My daughter and I are both crazy cat people. We subscribe to cat magazines and are always reading up on cats. After learning of ragdolls and their temperament, we just knew that a ragdoll would be best for us.

    We contacted multiple breeders within a few hours driving radius trying to find a kitten. I spent hours upon hours trying to locate just the right fur baby for us. I stumbled upon Royal Duchess and knew that this would be it. They are a small family breeder. The kittens are raised underfoot and there are no cages. Wendy and Marcel were exceptional to work with. They sent me emails letting me know how my baby was doing, along with pictures. The entire process was very smooth and I would most definitely recommend them.

    • Jim Barth says:

      My Bentley is from Royal Duchess, and he is such a joy! I agree with everything you say. I hope to get another sometime soon!

  84. Jen says:

    Can anyone recommend a breeder in Pittsburgh, PA? This is my first ragdoll and I am really getting discouraged from all I have been reading. Some folks seem to have done all of the research and still end up with a bad breeder! Is it reasonable to expect to visit the breeder and their cats? I’ve been told I can’t visit the first breeder I contacted due to “wanting to keep germs and disease away from young and un-vaccinated kittens” and it’s making me nervous.

    • Leanna Steward says:

      Hi Jen, Just because a breeder won’t allow visits to small kittens doesn’t mean they are a bad breeder. Baby kittens are very vulnerable to infections and you cannot vaccinate a litter against respiratory infections until around 6 weeks. If one gets an infection, it could destroy the whole litter. We do not allow visitors until the kittens get their first FVRCP vac. It is a safety precaution for the kittens. But if they are older, have had vacs, and the breeder still will not allow visits then I would question what it is they don’t want you to see. Hope this helps.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I thought it sounded reasonable to not want to expose the kittens to disease but I’m so new at this I’m not sure what is suspect and what is usual. I asked about picking up the kitten and they told me they would drive to meet me with the kitten so I’m kind of concerned but it is really hard finding someone within a 2 hour drive that breeds these guys!

        Thanks again for your help!

    • Carey Enzweiler says:

      Hi! I adopted my first ragdoll kitten on Christmas Eve of 2013 for my family (and myself!). I worked through Margot Shaw of Ragdoll Cat Spot and her breeder partner, Seanna. Margot is local in Moon township, while her partner is located in Greene County, NY. They work closely together, and will bring NY kittens to the Pittsburgh area as necessary. These kitties are definitely raised underfoot and are well socialized. Margot has been a wealth of information and support along the way. They breed all colors, including rare BEW’s. My blue mitted mink baby is beautiful with an incredible personality to match! Her kittens are definitely in demand, and there is usually a waiting list to get the baby of your dreams. You won’t get the opportunity here to pick our your kitty by hand because they are usually spoken for long before birth. Margot and Seanna breed for personality, so you won’t be disappointed. I would definitely recommend them!

      • Debra Ann says:

        I am thinking of adopting a Ragdoll baby. I’ll check out the place you mentioned, hopefully it’s still in business. Have you heard anything about Three Rivers Ragdolls south of Pittsburgh?

  85. Teresa says:

    Breeder: Angelgirlragdolls
    Location: Washington, DC, USA
    Website: angelgirlragdolls.com

    I got my sweet Illaria Rose, a seal lynx mitted from these good people, Lance and Katherine, in October of 2012. They have the most extensive website I have ever seen about the types of ragdolls, patterns, diseases that they screen for, etc. Illaria’s dad, Pounce, is a quadruple and supreme grand Champion in TICA. When I was looking for a little buddy for my sweet Grace, I didn’t want to go back to the same cattery where I got her because of such a horrible experience, so I branched out and looked on the internet for someone close to me in Virginia. They were very responsive and I told Katherine what I liked in the pattern,and the traits that were most important to me were being laid back, sweet and one who wants to be cuddled and held. She was very good in matching me up with two. I thought about going to their cattery, but because of the distance involved and me not being able to travel that far, we jointly decided on a meeting place. She brought us TWO!!! Iona, who she had picked for us, and Illaria, a second option, who were litter mates. Oh boy, what a decision to make and she even offered to cut the price in half for the second one, but we could really only take one. Illaria “picked” my husband by crawling up and sitting on him. So, she basically made the decision for us and am so very happy that she did. Katherine reassured me that Iona would be adopted fast, so we went home with Illaria. She was happy and well adjusted and immediately liked little Grace who is almost a year older than Illaria. Now the two of them play just like they are sisters and give each other their morning baths every day. We got the negative HCM health certificate and she was registered after her spaying was done. She has been nothing but a joy and wonderful blessing ever since. Her coat is magnificent and she has been healthy without any problems. Would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a nice healthy kitty. It was a great experience all around.

    • Christina says:

      I also got my kitten from Angelgirlragdolls in May 2013 and had a wonderful experience. My cat’s name is coconut and she is a lilac bicolor and is absolutely gorgeous! She gets even prettier as she ages. Every time I take her to the vet the vet asks me where I got her. She came home will all her vaccinations and completely healthy. No worms, no bugs, just healthy and super inquisitive. Angelgirlragdolls is a little on the spendy side, generally ranging from $1,000-$1500 (more for show/breeder cats ~$2,300), and that doesn’t include the spay/neuter which in DC cost me $550. But totally worth it! I would definitely get another kitten from them before anyone else.

      • Shayna Coughlin says:

        I also I got my sweet Jolene from Lance at Angel girls Ragdolls. Jolene was born 1/28/13 and she came to my home in MA in March of 2014 at 14months old. I had contacted Angel Girls by placing a deposit on a litter that was to be ready to leave 2wks from the time of deposit. I had interest in a female kitten for my 9yr old daughter as a Valentine’s Day gift to lift her spirits after I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder and taken quite ill and 3wks after my diagnosis my mother who was to turn 72 the following week who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for 7yrs had been rushed to the ER as a result of what we believe was a TIA “stroke” that came out of the blue and sadly we were told that there would be a high probability that she may not walk again and was admitted to a rehab facility and was unaware that she was not returning to the home she has known for the last 46years. My career as a hairstylist for the last 15yrs due to my illness was also something that for me was heartache and I resigned as a national educator at the age of 35, our family had not been having a happy or healthy start to 2015 and my daughter has a dream of one day owning an animal rescue farm where she will have all sorts of life that she has saved. The dream started 2yrs ago when ALL she wanted for her 6th birthday was a bunny 2wks before the purchase of our house, sadly the person who was the “breeder” we got her from gave me false info and my trust in meeting someone in parking lot of McDonalds for a $65 bunny should have been a sign when “Prudence” named after her favorite Beatles song passed 10days later at 10wks old. She didn’t speak for 11 days for her 6yr old heart had her 1st experience with death, but we had a friend who vounteers for a dog rescue based out of TN so we decided after she saw the ASPCA commercial that she wanted to save a pup and we said yes. We had decided to foster “Truman” who was said to be a “Jack Russell” mix and since our house is only 1000q ft he would be a good fit and we have a fenced in yard but our neighbor said that his son was attacked but a Jack Russel and my huband became nervous as Truman was on his way from TN. The “friend” that placed us was not happy, but I couldn’t upset a neighbor 3wks into living here so she had the PERFECT dog for us! Griffin was a pug/beagle/chi mix and he was 4mo old who was rescued 2mo prior by the car behind the truck who tossed him out the window! How could someone do that?! Her 4kids didn’t care for him as she said he was “alpha male” and was a “strong” personality but he was so cute and we fell in love! 15months and $8 in vet/training and etc after animal control had been called 3xs Griff had never gone for us nor Lil but he had snapped at everyone else and when he went for the vet she said there was a difference between aggression and dominance and Griffin left our home. Lil was again heartbroken so now I need the PERFECT fit because the only animal who had been forever is my fathers dog Caroline, however she is now 11 and a senior for her lab/pointer breed and though she’s in good health in human yrs she’s close to 85-90 and the thought of Caroline leaving us is not ok as she is the best dog you could imagine! I convinced my sister to get Lil a puppy and my husband made a point that I couldn’t for the 1st ever disagree! I am not working and being ill and unable to get out of bed 4-5days a week at that point, is a dog in the worst winter recorded in Boston a smart move? Plus vet, food etc? oh…

        He said I would say yes to a cat before a puppy and I begun my search! Neither my husband nor I had been “cat people” as we both have had dogs and had a view of “cats’ that was a stereotype. I came across Ragdoll after I had looked at one other breed. I looked for about a week of 5-6hrs daily -no lie- when I found Angel Girls and had placed my deposit. If I had not had the perfect kitty who was going to be here for his or her entire life, I wasn’t going to go through with it, I couldn’t do it to Lil!

        I had done all I could about finding out about the breed and then I did the same for the breeder! I typically would NEVER go to a breeder as I always feel that there are so many loves who need a home, but in this breed not only do you not find ragdoll rescue, I didn’t want to chance a rescue that would place an animal with me who wasn’t a fit. Sadly the rescue I so proudly funded had not only placed Griffen with us and shouldn’t have, Truman, the Jack mix ended up being a 75lb Pit/mix who had Jack Russell coloring and I wouldn’t have been able to take him as my home owners insurance wouldn’t allow a dog that size or mix even though he was so sweet! I had sent 5 friends to them to adopt and when they gave a client of mine who was a single mom with a 2yr old a “lab/beagle” and clearly was a redness pitbull who had been returned to the rescue 2times before they said the pup was great with kids but not men, I was so angry because the 2yr old isn’t a MAN but that dog should not be placed there and my client was so upset to turn him back after $450 adoption fee but the rescues should be screening homes and placing animals for the longterm and safety of the animal as well as the family….. I couldn’t stand to have this happen with a kitten especially when I know little to nothing about being an owner yet!

        I was impressed by the site upon the first look, and there is another very popular breeder not 10min from my home, that I was not treated so kindly on the phone by so going to Angel Girls page againt what impressed me most was the affiliations with the organizations that are not only expensive to be recognized by, but as a breeder to have more than 1 or 2 affiliations as a breeder clearly says that you are reputable and then multiple recognized and accreditation’s in addition? The next thing I was that he and his entire family make up the pictures on the site along with the links to flicker, twitter, and instagram. They clearly state the breeding process and no cross breeding has or will happen, they define the breed from start to each kitty they have, along with price points for different angels and why they differ which no other breeder does. Lance clearly along with his family takes this as a passion and not a business though it is, they clearly love these animals and the website and all the tabs show! That was my kitty, an Angel Girl!

        I placed a deposit via paypal on a Monday around 5;45pm and within 20minutes he called to say he and his family were sitting for dinner and he would like to call me in an hour and I said that was fine as I wasn’t expecting the call yet. When he heard my story he asked if I was set on a kitten just born or how I felt about a cat/kitten that was 14mo and I said I wasn’t sure and asked to see her picture. Clearly he knew that this angel who’s name meant “heart” was the one that would be best for us as we had spoke for a good 30min. I truthfully was happy as I never trained a kitty, I don’t know about litter boxes and she would be able to be spayed which is another plus! Not to mention she is a chocolate bicolor which I had no idea what that was, I wanted blue not knowing the difference until I saw the text come in and my Lil and I along with my husband just all at once said WOW as if it was staged! She had to be the most stunning kitten I have EVER seen in my life and right away said how soon can we have her! Unfortunately due to Boston weather Jolene didn’t make it for Valentine’s day, she was in DC for the next 4wks but was able to be spayed and food was converted to what I would be using, she had a chance to become camera ready as Lance sent us a picture or 2 daily until the big day when we got the picture of her in her crate that said “she’s calm and ready for Boston”! She arrived at 5:45pm after a long 8.5hrs of travel into the cold. We didn’t want to overwhelm her but we said Hi Jolene and not knowing her new name she looks at us and big blue eyes “MREWOW” comes right out as if she has known us for yrs! We made the 30min ride from the airport and my sister, Lil and I brought her in to my hubby and he said lets open the door and give her some time, but she came right out and hopped into his arms and again said her now famous “MREWOW”. She never shied away, she checked out her new place, she was not what we expected, but by far blows away any expectations. I maintain contact with Lance now as she has been with us just about 5wks.

        My experience was above what I can say is the best of everything in all dealings with the breeder, recommendations for product, contact while she was in wait to arrive, helpful with my situation, financially went above and beyond for my family as a business owner he does the extras you don’t realize until he’s done them for you.

        My Jolene is not what we expected, she loves to be held for at least 5-10minutes, she tells you she is in the room upon entering, she plays but understands no, she has a personality of her own which is hilarious and not what we expected of a cat because clearly she is a member of the family not a pet! She is social and an attention seeker who has changed our family for the best and we needed that positive love and light and Lance took our story and really cared about who he thought was best for us and he went above a breeder should but this is why Angel Girls are clearly the most lovable ragdolls as you see by my testimony and all the others as well. Lance and his girls care and love these animals and they are their pets and he does not look at this as breeding which sets him apart as well as the Angels. Animals are intelligent and felines are by far instinct based intelligent so when they are born into love and caring environments as you see from the pictures that is a proven fact that its learned behavior for animals born into environment that will react to their surroundings. Love reacts by loving and Jolene is my proof. She is a registered healthy girl who the vet asked if I would show because she’s so stunning and I said, nope! She comes from a line of winners and when I told him that I paid $700 he laughed and said ha ha you mean $1700 or $2700 when he saw her pedigree and spoke with the vet who spayed her in DC. Lance has a reputation that I will praise and I now believe that I will only be a Ragdoll owner from this day on and I will only ever be an Angel Girl Ragdoll owner as long as Lance has kittens in his home that he continues to love. Finding him was a life changer and Our Jolene is as happy as we are!

        Shayna Coughlin
        North Easton, MA
        Offical Angel Girl Ragdoll owner/and supporter

  86. Kim says:

    Hello! Before obtaining, Armando, my 2 year old ragdoll, I did a lot of research on the breed and of course the breeders. I was able to get Armando at Judys rags. She used to be in Westchester NY but is now in Connecticut. What I liked about her, was at first she interviewed me. We emailed back and forth – always had time to answer my questions and also showed concern about where her little one was going to end up. When I picked out my kitten, Armando, she sent me updated photos. We also arranged a pre-adoption visit – to ensure that me and Armando would be a match. I was able to spend time playing with Armando and his siblings (without pressure of buying him) Also able to meet his parents. Her home was clean. After the adoption/purchase I have still occasionally emailed her to ask questions – she always answered and sent an occasional picture. She doesn’t have kittens all the time, but she is worth the wait. Her cost for a kitten was also very reasonable. My Armando gets so many compliments on his beauty and personality. So far, he has been very healthy!! On a side note, she later was on Animal Planet “too cute” —- Bottom line, I would recommend her! Thanks Kim

  87. Tatiana says:

    Cattery: Sugar N Spice Ragdolls
    City: Hawkesbury area of Sydney NSWS
    Country: Australia
    Website: http://www.sugarnspiceragdolls.com
    Adopted: 25th November 2010
    Adoption Story: After my beautiful domestic cat passed away in July 2010 I wanted a cat that would have the same temperament. The first time I saw a ragdoll was in Better Homes and Gardens with Dr Harry Cooper the breeder he used in the program was SugarNspice Ragdolls. I contacted Mandy and reserved Sebastian my beautiful boy who is a Lilac Lynx. Mandy does an excellent job in breeding Ragdolls she only produce a limited number of kittens each year and for her the most import thing is to produce healthy, well socialized kitten with a beautiful temperament.

  88. Gaye Johnson says:

    1. Cattery name: Guysndolls Ragdolls
    2. City, state: Brisbane, Queensland
    3. Country: Australia
    4. Website: http://www.guysndollsragdolls.com
    5. When you adopted your kitty: I adopted two girls in October 2012
    6. Adoption story: I first saw Ragdolls on an Aussie tv show called Talk to the Animals back in the early 1990s. I feel in love with the breed and dreamt that one day I might have a Ragdoll or more to love. In 1994, my (then) husband and I adopted two kittens from a shelter. They were my first babies and I loved them dearly. Punky (Pumpkin, ginger tabby girl) lived till she was 16, despite suffering from a severe heart condition for the last 8 years of her life, and a thyroid condition for the last two years. Princess (tortoishell tabby semi-longhair, looked like a mini Maine Coon) lived till she was 18, passing away in April 2012.
    I knew when Princess was in her senior years that I would be totally devastated when we lost her, and my (current) husband suggested that it would be a good idea to put in place some plans for that time, thinking ahead to put our names on a waiting list for some Ragdoll kitties. We knew that no kitties could ever replace Punky and Princess but that also being cat lovers, having some new babies to love might help us through and look towards the future.
    I started doing research into Ragdoll breeders in my area, mostly on the internet, but also going to cat shows and meeting and talking to breeders in person. I could tell right away that Debbie from Guysndolls Ragdolls was the “real deal”. There are other good breeders in my area, but I firmly believe she is the best. She not only breeds gorgeous cats, but their health is of paramount concern to her. She does all the relevant genetic testing to ensure that no inheritable diseases will be passed on. She genuinely loves ever single one of her cats. She is not in the breeding business to make money but for the love of it.
    We had asked for two girls, preferably from the same litter, but from litters close in age was fine by us. Debbie sent regular photo updates once our babies were born, and we were able to meet them once they had had their first vaccination. Coco (seal bicolour) and Sapphire (blue mitted) are beautiful, healthy, playful, loving and amazing kitties. They recently turned one and we can’t even imagine our lives without them.
    I have become friends with Debbie, and regularly catch up at cat shows (which I like to go to, despite my two girls not being shown). She loves getting updates and photos of my two girls, as she does of all the babies she breeds. She is a lovely person and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

  89. Victoria Abt says:

    Cattery Name: Furreal Ragdolls
    City, State: Ione, CA
    Adoption Date: 2007

    Cliff and Mary Riddell are excellent breeders in Northern California. My first Ragdoll had just passed and I was heartbroken. I had been going to TICA and CFA shows and met Mary who was showing her beautiful Ragdolls. I knew her by reputation and she turned out to be everything I had been told. When I went to her house the first time, she put a little flame bicolor kitten in my arms, and that was it – I immediately fell head-over-heels in love with my Dillinger. Finally the day came and I was able to pick up my kitten. He’s seven now, and is one of the most lovable gorgeous Ragdolls ever. You just couldn’t go wrong getting one of Mary’s ragdolls.

    • Kristy says:

      Agree completely!

      Cattery Name: Furreal Ragdolls
      City, State: (near Sacramento), California
      Website: http://www.furrealragdolls.com/
      When you adopted your kitty: March 2012

      Adoption Story: After my maincoon mix passed, I was looking at cute kitties and saw something online about ragdolls – and became smitten. I started looking for breeders in Oregon and was not impressed so started looking in Washington and northern California; the one good contact in Oregon was just getting back into breeding so she didn’t have any kittens available, but she recommended her mentor, Mary Riddell of Furreal Ragdolls. I contacted Mary and was able to meet her in Oregon at a show, where I fell in love with her beautiful cats. She is passionate about the breed and has an excellent reputation among breeders and the cat show community. I’ve had litter-mates Gizmo (blue bicolor) and Gidget (seal bicolor) for a year and a half now, and they are the most beautiful, sweetest, playful, cuddly kitties ever!

      • Davidia says:

        I have a deposit on a male kitten from Mary Riddell. He should be with us by September. We lost our blue lynx male in March 2013. Devastating. I initially wanted another blue lynx male which Mary thought she had, but he turned out to be blue mitted. Mary had been providing photos from early on and this little boy had already begun to tug at my heartstrings. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that getting another blue lynx so close in time to losing Fluffy might not be a good idea. I want this new baby to have his very own identity. Dealing with Mary has been an absolute pleasure. She is extremely accommodating and conscientious when it comes to making sure she had a good home for her kittens.

      • Joanne Ziegler says:

        I got my first two Ragdolls in 1999, Freddie and Frankie, a few months after I lost my girl Frankie I decided it was time for kittens. Both Freddie and I, while still devastated were ready. I called Franchesca at Sf Exclusive where I got my first two and she was no longer breeding but she suggested Mary and Furreal as Mary had acquired at least one of her cats.

        I was so happy. Mary was great. I told her what traits I was looking for and she sent me a few pictures. I picked a female (Lucy) seal point from the pictures but the boy was still up in the air She sent me quite a few pictures to look at and then I drove the 2 hrs to make my final decision and then drove back out 5 weeks later to take my two home. She was great and I fell madly in love with a seal bi-color boy (Charlie). I have had my two for almost two years. They each are very different (they come from completely different parents) but both are marvelous. The boy is crazy and outgoing and loves everyone spending most of his day in the middle of the floor on his back. Completely secure in everything. The girl loves me and tolerates everyone else but she loves to play even more than the boy. She will play fetch for an hour straight. They both have been great with my 16 yr old ragdoll (Freddie) who took some time to get used to them. Now all three of them sleep in a giant furball pile together.

        I highly recommend Mary. She was informative and professional through the whole process. She knew all the little personality traits of each and every cat and kitten and helped me make the right choices. I love my babies.

        ps/ Her cats and kittens have the bluest eyes of any ragdolls I have ever seen and mine have the deepest beautiful sable brown seal coloring. She even has had some of her cats appear on products.

  90. Elizabeth says:

    Cattery Name: Cooper Catz
    City, State Irmo South Carolina
    Country USA
    Website http://www.coopercatz.com/
    When you adopted your kitty July 13th 2013
    Adoption Story I had been looking everywhere, even out of state for a male ragdoll. While I did find many wonderful breeders out of the state, the cost of shipping was very high and I would rather put that money in to my kitties health or food or toys. I stumbled upon cooper catz by accident and I am so happy!! Thanks to them i have a loving bundle of mitted blue point fur named Solomon. Shari Cooper has been breeding for years and as she really does have her cats living “underfoot” it’s easy to see how much she loves her cats. She is not afraid to answer any questions and will even give you the name of her vet if you have health questions. She has been a great help for me and loves staying in contact even after you have taken the kitten home. Her cats and kittens are top notch, happy, heathy, beautiful and loving. If you live in South Carolina I’d give Coopercatz a look.

  91. Anne B says:

    Cattery Name: RAGTOWN RAGDOLLS
    City, State: ESSEX, ONTARIO
    Country: CANADA
    Website: http://www.ragtownragdolls.com

    I have purchased two wonderful, healthy and loving ragdolls from Sandy and would recommend her to anyone looking for a healthy well adjusted ragdoll. Sandy matches her kittens with your family which is the best thing. You can be sure that you will get the sweetest, loving kitten that is best for you. Her kittens are always vaccinated with all appropriate immunizations before leaving and are from healthy, disease free parents…something that we all assume we are getting, but isn’t always the case. I highly recommend going to Sandy for a ragdoll kitten.

  92. Sandy Olson says:

    Does anyone know of a great breeder in the Portland Oregon area? We just lost our precious 12 year old boy and need to find a special baby to share our life.

    • Jerri K says:

      Hi Sandy,

      I don’t know anyone in Portland, but a short drive up the freeway in Olympia, Washington is Kristie Long of Longfellow Ragdolls where I got my three boys. They are the most wonderful, affectionate, well-adjusted cats. She is dedicated to her cats and always has beautiful kittens that are often spoken for before they’re even born! longfellowragdolls.com

    • Kristy says:

      When I was looking over a year and a half ago, I was not impressed with Oregon’s options. I contacted Longfellow Ragdolls and Cashmere Ragdolls in Washington and Furreal Ragdolls in northern California; I ultimately got my 2 from Furreal, but was very impressed with the others. I sometimes consider a third (I want a mitted one!), and there do appear to be a lot more breeders in Oregon since I last looked – but would like reviews/recommendations first (if/when I get another).

  93. Wendoline says:

    Cattery: Snugglerags
    Breeder: Heather Sands
    City: Los Angeles, CA
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.snugglerags.com
    Adopted: She’ll come home the first week of June 2013!

    I can’t say enough good things about Heather, actually. She’s been amazing and sweet and so helpful and informative throughout this process! This is my first time ever getting a purebred kitten and will be our first ragdoll, so I’ve been especially thankful for just how easy she’s making the process.

    The reason I decided on getting a ragdoll is because the kitten is a present for my gf, who is just the most affectionate and cuddly person. I knew we were going to need a cat that had the temperament to be picked up and snuggled like a stuffed animal and a ragdoll fit the bill perfectly!

    Snugglerags is more a small hobby breeder than not, with only about three litters a year. She does show her cats and actually, her Atticus is currently the #1 Ragdoll Cat Internationally (TICA) and the #1 Allbreed Cat in the World. You can tell right away she loves her cats. The kittens are raised underfoot and are incredibly well socialized with people as well as the other cats in her home, so they’re very sweet and friendly. Also, the kittens will all be altered before being sent to their forever homes (unless you buy breeding rights) and will receive both sets of their vaccines. Because they receive them nasally as opposed to in shots, they only need two sets (as opposed to the three injections), which I hadn’t even realized was a thing until Heather told me about it. I love it though, cause that’s probably less stress on the kittens.

    When I started doing my research into kittens, I wasn’t sure they were going to have one around the time I was looking for (gf’s bday is in early May), but I opted to sign up for their waiting list anyway. I had contacted two other breeders, Creek Cat Ragdolls and Ruby Ridge Ragdolls and was down to these three breeders. Originally, I was actually going to go with Ruby Ridge, but unfortunately, it turned out that all the upcoming Ruby Ridge litters were blues or bicolors (though Cheryl there is an absolute delight and I absolutely recommend her as a breeder to anyone in the SoCal area, she’s so helpful and friendly) which wasn’t what I was looking for. Roxann at Creek Cats in San Diego was also amazing, but her waiting list was so long! I wasn’t sure I would end up getting a kitten til nearly the end of the summer if I went with her. She’s had gorgeous litters this spring though and is really great about posting tons of pictures on her website! I’m sure I would have been incredibly happy with a kitten from there, and I was just about ready to have to wait for a long, long time to get a kitten, when lo and behold in early March, I got an email from Heather letting me know a litter had been born!

    We got a first picture of the litter when the kittens were about three weeks old and we got so lucky that there were seal mitteds and colorpoints and torties in the litter. So that was that, we put down our deposit! We got another picture a few weeks later, when the kittens were about 5 weeks old and their colors were filling in nicely and they were looking so beautiful! And then last week (7 weeks old), we got to visit them for the first time and pick out our baby.

    She’s the sweetest, most adorable, little pumpkin faced kitten (http://i.imgur.com/xzeZf0K.jpg). I can’t even handle how cute she is! She’s technically a seal tortie, but she looks very strongly like a seal mitted with the exception of a tiny patch of orange on one ear (http://i.imgur.com/sZ8I3RL.jpg). We can’t wait to see what beautiful colors her coat deepens into over time.

    We easily spent about two hours at Heather’s home during this visit, chatting with her and her family, holding our kitten and meeting some of her other cats as they wandered in and out of her living room. It felt more like a social visit with friends than a business transaction of any sort and we both absolutely loved that! The entire experience has been so pleasant. Heather encouraged us to come back again so we’ll probably try and swing by later this week or early next week for another visit.

    Even though our little girl wont come til the first week of June, I wanted to leave this review as a sort “in the process” view. I’ll make sure to update this once we do get her home though! So far though, I have to say the experience has been amazing and delightful!

    • Wendoline says:


      Kismet’s been home with us now for just under two months and she is AMAZING. When we picked her, Heather had all her vet paperwork and the official registration card to send off, along with a copy of our contract. It was all very professionally handled and I appreciated that.

      And Kismet, I can’t get enough of this sweet baby! She lives up to her breed’s reputation excellently. She’s friendly and snuggly and playful, follows us around and is everything we expected a ragdoll to be. And gorgeous to boot! (http://i.imgur.com/zrzz7rS.jpg) I’m so happy with her, I can’t thank Heather enough. Highly recommend!

  94. Marcie York says:

    Cattery: Soulmate Ragdolls
    Breeder: Lora Tesh
    City: Salisbury, NC
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.soulmateragdolls.com
    Adopted: 11/20/2012
    Story: YAY! I got to visit Soulmate Ragdolls and it was awesome! Lora and her husband spent 2+ hours with my husband and I playing with kittens. She is an extremely busy woman and very lovingly protective of her ragdoll babies, so don’t plan on visiting her cattery unless you are 100% serious about adopting one of her Ragdolls. She is not a petting zoo and is not going to expose her babies unnecessarily.

    I spent a huge amount of time in research when it came to selecting my breeder. Lora is an incredibly awesome Godly woman. She is happy to bless you with one of her kittens but more so focuses on blessing them with a new safe and nurturing home. You can see the GENUINE TRUE LOVE that she and her husband have for their Ragdolls, it’s not just a business….it’s a passion.

    When I was searching for my breeder I focused on the following:
    Reputation – Soulmate Ragdolls was top notch
    Eye color – they consistently have some of the deepest blues I’ve seen
    Size – I wanted BIG and their’s come in three sizes, BIG, BIGGER, and BIGGEST
    Cheekiness – they have lovely full kissable cheeks
    Coat – length, shine, and softness……they have it all
    Socialization – they all get lots of people and play time with Lora and her family
    NO CAGES!!! – the mommas and babies have the absolute best care and rest in their own private spotless nurseries…..NO STINKING CAGES ANYWHERE!
    Health care – she spares no expense.
    This is truly a case of you get what you pay for.

    I got to pick up my baby boy Valor (blue mitted with blaze) the following week; it was a Merry Christmas for my family and I. Valor’s parents are Soulmate Ragdolls Dolly (blue bi-color) and Puddie (blue color point). Baby Valor is now 8 months and weighing in at a hefty 15 pounds, no telling how big my tubby doll is going to get. He is the epitome of the perfect Ragdoll: he’s soft, gentle and oh so loving, not to mention how funny and entertaining he is, we simply can’t get enough of him. I’ll be posting photos of Valor soon.

    I look forward to going back to Soulmate Ragdolls to pick out my baby girl. I’m leaning towards a blue lynx, so her daddy would be Tango but Truly is now retired so she would be a 1/2 sister to Trigg.

    God Bless,

    • Arony Childress says:

      Did you happen to see the panning this cattery got from a buyer who lost her kitten and found that all the kittens born in the litter had been very ill with congenital eye issues and the breeder took no responsibility. I am just about to contact them to go on the waiting list and it concerns me. What was your experience?

  95. Rhuel Adams says:

    Cattery Name – Hollywood Rags Ragdolls
    City, State – Martinsburg, WV
    Country – USA
    Website – http://www.hollywoodragdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty – 1st kitten in January 2013 and 2nd kitten will be in June 2013.
    Adoption Story –

    Our family just brought home our first Ragdoll kitten, Nala, in January. She was born
    November 11, 2012. We’ve been pet-less for about 5 or 6 years and when my wife
    said, “I think we should get another cat”; I was on task immediately to find another
    kitten, but what kind? We had a Birman years ago and from what I read online, Ragdolls
    seemed to have many similar characteristics including temperament and color. So, we
    searched online for Ragdoll breeders and found Hollywood Ragdolls 30 minutes away
    from us! Suzanne had 2 kittens available when I emailed her, but the blue mitted girl
    we were interested in was having a potential owner visit later that day. I was bummed.
    I asked Suzanne to let us know if the other folks decide to not want the kitten we were
    interested in and get back to us. A couple hours later, she emailed and said the kitten
    we wanted was still available and the folks wanted the other kitten. So we made an
    appointment, hopped in the car, and checked out the breeder and her kitten. Hollywood
    Ragdolls is, in my opinion, a great breeder. I would highly recommend her to anyone
    looking for a quality Ragdoll. The downstairs area of her house was very clean and she
    introduced us to the sole male (her star) and the 5 females (starlets). All of her cats/
    kittens were beautiful, healthy, and playful. When I saw Nala, I immediately knew she’d
    be a great fit in our family. She was spunky and full of energy with the softest fur and
    sky blue eyes. She had a twin brother that we wanted to take home, but he was already
    spoken for. So after a few weeks, we brought Nala home and emailed Suzanne to be put
    on the waiting list for a seal male that we would name Simba (to finish off our Lion King
    naming convention and keeping with the “Hollywood” theme of the breeder).

    Over the last few months Nala has really become a part of the family. We (and Nala) will
    be welcoming home her half-brother (a male seal mitted with a blaze) in June! He was
    born March 8 and is gorgeous, too!

  96. mary says:

    I lost my beloved ragdoll to hcm at 3 1/2 years old i also did not know enough to ask for proof of hcm testing. My boy was on every med for hcm he wasn’t expected to live past a year i got 2 1/2 additional years. when i was ready i researched and found a great breeder Laura from Echoglen ragdolls. My boy is big beautiful and Laura is great..

  97. Jennifer says:

    Cattery Name: D’s Jewels Ragdolls
    City, State: Just Outside of Oklahoma City, OK
    Country: USA
    Website:http://dsragdolls.com (her site, not mine)
    When you adopted your kitty: 06/2012
    Adoption Story:

    My beautiful rescued Seal BiColor passed away unexpectedly a year ago. It was a terrible loss for my cat pack and I knew I had to replace her with another Seal BiColor (imps that they are). Most breeders in my area had waiting lists and I was getting very sad. Then, I happened upon Dena and Steve Icks and they had a Seal BiColor male…but he was a show quality–which I couldn’t afford. I saved my pennies and now, I show! OK–so he’s too big for his britches (literally–he’ll most likely weigh close to 20 pounds when he is full grown) and tends to try to smack the judges but what can I say? He’s an imp and every inch a wonderful replacement for Writer. AND I have lifelong friends in Dena and Steve.

    • Lisa says:

      Check out Enchantacats, they are located in the Sacramento area. Full disclosure: Shila is the owner and she is my Aunt. She’s been breeding Ragdolls since 1999 (and also breeds Maine Coons). I just got my first Ragdoll – Miss Kitty – in October as my early Christmas present. She is an amazing cat! Beautiful, extremely lovable, hangs out with me in my home office all day while I work. She is my husband’s first experience with a ‘good’ cat and has him wrapped around her fluffy little mitted paw!

      Two litters were just born, pictures are not yet posted. I will most likely get another from the recent litters – and live in Los Angeles. She will arrange delivery. In October she also sold a kitten to another client in the area and had a driver deliver them directly to our homes.

      Good Luck!

      • Sonma says:

        You beat me to it :). I was just going to recommend Enchantacats! We got our Ragdoll and our Maine Coon there. Shila is wonderful! The cattery is immaculately clean and the cats are very loving. Highly recommend this place!

      • wendyb964 says:

        So thankful I found this site. I’ve always had rescue kitties and dogs. While at my neighbors who were gone (TG I wasn’t the primary care giver), their dog decided to “play” with their Raggie and was a bit too rough. I was devastated as was the family. Believe they found a look-alike at your place summer, 2013, and I desperately want my next kitty to be a ragdoll. I have two young adult kitties,6 yr, and a senior, 18 year old. No dog at present. Is it best to wait until all the kitties are gone to get a new one (or two?) I’m not interested in showing/breeding but believe in an ethical, loving, caring cattery that also expects that of the potential owner. I’m saving this site! Thanks

        • Jenny says:

          Hi Wendy,

          Floppycats is an informational site – we are not a breeder.

          It depends on your financial situation, the personalities of your existing kitties and more as to whether or not to wait to get another. That’s your call – go with your gut.

          I grew up with Ragdolls and German Shepherds – and there was NEVER a problem. Really, really sorry to hear what happened to that other cat.


    • Wendoline says:

      Snugglerags is local to L.A. Heather is out in the West Side area, just south of Century City. She doesn’t have too many litters per year though, as they’re a small hobby breeder, so you might be in for a wait. Our baby girl comes home next week, but so far the adoption experience has been easy and painless with her. She’s willing to answer questions, raises the kittens underfoot and allows visits. We’ve been out to visit the kittens twice this month already! If you don’t mind waiting, Heather’s great and has lovely kittens.

      If you’d like something a little sooner, I absolutely recommend getting in touch with Cheryl over at Ruby Ridge Rags or Roxann at Creekcat Ragdolls. Ruby Ridge is a little bit further down in Riverside, but when I was looking into purchasing a ragdoll she was so helpful and sweet and just lovely. If she’d had the seal colors that I was looking for in her spring litters I would have ended up getting a kitten from her. Roxann is in San Diego and also a joy. Her waiting lists are long though, but she has a few more frequent litters so you might be able to get one sooner than maybe waiting for Heather. Cheryl, too, breeds a little more frequently than Heather. I don’t think you could go wrong with either of them if you don’t mind the slight distance.

      Best of luck!

      • Margaret Takaki says:

        Hi, I recently purchased a kitten from Cheryl at Ruby Ridge Ragdolls and I highly recommend this breeder. Our kitten is beautiful and healthy and Cheryl is very pleasant to work with!

  98. Noreen says:

    Hi Fiona,

    I am so sorry to hear about your Lily. I lost a 10 year old Ragdoll to HCM a few years ago. Unfortunately, he showed no symptoms before he died and I lost him with no warning at all. It was devasating. I had two other Ragdolls at the time that were healthy and lived to be 16 and 18, but I never got over my beautiful boy.

    I too am older, and also wasn’t sure about getting another one. Please, go ahead and do it. I ended up with two more and will never regret it. One thing that made it easier – I got a different pattern. I had blue & seal mitteds before, blue bicolors this time. I didn’t expect them to replace the old guys, but I see so much of them in these two…it’s sad and happy at the same time.

    There are a lot of dedicated breeders out there working hard to ensure that their cats are as healthy as possible. Make sure the breeder you decide on has done DNA (not just ultrasound)testing for HCM and take your time.


  99. Fiona Copy says:

    Since there are several of you from Georgia does anyone know much about the breeder in Roswell, Ga. Crabapple Ragdolls? I have a gorgeous Ragdoll that is 4. She was diagnosed w/HCM over a year ago & has recently been given 6 months to a year to live. I DID NOT GET HER FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER! The terrible mistake I made! But I LOVE her to death & spend every moment I can trying to make what time she has SPECIAL. If I ever get another I would do it RIGHT this time. I have met the Crabapple breeder & was very impressed. They test their male and female breeding cats for HCM that is very IMPORTANT to me. I am older and could NEVER find another Ragdoll like my Lily so I probably won’t ever try. But just in case I’m in good health when I retire I may seriously consider it. They are simply my favorite breed & Lily has lived up to everything documented on their personalities. Somehow I just missed that they are very prone to HCM a devastating heart disease. 3 different vets have said it is very common in the Ragdoll breed & is almost always terminal. Getting one from a breeder that tests against it is IMPERATIVE!

  100. Teresa says:

    1. Cattery Name: Ragmeister Ragdolls
    2. City, State: San Diego, CA
    3. Country: U.S.A.
    4. Website: http://www.ragdoll.org
    5. When you adopted your kitty: January 2013
    6. Adoption Story: I live in Mexico and I didn’t find any Ragdoll breeders in my country, so I searched for Californian breeders on the web. After many days of looking into websites I stumbled upon Ragmeister Ragdolls, the webpage looks professional, they have a blog, all the info you need to know about the cattery, and they have been breeding since 1991. So I gave them a call and reserved a blue bicolor kitten, then I flew to San Diego to pick her up and then flew back to Mexico with the kitten.
    About the breeder: What I liked was that the cattery was clean, I met loads of beautiful Ragdolls, including my baby‘s mother. What I didn’t like was that my kitten had some fleas on her, which were immediately taken care of.
    About the kitten: she behaved good during the flight, she is a wonderful, playful, pretty and fluffy kitty, and anyone who meets her adores her.

    • Johnson says:

      RED FLAG! Go to Yelp and get other opinions on this breeder!!!!! I have tried many times to contact this breeder and seldom called back. I went to yelp and put the name in and tons of negative comments came up. I was not happy with what I say. Please be careful with this breeder.

      • Teresa says:

        Thanks for the heads up, I read the Yelp comments and I was in shock, don’t know what happened with those people but my experience with the breeder was great, and when i call him or mail him he answers back. I’m currently waiting for another kitten from him and I’ve also had contact with other people who own Rags from this breeder and they also had a great experience and their Rags are beautiful. Even if it’s not from this breeder I hope you fin a great Rag! 🙂

    • Anne says:

      I found one review of Ragmeister who said that their cat that they picked up was visually sick when they went to go pick it up. Yet, he still gave it to them fully knowing that the cat he was selling was sick.

    • flower51 says:

      I purchased my first Ragdoll from Mable Roberts of Willow Tree Ragdolls of Mansfield, MA. They have champion blood lines and had several champion in the cattery. Mable is high up in IFCA. Mable is very accommodating and will answer any questions. She runs a really clean and neat cattery. Check out the website at willowtreeragdolls.com I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! Good luck finding a new friend. Iris Davidson

    • Noreen says:

      Hi Nicky,

      Marcy Anderson – Cathedral Ragdolls – is located in Rindge, New Hampshire. I have two blue bicolors from her, a 7 yr old girl and a 1 year old boy. They are beautiful, healthy, sweet tempered and well socialized. They love to be groomed and follow me everywhere!

      When I lost my 18 year old guy in 2011, I went looking for another Ragdoll. I wanted a breeder that tests for HCM, was local,had been breeding for a while, and was concerned about health and temperament.

      I live in New Hampshire and had met Marcy at a cat show years ago, so I gave her a call. Luckily, she had an older retired girl she wanted to place. A few months later I realized Poco was lonely and went back for a “little brother”. She accepted him in about a day and they are best buddies.

      Marcy has a small cattery, she does not always have kittens available, but they are worth the wait and I highly recommend her.

      Good luck!

      • Nicky says:

        Great, thank you. I will be getting a baby boy in about 7 weeks, but on the advice of readers am now thinking about a companion for him – and none of his litter mates are available. I will look into your recommendation.

        • D. Barba says:

          Try East End Ragdolls. I am in California, but Jennifer was very kind to point me in the right direction and answer any questions I had from across the miles. Beautiful cats from good lines too!

  101. Patti Johnson says:

    Cattery Name: Little Apple Ragdolls

    City, State: Manhattan, Kansas

    Country: USA

    Website: http://www.littleappleragdolls.com/index.php

    When you adopted your kitty: We paid our deposit to reserve our kitten on 12/16/2012. We picked up our lovely little girl, Sugar, on 01/24/2013 (when she was 16 weeks old).

    Adoption Story: My hubby and I are avid animal lovers. We’ve always had cats and dogs in our lives. When we moved to a smaller place in 2009 we were only able to take one pet with us (our favorite cat, a Desert Lynx girl named Sora). We had to find new homes for our dog (Buddy, a Golden Retriever) and our other cat (Tina, a Desert Lynx/Serengeti mix). On December 15, 2012 our beautiful Sora passed away. It was just awful as she was only 7 years old. Our grief was overwhelming and we both decided right away that we definitely wanted to get another cat as part of our family. We weren’t planning on adopting right away. as we wanted to give ourselves time to deal with Sora’s passing. However, we were lucky enough to find the Little Apple Ragdolls website and we fell in love with a photo of a little kitten aptly named Pink Sugar. My hubby contacted the owner of the cattery (a lovely lady named Andra Schroeder). Andra was terrific and spent a lot of time telling us all about Pink Sugar. We put a deposit on her right away! We kept in touch with Andra over the coming weeks until we could pick up our new girl. Andra was very responsive and kind with our many questions and always answered our e-mails very promptly! On January 24th, we made the trip to Manhattan and met our little girl face-to-face. It was AWESOME! It was also so lovely to finally meet Andra, who was just marvelous and took lots of time to talk to us and provide us with the necessary paperwork and goodies to take home with our Sugar girl. We are now Ragdoll lovers for life and are so very happy to have this adorable kitten in our lives. While our Sora will remain forever in our hearts, we are so delighted to have a wonderful kitty girl full of purrs, love and mischief! 🙂

  102. Roxanne says:

    Hello! I am currently looking to adopt my first ever ragdoll!
    does anyone know of any reputable breeders Vancouver area BC Canada?
    Also is the “hugaragdoll” a good place to adopt?

    • Jennifer says:

      I have 2 boys that I adopted from Ragalong Ragdolls in Sooke, BC. They are awesome to work with, and very nice cats.
      Hugaradoll I do not have personal dealings with, but their cats are very beautiful, and I know they are active on the ragdoll forums. Other than those, I’d strongly recommend Rainbow Ragdolls in Edmonton.

      • Roxanne says:

        Thank you Jennifer for responding!
        I will look into those breeders!

        And if anyone has dealt with Hugaragdoll please let me know what you think of them!
        I live close to their house to it would be the easiest place for me to adopt from.

        • Roxanne says:

          Just in case anyone was interested, I received tones of responses and Hugaragdoll is an Awesome place to adopt 🙂 Highly recommended!!!!!!

  103. Julia Buziak says:

    Cattery Name: Pinkerton Ragdolls
    City, State: Monroe,GA
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.pinkerton-ragdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: June 2012
    Adoption Story: Me and my Husband were new in the USA and i brought our Cat from Germany. He’s an Tuerkish Angora cat named milo and shouldn’t live alone. I love Ragdolls since i first saw them .. I always wanted to have a Ragdoll. My Husband was searching for a Ragdoll Breeder and found many Breeders in GA. He visited a lot Families to find the right Breeder for us. Finally he found Pinkerton Ragdolls and he was totally impressed by Stephanie and her Cats. Stephanie and Jeff are so awesome and nice!! Until i met Steph i never thought that there is another Person who love cats so much like i do!! We named our cat grobi .. He’s a blue solid Ragdoll and everytime when i look at him i know he was meant for us!! We would like to have a second ragdoll from Steph!! You can see how much she loves what she’s doing .. Thats the most important thing and she’s always there for you if you have any questions before and after you adopt a pinkerton baby 🙂

  104. JoAnn says:

    She was extremely nice, as well as cautious about her kittens new family. She asked questions if I had been to any other catteries that day to ensure I would not be spreading diseases to her cats. We talked a lot about my other pets (2 small dogs and 1 cat), veterinary care and various types of food. Ann brought 4 kittens out, 2 males in one carrier, 2 females in another carrier. As we let them out to play you could tell right away that they had been very well socialized. They were curios, playful and purring. Not to mention gorgeous. Ann was very friendly and helpful with any questions I had as this is my first Ragdoll. You can see a picture of him on her site under “satisfied customers”. Look for “Oliver”. I’ve had him for just over 2 wks now and he acts like he’s been here forever.

      • Mia says:

        I doubt if Roxann has some discrimination against Chinese. I reached out to her a few weeks ago, and she said she had available kittens. At first the conversation is good, but she never responded to my questions about health conditions of the kittens. When I decided to adopt one of the kittens she posted on her website, at first she agreed but then never responded to me. She is so unpreditable and impatient. Make my adpotion process so frustrating!

    • Susan says:

      The breeder from whom I got my two boys I would highly recommend. She is Laura Nielsen and her cattery is Echoglen Ragdolls. She is located in Lakeside, which is near Poway. Her website is
      http://www.echoglenragdolls.com. My boys are 3 years and 1 year. They are very healthy and have terrific personalities. Laura is always available for questions via email.

  105. B^!!^J says:

    Breeders Name: Doris Simon of Simonsezz.com
    Location: Port Richey, Florida
    I adopted a female seal mitted ragdoll kitten in August, 2011 at 14 weeks old. Her purchase price was $600.00 which included a state health certificate, up to date vaccinations for a kitten of her age, a take home bag of Royal Canin Kitten kibble and proof of a negative HCM DNA test. Spaying was my expense. Show quality kittens were priced at $1000 and potential breeders started at $1200.00. I lerked Doris’ website for almost a year before making an appointment to come up and visit her one Saturday to see her unspoken for kittens and she did have a passel of them.

    Angel Mae was the bounciest, pounciest, spunkiest kitten of the group, leaping and tackling all of her littermates. Since she was going into a household with three fully grown cats, I knew I would need a kitten that would bulldoze her way in and that she did! She bounced and pounced her way right into the midst of my grown cats so quickly that the introduction period was virtually over by nightfall! Angel Mae just did not give my adult cats a chance not to like her. She just kept making them play with her. I can remember my 12 year old Maine Coon cat, Buffee Moon, once looked up at me as if she was asking me “Do I have to put up with this?” I told her “You’d better get used to her because the baby is staying!” Fifteen months later Angel Mae has turned into a little tank. Her sire is a monster sized Ragdoll and I feel she still has some growing to do and Angel Mae has taken over the house – almost. Buffee Moon has let her know you do not pounce on “The Queen”!

    • kimba56 says:

      I purchased a 3 month old seal mitted kitten from this cattery and he died 2 weeks ago from dry FIP at 13 months old. She never offered to replace him and told me she never has had FIP cats…I have found 2 others who also had their kittens die from FIP from this breeder. If you do not know what FIP is…read about it on catvirus.com. These kittens contracted it from her home (cattery) which smelled awful…guess I should have known Better.

      • lynbyk says:

        I purchased a kitten from this same cattery in Nov of 2013 & he was diagnosed with FIP as well. My Vet said something about it being shed in his stool. She said he may or may not develop FIP.
        So far he’s been healthy except for occasionally getting diarrhea. He also has sensitivities to chicken & fish so it’s a little hard to find a food that he will tolerate without getting diarrhea.
        I wouldn’t buy from this cattery again because first of all she doesn’t allow you to come & see the kitten before you purchase. I had called about another kitten after I purchased the first one. (before he got sick)
        I also don’t like the fact that she can’t tell you about the personality of the kitten you are interested in. She should be spending enough time with the individual kittens so she knows the personalities of each kitty.
        I love my cat & he is really such a sweetheart. He will be 2 in July & I’m just hoping he won’t ever get full blown FIP.

        Please research all the posts about this cattery before purchasing from her.

        Too many kittens with FIP!!

        • kittylover says:

          You may want to have your vet check for T foetus (Tritrichomonas foetus). This is a parasite that can be overlooked and is often a cause of diarrhea which vets diagnosis as “coronavirus” related. Since many cats and kittens test positive for coronavirus this is often given as the reason for a cat having diarrhea when it can be from many other sources. T foetus stresses the systems of cats and kittens and can cause death as I am well aware. A very disreputable breeder (Three Rivers Ragdolls in Pittsburgh) sold me a beautiful seal point ragdoll kitten who had diarrhea that was untreatable from the moment I got him. He did not test positive for any of the worms or parasites the vet tested for UNTIl he was tested for t foetus at my suggestion after I spent hours searching for what the problem could be on the internet. He eventually died from this parasite and I solely blame the horrible breeder for selling me a sick kitten who I promptly fell in love with.I spent over 5,000 dollars searching for what the problem was and finally on various treatments for him but he eventually died from the parasite at just over 6 months of age. The breeder has not been in contact with me since I informed her he died. I should have known better when she would not let me visit her breeding facility and would only meet me away from her home/facility.

          While this is becoming a common parasite in poor breeding facilities (even though it is entirely treatable if caught early!!!!) it is rare enough that many vets do not even know they should be testing for it in cats that come from breeders or shelters. I would suggest that any cat owner who purchased their cat from a breeder or adopted from a shelter who has a cat or kitten with diarrhea that is not responding to treatment and that is not testing positive for the common parasites or bacteria to do a pcr test on the feces for T foetus.

          • Jean says:

            A friend of mine was looking to buy a ragdoll kitten from Three Rivers Ragdolls in Pittsburgh. I am so glad I read your post before she put a deposit down!! Do you know of any good ragdoll breeders in or around Virginia?

  106. Connie Ross says:

    Cattery name: Pinkerton Ragdolls
    City: Monroe, Georgia
    website: http://www.pinkerton-ragdolls.com
    When I adopted my kitties: Feb 2011, Sep 2011
    Adoption stories:
    Both of my ragdolls from Pinkerton are retired breeders. They are the BEST, sweetest, most socialized, well-adjusted cats I have ever had, and I hear the same story from other clients of Pinkerton. Steph Ingram is a very knowledgable breeder, and has done extensive research in bloodlines to produce excellence in the breed. Steph also exhibits the highest degree of integrity in working with clients, as well as true compassion and caring for all her babies. I have nothing but praise for Pinkerton Ragdolls and highly recommend them!!!

  107. Jennifer says:

    Cattery Name: Rainbowragdolls
    City, State: Outside of Edmonton, Alberta
    Country: Canada
    Website: http://www.rainbowragdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: August, 2012
    Adoption Story:

    I contacted Lise at Rainbowragdolls because I was looking for a bicolor seal/flame torti. Lise has a bicolor seal/flame torti queen. 🙂

    She responded to me within an hour or so, every single time I emailed her. She did not promise me anything, given that her queen had only had 2 torties before, and never a bicolor, but told me that her torti queen was expecting a litter in May, and to keep in touch.
    Come early June, she posted the litter, which had been born on May 23rd. She had a seal/flame bicolor torti! I contacted her immediately, paid my deposit, and started preparing to bring her home! A few weeks later, the litter was spoken for, aside from one little kitten. It turns out that she was a blue/cream bicolor torti, and none of the folks who contacted her wanted a torti. So, after some fenangling with my hubby, we decided to adopt her with her sister.
    The kittens were spayed, and we drove to Edmonton to pick them up. Lise will not ship her kittens. We visited with Lise for a few minutes, gathered up our girls, and drove home. Lise was friendly, kind and very sweet!
    The kittens we purchased are completely ragdoll. They are the epitome of the ragdoll breed, and I could not have asked for better. So, if you are in driving distance of Edmonton, and want an incredible ragdoll, please contact Lise! 😀

    • Cassie says:

      I myself would be leery of ever purchasing a kitten from a breeder who won’t let you near her cattery. This breeder won’t allow visits, meeting the parents or for you to pick up the kittens at her cattery. She negotiates a mutually agreed upon offsite location to meet up on the day the kittens are able to go home.
      I worry about the poor breeders, and the conditions in which they are kept.
      Buyers Beware.

      • Amanda says:

        Not sure what your talking about. I adopted my kitten from Lise in the summer of 2015. Was able to go to her home, pick out my kitten and meet the kitten’s parents. (Bella & Mensch) When the time came to pick up Louie, that was done at her home as well. I found her to be very loving and caring with her cats. She was the one who warned me about a couple of puppymill style ragdoll catteries in the Edmonton area. Would highly recommend her!

    • Cindy Bryant says:

      Yes…Keepurrs in Northern KY/Cincinnati OH area… I have bought 3 ragdolls from Christie Lyons. She has some of the most beautiful, sweetest ragdoll kittens and is a very knowledgeable breeder.

  108. Susie says:

    Cattery Name: Pamsdollhouse
    City/State: Spencerport Ny
    Country: USA
    Owner: Pam Miller
    We are now adopting our 2nd ragdoll from Pam. We lost our beloved Charlie in July 2012 to heart disease and decided we needed to get another baby. We had two other rescue babies and wanted to make sure that the new babies temperament would fit well with our adults, so we decided on a ragdoll. I found a local breeder and called her right away. Pam and I chatted for a bit and I made an appointment for that afternoon. We decided on a blue lynx boy who’s contract had fallen through, so he was ready to go that weekend. We couldn’t be happier with our amazing Riley he is sweet, floppy, beautiful and we are totally in love with him. Just when we thought we were all settled tragedy struck again and the next month we lost our adult cat Webster in a battle with pancreatitis. I called Pam again and she had a new litter with a seal mitted which is what I wanted. Pam has let me come and spend time with our new baby girl Chloe every Sunday afternoon so we can play and bond with her. We will be bringing her home this weekend. All of Pam’s adult cats that I have met are so gentle and sweet and Pam has been so helpful and kind. I highly recommend her cattery and will use her again if the need ever arises. . I feel very fortunate to have such an outstanding breeder in my area that lets me spend time with my new family member regularly before her home coming.

    • Kira says:

      I agree that Pam is excellent breeder. I adopted my Jax from her in April 2015. Unfortunately she’s not too close to my house: about 5 hour drive, so when I’ve decided to get a Ragdoll after sudden unexpected passing of my 3 Y.O. rescued cat Milo, we found seal point kitten just like I wanted on Pamsdollhouse and he was available to go home in a month. Since it was too far for us to just drive and look at the kitten, we just placed deposit and i asked Pam to send us photos periodically of kitten growing up. So she did that. Also I requested all the DNA tests of the parents to make sure that kitten will be free of any genetic defects, and she also provided me with that as well. I would highly recommend Pamsdollhouse to anyone looking for ragdoll. When time came to pick up Jax, we drove 5 hours, but it was well worth it, as Jax is nicest cat!

  109. Alexandra Purcellawada says:

    Fluffy Luv Cattery in Kalamazoo Mi….U.S.A.
    I once ran a ragdoll cattery but just didn’t have the heart when the kittens had to leave….in my mind this is a lifetime service…..will this kitten allows be safe? So five years ago I fazed it out ..I still have 7 Ragdolls ranging in age from 24 years to 5 years. Since most of mine are older I thought one more just to end it .

    A male ragdoll mink. That is how I got our Lochland who is a seal mitted mink that is full of personality, joy and looks to boot …..what an angel ….Kim Glover the owner of the cattery runs one of the cleanest hands on ragdoll businesses I have ever come across. Take a look at her website you will be pleased.

  110. Kat Lewis says:

    My Ragdolls, Merlin and Abby HIGHLY recommend their first home/cattery, Little Apple Ragdolls, in Manhatten, Kansas! Both of my babies came from there (and in fact Abby is Merlin’s uncle!) and we couldn’t be more pleased with the love and care that Andra gave them, as well as all her kitties, before they came to us! Merlin came to us on December 17, 2010, and little Abby just a little over a month ago on July 6th.. We “offically” got Abby for Merlin – that’s our story and we’re sticking to it – the fact that she is a perfectly wonderful little purring machine is just icing on the cake for us! Both were flown down to us and Andra made our experiences and the kitties just as easy as pie. Her website littleappleragdolls.com not only shows all her breeder cats and kitties up for adoption, but also has a wonderful scrapbook area for all the babies that have been adopted from there (Merlin is on page 4) which just shows how many “satisfied” (i.e. people who have fallen into kitty-love) customers and return customers she has had!

  111. Laura says:

    Cattery Name: Cashmere Rags
    City, State: Arlington, WA
    Country: USA
    Website: http://cashmererags.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: July 2012
    Adoption Story: This was our first experience getting a cat from a breeder – all our others were adopted from shelters or taken in when friends couldn’t care for them. Lorna was recommended by friends and was absolutely wonderful! Her cattery is very clean – spotless! – and she is clearly a very caring, ethical and responsible person who carefully screens potential families. Her cats are absolutely beautiful and have sweet temperaments. We were on a waiting list for about 6 months before bringing our kitten home and could not be happier with her.

    Lorna has all the kittens who will be family pets spayed or neutered before leaving her. She asks you to sign a contract stating that your cats will be indoors only and not declawed. One thing that really impressed me was that she asked about our current pets and family life and when the kittens were about 6 weeks old she invited us to meet them and choose one – but based on her knowledge of their emerging personalities recommended one in particular as a good match for our household. That kind of thoughtfulness makes a big difference. We love our little baby Violet and she’s bringing us such joy!

    • Jerri K says:

      Although I never adopted a kitten from Lorna, I did visit her cattery a couple of times and was equally impressed with both her cattery and the wonderful, warm personality of Lorna. She has gorgeous cats, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

      • Iris says:

        Dear Jenny,
        As usual, you are terrific.
        Thanks for contacting me about Christine’s response to my question.
        Speak to you soon.

    • Christine says:

      Willow Tree Rags ‘Hans Donsen’ had a litter of kittens with Krystal from the Luvlee Dolls Cattery on Long Island and I have one of the kittens from the litter and he is completely amazing. I completely trust the Luvlee Dolls Cattery and they highly recommend Willow Tree Rags. They have one of the other boys from the litter who will eventually become a part of their breeding program. I have a BEYOND amazing kitten. He just turned one on July 10th and has been super healthy and has that perfect Ragdoll temperament.

      I hope that helps!

      • Iris says:

        Hi Christine,
        I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my inquiry.
        I finally was able to purchase my first Ragdoll baby in June from Willow Tree Ragdolls. Willow Tree Ragdoll Cattery is an excellent breeder and wonderful to deal with. My new little baby, Samsun, his father is the Grand Champion, Apollo Amendeo and his monther is Honeybun, her father was Hans Donsen. He is sweet, playful and just pure joy.
        Thanks again for responding.

    • Sandy Wuerch says:

      Mable is super sweet and excellent about working with any she associates with.Id trust Her and I am also a Breeder of the Rag 😉
      I have a friend who had adopted a Cat to Show and it developed a face spot of sorts and Mable was right on top to work with this Breeder.

  112. Sherri Sos says:

    Napmasters Cattery
    owner: Wendy Alm
    location:Evergreen, Colorado

    My Persian cat of 18 years passed away in October 2011.  We knew we wanted another cat,  one that had a similar personality to a Persian  but not the health problems some Persians have. After much research, we decided to look at Ragdolls. We found Napmasters online. After calling and talking to Wendy, We decided to go see her kittens.  Napmasters is a small cattery. Only producing 2 litters a year.  Wendy had 2 litters at the time. One at 13 weeks,ready to go to forever homes and one only 6 weeks old.  When we went to her home, we found a wonderful caring person who truly loves her cats and had kittens that were loved and socialized.  We played with the kittens and chose to wait for a little 6 week old seal mitted boy with a blaze. Wendy invited me to come back every week to play with  Jack. We waited 7 weeks for Jack to come home.  What a wonderful kitten. He is so well adjusted and such a love. Wendy has always been available to give advice and counsel. What a wonderful cattery and wonderful person.

    • lynette7561 says:

      I also went to Napmasters Cattery in Evergreen, January 2015. We decided on a female color point. She is a doll baby. And Wendy was awesome. Very caring and answered all my questions. We named our little one Willow and it fits her perfectly. Thank you Napmasters I will defiantly recommend you:)

  113. Geo says:

    1. Cattery Name- Angelheart Ragdolls
    2. City, State- Burlington, WI (near Chicago,IL)
    3. Country- USA
    4. Website- AngelheartRagdolls.com
    5. When you adopted your kitty- October of 2010
    6. Adoption Story- I was looking for a local breeder, and found Angelheart Ragdolls. I could tell from phone conversations that Laura there was a careful, smart, caring and very loving breeder. I was looking for a companion kitten to my first Raggie and was thrilled when Laura called me one day to tell me she had a kitten for me. She checked me out to make sure I’d be a good kitty mama. When I arrived at her home, I could tell the kittens were all very well-cared for and treated with a lot of love. There were ribbons lining the walls from cat shows she and her husband participated in and the most stunningly beautiful cats all over her house! She made me wait to pick my kitten up until he was around 4 months old and until after he was neutered. He has just the best, sweetest personality and came very happy, healthy, and secure. From the research I have done since I’ve adopted my raggies, Angelheart Ragdolls appears to do everything right! I highly recommend them.

  114. Leanna Steward says:

    Little Apple Ragdolls
    Manhattan, Ks.

    We bought two breeder Ragdolls from Little Apple Ragdolls in December. Andra was super at answering my questions and giving me tips on caring for the kittens. We are a new cattery and Andra has agreed to be our mentor. She always answers my emails filled with questions not only about the cats but also on questions about establishing our business. Bless you, Andra!

    • Mary says:

      I visited their site 1/5/14 and saw this notice:

      Available Kittens
      We will not have any kittens available for a couple years. We are taking a break from breeding for a while. I’m referring people to House of Steward Ragdolls in Clay Center, KS and Temple Dolls in Colorado for kittens. I’m not sure if they will have any kittens available right now, but it is worth talking to them. Thanks!

  115. susan says:

    Cattery Name: Sunnyshores Cattery
    City: PortOrange Florida
    Website: sunnyshorescattery
    Rachel Zimmerman

    I adopted my ragdoll kitten in Aug 20ll. Im new to the Ragdoll breed, I read about and researched many sites pertaining to Ragdolls. This was one of the most reputable ones in Florida out here. I was also referred to this Cattery by Liz Thurman, Bordeaux Ragdolls. Rachel is one of the nicest ladies and was extremely patient with me, (I had so many questions), she explained everything to me. I can’t tell you how pleased and Happy I am with my fuzzy Baby!

    • Michele says:

      You are absolutely right about them. I know them both from attending cat shows.Liz has been in the business for years and is one of the most dedicated ragdoll breeders I know.

  116. Karen Hand says:

    Cattery Name Finer Point Ragdolls
    City, State Mary Ann Blasso
    Plumas Lake, California
    (Just North of Sacramento
    Country: USA
    Website http://www.finerpointragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: I have 2 of her cats, one I adopted a little over 2 years ago, and one I just adopted a few weeks ago.
    Adoption Story: Murphy is the one you featured as Ragdoll of the week, I received him as a 50th birthday present. Levi I just got a few weeks ago I purchased so I could show him as an alter in cat shows. Mary Ann, is a good breeder, she also has a group of friends that breed Ragdoll’s as well. They also show their cats/kittens. I have been to Mary Ann’s home, I have seen her cats they are wonderful in every way. I also go to the cat shows where she shows her cats and kittens. I have known her for several years now. I also know a family who has purchased a few cats from her who also show. So I would recommend her to anyone.

  117. Christine Scharf says:

    Cattery Name: LuvleeDolls Catttery – Lisa Sullo
    City, State: Long Island, New York
    Country: USA
    Website: http://luvleedolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: Gatsby was adopted in October 2011 and Huxley was adopted in November 2011.
    Adoption Story: I was very impressed with their website. They love Ragdolls and are truly committed to producing healthy, happy, and well loved cats with the perfect Ragdoll temperament.

    I began e-mailing Lisa about adopting a kitten in July of 2011. She was so helpful and happy to answer all of my questions. In September, I visited her home to select my kitten. Her home is immaculate and has a warm and friendly atmosphere. I was able to meet the mother of the kittens, as well as the other incredibly sweet cats at the cattery. Lisa is an incredible breeder. Every kitten receives impeccable care and lots of love.

    We brought Gatsby home in October and he is just a dream! We immediately realized that we wanted Gatsby to have a companion to grow up with. I contacted Lisa about adopting a second kitten and it just so happened that she was looking for a home for Gatsby’s older half brother. We were both thrilled that the two brothers would be reunited. I am so thankful to LuvleeDolls for my sweet darling boys! I highly recommend them.

    • cmrose016 says:

      Thats so cool! Im seeing this now and I have been contacting Lisa for a kitten now! I’m so excited! How are the cats doing now?

    • Amanda Aubrey says:

      Does anyone know of a good reputable breeder in nevada? That test the kittens for HCM and genetic diseases? I want old tradition lines. No cinnamon, minks or sepias. Those are crossed with other breeds of cats and can’t be shown. Any information would be great

    • lynn says:

      i also have two cats from Lisa. she is absolutely amazing and my cats are now 3 and 9 and they are niece and uncle. i adore them both. they are perfect. grateful to lisa. i tried to get a thirdsbut something went seriously wrong with my email system and delayed, as well as filed email communications improperly and i missed the boat which i deeply regret or i would have a third. lisa is i believe no longer breeding, or breeding very few litters now. looking for a third cat still but im not as comfoprtable going to another breeder but Lisa. highly recommend 100 percent.

  118. Steohanie Bray says:

    Though I recommend that everyone rescue a cat rather than buy one I do recommend a breeder because I know her personally and she is an incredible person. I have gotten 9 Ragdolls from her over the years who were not considered saleable or adoptable for different reasons, retired breeders that weren’t cuddly right away(people ..cats expect them to be Stepford cats immediately), one was very ill and needed outside freedom time to get well (I have a gigantic fenced area for the cats to be outside safely 24/7) and a couple that had been in homes that made them very neurotic and really un-re-homeable (after a couple of months of peace and love and being allowed to be CATS, they became snuggly Ragdolls again). The breeder’s name is Janeil Cilessen, her cattery is Dollhouse Ragdolls in Wheatridge, CO. She has a great website at dollhouseragdolls.com. She will NOT ship a cat without a handler, EVER, and she will take them back any time things are not working out.

    • anco18 says:

      Chattery name: Missy’s Ragdolls
      Tampa, FL but Misty drove to Sunny Isles to deliver my baby

      Adoption story: I was mourning the loss of my little black Pomeranian, who was 10 years old and the sweetest, most Amazing guy. There was a huge whole in our hearts that my fiancé took a step to fill by adding a ragdoll to our family. I never had a cat before so I was extremely nervous when he surprised me with this. When Misty came and delivered my little baby boy to us, it was like everything aligned. She brought the kitten out and introduced it to our girl Pomeranian and right away they started playing. he is now 6 years old and a HUGE member of our family! He is Amazing in all aspects! Missy’s ragdolls is now the only place I will look to get a cat because she cares. She has a 5 year health guarantee (wow, right?’) and she has you sign a no declaw contract. I love my little boy! He is the only reason I found your site/watch cat videos!

    • Tara Penn says:

      Where does she live? I live in Indiana and how much do they cost? I’m looking at a breeder now that’s selling a kitten for 500 and ships but I want to make sure considering I work hard for my money and trying to save money for Christmas.

      • Sheila says:

        I don’t know how to post here, so I thought I’d just write to you. I was talking to ElegantDolls in TX, but feel something shady with them.. the pics on their website look too perfect and they state “Ragdolls with blue eyes and some green”. Ragdolls eyes are pure blue as far as I know. I had one for 18 years and he was a purebred, came with papers, etc.. I’m located in MA and don’t want to have a kitten flewn to me. Anyone have recommendations for Northeast (MA, CT, RI, ME, NH)..I’d even drive to NY/NJ if I have to. Also, Elegant price was only $700 which I feel is very inexpensive, since I paid $600 for my Ragdoll in 2002! Thanks

  119. Stacie Eggert says:

    Cattery Name: Pinkerton Rags
    City, State: Bethlehem Georgia
    Country: USA
    Website: Pinkertonrags.com
    When you adopted your kitty: I have two beautiful blue mitted lynx rags. Thurston was adopted in 2006 and Lola in 2011.
    Adoption Story: I could not have asked for a better experience. Stephanie Ingram is the most dedicated women I have ever met. She loves each of her babies and send out updates, pictures, and stories. Her ragdolls are big and beautiful and loving. I have and do recommend her to anyone for the most loving forever companions.

    • Trish Fawkes Morrison says:

      Can anyone recommend a great ragdoll breeder in Texas? We are in the Austin area but are willing to drive if needed.

      • aisling says:

        Liz at Kazodolls! They’re in Spring. No one in Austin yet unfortunately! She’s better by phone so call, don’t email.

        • RLPeterson says:

          We adopted a kitten from Liz at Kazodolls in October 2014. Liz is very good and her kittens are healthy and well cared for. We have been very pleased with our Khaleesi. She is beautiful and just a doll. Call Liz and she will set you up with a nice kitten.

      • batman & robin says:

        I can tell you who NOT to go to, and some that were awesome too!
        DO NOT GET ONE FROM Chocolatta Dolls iwantaragdoll.com absolutely awful experience. Morally bankrupt individual running it. See my blog for the whole story. It was a mess with him. https://avoidiwantaragdoll.wordpress.com/

        Who was great and super helpful:
        Lauriza at Black Tulip. She was so sweet and helpful. http://www.blacktulipkp.com/

        http://www.jamilasragdolls.com/ she was helpful in referring someon when she didn’t have any ready until later. Wasn’t pushy was very knowledgeable.

        I ended up getting my 2 kittens from Beverly at Feets of Faith and she’s amazing. She loves these kitties and takes such good care of them. They aren’t caged, they are all family members until they go to their forever homes. http://www.ragdollcatstexas.com/

        • kandrews28 says:

          I totally agree with batman & robin in terms of Black Tulip. Lauriza is very sweet and professional and even has a live stream where you can watch your potential kitten before you put down your deposit.

          I’m in California and even though Lauriza ships her kittens with a nanny service, it came out to be a little too pricey for my fiancee and I right now ($850 + $375 shipping). But we’re still considering Lauriza and her kittens for a later date because they are just so damn cute!

      • Liz Broussard says:

        Jamila Ragdolls, smithville Tx (just outside of Austin). I have 2 Ragdolls from her. She also has website and fb page.

      • Christine Nelson says:

        I’ve been dealing with Elegant Ragdoll Cattery in Round Rock TX, things seemed fine until the shipper got involved. (I’m in So Cal). I’m starting to feel scammed… Anyone else ever used them? And the Shipper is Marmalog Express. Thank you.

      • Bob says:

        Can confirm… elegant ragdolls in roundrock is a total scam. I spoke to a man named Manuel that had no clue what he was talking about. He would not provide information on the cats, and after some digging, I found a lot of info about his fraudulent business. Manuel’s phone number is 325-268-8892. Wanted 850 bucs to ship a cat to CA.

    • Amanda Aubrey says:

      Just so you know, Pinkerton has minks. That is a sign of cross breeding with other breeds of cats. CFA doesn’t accept them and you can not show them. They do not have old traditional lines. It is the equivalent of having a regular house cat. Only very expensive.

      • ragfan85 says:

        So what? FYI, this site is for ALL Ragdolls, be they classic, Minks, Sepia’s or Solids! Mink Ragdolls have been registered in TICA under SBT Status for over 10 years. SBT means purebred. And, in TICA, they can be shown under new traits. There is a breeder in PA who has been breeding Solids for over 30 years, and yes her solid lines trace back to Ann Baker’s original cats. 🙂 I personally am weary of all the tirades against breeders and Ragdoll enthusiasts who want a Ragdoll of a different color. They are here to stay.

      • Amy Lynn says:

        I do need to correct this statement as minks are not from cross breeding they have been present since day 1in the ragdoll breed they just weren’t what Ann Baker was aiming for … If you se and rich pedigrees back to Ragnorok who purchased his first 36 ragdolls directly from Ann there were monks. Yes it is true they are not allowed to show as they weren’t her goal but can very well be 100 % pure ragdoll pedigrees prove that ! THANK YOU ! AMY

      • Tory Hamilton says:

        What an uneducated thing to say. The first Ragdoll male… Beauty or Blackie or Daddy something??? was a sepia (which is a type of mink, but a darker color). You can read all about the mink, sepia and white’s that started the Ragdoll genealogy on a lot of breeders websites. Sounds like Amanda Aubrey is a breeder who doesn’t have minks in her program.

      • Carol Walter says:

        I also got scammed by Manuel at Elegant Ragdoll Cattery. Sent them 50% 0f money for kitten with remaining 50% due upon arrival . Never heard from them again. TOTAL SCAM!!!!
        Manuel’s phone number is 325-268-8892. I have saved all the emails sent back and forth prior to the fake sale. Do not use this company!

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