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Meet My Rags
8/8/89 – 3/30/09

Rags ©2006 Elaina G Photography
Rags by Elaina
Rags ©2006 Elaina G Photography

Meet my Rags.  You might recognize his photo from our social media channels – I use that black and white photo of him as our profile photo on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  There is good reason for that – Rags is the reason this website exists.  He came into my life when I was 10 years old, and he passed in 2009 when I was 29 years old.   The 19.5 years that I spent with him inspired the creation of this site.  He was my best friend growing up and knew all of my secrets – he taught me about soulmate connections, life and love. I hope you enjoy reading about one of the great loves of my life.

My parents gifted my siblings and me Rags and his half brother, Cosby as kittens in 1989 as a surprise Christmas present (see photo – I (blonde girl) am holding Rags).  Rags and Cosby were seal mitted Ragdoll cats.  Cosby had a white chin and Rags had a dark chin.  As far as show standards are concerned, seal mitted Ragdolls are supposed to have white chins.  Whenever I showed breeders a photo of my Rags, they always thought he was a seal point, if they couldn’t see his paws.  Because of his dark chin he was also often mistaken for a Siamese or a Birman cat.  It is because of his “mis-marked” dark chin that I immediately fall in love with a seal mitted Ragdoll with a dark chin.

Marsh, Cosby, Spencer, Jenny, Rags and Snickers
I am holding Rags. My older brother, Marsh, is holding Cosby and Snickers is the GSD.

Rags and his half brother, Cosby, were “replacements” for my very first Ragdoll, Hoosier Dolls Ragdoll Cat Skittles, who died at 2 years of age from FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).  Unfortunately, Cosby died at 10 months old of FIP. The vet told us then that Rags had probably been exposed to the disease and would never be affected by it since he hadn’t technically “caught it”. Thank goodness!

So, we ended up losing both Cosby and Skittles from FIP – less than 2 years apart from one another.

Rags and Cosby both came from Ragnarok Cattery in Mira Loma, CA. When we adopted Cosby and Rags, they were unable to tell us which kitten was from which mother, but they did have the same father, Ragnarok’s Thor.

Here are the pedigrees that we received for Cosby and Rags:

Rags Pedigree - Ragnarok's Thor, Ragnarok's Merry, Ragnarok's Duchess, David and Georgann Chambers

 There are few photos of Rags and Cosby together due to Cosby’s short life.  In the photo below, Rags is the background and Cosby in the foreground.

Rags and Cosby
Rags and Cosby

Rags Swimming

Since I was 10 years old when we got Rags, it probably comes as no surprise that I entertained him and myself by dressing him in Cabbage Patch clothes, putting him in the pool, strolling him around in baby carriages, bringing him with me on the jetskis, etc.  I lugged him around everywhere and that’s probably why he was so mellow in public (we went to Petsmart or Petco on occasion when he was feeling well up until about 1 month before he passed) all the time. Well, he did have that fabulous Ragdoll personality that allowed for him to be more docile than other cats in general.

I rarely called him, “Rags”, unless talking about him – if I was addressing him, I would call him various names – including, but not limited to: Naggle, Freegie, Poo, Raggle Raggle.

Rags and Jenny
This is Rags and me. This photo was taken for the back cover of my book, Latina Filmmakers and Writers: The Notion of Chicanisma Through Films and Novellas. Photo credit is © Elaina Generally Photography 2007

In 2004, I searched on the Internet to find two Ragdoll kittens for my parents (all in an effort to eventually steal Rags from my parents). I had graduated from college and had just finished two Masters degrees, but had not found a job, so was living at home (and was living at home because my mom would not let me take Rags to live with me elsewhere – so in order to be with him and sleep with him, I remained at my parents’ house).

I managed to talk my mom into getting 2 new Ragdoll kittens, Caymus and Murphy.  They were adopted from Bluegrass Rags in Kentucky. Surprisingly enough at the age of 15 (and being an only cat nearly his entire life), Rags was very accepting of the kittens –no peeing as a result! (Learn how we introduced Caymus and Murphy to Rags when he was 15-years old: Introducing New Cats into Your Household).  For being a single cat and only growing up with dogs, Rags took well to the new kittens – more than I thought he would.  Caymus and Murphy’s breeder had recommended that we get 2 kittens so that they would play with each other rather than bug Rags and it was a perfect scenario – and great advice.  Worked like a charm.

Caymus, Murphy and Rags Sleeping on Dog Bed
Clockwise from top: Caymus, Murphy and Rags


A year after we got Caymus and Murphy, in December 2005, Rags was diagnosed with lymphoma and was given 4-12 months to live if given chemotherapy. If no chemo, then 4-8 weeks.  Against the veterinarian’s advice and against the advice of other family members, my mom and I decided that we would try chemo and see if it would help him.  Best decision ever.  He outlived his prognosis and went into remission – Rags lived another 3+ years.  I have a separate page about his lymphoma journey.

Due to his fantastic internist, Dr. Michael Wasmer, at Mission Med Vet, Rags was treated with two different protocols.  Dr. Wasmer often consulted with feline oncologist Dr. Claudia Barton at Texas A&M University as to the proper protocol for Rags’ situation. He also had surgery three times – the surgeon was Dr. Jayce Lineberger – what an incredible heart that man has!  Dr. Lineberger now practices in Colorado.

Rags Belly Surgery
Rags’ belly shaved after his first exploratory surgery
Zipper Belly
Rags’ zipper belly after his first surgery
Rags and Caymus Sleeping
Caymus and Rags sleeping together.

As you can see, Rags responded very well to his chemo protocol and obviously outlived his diagnosis (Rags’ life was finally taken from his kidney failure)…in fact he lived another 3.25 years after the cancer diagnosis. I was thrilled, and he puzzled all the doctors…who would tell me, “I don’t know what to tell you about that cat anymore–he’s incredible”. Of course, he had three surgeries to remove tumors–so there was a lot of help. During the last surgery, right before New Year’s 2007, they found a tumor in his liver which they could not remove, but it was benign.

Here is the picture of that tumor. You can tell where the tumor is because of the white instrument that is pointing to it.

Liver Tumor
Rags’ Liver Tumor

Due to Rags’ lymphoma and just because he was an old kitty, he had his blood drawn routinely every three months.  If you are interested in reviewing Rags’ medical records from when he was going through his chemo protcol you can see them on Rags’ lymphoma page.

Rags was never much fond of toys or treats. But at the age of 15, my mom purchased Rags a Yeowww! Catnip Banana. And it was a hit. He, at the age of 18.5, still played with it on a daily basis.

I honor Rags every year on the site, sometimes several times a year – but usually always on his birthday – August 8, 1989 and on the anniversary of his death – March 30, 2009.

He was an incredible blessing to me – much more than just a cat.  I will carry him in my heart forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Rags – you can see more videos and photos of him below.

Rags Christmas 2007
This is Freegie Pooh (what I affectionately called him) near Christmas 2007. He is 18 in this photo!
Rags in Snow
Rags in the Snow
Rags and Mouse
Rags at age 8 with a mouse.
Rags under Japanese Maple
Rags under Japanese Maple
Rags' Behind
Rags on Patio at 18 years old

Videos of Rags

This is Rags in July 2008 – One Month From 19-Years Old. Watch Rags videos below!

These videos of Rags aren’t the most exciting in the world, after all, he is nearly 19 in t hem. Rags is a sealmitted Ragdoll cat.

While these videos aren’t the most exciting, they are very educational and you can learn a lot about Rags by viewing them. I hope you’ll enjoy them.


Rags in July 2008 – I call him a whole horde of names, as you will see…to attempt to get his attention, but the stubborn rock star that he is doesn’t allow it to happen. I swear Rags should be a Taurus, not a Leo with his stubborn ways.


Here’s another video of Rags taken moments later. I obviously could not get him to move that much–he had just finished eating and was not in the mood to be a movie star.


This is Rags on his daily trip outdoors. I take him outdoors everyday for fresh air and some Vitamin D. He usually looks forward to it and wanders around the perimeter of my backyard and then goes back inside. He is 18 years old – almost 19 in this video. He is always supervised when he is outside. You can tell how arthritic he is by the way he stands.






Rags has always loved drinking water from a faucet. It started when he was young and mistaked the faucet water for a string. He then licked his paws to get the wet stuff off of it and discovered it was water. Of course, as the years have gone by he has become more picky–waiting for it to be ice cold before he drinks it. This video was taken when it was already ice cold.




Rags’ Bath Series


Rags’ Swims Series


This is a video of Rags purring.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Sandy Chopack says:

    Hi Jenny
    Loved your story and I love your Rags . Your story brought me to tears , I can relate to the love you have for your cats . My ragdoll name was Plaxico he was a seal mitted and was a gift as a kitten . He became my entire world and I miss him alot. Plaxico passed away from heart disease at age 10, diagnosed age 8 . Passed March 30 ,2017 . Lost without a ragdoll I got another ragdoll kitten from a breeder in Pennsylvania. I named him Bear and he just turned 4 yrs old . Bear personality is like his name . I’m so happy I have him to help with my broken heart , Bear fills that. Thank you for you stories and videos. God bless you and family & all your pets.

  2. Mary Lou Swihart says:

    What a beautiful story about Rags. He was an amazing, awesome, gorgeous cat ! Thank you & God Bless you for giving him every opportunity for a good, long life. I love all of your postings & your website too !

  3. Rose Jelke says:

    Coincidentally, I read his story today and it was his birthday.
    Happy birthday in kitty heaven, Rags!

  4. Jill Nettleton says:

    Enjoyed the stories. I have just got a rag doll kitten. I had a short haired exotic persian that passed away in January aged over 17 years. I was heartbroken and what with Covid 19 making me feel very depressed as my business was shut down (I run a bar), my husband sourced our little boy who we have called Boo. Only had him 2 weeks but love him to bits. I have always let my cats outdoors, some websites say don’t let Ragdolls out. Does anyone have an opinion on letting him out. He is already forming escape plans when the door opens. We live in a dead end street in England.

  5. Sherry169 says:

    Jenny –
    Oh such a wonderful story. I too know about soulmate connections with my Mojito, a seal bicolor. These connections really do exist. He has been gone a month now and I still get choked up thinking about him and looking at his pictures. I think that this will happen forever as I can never see him disappearing from my memory, much like your Rags. Very poignant story. Thank you for keeping it alive….

    1. Thanks, Sherry. Sorry about your Mojito. It’s been almost 10 years since Rags passed, and I only cry now for him when I really need a hug.

  6. ragdoll18 says:

    Thank you for writing up the great story. After learning of FIP, I am quite worried. Is there really no way of detecting it or treating it? Google tells me it’s very rare in cats but your family were unlucky enough to get it twice, do you think they were at all linked?

    1. i don’t know – this happened in the late 1980s when they knew even less about the virus that causes FIP. FIP can happen in any breed of cat, it is not specific to Ragdolls. I do not believe there is a sure fire way of detecting it and they are looking into a cure. whenever you are dealing with a living, breathing thing, there are always health concerns – and if you focus on that, then it won’t be helpful. being aware is good – but the joy the animal brings is far more important.

  7. Ashley McNamara says:

    I’m new here. I found this site while looking for some relief for my little girl. Her name is Angel. She’s 24 years young. She and I have grown up together, we’ve moved from Florida to Ohio. We have lost loved ones, like my mother, and my grandmother ( Angel’s original caregiver). She was there when my husband left me, and she has always been my best friend. My Angie girl is so strong but she is tired. She’s lost a massive amount of weight and is a bag of bones. Yet she eats like it’s her last meal and yes, you guessed it… she’s drinking more frequently than she has ever. I know in my heart that I need to be her voice and act in her best interest, but I can’t do it. My heart is breaking and I’m asking for help. Am I a bad person if I put her down? Or am I a bad person if I dont?? I love her so much. I tell her it’s ok to let go when she’s ready. I haven’t taken her to the vet because I don’t want to hear what they may suggest. I’m not ready. Please help me… Rags, among other kitties I’ve read about, seem so much like my girl. It makes me feel not so much alone. I love her and I’m scared.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I am so sorry – but glad to hear she has lived so long.

      I don’t think a vet will tell you to put her down – unless she is in pain.

      My Aunt told me over and over again that I would know – I would just know when it was time. That I would see it in Rags’ eyes that he had given up – the light sort of fades altogether.

      If she is still active, moving, wanting to eat – it doesn’t sound like it’s time.

      Has she been to the vet in awhile? They might have ideas on how to make her more comfortable – sounds like it’s kidney failure – but that can go on for a long time – depending on the cat and the genetics, etc.

      Did you see this post? https://www.floppycats.com/celebrating-my-rags.html


  8. Brooke Ross says:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story of you and your cat! I am so sorry for your loss. My family lost out 17 year old cat to kidney failure last spring.

  9. Christine Mantler Spain says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Jenny.

    My husband and I lost our precious Dexter on June 15 ( my husbands birthday ). He was only 9. We would let him go outdoors because he loved meecing and hanging out with his people, never wanting to be left out of anything. You could see his joy and he went EVERYWHERE with us … he never spent a day away from us.

    Tragedy happened when he was hit by a car. My heart is so broken and I can’t believe he is gone.

    He was the most beautiful, sweet boy with personality plus. And, like Rags, my Dexter taught me so much about life; to always be curious, playful, adventurous, dedicated to a cause and to sometimes just be really goofy. But most of all, to seize life every day because it’s all out there for the taking.

    I don’t know what I will do without him. I’m inconsolable

    1. Oh, I am so sorry – how terrible.

      Grieve as you need to – but know you will love like that again!

  10. Alicia Horovitz says:


  11. ABarletta says:

    Oh Jenny, my heart hurts so much for you. Especially after losing Napa not so long ago. I wish Rags would have lived forever. But in a way he does, doesn’t he? You honor him with your love and memories. My Gracie won’t be with us too much longer. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one who mourns for their critters for years. I have the remains of four cats in their little tins in a drawer by my bed. Not sure what to do with them. Can’t just let them go. “Where” is Rags? I am even thinking of having their ashes combined with ours when we “croak”. Then sprinkle us all over the places Bob and I love so much. Capri, Aruba, the Hamptons.

  12. Such a great story to read again and again, Jenny. Thank you for reminding us about the reason Floppycats exists today. Your Rags was SO GORGEOUS (those eyes are mesmerizing!) and such a good fella! I know you miss him each and every day. I know that feeling all too well. This post is such a beautiful tributed to him. Lurve all the photos! 🙂

    Thank you again for the love you show this awesome breed of cat…The Ragdoll. Life wouldn’t be the same without my daily dose of Floppycats!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  13. I’ve just read Rag’s story. It’s very touchy, I even cried.
    Very sorry for your loss.
    Thank you so much for creating this web site about Ragdoll cats. I’m an owner of the Ragdoll cat as well, she is 7 months old kitty, very cute and playful 🙂

    With love, Elena&Kasya

    1. You’re welcome – and Rags says so too! Enjoy your baby for many years to come!

  14. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny! I think Teresa pretty much summed up what we all feel about Rags and the creation of Floppycats and getting to know you, Charlie, Trigg, Caymus & Murphy!

    Know that we are sending a special prayer to Rags today hoping that he is frolicking with all of our beloved animals who’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge, too.

    Out of heartache and loss, you were able to build a wonderful place for all cat lovers to come and learn and be heard and meet and become friends. It’s like a Crazy Cat Lady Convention (in a GOOD WAY!). 🙂 <3

    My day wouldn't be complete without a daily visit to the Floppycats website & YouTube channel. 🙂

    Thank you so much for everything you do and your love of the best cat breed ever, Ragdolls!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  15. Teresa Reid says:

    Awe Rags, you might be in heaven, but you Mama (and all of us) have never forgotten the brave and loving soul you are. Please send you Mom lots of kitty kisses from heaven so her heart will feel it and she will be comforted. You are 1 in a million dear Rags and your Jenny, is a beautiful testament to your sweet soul because she works tirelessly every day to support and run this wonderful website to honor your memory. She has made so many kitties’ lives a whole lot better because of all the wonderful information and products she shares. Love your beautiful photos too, especially the one in the snow. ♥♥♥Illaria, Gracie and Miss Mari

    1. Patti Johnson says:

      Very well said, Teresa! <3 <3 <3

  16. a1985p1989 says:

    Just noticed that Rags was born on 8/8/1989
    My son, Philip, was born on 8/15/1989…

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