Red Light Therapy for Cats

The Photonic Health Multi-Light is a handheld tool that uses advanced technology to provide your cat with a number of health benefits, using red, green, and blue light therapies. It looks like a simple torch but it has been carefully designed to produce the exact wavelengths of light required to ensure that each different light can give your cat relief and improve their overall health.

It works using a simple button on the end cap. Press it to turn on the light and rotate between the three different colors of light. You then just need to hold the light against your cat’s skin in order to provide the benefit for the relevant color of light.

Photonic Health Multi-Light

It’s important to note that while light therapy can help with some health issues, it’s always worth speaking to your veterinarian for advice on any problems your cat may be facing.

Some seemingly minor health problems are the result of more serious conditions, and so whenever you notice a change in your cat’s health or behavior you should speak to your vet. Light therapy should not be used as a standalone treatment without consulting a professional on any problems your cat is having.

How is light therapy beneficial?

  • Light therapy is a way to help cells to repair themselves more quickly
  • The light from a device like the Photonic Health Multi-Light penetrates the skin, getting deep into blood, bone and muscle tissue using various photon wavelengths
  • Photoreceptors in the cells absorb these photon wavelengths which provide a burst of energy to enhance natural healing
  • Red light in particular is beneficial for healing surface wounds and stimulating points of the body targeted by acupressure.

NOTE: You may need to balance your pet’s body foundation first using various light techniques in order for other treatments to stick

It’s recommended you always begin with the opening points as directed by the literature provided by Photonic Health. Every day is different for every animal, but these points are a way to provide immediate relaxation and relief, before targeting specific areas.

Photonic Health Multi-Light Product Review Video

Red light therapy treatment for cats

Red light therapy is achieved through a specific wavelength of 660nm. This penetrates through the outer skin layers and is absorbed deep in the cells within your cat’s body. The red light stimulates several reactions in those cells which can help improve your cat’s health.

One of the main benefits of these reactions is the opening of blood vessels deep in muscle tissue and around key organs. Using red light therapy at home in this way can help your cat’s body to heal, either by increasing the circulation of oxygen and nutrients, or making sure that medications and supplements can reach the affected area.

Another chemical that is triggered during red light therapy is one called an ROS – a reactive oxygen species. This is the chemical your cells release when they are under oxidative stress, and essentially acts as a beacon for help from your cat’s immune system. Boosting this chemical with red light therapy helps your cat’s natural immunities identify where your cat needs help.

Red light therapy for pain

With red light helping to heal deep wounds and provoke an immune system response for illnesses, it can therefore have the effect of helping your cat with pain. A lot of people use red light therapy at home for pain relief for their cat or dog.

Because red light triggers these reactions in your cat’s cells, it can also help with normal cell cycling, making sure the cells progress as they should, move through your cat’s body and are effectively replaced when needed – all of which contributes to your cat’s general wellbeing when maintained over time.

Red light can also be used on your cat’s spinal area to help to calm nerves and increase blood flow to the nervous system, helping it to heal if it is damaged in any way. Red light is also used during any cancer treatments to help heal cells damaged by cancerous growths, and to protect the healthy cells from further damage.

Some also believe that red light therapy has a number of benefits from a holistic perspective. It induces natural healing within your cat’s body and helps to promote harmony. It can improve the bodily functions of your cat which can remove emotional stress and ensure all energy within your cat is evenly balanced.

Other products from Photonic Health focus purely on red light because of how many different health benefits it can promote, but the Multi-Light gives you all of these along with green and blue lights for even more treatments.

Green light therapy for cats

Green light doesn’t have the same range of benefits as red light but it does do a few different things to benefit your pet. Firstly, it can be very effective at treating issues closer to the surface of the skin. While red light is absorbed deeply, green light treats more surface problems.

If your cat has any inflammation on their skin or any signs of pain, green light can help to reduce this. It also can reduce patches of dry skin or areas with liver spots.

Green light is also an effective solution to calm your cat down. If they have too much energy to burn off during regular zoomies, or they’re worked up, green light can be used to create a calming environment and help to settle your cat’s mood.

Ragdoll cat Charlie getting green light therapy with Photonic Health Multi Light IMG_9813
Doing green light therapy on Charlie

Finally, green light therapy is often used to treat endocrine disorders. If your cat is suffering from a hormonal imbalance, green light can be used alongside other treatments recommended by your veterinarian to aid recovery.

This was Charlie one night after I did green light therapy on him after red light therapy. Green light allows the body to go into parasympathetic mode, which is the only way it can heal. If it is in sympathetic mode, it will not begin the repair process. But also helps with relaxation and stimulates the pineal gland, which is the precursor to the endocrine system.

Use Photonic Health Coupon Code FLOPPYCATS to receive $25 off. The $25 off coupon code valid on orders of $200 or more.

Blue light therapy for cats

Blue light therapy Ragdoll cat Trigg
Blue light therapy in Ragdoll cat Trigg’s ear

Blue light is a little more straightforward than red and green light, as it doesn’t offer as wide a range of health benefits. Instead, blue light focuses on just two main things.

First, it can kill bad bacteria, which makes it highly effective as a disinfectant if your cat has any open wounds. Whether it’s a scratch, a cut, or a bite, using the blue light as instructed can help to keep the injury clean, so that when it heals there is no infection.

The second benefit is that blue light, when applied to your cat’s skin, can help to boost mood enhancers in your cat which can specifically combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Not all cats will suffer from SAD in the same way that not all humans will, but those that do may experience fluctuations in their mood when they don’t receive enough sunlight during the winter months. Blue light therapy can help to combat these effects and improve your cat’s mood over a period of a couple of weeks.

That’s because natural daylight is around 6000 Kelvins – the scale used to measure color temperature – putting it closer to a blue-white than a yellow/orange-white. Blue light therapy, therefore, replicates the effect of sunlight on the skin.

When you buy the Multi-Light you get the light itself and a nylon bag to store it in. You also get a rechargeable battery designed for the Multi-Light, and a charger so you can keep it powered up when it’s not in use.

Shining the light into the pet’s eyes

This type of light tool is not a laser, or LED light and so you don’t need to worry about eye protection when using it with your kitty. Some recommended treatments will include points close to the eyes. It’s still better not to shine the light into your cat’s face for prolonged periods of time, but don’t worry about having to make sure they never look into it at all.

Photonic Health Multi-Light Unboxing Video

How the Photonic Health Multi-Light for Feline Helps Acne

Light therapy for cats reviews:

Floppycats’ reader, Tanya, bought a multi-light for her 15-year-old cat. This is what she had to say about using it.

“I ordered the multi-light for my 15-year-old with arthritis. The customer service is awesome. So glad I got this product and the holistic vet and cat chiropractor we see are also super impressed that I have it.”

Which light do you have? Multi light

What do you use the light for or have you used it for?  
I use the opening points on all 3 of my cats.   I use it for my 15-year-old arthritis and overall health and for my 10-year-old chronic ear infections and chin acne

What results have you seen?  
Ear infections seem to be less and the older cat loves it and it does seem to help him limp less.

What are the good/bad points about the light?
Good points. Small, easy to use and cats get used to it.  Love that it has 3 settings. Red, blue and green.  Only negative is cost. Wish everyone could afford it’s so amazing.

What would you change/improve?  
I wouldn’t change anything.

Did you use the online training courses?
No, I used the book.  I kept meaning to watch the courses and am so busy hard to sit down to do. Thanks for the reminder I really want to watch them

What made you interested in buying one?  Was it the arthritis and ear infections?Yes. Both. My vet has a laser that she uses on her horses and mentioned it and then I saw your video, and I would do anything for my cats so I decided to try it.

Have you reached out to their customer service since?
Yes, I lost my battery charger and they were so nice and had an order shipped to me next day (I had to pay of course) but quick service.

I think it’s a great pen, a little steep on price, but I got mine in a sale and worth every penny. So easy to use and get your pet used to.  Not hard to maintain at all.  Keeping the spare battery charged is really key.  I have the book which has also helped me learn. 

Kathi who has been using the multi-light for 3 months said:

Have been using the blue light on parts of my Ragdoll cat Lhotse’s gums to arrest signs of gingivitis, and have noticed gradual improvement. Also have been using the red light on healing a claw mark on my leg from a friend’s dog, that needed a nail trim. It helped heal the gouge in 4 days, which without the Photonic would have taken longer. Noticed that my Ragdoll cats‘ Kalli & Lhotse responded well to the green light , even without doing all the acu points. They are pretty relaxed anyway, just wanted see if they would chill out even more, used it on the area between the ears where you can feel the dip in the skull.

Using the red light on old neck injuries from riding according to the book Light Therapy for people, from Bryan & Donna. Feel like there’s less restriction in that area. I keep working on everything between the cats & myself.”

Why buy from Photonic Health?

When you’re buying a light therapy product, it’s important to make sure you’re using a reputable company. You should look for information on how long they’ve been in business, what their customer service is like and whether they offer a warranty. Also, check out the rest of their products and reviews of those as well.

Reputable company.

Photonic Health ticks these boxes well. They’ve been manufacturing lights since 2009 and offer a 90-day full trial with 100% money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on all handheld devices. Their customer service team is US-based and really passionate about the products. They’ll even offer you advice if you’ve bought a light therapy device elsewhere – that’s how much they care. In terms of quality, the lights took two years to originally develop, and every 5th to 10th light made is tested before it is sent to customers – any signs of problems, and more lights from that batch are tested too.

Coupon code for the red light therapy 

Use Photonic Health Coupon Code FLOPPYCATS to receive $25 off. The $25 off coupon code valid on orders of $200 or more.

I understand this might be overwhelming, so sometimes it is just easier to phone in. That way, you can ask their amazing customer service if what is ailing your kitty might be helped with light therapy. I learned a lot from having a phone conversation (multiple now) with them.

If you call, please mention that Floppycats sent you:

FAQs about therapy light

What is red light therapy good for?

Red light therapy has a number of benefits to help treat deep tissue wounds, relieve pain and boost the immune system. It opens the blood vessels and helps to reduce inflammation and bruising.

Does light therapy work for cats?

Light therapy can be very effective when treating cats. It may not work for any condition but there are a lot of veterinarians that red light therapy for animals to treat pain and reduce inflammation after an injury.

Have you used light therapy for your cats? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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