Pepper and Rigsby – Ragdolls of the Week

Pepper, a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll and Rigsby, a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
First day home
Our two cool kitties are siblings, Pepper (female seal point mitted) and Rigsby (male blue lynx mitted), were born on December 23rd, 2013. They came to us from a well-known breeder in Massachusetts. My husband and I discovered the Ragdoll breed after researching cat breeds. I was never an animal person (gasp!), but I became easily swayed after reading about their laid-back personality and nature! So, we settled on finding a Ragdoll in the seal point mitted coloring.
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
Loving the wool cat cave
The challenge? Finding a breeder in our area (Rhode Island) with good reviews and feedback about their cattery and offspring. We found our first breeder by stumbling upon the Floppycats website and a blog post that referenced breeders. Willow Tree Rags was close by, but after a few emails there was no response, which left us a little bummed. So, we hunted for another breeder. We found Denise Cuzzupe at Lottarags in northern Massachusetts. Her responses we quicker and after many emails, we felt she was the right breeder and in early December placed a deposit for a seal point mitted baby that could be born in late December based on a pairing she bred. Then came the waiting game and preparing for a kitten (notice I said “a” kitten, not two kittens?!). It was like having a baby – we should have just registered at Petco, Hauspanther and Harry Barker and sent out announcements! As days turned into weeks, it was suddenly late December and we were on kitten watch! We were on a cruise when we got the good news – of the three little kittens born; one was a seal point mitted female! We were advised that she would be ready to come home in March and we could come see her some time in February.
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
snuggle buddies
From the cruise ship to our house, my husband decided that she couldn’t come home alone and would need a “buddy” to keep her company. We contacted the breeder and fortunately for us, she loved having them go home in pairs and she was thrilled to let us have one of the brothers that wasn’t spoken for. The name game began shortly after the news. We wanted names that weren’t common and different. For the male, it was an easy decision; we like old British comedies and Rigsby is name after Mr. Rigsby from “Rising Damp.” For the female, well that took forever to decide on a name. She came home with one (Rue) and we changed it after once she got home because it just didn’t fit her personality. Her new name, Pepper, is not uncommon, but fit her much better.
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
better than expensive cat toys
The big day arrived (March 14, 2014) and we made the 2-hour trek to bring them home. We had Jenny’s book memorized (highly recommended for new Ragdoll owners) and found that it addressed just about every question, and put us at ease – making their transition smooth. When we brought them home they were on dry food (Royal Canin) and grazing all day. After a few months Rigsby was coughing up a lot of hairballs and once we read everything on wet/raw food and hearing what Jenny and followers had to say, we chose to start with the transition to wet. It was the best change we made. We no longer deal with hairballs (occasionally, but not nearly as much) and their coats are beautiful and their stools are very consistent. We feed them twice a day and use grain free Weruva, Blue Buffalo and Wellness in chicken or turkey varieties – they don’t care for fish. We alternate so they don’t get bored and find they like the pate style best. In addition, we add Pure Bites freeze dried chicken on top of the wet. For snacks, we used to use Greenies, but realized it wasn’t very nutritious, so we found grain free dry Orijen cat food and call those “treats” that they get twice a day after they eat.
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
box for a bed
Today, at three years, they are hysterical and lovable, yet totally opposite as their colors. Pepper is energetic, loves attention and will “peep” if she’s not getting what she wants. She lies on her back all the time, loves special treats, belly rubs and chasing crinkle balls. Rigsby is a calm, sweet, quiet kitty who lets you pet and love on him only on his time.
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
belly rub please
He enjoys fetching straws and zip ties (big long ones) and hanging on the basement door handle in hopes he can open it…we have no idea why he’s obsessed other than it has a lot of hiding places for him, which he loves! They both love boxes, bags, catnip toys (the bananas are the best), feathers on strings and hanging on their catio in the warmer days. They have favorite beds since they came home from Waggo (circle dog beds), Harry Barker bedrolls (for dogs!) and love their wool cat cave/beds.
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
our new catio
Like most cat owners, we spoil them. Our family calls them high maintenance cats! I was never in the market for a pet (we travel, I am obsessed with a clean home, like black pants without hair, etc. LOL). However, after bringing these two into our home, I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Sure, we have a Dyson, two Roombas on clockwork and stock in those 3M sticky rollers, but the joy and laughter they bring to us every single day is totally worth my second job as a cat hair remover!
Pepper and Rigsby - Ragdolls of the Week
handsome in my hepper pod
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. There’s nothing cuter than a kitten or more beautiful than a cat, Ragdolls being exceptionally cute and beautiful! I did not realize different colors would appear in the same litter (Seal and Blue Lynx), but that does make sense with the variety seen in mixed breed litters. Pepper and Rigsby are so lovely! 🙂 Thanks for sharing their wonderful story and gorgeous pictures with us!

    1. peprandrigs says:

      Thank you, Beth! Pepper looks just like her dad – spitting image – with bigger eyes and Rigs has features of his mom (face and she has the big round eyes), but she is bi-color and he is lynx. It is funny the colors they produce!

  2. Bridget Lowing Plafkin says:

    This story is great because I too brought home a year ago the exact same mix but my seal is the boy and my linx is the girl!

    1. peprandrigs says:

      Ha! Glad you liked…it’s funny because everyone thinks our seal should be the boy, because she’s fluffier and our lynx should be the girl, cause he’s so pretty!!! Hope your babies are doing well! 🙂

      1. Hi I am also from RI and about to go on the wait list to get our new addition 🙂 Torn between getting one or two siblings. Thoughts?

      2. peprandrigs says:

        Hi Melissa,
        Sorry for the late reply! It’s really a tough decision. I would say the transition was probably easier and they weren’t alone ever. If you can afford it and it’s an option, I would take two! Good luck hope to see pics!

  3. says:

    Loved the story!! Small world, my Blue Bi color girl Violet, now almost 8 yrs old came from Lottarags too!! I send Denise pics of her several times a year, I live on the Cape. She still responds right away ☺ Violet has been a Ragdoll of the week too!!!!

    1. peprandrigs says:

      How funny, it is small world! So happy to see another Lottarsgs baby on here! Yes, we do the same and she loves to see pictures! I will have to go thru the past ones and read up on violet!

  4. thanks for sharing your story and the story of these two scrumptious muffins! they are just adorable. the hairy clothes and constant vacuuming and all the rest is soooo worth it! i couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live without a cat or two.. or three!!

    1. peprandrigs says:

      Ah, yes…it’s all worth it! Thank you for the kind words!

  5. ABarletta says:

    O M G! What adorable creatures!! Enjoy your gorgeous Rigsby and Pepper. I am so glad you got two, always much more fun for the animals and for the people. Thanks for the photos and story.

    1. peprandrigs says:

      Thank you, ABarletta! Glad you liked! 🙂

  6. What a wonderful story about Pepper and Rigsby! Thank you so much for sharing! They are both GORGEOUS! The pics are absolutely amazing! They are obviously the perfect addition to your family! So happy you succumbed to The Ragdoll Charm! There’s no going back now…lol 🙂 <3

    Wishing you, your hubby, Pepper and Rigsby many more years of love, laughter, good health and purry adventures together!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. peprandrigs says:

      Thank you, Pattie & Miss Pink Sugarbelle!

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