Stimulating Cat Puzzle: Cat Amazing Sliders Product Review

If you’re looking for a toy that can keep your cat stimulated both mentally and physically, then a puzzle feeder is a great choice, especially as the cat can enjoy a tangible reward as part of their play. Here’s my review of the Cat Amazing Sliders Active Food Puzzle Feeder.

Stimulating Cat Puzzle being inspected by two Ragdoll cats.

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First Impression of the Cat Amazing Sliders Puzzle Feeder

We got the Cat Amazing Sliders over 6 weeks ago – they sent two of their stimulating cat puzzle toys, so I kept one for my 10-year old Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, and gave the other one to my sister for her 5-year old Ragdoll cats, Ash and Addie.

Cats are endlessly curious creatures with a tremendous appetite for games and exploration. This is why it’s recommended that we keep them engaged with stimulating cat toys, meant to keep them physically active and mentally alert.  Cat puzzle toys are a great opportunity to stimulate your cat’s intellect while fulfilling their innate desire to play/hunt for their food.​​

Cat Amazing Sliders best interactive cat toys

The Cat Amazing Sliders active food puzzle feeder is one of the best interactive cat toys, since it doubles both as a cat feeder and as an extremely engaging toy.

The way this kitten puzzle works is that it contains sliding inner boxes that continually change the way the game works, motivating your cat to keep sniffing, scratching and exploring in order to get those hidden rewards.

Packaging of the Cat Amazing Sliders

The Cat Amazing Sliders arrives in a low-profile box, since the whole thing is flat-packed. It’s a cardboard product, so there’s no real need for any complex packaging or waste products to keep it safe – which is good for the environment. Just pop open the box and you’ve got everything you need to start putting the feeder together for your pet.

Image of the Cat Amazing Slider

mentally stimulating cat toys - cat amazing sliders

Box Contents

Inside the box, you’ll get the various flat-pack pieces that make up the slider, along with a leaflet with a description of how to put everything together. The inner boxes are colored, with the outer box being white, so it’s quite easy to work out what goes together.

Cat Treat Maze: Assembly

It’s easy to assemble, as well. Its straightforward design allows you to offer your cats a great toy without too much effort and it enables them to stay healthy and engaged with their naturally curious nature.

The Cat Amazing Sliders is sold on Amazon and comes to you flat, as you can see in our assembly video.

Once you have it put together – there is a large box that contains three smaller boxes that sit on two different levels – encouraging your cat to use all their creativity, curiosity and intelligence.

The Cat Amazing Sliders active food puzzle feeder is a great find for indoor cats that need some extra physical activity and mental stimulation.

We really enjoyed reviewing it – the cats got treats, didn’t get bored from trying to get it out and also looked forward to it.

Lynn, a Floppycats reader who purchased Sliders when we did our unboxing video wrote, “We’re loving our Cat Amazing Slider box. Like you mentioned Ash doing, Emily slides it all over the floor in her quest for treats. When I come downstairs in the morning I’m always amazed where it’s ended up during the night. For treat mongers like my cats, this is a great find!”

Size of the Cat Amazing Sliders

The Cat Amazing Sliders dimensions are:

  • 11 inches (28cm) x 11 inches x 9 inches (23cm)

So, it’s not too big that it’ll take up a lot of room, but it is large enough that your kitty can really explore it from different angles for extra help in tackling boredom.

How Can a Cat Benefit From It?

The purpose of an interactive cat toy like this is to help to engage your cat’s natural instincts, as they can sniff the tasty treats that you’ve placed inside and need to work out how to access it. This interactive play helps to turn on your cat’s indoor hunter mode, as they spend time working out how to access the treats inside.

They’ll use their brains to question how each inner box needs to slide around in order to reveal the handful of snacks inside, and once they’ve identified a plan they’ll then use their motor skills to fish out the food.

Apart from keeping your cat or kitten active and entertained, this cat puzzle toy is also a veterinarian-recommended product since it encourages slow eating, which in turn favors healthier meal management and weight loss.

Pros of the Cat Amazing Sliders

  • Stimulating toy that’s great for mental enrichment and physical play
  • Can be used to help convert your cat into a slower snacker, if they eat too quickly
  • Helps to scratch that natural hunting itch

Cons of the Cat Amazing Sliders

  • Some cats may lose interest if the treats are too hard to reach
  • Can be tricky to assemble if you don’t follow the guidelines carefully, especially on where you need to fold the boxes
  • Some reviewers have said that it’s not as durable as they’d hoped

Durability of the Cat Amazing Sliders

The Cat Amazing Sliders puzzle feeder is built with cardboard that is double-layered, so it supports even the heaviest of cats, and resists scratches. The cardboard also has plant-based “glass” coating that gives it extra durability and higher grease resistance. These materials and finishes ensure you will have a product that’s bound to last for quite some time, regardless of how many cats are using it and how intensely they are using it.

I left mine out with my two the entire time we reviewed the product and did not have a problem – they didn’t get themselves caught in it with their paw, for example. And they also did not destroy it.

Today on Facebook, a reader wrote about her cat chewing up a different product. It was a product that had raw wood (untreated, unpainted wood) on it. That’s bizarre to me – mine would never chew on wood – but we certainly had dogs that would. Point being, you really need to know your cat or cats.

I would have been shocked if my two would have destroyed this – they just aren’t destructive cats. But I do think it could be destroyed by a dog or a really aggressive cat since it is made of cardboard. If you question whether or not your cat would destroy it, but want to try it out – you can always only bring it out for treat time and then put it away when it’s not in use.

Since it is a product that’s made from cardboard, it’s best to stick to dry food and treats. Wet cat food will only soak into the cardboard over time, which will weaken it and be difficult to clean properly. It’s a mega-tough box, but too much moisture isn’t good for any cardboard.

Troubleshooting for the Cat Amazing Sliders

You shouldn’t have any issues with troubleshooting for the Cat Amazing Sliders due to the simplicity of the product. The instructions make it clear how to put it together, and once it’s assembled you just need to add treats or toys in as you see fit.

Ease of Cleaning

Since the Cat Amazing Sliders are made from cardboard – cleaning only consists of wiping it down or vacuuming it out. It’s pretty limited to those two options given the corrugated cardboard it is made of. I did not find a reason to really clean it, however. It didn’t really get “dirty”. My cats always removed the treat they were going after and ate it on the floor.

mentally stimulating cat toys - cat amazing sliders

Cat Treat Maze: Assembly


There aren’t many safety concerns with the Cat Amazing Sliders feeder, although you should still supervise your cat while they’re using it for the first couple of times. There is a small risk that they could get a paw stuck, which may cause them some distress. And a destructive cat may end up accidentally swallowing some sharp cardboard if they aren’t careful when trying to eat the hidden treats.

Jenny’s Personal Take Away

This is one of the best interactive cat toys out there, since it has so many levels and compartments to challenge your feline.

Another reason why it’s so great for indoor cats is because it is slippery. You would think that would be frustrating, but my sister and I experienced the opposite – they won’t/don’t give up to get whatever is inside and the box can slide across hardwoods or carpet – not only giving the cat exercise, but also human entertainment =).

The most wonderful thing about it is that it also works with a crinkle ball, catnip, your cat’s favorite treats, toy mice and anything else that catches your little furry friend’s interest.

Mentally stimulating cat toys that also double as food feeders are great for people that leave their cats during the day to go to work. Of course, you need to make sure that your cat wouldn’t destroy it or get hurt by it.

Cat Amazing Sliders Product Review Video

Ready to Buy a Cat Amazing Sliders Stimulating Cat Puzzle Toy?

You can buy the Cat Amazing Sliders feeder directly from the manufacturer, or you can order it from Amazon or Chewy.

Discount on the Cat Amazing Sliders

If you use the code ‘CATAMA10’ on Amazon when you add the Cat Amazing Sliders Puzzle Feeder to your cart, you’ll save 10%. You might also want to keep an eye on the Cat Amazing Facebook page in case they ever post offers there too.


Can multiple cats play with this toy at the same time?

It depends on your cats, but yes more than one could play with it at the same time. There are multiple levels inside, so they could both be trying to slide different parts around. Of course, if that then frees some snacks from the inner sections, they may have to race to see who can eat them first.

How do cats get the treats out?

Cats will get the treats out of the toy by reaching into the dynamic inner sliders and moving them around, which will cause the food to fall through. Eventually, it will either fall out of the box as they move it around, or they’ll be able to drag treats out from a larger hole.

Where do you put the treats in?

The easiest way to add treats is just to sprinkle them on top of the box, and gently move it around. The treats will fall through in different places and filter down through the levels.

Are puzzle feeders cruel?

Puzzle feeders are not cruel, although they aren’t suitable for every cat. Some cats will grow bored quickly or just lose interest over time – if that’s the case, then you can try other toys to help stimulate them. Most cats love the satisfaction of solving the puzzle and gaining the treat reward.


There are a lot of benefits that an interactive treat puzzle cat toy like this can offer, including mental and physical stimulation and the chance to help slow down a fast-eating cat that struggles with their weight. Plus, the option to add crinkle balls or other toys instead of food means you can keep things varied. It’s a solid, well-built toy and could be a great boredom-buster for your kitty.

We received the Cat Amazing SLIDERS for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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  1. SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS PRODUCT REVIEW Post (as usual!), Jenny honey! Looks like SUCH a great product and such fun for the kittehs! YAY!!!! What’s NOT to lurve about these puzzle toys! Charlie, Chiggy, Addie & Ash look like they are having a BLAST! Soooo adorable watching them interact with the puzzles! TYSVM for the great info! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

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