Ragdoll Cats Names

Ragdoll Cats Names
Milo – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

You just brought home a new Ragdoll kitten—congratulations! Maybe you are the type of person who already has a thousand cat names in mind but doesn’t know which one to choose, or maybe you don’t have any clue what to name your cat—either way, you now have task of choosing a name that will reflect your cat’s particular personality.

Ragdoll cats have a unique Ragdoll cat personality and appearance. They are typically large, regal cats with vivid blue eyes. They are social creatures, and they are named for the way that they go limp in the arms of someone holding them. If you’re naming a ragdoll, you might look to these traits for inspiration. For instance, you could look for different translations of the word “blue” in honor of their eyes.  Below are a few more tips for making sure that you pick the perfect name for your new Ragdoll kitten.

#1 Take Your Time

Don’t rush to pick the name of your Ragdoll cat—give it some time to find one that matches your their distinct personality. Look at their appearance, their behavior, and the way that they interact with other members of the household. It is also great if you can see them early on to observe how they interact with their siblings. Are they the adventurous one in the group? Do they have distinct markings or a particularly cute quirk or habit? These kinds of things can be great inspiration for picking a name that fits them perfectly, but it might take a little time to uncover those characteristics.

Ragdoll Cats Name
Milo – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

#2 Think Shorter

Research suggests that animals typically respond best to one or two syllable names, so try to think shorter—this goes for giving your cat multiple names as well. However, you will probably shorten a longer name over time, so think in terms of nicknames as well, particularly ones that are fun for you to call out!

Another scientific fact about cats is that they respond better to certain human sounds than others—for example, high-pitched human voices. They also respond better to words with a long ‘e’ vowel sound. Interestingly, this sounds similar to a high-pitched “meow,” which cats only use when they are communicating with people.

Ragdoll Names
Nala – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

#3 Use Your Resources to Find Ragdoll Names

Ragdoll Kitten Names

If you’re stumped on cat names or need to narrow them down, there are a lot of practical resources you can use for ideas:

  • Ask the family. Get your whole family involved in the naming process. Take all suggestions—no matter what your first impression is—then discuss and vote on your favorites.
  • Social media. If you want to broaden your range of suggestions, go to friends via social media or come to us!  Many people send us a photo of their kitty and then we post it on our social media asking for name suggestions. Even if you don’t get an exact name you like, something a friend suggests might spark a related idea for you.
  • Go back to tradition. You can also go back into your past for pet name inspiration—maybe your parents had a beloved pet and you want to carry on his or her memory by naming your new cat after them.
  • Check the thesaurus. A thesaurus can be a great resource for finding a unique name for your cat based on one of their traits. For example, looking up “ginger” gives you amber, sienna, and hazel, so this can be an interesting way to transform an ordinary trait into a unique moniker.
  • Use their heritage. The breed or Ragdoll cat color name might also spark some ideas. For example, a tortie or a chocolate Ragdoll might lead to associations with tortoises or desserts, or you could go back to the history of Ragdolls to see if there are any famous Ragdoll cat names to draw from. The Pawpeds website is a great resource for a little research.
  • Pick Your Favorites. You can also name your cat after something you love, like a character in a favorite book, movie, or TV show. Are you a Shakespeare fan? What about Juliet or Hero? A Princess Bride lover? Have you considered Wesley? Your favorite characters can be a lot of fun to choose from—try to match one to your cat’s personality!
  • Use online lists of cat names. You can also search through popular cat names websites, just like for baby names. Cat Names and Pet Names are great places to start looking for Ragdoll kitten names for a boy or girl.

#4 Teaching a Cat Their Name

Ragdoll Kitten Name
Leo as a kitten loved by Pamela

Once you have picked a name for your cat, the next step is getting it to stick. The best way to do this is to repeat the name as much as possible, particularly while petting or feeding them. As they get used to your voice, hopefully they will start to respond more and more to the name. Try to stick with the name you chose, as switching up names after a few days will confuse your cat.

If you have a rescue cat who was originally given a different name, you can still change it if you start early and use repetition. Start by saying both names together, for example “Floppy Ranger,” then transition to just “Ranger” after a few days.

Whatever you choose, just make sure it reflects your kitty’s one-of-a-kind presence in your home! For more tips on naming your Ragdoll, check out our posts “Ragdoll Cat Names: Help Finding the Perfect Kitten’s Name” and “Cat Names: Cat Name Ideas”.

How did you name your cat? What suggestions do you have for good Ragdoll cat names?

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Jeanne Ganiere Rasmussen says:

    My Ragdoll is a blue eyed white. There is a cat cartoon called Simon although the author’s name is Simon, not the cat’s. However the Ragdoll cat in the cartoon is white. The name certainly fits my cat’s personality. One of these days I will write a story about him to post on Floppycats.

  2. What a great post, Jenny! This is some wonderful information (lots of schtuff that I never even thought of!)! Thank you soooo much! 🙂

    Our Miss Pink Sugarbelle (Sugar for short) is officially named Pink Sugar and that name was actually given to her by the breeder (Andrea) at Little Apple Ragdolls in Manhattan, KS. When we saw her first picture and her name something told us that the name was purrfect! It just fit with her expression in that picture! Once we met her and held her and brought her home we knew that we’d be keeping that name for sure. She is SOOO SWEET…just like a Pink Sugar apple! We call her Sugar when we want her to come to us and she knows her name. But we have about a kadjillion nicknames we throw around when cooing to her and loving her and talking to her. My favorite is “Miss Pink Sugarbelle” as her actions and personality make me think of Scarlet O’Hara and her ilk from Gone With The Wind…a true Southernbelle. Spoiled rotten without a care in the world and just waiting to be pampered (as is her birthright!). Plus that long name suits her pretty self! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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