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Ragdoll Rescue Falls Church, VA****ADOPTED***

T-Rex is an 11-year-old registered mitted blue point Ragdoll I adopted over a year ago. Unfortunately he has been very unhappy in my small condo and desperately wants more attention and interaction than my work schedule allows. He came from a three-story townhouse where he grew up with a German Shepherd, and I believe that he really misses both the space and the companionship of a dog.

I discovered that T-Rex has Feline Herpes Virus after I adopted him. The disease is only transmittable to other cats, not dogs or humans or other animals, so he needs to be either the only cat or with other FHV+ cat(s). His eyes tear but it is not severe. He is on Z/D allergy cat food and Prednisone to help keep the disease and stomach sensitivities under control.

T-Rex craves attention and will let you brush, body/nail clip, and even bathe him without scratching. He's a big boy at over 16 pounds, which is typical of Ragdolls.

T-Rex needs to be in a home where he will have more attention and companionship. Can you provide that for him? If so, I will provide his bowls, food and water dishes, Z/D food, Predisone allergy prescription, scratching posts, brushes, cat tree, beds, blankets, window perch, toys and extra-large litter box. Small re-homing fee will be donated to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Age: 11
Sex: neutered male
Fee: $200 (to be donated to Fairfax County Animal Shelter)
Location: Falls Church, VA

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  1. I have a ragdoll that I need to rehome. She is about 4 yrs old and has not been happy since we brought home our last rescue about a year ago. I think she needs to be with a family with 1 cat or less. She gets along fine with our dogs. We live in Stafford, va. How can I add her info to this site?

    Thank you,

    Robin Jordan

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