Cool Cat Trees

One of the questions I get via email quite frequently is what kind of cat tree is good for a Ragdoll Cat. So, I decided to put together a post of cool cat trees that I am aware of – but we only have personal experience with the first one. Would love reader input! Do you have a cool cat tree that your kitty adores? Tell me about it in the comments so I can include it on this post – please! Cat Pyramid Modern Cat Tree IMG_7979

Cat trees are extremely exciting for your cat. Equipped with scratching posts, perching areas, hiding holes, platforms to climb, sleeping areas, and many other fun things, these are true entertainment centers. And with over half of cat owners (according to Companion Animal Psychology) saying that their cats have scratched inappropriately, cat towers provide a fun and safe space for cats to burn off this energy.

This makes them a very good choice for cats that spend a lot of time each day alone around the house. With a cat tree, they can enjoy themselves up until their human family returns home.

With so many cat tree options on the market, choosing the best cat tree for your kitty is going to be a lot of fun. But how do you make the choice? What makes a good cat tree?

  • Choose according to your budget – cat trees range from very affordable to quite extravagant, so make sure you set your budget to begin with.
  • Choose according to your cat’s preferences – Each cat has its favorite activities, so choose a cat tree that focuses on what it likes. For instance, if your cat enjoys perching, then choose a tall cat tree that comes with a good perching spot. If the cat loves scratching, then opt for a cat tree that has lots of scratching posts.

Choose a cat tree that fits well in your home – Even though the cat tree is for your kitty to enjoy, it still goes into your house, so it should be a good match. Opt for a design that you like and that is in line with the room where you will place it in.

What to look for in a great cat tower for Ragdolls

Ragdolls are large cats that love to play, but that will also spend a lot of time perching. When you choose a cat tree for a Ragdoll cat, you should keep in mind these three valuable aspects:

1. Size

Ragdoll cats are significantly larger than regular cats. Don’t lose sight of that as you browse cat trees. You should choose one that is large enough to be exciting for Ragdoll kitty. Small and most medium-sized cat trees are basically a stack of boxes, as far as your cat is concerned, so don’t expect a lot of enthusiasm from them. Your ideal choice is a large cat tree for your large cat, one that can offer generous perching areas, large hiding spots, and plenty of lounging areas. In fact, the bigger the better for Ragdoll cats.

2. Quality

Invest in a cat tree that is made from quality materials. Not only does this ensure that the cat tree is durable, but it will also keep your cat safe. High-quality materials are free from chemicals or dangerous substances that could harm your cat. They are specially designed for cat interaction and you can rest assured that your cat can scratch the tree, chew on it, and sleep on it, and it will stay safe in the process.

3. Height

Ragdolls adore perching more than any other cat, so choose a cat tree that is tall enough to provide them with a good view. Small and medium-sized cat trees will not be good for perching, so, if you can accommodate it in your home, then opt for a tall tree. In fact, the higher, the better for your Ragdoll cat.

Tips for introducing your cat to their new tower

You shouldn’t just place a brand new cat tower in your home and expect your cat to take to it instantly. They might, but often you’ll need to spend a bit of time introducing them to it.

The easiest way is to use cat toys or treats. Place them on the various platforms of the tower, and show your cat where they are, so that they get used to jumping and climbing to find them. Once they discover the other benefits of the tower they’ll soon stick around.

A great way is to get a wand toy and literally lead your cat up the tower. This is a fun way of getting them used to climbing or jumping up the tower, so they know it’s sturdy enough to support them.

Don’t be disheartened if your cat doesn’t take to it right away. Don’t take it away, give them more time to get used to it and be patient.

Best-Rated Cat Tree:

Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review 2

Vesper Cat Furniture – The Vesper line has several different styles.  We reviewed the V-Tower (below).  

The cat trees from Vesper Cat Furniture come equipped with a cube cave with two platforms, tall scratching poles where your cat can scratch and stretch at the same time, soft memory foam cushions, where your cat can simply lay back and relax, and an exciting ball toy made out of rattan, which is simply irresistible to kitties.

There are several models to choose from, with different designs ranging from classic to modern. You also have plenty of color options, so that you can choose the one that is best suited for your home. The Vesper Cat Furniture cat tree models also differ in size. The V High-Base, for instance, is the tallest, at 48.7/22.1/ 22.1 inches. This makes it a good option for large cats.

Another good option for large cats is the V-Tower, which comes with two cube caves and one tunnel cave. The base is 25.6 x 25.6 inches and it measures 46.3 inches in height, which makes it excellent perching material. All the models are easy to assemble and they come with instructions. They are made out of high-quality materials – MDF with walnut-look or oak-look, with a laminated finish and a water-based lacquer that is safe for cats.

Purchase the Vesper Cat Furniture on Chewy.

Unboxing the Hagen Vesper Cat Furniture V-Tower Cat Tower

Best Cat Tree for Small Spaces

Sauder Baxter Cat Ladder

Sauder Baxter Cat Ladder

This modern cat ladder is designed to be placed against a wall, keeping it neatly tucked out of the way in your home. It has five levels in total, perfect for giving your cat plenty of opportunities to jump and climb. Each shelf has a plush surface, so your cat can relax or nap in total comfort.

One of these shelves is a box, which gives your cat a more secluded space they can use if they need some peace time.

It’s a metal frame measuring just over 65.2” tall and 28.1” wide, with a depth of 16”, with a total weight of 35 lbs. To keep it secure in place it has plastic feet that prevent it slipping, so it’s nice and safe for your cat to use.

There’s also a vertically mounted sisal surface for scratching, situated at a comfortable height just above the box shelf. Cats can enjoy scratching it from a sitting position or climbing up to scratch higher, depending on what’s more comfortable for them. The third shelf also has a hanging pom-pom on a string for an extra toy that your cat can play with.

Purchase the Sauder Baxter Cat Ladder on Chewy.

Sauder Ranger Cat Sky Climber

Sauder Pet Furniture Cat Climber, L: 38.31" x W: 15.00" x H: 58.70", Charter Oak Finish

This slim-design cat climber has five platforms for your cat to enjoy, including one partially-enclosed box for your cat to hide in when they want to enjoy a quiet and secluded moment.

It’s 58.7” tall, 38.3” wide and just 15” deep – the narrow frame is designed to be secured against your wall to prevent it from toppling over, so it’s important you only buy this if you’re able to fix it to the wall safely. If you can’t, be aware that it weighs 47.7lb and you don’t want to risk that falling onto your kitty.

The metal frame is solid while the wooden platforms are lined with a plush felt surface for your cat to enjoy. There’s also a hanging pom-pom that fixes to the underside of the top shelf, so your cat can laze on top of the box and bat it around as long as they want to.

Purchase the Sauder Ranger Cat Sky Climber on Chewy

BON Cat Furniture Trees

Made from high-quality birch wood and quality carpet surfaces, the various cat trees from BON are sturdy, reliable and great for cats who like to climb and explore. There are three main base options available, each of which can also be customized further.

Bon Cat Furniture Bijou Cool Cat Tree Modern
Bon Cat Furniture Bijou

The midsize Bijou is the smallest of the options, coming with four platforms as standard and measuring 46.1” tall, 32.3” long and 14.5” wide.

Bon Cat Furniture Octave Cat Tower Cat Tree
Bon Cat Furniture Octave

The full-size Octave tower is a similar design with four platforms, but with additional height – great for active kitties or those who want to have a higher perch. It measures 61.4” tall by 33.9” long and 14.5” wide.

Esteem modern Cat Tower Cat Tree
Bon Cat Furniture Esteem

Finally, the Esteem tower offers two additional scratching boards at the base, angled to be almost vertical, giving your cat even more surfaces to attack with their claws. It measures 59.6” tall by 34.7” long and 14.5” wide.

On all three towers, you can opt to replace the top platform with a see-through bowl where your cat can curl up. On the Bijou you can also add a cushion if you wish, while the Octave and Esteem towers have the option to add a climbing board that acts as a steep ramp to the second-highest platform.

Petguin 3-Story Box Cat Tower

Petguin 3-Story Box Cat Tower

This is a really modern cat tower that looks amazing, and is super-sturdy too. It’s made from high-quality solid wood and has three stories for your pets to explore, including hidden interior spaces and shelves on the outside to help your cat climb up.

Inside each hidey-hole is a soft mattress that makes it a super cozy place for your cat to relax and nap. The holes are a comfortable size for small and medium-sized cats, letting them keep a lookout for any threats but with plenty of darker corners inside should your kitty just want to escape for a little while.

The tower measures just 13 inches by 13 inches, with a height of 35.5 inches, so it’s definitely something that can fit into smaller spaces, although this also means that larger cats might not find it as comfortable. Because of the solid wood structure and squared-off base, it’s nice and rigid and so shouldn’t topple over.

And because of the smaller size and natural wood finish, it’ll look great in any home. It’s discreet, and the neutral tones won’t clash with any décor – your cat can have a fun space to play without a piece of furniture that completely dominates the room.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to assemble this yourself – despite its small size it still arrives flat.

Purchase the Petguin 3-Story Box Cat Tower on Etsy.

Best Tall Cat Tree


Cat furniture can be quite difficult to place in your home because while it might be cute, it is not something you want to have out when you have guests over. This is precisely what Contempocat wanted to fix!

Their cat trees are discreet, modern, and made from high-quality materials. And that’s not even the best feature! The cat trees from Contempocat are modular, which means that you can build your custom model to fit the particularities of your home and your cat.

If your cat enjoys perching, then you can build your cat tree to be tall enough to make it exciting for kitty. The ceiling’s the limit with Contempocat! The main piece is a floor-to-ceiling “tension pole” that comes in several sizes: 93″-99″, 98″- 104″, 105″- 111″, 114″-120″. To the tension pole, you can then attach a multitude of levels.

You can choose from steps, platforms, feeders, and even plant holders. The platform options are as follows: with groves or with integrated carpet areas. The tension pole as well as the attachments are made from 100% birch plywood, which makes this cat tree a good investment. This is a high-quality material that is durable and perfectly safe for your cat.

While this cat tree follows a simple model, the attention to detail that goes into making each of the parts sets it apart as a high-quality product. It is an excellent choice for large cats because you can build it all the way up to the ceiling.

Contempocat also offers a horizontal modular cat tree. The difference between this one and the vertical modular cat tree is that this one does not follow the “from floor to ceiling” model, which makes it an alternative for those looking for a cat tree with a modern design that does not extend all the way up to the ceiling.


Spiral Staircase Cat Tree

Cat trees typically come with multiple levels attached across a central body. The CatStaircase optimizes this layout. It looks like a spiral staircase, where each of the stairs is a place for the cat to lounge, play, and jump. This layout permits it to include the largest number of levels, making this cat tree one of the most exciting ones on our list.

It also comes with two tall sisal scratcher pads placed behind the stairs to make it fun to reach out for them. There is also an optional scratching element – jute-wrap posts that provide extra clawing opportunities on the support posts. The cat tree can also be ordered without the jute-wrap posts.

In terms of height, the Contempocat may be its only rival. The CatStaircase is 5/8″, nearly 7′, which makes it tall enough for cats of all sizes. It has as many as 16 birch-wood stairs with aluminum trim connecting them to the central area. The CatStaircase has a large steady base to keep it sturdy. Additionally, the top step is attached to the wall and fixed in place with screws.

This ingenious model will keep cats entertained for the entire day. You can place toys on the steps, as well as treats to get it to climb up, but the view from the top and mystery of the top stair will surely be enough to get your kitty all the way to the 16th step. The CatStaircase is a very exciting choice for cats that love to perch. Even though it is very tall, it is very safe and sturdy, and it is made out of high-quality materials that are perfectly safe for your cat.

Best Cat Tree for Kittens

HAPPYSTACK – 3 STACK for a cat tree.

SQUARE TRELLIS - 3 STACK for a cat tree.

The cat trees from WiseWisker have managed to put the fascination that cats have with boxes to very good use and create a true kitty adventure land. Their cat trees are upgraded boxes stacked together to create the ultimate cat tree. This unique cat tree is designed as a 3-stack unit that is easy to put together. First, you have to assemble the 3 boxes individually, and then you can put them all together one to get the tree.

You can easily assemble and disassemble the units with corners that click and slide together and 3 lids that screw on to secure each unit. You can disassemble the units and stock them without taking up too much space. Each unit can also stand individually, which makes this cat tree very versatile.

There are two types of units available – hexagon boxes and square boxes. They come in stacks of 2 or 3, and they come in various color options. The boxes communicate between them, so they essentially create an inner tunnel that the cat can climb through. Each box also has exit holes that the cat can use to enter or exit the box, or to simply observe the room through.

The boxes offer a very cozy hideaway where the cat can lounge comfortably all day long. They have carpet material on the inside to make these spaces as comfortable as possible. The WiseWisker trees are made out of durable carpet fabric on the outside, which makes them good for scratching as well.

These cat trees are very large cat scratchers with tunnels and cozy hiding places inside, which makes them extremely attractive to any cat. They may not be the tallest cat trees – they are 41 inches tall, but the WiseWisker promises a lot of fun for your cat.

Purchase the HAPPYSTACK – 3 STACK for a cat tree on Etsy.

Best Cat Tree with Activities

Wiser Pet Products Cat Power Tower 

Cat Power Tower

The Cat Power Tower was rad. My cats are on it daily – ever since we reviewed it years ago. A reader did a DIY Cat Power Tower version since it is no longer being made.

The Cat Power Tower is a full-on cat tree extravaganza. It comes with three platforms – the hunting platform, which has holes where you can put delicious treats and fun toys for your cat to play with, and two carpet platforms, where it can lounge away all day long. It also comes with a scratching post (32 inches long), a carousel, and a sisal scratching board (27 inches).

What sets this cat tree apart from the others is its “automatic” setting for the tower. How does this work? The springboard turns the tower on and off as the cats jump on and off of it. Take a look at the video to see how this happens and just how much fun it is.

The Cat Power Tower is easy to assemble, but also easy to disassemble and clean. The carpet platforms can be easily vacuumed and then just put back. This cat tree is made out of high-quality materials. It is very sturdy and it is made to last.

The powered carousel has several toy options – the bird toy, feather teasers, furry mice, scrunch balls. This part is located at the very top of the Cat Power Tower and it is aimed to be an incentive for the cat to climb all the way up there.

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

SEQUOIA Giant Cat Tree

modern giant cat tree SEQUOIA™ - Large

This contemporary cat tree consists of four boxes in a staggered pattern, giving your cat plenty of spaces to hide out while also serving as its own ladder. Between the boxes there are two scratching posts, and on the top of a structure is another scratching mat – for a relatively simple design, there are a lot of spaces for your cat to enjoy.

It’s available in two colors – ‘Naturel’ and ‘Ambre’, with Ambre being a slightly darker finish. You can also choose whether you would prefer the scratching posts to be wrapped in sisal or manila rope.

There’s a cardboard scratching mat on top of the structure, and you also get a luxurious blanket to add into one of the boxes. The wood used for the structures is bamboo, which is good choice if you’re concerned about renewable resources. The cat tree is 67.75” tall, 34” long and 15.5” wide.

Milo Cat Tree

tuft paw milo cat tree modern cool
tuft + paw Milo Cat Tree

This Milo cat tree offers a lot of fun surfaces for your cat to explore. It has four horizontal platforms lined with a durable carpet fiber, as well as a steep climbing ramp and a tall pole wrapped in the same material, great for climbing and scratching.

The top platform also has a clear hemisphere bowl for your cat to sit in and survey the surrounding world, while different parts of the structure are wrapped in rope as an additional scratching surface for your kitty.

The structure itself is made from a solid birch, which is strong and durable, while soft rounded corners are used to be more friendly to your cat as they explore.

This cat tower measures 62” tall by 53” wide and 15” deep.

Best Tree-Shaped Cat Tree

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Many Ragdoll cat owners own this tree – do you? Product Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 69 inches ; 74 pounds

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower in Espresso

This is one of the largest cat trees available on the market, which makes it worth considering if you have a Ragdoll or another large cat. At a height of 69 inches, it is tall enough to provide large cats with an attractive perching space. Located at the very top of the cat tree, it has generously rounded edges, which also make it a very comfortable lounge space.

At the bottom, the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower has a cat box with a circular entry. Inside, there are some soft cushions with washable faux suede covers. These are very easy to vacuum and clean. The cat tree has 4 levels in total and each of them comes with a Brown Berber carpet attached with Velcro. You can easily detach it, vacuum it, clean it, and put it right back.

This cat tree also has a generous sisal pad located at the bottom, where the cat can come and scratch away. You can also put toys or treats on the higher levels to provide the kitty with an incentive to climb. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is easy to assemble. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as all the tools you need to put it together. There is only one choice of color for this model, a dark brown wood, which gives it a classic look.

Purchase The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower on Chewy.

Cat Condos

Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos 

Cat Amazing Stacks! - Modern Cat Condo & Modular Cat Tree - House & Tunnel Cubes for Cats - Made in USA, Snow White

These are sold in individual colors and boxes – so you can create your own. Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos available on

One of the biggest challenges in choosing the best cat tree is finding one that fits properly into your home. With Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos, you can actually build your very own cat tree to fit into the exact space in your home.

Moreover, by personalizing the cat tree model, you can build it to your cat’s liking. If your cat loves to perch, then you can make it tall. If your cat loves to hide, then you can build it a complex maze. And the best part of it is that you can change it whenever you want!

In fact, this addresses one of the most common cat tree problems. When the cat is bored with the current version of the cat tree, you don’t have to buy a new one altogether. All you have to do is disassemble it and build it again into a different configuration that will capture your cat’s eye. Think of it as a large puzzle that you can do over and over again. It’s going to be fun for you to assemble and fun for your cat to enjoy the exciting models you build.

The Catty Stacks cat cubes are ultra-tough and durable. Made out of heavy-duty corrugated Ultra Board cardboard, the cubes can easily hold even the largest of cats as they jump, play, and lounge in them. To assemble the boxes and secure them, all you have to do is use the clip system included in the pack.

They come in several colors – white, green, brown, and more, so you can choose those that fit best into your home. They come in packs of 2 boxes, so you can purchase as many as you like to bring your models to life. This modular cat tree is fun for the entire family!

Purchase on Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condos on Amazon.

Refined Feline Metropolitan Cat Condo 

THE REFINED FELINE Metropolitan Cat Condo, Modern Furniture for Multiple Cats

The Refined Feline Metropolitan Cat Condo lives up to its name with 5 stories of cat fun. This cat tree has a simple metal frame, but modern design. It is available in 4 color options – black, white, gold, and gray and it also comes with an assortment of cushions – brown, gray, and white faux fur for extra zaz. You can mix and match these however you like so that you get the best possible fit for your home.

Each platform is 13.25″ x 18.5″ and there is a 13″ difference between the platforms. This cat tree requires assembling, but it is easy to put together following the instructions from the manufacturer. It also comes with 4 cushions and a sisal scratchpad.

Both the cushions and the sisal panel are attached to with a velcro-like material, which makes them steady enough for your cat to sit, jump, move on, and scratch vigorously at, but also easy to remove and clean up. When the cushions and the sisal panel get deteriorated, they can be replaced separately, which makes this cat tree a durable option.

Aside from the basic model (which comes with the 4 cushions and the sisal pad), you can also purchase some add-ons. You can purchase a platform with an incorporated bowl, where you can place its food or treats. Another ad-on is the hanging cat toy, which fits into a pre-made hole in the platform that accommodates it. The toy can be placed across the lounge area of the platform to make the chase more fun for the cat.

Purchase the Refined Feline Metropolitan Cat Condo on Chewy.

Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo

Frisco 62-in Modern Cat Tree and Condo

This tall, contemporary cat tree offers plenty of space for your cat to unwind, and comes with two cat condos for them to nap and lounge in. It’s available in either natural wood tones or a light gray, so they’ll easily fit into any modern home without looking out of place.

They’re 22 inches wide and 22 inches deep, with a total height of 62 inches. The frame is made from engineered wood so it’s nice and sturdy, and it is free standing – no need to anchor it to a wall. It comes with optional non-skid pads you can attach to the base if you want to protect any hard flooring.

It consists of 6 scratching posts that are all wound in natural sisal rope, along with two sisal scratching mats that can be placed on top of the condos for additional surfaces that your cat can enjoy.

There’s also a washable cushion inside each of the condos, covered with a faux fur fabric that is deeply soft – your cat will adore cozying up as they get comfortable.

Purchase the Frisco Modern Cat Tree and Condo on Chewy.

Etsy Cat Trees

Flat For Pet Floor-To-Ceiling Cat Tree

Flat for Pet Floor to ceiling cat tree Cat tower Mounted Cat Pole Cat Climbing Pole

This is a great cat tree if you have the space for it – offering four platforms that are each unique and interesting for your cat. You can customize the order of the platforms, and where they are situated on the left or right.

One of the platforms has a rug, another has a felt house where the cat can unwind in peace, another is wrapped in cotton rope and the final one is a plexiglass hemisphere as either a sitting bowl or a viewing perch.

You can select the right height for your home, with options ranging from 86.6 inches up to 114.2 inches (each option has a small range, e.g. the smallest is 86.6 to 90.6 inches). You’re also able to choose the color of the wood (natural, white or dark) and the color of the rope that wraps around the pillars and the platform (white or black).

You just need to make sure you have a solid surface to attach it to – the ceiling must be concrete, brick, wood, metal or a floor beam.

This tree ships from Europe, so bear that in mind for shipping time.

The 4 Step Cat Ladder

TheCatLadderStore 4 Step Cat Ladder

This cat tree follows a simple design. As the name suggests, it is a 4-step ladder personalized for your cat’s needs and for your home. This cat tree comes in an impressive variety of colors, which makes it adaptable to any home. You can choose the finish color for the wood that the ladder is made of and you can also choose the color for the carpet lining for each of the steps.

This way, the final product is in line with the rest of the furniture in your home. The carpet lining doubles as a scratcher and a comfortable cover for the steps where the cat can sit and relax. This can be easily removed to clean and then placed back on. While most of the other cat trees on our list are fixed in place, the 4 Step Cat Ladder is mobile. It is very easy to move around the house, so you can alternate its location to keep the cat interested. It is made out of solid wood finished in warm, rich tones.  

This is not a tall cat tree, so it is best suited for small to medium-sized cats. If you have a large cat that enjoys perching, you might want to consider a taller cat tree, but if your large cat is not necessarily a big fan of heights, then it will enjoy this lovely cat tree.

Purchase The 4 Step Cat Ladder on Etsy.

Real Wood Cat Tree – The “SAPLING” V.2″ by JMLPets

JMLPets Real Wood Cat Tree - The SAPLING V2

This is by far the sturdiest cat tree on our list. They say it “Combines Beauty and Durability with Real Wood” and the product certainly lives up to the description. To demonstrate its sturdiness, the Sapling V.2 is strong enough to withstand a human. This makes it a good choice for households with several cats because they can use it simultaneously without deteriorating it.

While this cat tree is sturdy, it is not very tall. Its overall dimensions are 34″ (H) x 18.5″ (W) x 32″ (L) – please note that these dimensions may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of each tree. The manufacturers hand make each of the Sapling V.2 trees. At a height of34 inches, it may not be particularly interesting for a Ragdoll or another large cat, but it is certainly a good choice for small to medium-sized cats.

The Sapling V.2 features three platforms – a small one situated centrally, and two large platforms located on each side. Each of the three platforms is covered in colorful carpet material, which you can pick out from a pallet of colors.

The carpet makes the platforms excellent for lounging, as well as scratching. If you are looking for a simple, yet high-quality durable cat tree, then the Sapling V.2 is worth considering.

Purchase the Real Wood Cat Tree – The “SAPLING” V.2″ by JMLPets on Etsy.

Cat Tree of 3-Towers 6-Seats

CatsCozySpace Cat Tree of 3-Towers 6-Seats Modern Cat Tree

This is one of the most complex cat tree models on our list – it has tall scratching posts, lounging areas, a cat hubby hiding place, and two baskets to lounge in. It is made out of high quality materials – natural wood, sisal rope, and knitted accessories and you can personalize it to fit perfectly into your home. There are 4 colors available for the finish that goes on the wood – teak, onyx, deep brown, and antique oak. 

As for the knitted accessories, they come in an impressive assortment of colors – egg yellow, linen beige, dark chocolate, rocky gray, powder pink, mint green, dijon mustard, and lavender purple. And that’s not all! You can also choose between several baskets: the octopus-type basket, the sisal plaited basket, the guarded platform, and the open platform. With so many options, in the end, you will get the perfect cat tree for your kitty and your house.

The base of the cat tree is 1.6″ thick and 31.5″x 21.6″. It is very heavy so that it keeps the entire cat tree in place. The final height of the tree is approximately 5.4 ft, which makes this cat tree a good fit for cats of all sizes.

Aside from its lovely design, this cat tree offers a lot of activity options for the cat. It has three tall pillars all covered in sisal rope, on which the platforms/baskets are mounted.

It has a hiding place for the cat, where it can enjoy a bit of alone time, and from where it can also observe the room. It has six levels in total, which makes it a true entertainment center for your cat.

Purchase the 3-Towers 6-Seats on Etsy.

CatsJoys Cat Houses, Trees and Steps

Cats Joy Modern Cat Furniture modern wall cat shelf
Cats Joy Modern Cat Furniture

CatsJoys sell a number of different products that you can put together to make the ultimate wall-mounted cat tree.

This includes their own version of cat trees – essentially wall-mounted scratching posts that have platforms at the base and top where your cat can relax. Choose from light and dark colors, with towers available in Small (18.1”), Medium (36.2”), Large (45.2”) and XL (54.25”).

There are also cat houses – wall-mounted circular housings with holes that you can position so that your cat can easily climb between. These also come in various sizes and can be bought in bundles of 3, 4 or 5.

And you can complete the look with cat steps – small additional platforms that can make sure your cat has access to everything you install.

Mix and match your own bundle and you can create the ideal wall-mounted cat tree and house for your kitties. Just be aware that these ship from Europe, so may take a little longer.

Catissa Cat Tree

CatissaCatTrees Freestanding Wooden Modular Cat House
CatissaCatTrees Modular Cat House

This cat tree from Catissa comes in both freestanding options for your floor, and as a wall-mounted cat tree with additional ladder to help your cat reach it.

There are four boxes, each of which is open-ended and has circular holes cut out for extra climbing fun.

The freestanding option also comes with a solid base and a scratching post, giving your cats somewhere they can get out that scratching urge.

The wall-mounted option instead has a flat scratcher designed to sit flush against the wall, as well as a three-step ladder to help your cat reach the boxes.

Both options also come with cushioned material to line the base of the boxes, and you can choose between faux fur or natural sheepskin. Whether you choose freestanding or wall-mounted, the dimensions are 47.3” tall by 19.7” wide and 19.7” deep.

As this ships from Europe, shipping times may vary.

Catipilla Vertical Cat Furniture Bundle

Catipilla Vertical Cat Furniture Climber Cat Shelf Hammock Wall-Mounted Space-Saving Indoor or Outdoor

If your space is really limited, and you’re looking for something that your cat can clumb on and enjoy without having any floor space taken up, then this could be the ideal solution. This wall-mounted furniture set includes a 5.9 foot tall climber with resting pads, and a separate hammock and shelf.

Obviously, this will involve a little more installation work, since it needs screwing into your wall, so it’s not the best solution if you live in a rented apartment or house. But if you’re happy with the permanent location and don’t mind a little bit of DIY then you’ll likely enjoy a little more flexibility on where you can place this, since you don’t need to put it somewhere where a sturdy floor base will fit.

It comes will all fixtures you need to attach it to your wall, and there are multiple color options. Choose from Jet Black, Gunmetal Grey or Pure White for the main frame and shelving, and then a darker gray, a tan or a blue color for the heavy-duty carpeting that lines the steps.

It is shipped from the UK, but delivers to various countries around the world including the US.

Purchase the Catipilla Vertical Cat Furniture Bundle on Etsy.

DIY Tree Options

DIT Cat Power Tower

Homemade three-level cat power tower

Cat trees are excellent DIY projects and we have a success story to share with you. Back in 2017 when we reviewed the Cat Power Tower, one of our readers reached out asking for product dimensions. Cinde, cat mom to Mitzi and Tessa, then sent us an email with her very own version of the Cat Power Tower, which looks amazing.

Cinde and her daughter used solid wood for the cat tree, which they sanded carefully. They rounded all the exposed corners to make the cat tree safe for their kitties. They left the wood natural and did not use any varnish on it to avoid the cat getting varnish in their claws should they decide to claw at the wooden pieces.

They customized a bedding system on the platforms, where she placed plush padded cat beds, which are easy to remove and wash. The filled pillows were sowed by Cinde’s daughter. They also installed a scratching post by wrapping one of the pillars in sisal rope. In the end, they got a lovely cat tree personalized to their needs and to the comfort of their cats and even managed to save some money in the process, so make sure you check out their stories!

DIY Ikea Hack Cat Tree

Ikea Furniture Hack Reader Makes a Custom DIY Cat Tree

Another Floppycats reader (from Facebook this time) reached out to us and told us about their custom IKEA DIY cat tree, which they have made from Ikea furniture. I told them about the post on the Cat Power Tower DIY project and asked them if they would like to share their story as well. Luckily, they did, so here’s what their amazing Ikea cat tree looks like!

Kelly and Bear looked at lots of cat trees in search of one that would be tall and sturdy enough for Chibi, their lovely Ragdoll cat. They told me that in the UK, Ragdolls are a rather new breed, so the furniture options for large cats are limited and quite expensive, and shipping one in from the US would only make a cat tree even more expensive. They were not happy with what they found, so they decided to build her one instead.

They found a site called Ikea hackers, where they found their inspiration from other people who had built cat trees with Ikea furniture. Then, they started penning out their own model and looked up the parts on the Ikea website.

For their cat tree, they used 2 Birch effect LACK Side tables, the matching coffee table that came with it, and 3 Variera kitchen organizer boxes that are a perfect fit for the bottom shelf and a good place to store Chibi’s toys. They also added some sisal rope and plushy carpets for each level. The end result is a lovely cat tree that is sturdy enough for Chibi to lounge, perch, and claw at for years to come.

Unique Cat Towers

Cat Tower

Brown and Black Cat tower with three boxes

The Cat Tower is a medium-sized cat tree equipped with everything a cat needs for entertainment and leisure. The bottom level is a comfortable cat bed with a very comfortable pillow that is easy to remove and clean. The sidewall is a cat scratcher, which makes this cat bed very versatile.

Made out of high-quality sisal, the scratcher is dyed using vegetable-based substances. The second level is a kitty box with a cat scratcher wall and carpet bedding. This is the hiding spot where the cat can come when it wants a bit of solitude. The kitty box has one wall open, which makes it a nice perching spot.

The third level of the Cat Tower communicates with the kitty box on the second level. It has the cat scratcher pad on the back wall, but it is mainly aimed as a perching area, with three free walls. The top wall has an opening that leads to the top of the Cat Tower, which provides kitty with a good place to sit and admire the world from up high, 53.86 inches high to be exact.

At this height, it is worth considering even for large-sized cats, but the Cat Tower promises a wonderland for small and medium-sized cats. It is available in two colors – white and mystic oak woodgrain.

The Cat Tower is easy to assemble, but it does require some tools, which are not included in the package – a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, a hammer, and an electric drill with 1/8″ or 3/8″ bit.

Purchase the Cat Tower.

Cat Pyramid

Luckily, they did, so here’s what their amazing Ikea cat tree looks like! Kelly and Bear looked at lots of cat trees in search of one that would be tall and sturdy enough for Chibi, their lovely Ragdoll cat.

Modern Pyramid Cat Tree

The most interesting feature of the Cat Pyramid is its unique design. It has an A-shaped frame and four levels of fun for your cat.

The first level is the sisal level,  where kitty can scratch away on the sisal pad, which is vegetable-dyed and completely safe. From there, it can easily climb to the second floor through a circular cat passage.

The second floor is a comfy perching spot complete with soft felt pads, where you can leave kitty’s favorite toys for her to play with.

At the top, there is another circular cat passage to the third level, which is ideal for perching.

The Cat Pyramid also has a fourth level, which is the narrowest, but rest assured, that it is spacious enough for kitty to sly in to see the room from a considerable height.

The top of the Cat Pyramid is an excellent place to tie a hanging cat toy, as an incentive for your cat to climb all the way up there. The Cat Pyramid is 63.82 inches high, which makes it an excellent choice for cats of all sizes.

This stylish cat tree is very easy to place in any home because it blends with the rest of the furniture, all while offering kitty an entertainment center.

Keep in mind that there is some assembly required, but the Cat Pyramid is very easy to put together. You will need your own set of tools, though, more specifically  a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, a hammer, and an electric drill with 1/8″ or 3/8″ bit. 

Purchase the Cat Pyramid.

Curvynest Cat Tree

Curvynest Cat Tree

The Curvynest cat tree has a unique design – it has 4 stories of swirls and lovely curves that your cat is going to love to climb again and again. But its modern design is not the only appealing point for this cat tree. It comes with a detachable sisal scratching pad that covers the entire cat tree.

The cat tree has sisal on both sides of its curves, leaving the cat with numerous possibilities! It can scratch, it can lounge, it can perch, all in one place. The Curvynest cat tree comes in two sizes. The small version is 19.4”(D) X 19.1”(W) X 22” (H) and weighs 15.4 lbs. At only 22 inches in height, it’s a good fit for small cats only – a larger cat will need a different option.

The large version is 26”(D) X 19.1”(W) X 39.6” (H) and weighs 32 lbs. While this may not be excellent perching material for Ragdolls and large cats, it will still make for a very good lounging and scratching area. In fact, the design for this cat tree is focused on scratching, but also on lounging. This versatile model comes with detachable sisal.

When the sisal pads are removed, the Curvynest cat tree remains a luxury lounging area for the cat. The sisal can also be replaced when it gets deteriorated, making this a durable model. It also does not require assembling, which makes it a comfortable choice.

Purchase the Curvynest Cat Tree.

Cat climbing through four-high, green Catty Stacks Cat Condo

More Cat Tree Posts

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  1. Great post, Jenny honey! Like Lyn (above), we also have The Purrfect Post Mondo with the cat bed on top and Miss PSB lurves it! It’s very well made and will probably outlast us all…lol. Our Sweet Sora (RIP) adored it. We’ve had it for about 10 years now and it still looks brand new. 😉 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. That’s awesome – Patti! Glad it has held up so well -that’s why it’s so important to buy quality cat products =)

  2. Lyn Johnson says:

    I have a Purrfect Post Mondo with cat bed on top and an Angle Scratcher ordered from Very nicely made. The adult cat I had at one time loved the Mondo. She would make mad dashes into the room and jump on top of the cat bed. She took naps on the bed, and I was able to groom her there. I ordered the 32″ tall, since I have back problems, and that was the best height for me. She also used the post (covered in good quality sisal) to scratch. I’ll be getting a kitten in about a month, and plan to use the same for her. I’m considering the Purrfect View for in front of my patio door, but not sure about that yet. I’ll wait until I’ve had the kitten awhile to see what she likes.

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