Are You a Cat Person? [Quiz Just for Fun]

As cat owners, we like to think like cats! We know we’re a bit biased, but we believe that one of the biggest problems in the world is people thinking like people instead of like cats. So here’s a fun cat person quiz to check out.

If you’re a current or past cat owner, or you’d like to own a cat someday, you might have wondered if you’re truly a “cat person.” There are a lot of common qualities of people that we’d call “cat people,” both because of their similarities to kitties and their compatibility with them. There are also some traits that are simply silly societal expectations for cat owners, and we’ll address those too in this cat person quiz.

If you’re wondering if you’re a cat person, there’s no need for further introspection, because we’ve put together this fun and silly quiz to rank how much of a cat person you are. You can find your results at the bottom, as well as explanations for our rankings.

***PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This is not a serious cat person quiz, and it is relying on stereotypes to generate fun results. In all reality, cats are living, breathing souls, and each one has their very own personality. Your results and explanations at the end should be taken lightly. Many people will get “not a cat person” when they are, in fact, a cat person in real life.

We hope this personality quiz can be a fun, light activity you do that helps you think about the cats in your life and how you relate to them.

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Are You a Cat Person?

1. Do You Consider Yourself to be Playful?

a. Yes, I absolutely love to play.
b. Eh, sometimes I play, and sometimes I want to be left alone.
c. I am not very playful.
d. I am not playful at all.

2. Does Being Around New People Make You Nervous Sometimes?

a. Absolutely, I don’t like meeting anybody.
b. I’m often hesitant, but sometimes it’s okay.
c. Meeting new people is fine.
d. I love meeting new people.

3. Do You Have a Wild Side?

a. Yes! I love to just go crazy sometimes.
b. I like to get a rush here and there.
c. No, I like to stay safe.
d. I’d rather not be called “wild.”

4. When You Get Close to Someone, are You Loyal to Them?

a. So loyal, I never leave their side. I’ve been called clingy.
b. I’m pretty loyal, but I can also build other relationships.
c. I’m more interested in the quality of my relationships than loyalty.
d. I tend to switch from relationship to relationship frequently.

5. Are You Curious?

a. Absolutely, I often get myself in trouble by being a bit too curious.
b. I’m pretty curious, but I can keep my curiosity under control.
c. I am only a little bit curious sometimes.
d. I am not very interested in discovering things that don’t naturally come to me.

6. Do You like Horror Movies?

a. No, they freak me out too much.
b. I don’t usually like them, but I’ll watch them with other people.
c. I can enjoy a horror movie here and there.
d. I’ve seen every one of them.

7. Are You Adventurous?

a. I’m an adventure junkie! I can’t stop seeking thrills.
b. I love a good adventure, but it doesn’t consume my life.
c. I tend to be very hesitant and structured about my adventures.

d. I prefer a consistent, reliable routine, and avoid going out of my comfort zone.

8. Do You do Some Things Because They Just Feel Right to You?

a. I make all of my decisions based on my gut feelings!
b. I tend to rely on my feelings, but they aren’t everything.
c. I use logic and other people’s advice as my main guide in life.
d. I don’t let my feelings impact my decision-making.

9. How Important is Your Appearance to You?

a. It’s extremely important. The way you look represents what you’re like and how you’re doing!
b. It’s pretty important, but it’s not my top priority.
c. I try to stay presentable, but I don’t spend any more time than I have to on my appearance.
d. Appearances don’t matter to me, as long as the inside values are strong.

10. How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Appearance Per Day?

a. 3+ hours
b. 1-2 hours
c. 30 minutes
d. 5-10 minutes

11. Do You Go to the Salon to Get Your Self-Care in, or do You DIY Your Appearance?

a. I DIY everything, like haircut and color, nail paint, outfit planning, etc.
b. I DIY as much as I can, and get help from friends, but there are some things that should be left to the professionals.
c. I tend to go to a salon, but I sometimes do my own things.
d. I don’t do anything beauty-related on my own.

12. Do You Count Yourself as Stubborn?

a. Once I set my mind to something, no one can stop me.
b. I can sometimes be persuaded to stop something, but it’s rare.
c. I am not super set on things, especially if I get feedback from others that point me in a different direction.
d. I entirely rely on what other people tell me to do, and frequently change my mind.

13. Do You Like Fish?

a. My friends have practically nicknamed me “seafood!”
b. I really enjoy fish, but I still like variety.
c. I don’t usually eat very much fish.
d. I would rather eat anything else than fish.

Cat Person Quiz Results

Drumroll please…

  • Mostly A’s and B’s: You’re definitely a cat person! Between your playfulness, skittishness, wild side, loyal nature, and tendency to rely on your instincts, you might as well be a cat. We see why you get along with kitties so well.
  • Mostly C’s and D’s: Don’t fear! While you might not be ranked as a cat person based on this quiz, similarities aren’t all there are. Opposites attract, and sometimes kitties need a companion who is very different from them to balance them out so they can feel safe, loved, and secure.

If you aren’t sure how these results came to be, don’t worry. We will explain every piece of them in depth. And remember, each cat is a living, breathing soul, so not all of them have the same personality traits. These characteristics are just based off stereotypes of cats, and if you align with them, you might get along with cats!

Of course, if you don’t fit these traits and you have cats that you are best friends with, don’t worry about your results. Real life is a more accurate predictor than free online tests that are created just for fun.

Explanation of Your Cat Person Quiz Results:

  • Playfulness

Many kitties can be very playful! They love to run, jump, bat things with their paws, and test out new toys. This is why I do so many toy reviews on my site. Not only do kitties need exercise, they need the fun of getting to play with their owners. If you’re playful too, you probably get along well with cats!

  • New people make me nervous

While this isn’t always the case, some cats need their hearts won over before they can really trust a new person. Not all cats are like this! Some ask every new person for attention and love. But it isn’t uncommon to need to help a cat acclimate to you before you can play or cuddle very much. If you also need to warm up to people before you can completely trust them, you might be a cat person!

  • Wild side

Most cats have a bit of a wild side. They like to jump down from high places, hunt mice and other small animals, and explore. Some owners are surprised when their cute, cuddly kitten brings back a dead animal! If you are a bit of a sweetheart with a wild side, you just might be a cat person.

  • Loyal

Cats are very loyal to their people, and to the other pets in the home that they have bonded with. Once a cat has chosen you, things will never be the same. If you would be extremely loyal to your kitty, that’s grounds for an amazing, lifelong relationship of love.

  • Curiosity

As they say, curiosity killed the cat. Cats are very interested in learning and trying new things, and they like to explore everything, from the yard to new toys to everything around the house. Sometimes this can get them in trouble though, like in the classic example of kitties getting stuck up in trees because they climbed too high. 

If your curiosity gets you in trouble, you probably relate to your cats, and get along with them much better than someone who doesn’t understand what it’s like to just want to try something.

  • Fear/skittishness

If you tend to get afraid, even about things that other people say are fine, you might relate to your kitties, who can be afraid of things like cucumbers, water, and mirrors. 

  • Adventurousness

Cats are one of the most adventurous animals there are! They love to have new experiences, explore, play with new toys, and do things that give them adrenaline rushes. 

If you’ve ever watched your cat jump from a very high place, get stuck somewhere like in a wall or in a bed’s box spring, or do any other surprising, bold activities, you’re witnessing your kitty’s adventurous nature. 

Many cat owners are also adventurous, and you might bond with your cat over your mutual sense for adventure. If you ever get frustrated with your cat for being a bit too excited to try new things, remember your own desire for new and exciting things in your free time!

  • Natural instincts

Cats are known for following the instincts they’ve learned from their biology. Even if a kitty has not seen other cats do things like hunt for mice, jump from massive heights, or knead their paws, they will instinctively do these things.

If you rely a lot on your instincts and gut feelings, you and your furry friend have something in common. 

  • Appearance

Cats are their very own groomers! They clean their fur, trim their nails, and take care of any other appearance-related issues they may have. If you also highly value your appearance, spend a lot of time on it, and make sure to take care of it yourself, you might be thinking like a cat!

We hope this silly, fun cat person quiz has helped you think about how you are similar to your cats, and find out about your own personality traits. Sometimes it’s good to know why a specific thing works for you, and owning cats is one of them!

Many cat owners see their cats as an inspiration, and might not necessarily possess the same traits as their furry friends, and no cats fit one perfect description. If you are very different from the cats in your life, this might be a good thing that keeps your kitties coming back for more.

  • Stubbornness

Some cats can be impossible to train to do a particular behavior you prefer, and it can take a lot of responsibility to train them on anything. Cats sometimes only want to do what they want to do, regardless of punishments and admonishments from you. If you see that same level of stubbornness in yourself, you might be thinking like a cat. Although, sometimes owners who are less stubborn can get along with kitties better, because they won’t butt heads with the cat as much.

  • Fishy Foods

As you know, cat food frequently contains fish, or fishy flavors. They love to eat fish! If you love fish too, you likely have similar “taste buds” to your kitty. You’ve chosen the right kind of pet!

We hope you liked this fun, quick cat person quiz that helped you determine if you’re cat people! Hopefully it helped you reflect on all the ways you’re similar to and different from your furry friends.

If you’d like to learn more about your kitties, you’re in the right place. We have all kinds of resources available to learn everything you’d like to know about your cats, whether they’re Ragdoll cats or another breed!

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