Beau – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Beau – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Beau - Ragdoll Kitten of the MonthMy fiancée and I knew we wanted to add a kitty to our home and after much research we came across the Ragdoll. We immediately adored the characteristics of the breed, simply the “puppy-cat”, and found our loving companion Beau. Between both our families he has become Jordan and Lysa’s cat-child and, among our parents, the coveted first grand-kitty. Beau has become the Facebook cover photo and screen savers of family and friends alike.

We met Beau at Ocean Eyes Ragdolls in Derry, NH with his other siblings known then as Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, and Purple. Beau, who was then called Green, was by far the big boy of the litter and the most adventurous, the individual explorer. Computer BeauHe was perfect for us. Elaine, the breeder, has an open door policy so we visited Beau every few weeks. On the weeks we couldn’t make it up to Derry, Elaine sent pictures and written updates on kitty Green. She was most welcoming, knowledgeable, accommodating, and ultimately caring with regards to both her Ragdolls and the soon to be forever parents. To this day, we stay in touch with Elaine sharing updates on the kitties at her home and about Beau in his.

[When submitting this story] Beau is 6 months old, born on March 24, 2015. My fiancée’s relatives are French-Canadian so ultimately the name “Beau” fit as a name for the newest addition of our family. The word translates to “handsome, beautiful”, which is also fitting for Beau’s blue eyes and rabbit-soft fur. After his first month with us, Beau’s name evolved into various nicknames as a result of his daily activities. The most common and generally used rendition, next to Beau Diddley or BabyBeau or Beaukitty, is the infamous Beauticus. This nickname developed because of his demeanor when he plays with certain toys: Nemo his robofish (as reviewed on Floppycats, then sent in the mail by Beau’s great-Beau - Ragdoll Kitten of the Monthgrand nan), his colorful springs (which we’ve gone through thirty-six already many lost to the oven, fridge, couch, and washing machine), and his mouse on a stick (the string-wand that tends to show up in the middle of the night in our bed). Beau gets this determined, eyes-on-the-prize, blazing blues, relentless crazy stare as plays with his toys. Sometimes we’ll exclaim, “I AM BEAUTICUS”, especially when we’ve became collateral damage due to Beau’s cat-crazy-hunter mode.

Nevertheless, like any kitten, he needs affection. Beau will settle down and cuddle next to us when it’s time to tuck in for the evening. He enjoys doing what we’re doing. If we’re up moving about the house, he’s up moving about the house (this is usually Beauticus time). When Beau - Ragdoll Kitten of the Monthwe’re working at the computer, he’s at the computer. If we need the iPad, he’ll want the iPad. Since we drink out of glasses, he wants a Beau water glass. When we nap, he’ll nap, when we go to bed, he goes to bed (his choice on a second bed pillow above our pillows, a new addition since sleeping on our heads was not an option). It’s clear the term “puppy-cat” epitomizes the qualities and characteristics of a Ragdoll. He has them all—Beau greets us at the door, plays fetch with his spring, likes shoes, socializes with everyone, explores new places, and wants to be where his people are (this includes the shower).

Beau - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Beau has left his paw prints on our hearts as well as everyone who has met him. He’s become the hashtag of our lives, our family, and all of our friends who’ve ultimately deemed themselves, Uncle Tim or Ming Emma. #beaulove.

Beau - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

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Beau - Ragdoll Kitten of the MonthBeau - Ragdoll Kitten of the MonthBeau - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Oh he is beautiful! A living doll.

  2. Beau is definitely “Beauticous” and I love all the cute nicknames you have for him! 🙂 Your story is delightful and Beau’s pictures are precious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Beau is just adorable! Love, love, love all his beautiful photos! Wishing you all the best for a very long and happy life together.♥♥♥

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    He is….BEAUTICUS!!! (Couldn’t resist.) What a wonderful love story about your very own special GORGEOUS (or should I say BEAUGEOUS?) floppy puppy cat!!! Beau sounds like such a darling. I lurve that he is the hashtag of your lives! The pics are amazing! He is truly adorable and so deserves to be spoiled rotten (which I think he is…ahem..his own water glass, etc…lol). The story you told is truly marvelous and I can understand why everyone who meets his falls in lurve with him. I fell hard when I saw that cute little pic with his crossed paws on his little choochie schmoochie face. Game over. In lurve! 🙂

    Wishing you many, many years of happiness, lurve, good health and continued adventures with your awesome Beau!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  5. schumann and sky says:

    Beau est tres beau et si adorable! Il ressembles a mon Schumann quand il etait un chaton. Mes deux ragdolls nous suivrent partour a la maison aussi. We love seal point mitted ragdolls!

  6. ABarletta says:

    O M G!!! Beau is precious!! I had a kitty named Alexander (a Russian Blue), who would drink ice water out of the glass on my night stand by the bed at night. I would hear “slurp, slurp, clink, clink” in the middle of the night and it was the sweetest sound. So I know how much you enjoy seeing your little Beau drink out of his own glass. Nothing dearer. Enjoy your gorgeous baby boy.

  7. says:

    He’s spectacular!!! He’d change anyone’s life ♥♥ Thanks for sharing him.

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