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I have always been one to rescue and have even volunteered with a no kill shelter in the past, but I have always loved the temperament of the Ragdoll. I lost my sweet Ivy of 14yrs in January 2021 and as the days went by, the cuddles and pitter patter missing was heart breaking.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week

We first saw Bella on the breeder’s site, Blue Gem Ragdolls, and it was love at first sight. We found this breeder through the TICA website. Mary was wonderful to work with and you can tell she really wanted loving homes for all the kitties.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week sunlight

Bella was born December 8, 2020, and on a chilly day in March, we hopped in the car and drove to Cincinnati from Chicago to officially adopt her. It was a long drive, but she managed it like a road trip pro.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_7017

How Bella Got Her Name

Her full name is Bella Bleu Dívka, but we just call her Bella Bleu. I have a passion for travel and chose a name that reflects some of my favorite places. Bella for beautiful in Italian (think Ciao Bella), Bleu is the French spelling for blue and Dívka is girl in Czech. She is my beautiful blue girl.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8481

Join Bella on Her Instagram

Bella has an Instagram @bella_bleu_adventures so she can show off her adorable and funny sides. Anything from sneak attacks to cute poses. She has character, spice and is very smart. (Sometimes too smart) Lately, her ultimate favorite toy is her Cheerble balls. She has the Ice Cream ball and the Cheerble ball.

Cheeky Bella

The ice cream ball is made of silicone and is quieter on hard wood floors but both balls work the same. She will play with it until the battery is dead! Her Cheerble videos can be found on her Instagram. Bella also loves to fetch and carry a ball in her mouth.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8968

She is also incredibly good at hiding around corners and jumping waist high for a sneak attack. Her ultimate favorite thing to do though, is greet people at the door. The minute there is a knock, or she hears you coming home, she does the Risky Business slide across the entry way and runs up to whoever is there for attention. With the fur on the bottom of her paws, who needs socks?!

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week slipper

What Bella Loves

Bella is a dog lover. She loves watching dogs on tv, on the iPad and even meeting them in the park behind our home. Other cats she is ok with, but dogs have a special place in her heart. If they are on tv, she will paw at the air and tilt her head in complete lust.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8170

Bella’s Cat Litter

The breeder was using World’s Best Cat Litter and we bought some as to not disrupt her too much with all the change when we first brought her home. We have not stopped using it! One of the best litters I have used in an exceptionally long time. Less tracking and dust and is also flushable, which I like so we do not have to use baggies for disposal. Highly recommend.

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8969

She knows her name, just chooses not to respond. But if I shake a bag of treats, she comes running. One of her favorites, which was a gift from a friend, is Cat Sushi. Thin, dried pieces of fish. She goes crazy over it. She also loves her Greenies.

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Silhouette of a ragdoll cat

We know that not every reader has a Ragdoll cat. And we’re not Ragdoll cat exclusive, so we started a Floppycat of the Week so that readers that don’t have Ragdolls could share their kitties too! Or readers that do have Ragdolls and other kinds of kitties, could share their whole house of kitties individually.

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