Zen Clipper Cat Nail Clippers

Zen Clipper Cat Nail Clippers are safe cat nail trimmers with quick guards for people who are afraid of cutting the quick when trimming their cat’s nails. They are my current favorite cat nail clippers. You can use this printable PDF to figure out which size you need.


Zen Clipper Cat Nail Clippers are cat nail clippers that make it easier to safely cut your cat’s nails. These are especially nice for people who have difficulty seeing where the quick starts on the cats’ nail. The quick is the light pink part of the nail with blood flow, so if you clip this part while grooming your kitty, she will bleed. These are sized clippers with a guard. You stick the nail through the hole before clipping. The hole is only big enough to fit the end of the nail in, not the quick. I used a large size on my larger cat and that worked well, but for an average sized kitty, you would probably want to get a medium. You can always ask in person at a pet store to see if they will let you try the pairs in store to see which size you need for your cat. How often you need to trim your cat’s nails will vary on how often they sharpen their nails and how fast they grow, but you can do it quickly with these Zen Cat Clippers because of the quick guard. If your kitties don’t like to have their paws messed with, nails clipped, or are skittish, this is a nice option so you don’t clip the quick when they wiggle around. If you don’t have difficulty seeing the quick and your cats are easier to get to sit still, a scissor-style clipper would work just as well as the quick guard clippers.

Cat Nail Clippers – Zen Clipper Arrive for Cat Product Review Video


Zen Clipper Cat Nail Clippers Product Review Video

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