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“My introduction to the Ragdoll breed happened over 2 decades ago.  I had first read about them in a cat magazine and fell in love with their description and stunning good looks.  After I got married in July 2000, I convinced my new husband that we should get one of these beautiful cats.

Ragdoll cat in a window

We found a local breeder and a few months later we got our first Ragdoll kitten, a blue mitted male who we named Taboo or Booboo for short.  Booboo was a part of our family for many years, including in 2009 when we welcomed our first and only child.  He became very protective of our son.  Sadly, he fell ill and passed away at the age of 14.

Fast forward to 2019.  We had been without a cat for 5 years.  Our son was older and we felt the time was right to bring a new kitten into the family.  Once again we looked for local breeders.  As luck would have it, we found a breeder who was located only 3 miles from our house called Hearthrob Ragdolls.  The owner had recently had a litter of 4 and 2 of the kittens were still available, a male and a female.

Ragdoll kitten with black paws

We immediately made an appointment to go visit the kittens and fell in love with a little seal point male.  He had dark brown points and a cream colored body, so we named him Mocha Latte after the coffee beverage.  After putting a deposit down, we waited until he was old enough to bring home at around 12 weeks.

Tiny ragdoll kitten with dark paws and nose.

Mocha has since become a much loved member of the family.  My son refers to him as his little brother and enjoys picking him up and carrying him around the house.  In true Ragdoll fashion, he goes limp and submits to this attention.  He exhibits a lot more patience than a lot of other cats would.

Ragdoll cat asleep on the bed

My Mother-in-Law, who lives with us, is also smitten with him.  Every night he sits at the bottom of the stairs and cries at the door until she comes up and has coffee with us.  As soon as she comes up, he flops on to the floor so that he can get his head and chin scratched.  Then he goes to each of us begging for cat treats.  The crunchy treats with the creamy centers are his favorite.

Ragdoll cat sitting in a cat tree

During the day, Mocha spends most of his time sleeping.  He can usually be found lounging on top of our bed, flat on his back with his legs splayed out and not a care in the world.  He also loves sitting in an open window, sniffing the fresh air and watching the birds and squirrels.

Blue eyed Ragdoll cat

When it is time for play, Mocha’s favorite toy of all time are those cheap plastic springs.  He loves batting them across the floor and prancing around with one in his mouth.  He also enjoys laser pointers, ball track toys and more recently the Moonshuttle Catch the Tail Electronic Cat Toy.

Ragdoll cat on its back

After Mocha turned 2 years old, we decided to add a 2nd Ragdoll to the family as we felt that he really needed a playmate.  We recently brought home a flame point male kitten named Cosmo.  Cosmo is also from Hearthrob Ragdolls.  He shares the same father with Mocha, so they are half-brothers.

Ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes

At first, Mocha was a little wary of the new arrival.  But now they are slowly becoming buddies.  Mocha likes to chase the kitten around the house and play fight with him.  When they are resting, they are usually not far from one another.  I am glad that he finally has another cat friend for companionship.”

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