Milo Muffins – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Hello everyone I would like to introduce Milo Muffins. Milo is a 5-month blue point bicolor show quality kitten.

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Ragdoll Breeder Experience

I got my kitten from a wonderful cattery known as Willetteragdol located in Massachusetts. Bette Willette and her husband Rick are passionate and professional breeders. They are such kind- and warm-hearted people. I was lucky enough to get on the waitlist of November 2020. I had never owned a cat and was so excited about getting a Ragdoll cat. I researched the breed for a whole 4 months. I loved how they had deep blue eyes and were very dog like.

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On May 28 2021 my kitten was finally born. Bette has a long waitlist for several reasons. She doesn’t overbreed her cats, and many people come back for a second and even third kitten. She gave me an interview and went over everything from price and the contracts. Bette requires her Ragdolls to be indoors only and never be declawed.

Ragdoll Kitten Personality

Milo is such a sweet and fun going kitten. As Bette would say she puts a lot of sugar in each litter. Bette would send me pictures and videos of my kitten as he grew and developed. She would explain how to care and feed him. She even showed me how to trim his nails and how to properly pick him up.

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Milo came home neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. I received his pedigree and TICA registration. Bette also gave me a bed and litter box as well. It was great finally meeting her and her family. Milo came completely litter trained and socialized.

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He purrs like a motor when I touch him. He loves to be scratched behind his ears and neck. His favorite toys to play with are the butterfly toy, and cat wands. Milo loves sleeping on top of the cat tree. You can even find him sleeping under the couch or bed. His favorite treats are freeze dried white chicken chunks and wet treats. He even tries to open the cabinets sometimes.

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Milo loves to be brushed as well. I brush him three times a week. He loves to lay on top of the living room table as well. He follows my wife and I everywhere we go. Sometimes he will try to get pass the door when I leave for work. Another thing that I adore is that he will wait by the window when I come back from work. He is such a blessing in my life. As of now I am teaching him how to do tricks as well. He is so intelligent and sits on command. He prefers to sleep under the bed at night rather on top with us as well.

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Milo also helps around the house with chores. He loves to help with laundry by sitting on the folded clothes. In addition, he helps with sweeping the floors by trying to catch the broom as well. Another nice thing about Milo is that he is used to loud noises. He is not afraid of the vacuum. We love him so much. My wife and I are so excited to see how he will grow. I would like to thank Bette and Rick for giving us a Ragdoll of a lifetime.

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