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Cat toys are probably every cat owner’s favorite thing to shop for. It is so much fun when you find a new toy that gets your cat excited and engaged. Find the best cat Ragdoll cat toys we have discovered.

Cats have a need for play and even when they are domesticated, they still need to play, run, hunt, climb, and chase. Playing with them or encouraging solo play with other toys is a great way to meet your cat’s needs so he isn’t frustrated or depressed and to keep him from acting out.

It’s also a great way to keep your cat active and exercising, especially if he needs to lose weight. There are so many different types of toys, and they serve different needs.

  • Cat wand toys are great for interactive play for almost any owner, and they help your cat to stalk and hunt and get physical and mental energy out.
  • Cat puzzle toys help your cat stay sharp and entertained and forces him to problem solve in order to get at food or treats hidden inside.
  • Ball toys can provide a great way for your cat to run and stalk.
  • Catnip toys are nice for teething cats and for cats that are really excited by catnip (not all are affected by catnip).

There are solo and interactive toys that catnip can be used with to get your kitty interested in playing.

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