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Cats are pretty self-sufficient companion animals to have, but they do still require some grooming and maintenance, which can be easy or difficult depending on your kitty’s temperament and the tools you use. We have tested many different types of grooming tools out on Trigg and Charlie and on other cats in the family. We have tried and reviewed several kinds of cat grooming combs, cat brushes, shedding combs for cats, cat nail clippers, and cat clippers with quick guards. You can see us using many of the products we link in our store on Floppycats. The blog post for each product usually contains an unboxing video when we receive the product, and a final review of the item. You can read about it on the blog posts and watch us use it to see our honest thoughts about the products. We review quite a few different cat combs as we have long haired cats who shed a lot and need quite a bit of grooming, especially when the weather changes. There are combs that cut the hair, some that get deep in the hair pull out the dead coat, and some that have rotating teeth to comb out the dead hair without pulling the skin.

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