The HYLA EST Nimbus system is an add-on for your HYLA vacuum that allows you to deep-clean your carpets and hard floors, along with any other upholstered items.


The EST Nimbus system requires the HYLA to work. It comes with a secondary water tank with a motor that attaches to the rear of the HYLA EST vacuum. It also has its own vacuum hose, with three choices of head for tackling floors and smaller items.

It’s essentially a powerful water spray. Fill up the secondary water tank on the Nimbus instead of the main water tank on the HYLA EST. You also have the option of adding HYLA’s own floor cleanser to the Nimbus tank.
Then, by dragging the vacuum head backward across a surface, you’ll be spraying the cleanser onto the floor and then vacuuming it up using the power of the HYLA EST. The dirty water will be collected in the main HYLA EST water tank, so only clean water and cleanser are sprayed onto the surfaces.

The spray is powerful enough to penetrate fibers on carpets, sofas, car seats, and more, giving them a good clean and freshen-up. But it can also be used on hard floors with the stiff brush floorhead, making it a carpet cleaner, vacuum, and mop in one.

You can shorten the hose by removing sections, too, so car mats, chairs, and more can be cleaned without having to wield a full-length hose.

And because you don’t have to add cleanser to the Nimbus system, you can also use it as a water spray – making it handy for watering any houseplants you have in your home.

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