Hyla EST Water Vacuum

The Hyla EST is a water filtration vacuum that uses water to filter out the dust and particles in the air as it vacuums. It’s more effective than a typical bagless vacuum since there are no physical filters to get clogged or allow small particles through.


The Hyla EST may look like a carpet cleaner, but it isn’t – water isn’t used to watch the flooring. Instead, the water simply acts as the filter. The vacuum picks up all the dust and debris from the floors and forces it through the water bath.

This water traps all the usual dirt but also keeps a tight hold on the smaller particles from the air that can trigger allergies in humans and pets. The clean, ‘washed’ air is then ejected from the vacuum, helping to keep your home spotless.

It’s a powerful vacuum and does a good job of getting deep into carpets to extract any embedded molecules. The Hyla can also run as an air purifier – just remove the vacuum hose and change the setting, and it will cycle the air in the room.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming or purifying the air, you just need to empty out the water bath to remove all the dust and dirt inside the vacuum. With no filter to clean, it’s easier than ever to keep your vacuum working in top condition.

The Hyla head has an electric roller that helps to pick up dust and pet dander from your carpet fibers, and it has built-in lights so you can easily see any dirt that needs to be vacuumed, even underneath furniture and in other darker crevices.

It’s a canister vacuum, and when full of water, it isn’t lightweight, but it has easy-gliding wheels to help you move around your home and a long hose so you can reach every corner of the floor with relative ease.

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