Purrified Air Litter Box Air Filter

The Purrified Air Litter Box Air Filter is designed to effectively trap the volatile organic compounds (VOC) released by your cat’s litter tray that cause odors. It uses a five-stage filtration system to remove more odors from the air and has an adjustable fan, so you can choose between full power or quieter operation.


Unlike some air purifiers that try to mask odors by generating ozone or releasing other fragrances, the Purrified filter simply works to trap any VOC traces in the air, ensuring that the cause of the problem is eliminated and not just covered up.
It’s designed to fit a variety of litter trays, and can either attach to closed or domed boxes (an attachment is available for certain dome boxes), placed on a flat surface near the tray, or you can wall-mount it directly above the tray.
Because it uses a fan, it effectively pulls air through the filter. This has the added benefit of drying the used litter faster as it pulls moisture in the air away from the tray. It’s designed to be used constantly and will cost just $3.15 a year to operate (assuming 10 cents per kilowatt-hour).

The replaceable filter cartridges contain 2.2lb (1kg) of a proprietary mix of carbon, catechin, zeolite and negative ion ceramic balls which contain and destroy the odors from your cat’s used litter. Each cartridge should last for between four and seven months depending on how many cats are using the tray and the contamination of the air.

The fan has multiple settings. If the full-power setting is distressing to your cat, or you just want it to run a little slower to cut down on the noise, you can adjust it down. The maximum fan speed is 2,300 RPM, and if it ever fails then the fan will be replaced for you free of charge.

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