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Cat hair removers are handy to have, especially if you have a cat with a lot of hair, like a Ragdoll cat. No one likes to go somewhere covered in cat hair, or get ready for company and realize that the furniture has half a cat coat on it. It is nice to have a remover in your bag or car to use on the go, and one at home. Some removers are better than others, but it is great to have an option other than just a sticky roller because you have to replace those frequently and they aren’t as helpful for larger areas or getting cat hair out of certain fabrics or furniture pieces. Apart from a great pet hair vacuum with attachments to get at hard to reach places, a pet hair brush is a wonderful tool to have to get hair off cat toys, cat beds, furniture, rugs, clothing, car upholstery, and anywhere else your kitty might leave her hair behind. They are great at getting around seams and into nooks and crannies where hair can collect. We have tried and reviewed several pet hair removers on our blog and have video reviews showing how to use them and how well they work.

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