HYLA Rapida

The HYLA Rapida is a handheld vacuum designed to tackle small spills and messes when your main vacuum would be overkill. It has a comfortable design, it’s powerful, and it has a number of uses.


HYLA’s answer to handheld vacuums is the Rapida, which is named for the fact that you can quickly handle any small messes or clean awkward spaces that are hard to reach with your primary vacuum.

It can be used for dry cleaning but also for wet cleaning – just attach the liquid cleaning accessory, and you can safely vacuum up any drinks you (or your cat) have knocked over. There are also detail accessories for getting into tight spots, good for cleaning between the cushions on your car seats.

The Rapida comes with two chargers – one to use in the home, which also serves as a mount to hold it in place, and one that lets you charge the vacuum from your car battery.

The waste collection bin on the vacuum is easy to remove and empty, and it’s also dishwasher safe – if you’ve had to pick up dirty spilled liquids, just toss it in the dishwasher, and it’ll be good as new when you need it next.

The Rapida has a comfortable, ergonomic grip and a good balance between weight and functionality. It’s quite light to hold but still packs a battery with enough capacity for 30 minutes of cleaning time at a consistent power level that will pick up small dirt and debris with ease. You shouldn’t have any discomfort using the vacuum for that full runtime.

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