NVR Miss Litterbox

The NVR Miss Litter Box is a simple yet effectively designed litter pan. The litter tray’s high walls are perfect for avoiding spilling and litter scatter while the large cut out to the side of the box allows for easy entry and exit for your pet cat.


Just as the name suggests, the NVR Miss Litter Box’s high walls are perfect for giving your kitty privacy while preventing any spillage. The high walls of this cat litterbox help to keep urine inside of the box for those kitties that are high pee-ers and also helps to keep litter in the box for those cats that like to throw litter like confetti.

The side cut out is low enough for small kittens to pass through, and wide enough for your larger cat breeds, allowing for easy access in and out of the litter box. The positioning of the cut out on the longer side encourages your cat to face sideways. This decreases the chances of your kitty kicking out litter after completing their business.

Made from plastic, the litter tray is light and sturdy.  The cat litter box is available in both white and medium brown which suits most house themes, allowing it to complement its surroundings. The NVR Miss Litter Box is a handy tool for keeping your house clean while letting your cat do their business.

Many Floppycaters have this litterbox and love it, like we do.

Be sure to grab a Litter-Lifter scoop to go with this!

Here is the arrival video of the NVR Miss Litterbox:


NVR Miss Litterbox final review video:


Here’s a fun video of Charlie playing in the white one:


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