Litter Locker Design Plus

Keep a tight lid on odors with the LitterLocker Design Plus, a pail with AIR-SEAL technology that helps stop any smells from your cat’s waste from bothering you at home. It uses cartridge refills for bags and includes one refill and a scoop and scoop holder.


The LitterLocker is designed to sit adjacent to your cat’s litter tray and works as a fully-enclosed pail. It has two lids – the main top you open and a spring-loaded internal lid that keeps everything trapped inside.

It’s a straightforward product to use and almost fully assembled when it arrives too. There’s no complicated setup, and it’s up to you whether you decide to use one of the optional design covers – although it looks fine if you leave it just as a plain white pail.

You open the LitterLocker, scoop in the waste, and then pull back on the spring-loaded shelf once the top is closed to release the litter into the lower bag, where it’s sealed away. That way, you’re not constantly letting the bacteria from old waste seep out every time you open the top.

The refill cartridges contain one long continuous bag, designed to last up to 2 months for a single cat, depending on how often they go to the toilet. All you do is knot the bottom of the bag, and then when it’s complete, use the handy cutting point to cut it off and re-knot the remaining bag, ready to continue. The bags are multi-layered to help keep those odors trapped too.

The LitterLocker is similar to the Litter Genie, which is more widely available in the US but has a couple of advantages. One of the best is the completely removable lid, which is much easier to clean and also makes it easier to swap out the cartridges. Overall, it’s a really effective product that is a great partner for your cat’s litter box.

When you’re ready to buy refills, I love these FIRIK Refill Cassette Compatible with Litter Genie – Large Capacity 21 Feet – Pack of 4

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