Metal Cat Litter Scoop – It’s THE Scoop! by K-Kat

The Metal Cat Litter Scoop – It’s THE Scoop! by K-Kat is a solid steel cat litter scoop that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. It was popular enough to go into production, so that gives you an idea of how many people liked the product! It is made by a small family company, and we were impressed with the scoop.

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Metal Cat Litter Scoop – It’s THE Scoop! by K-Kat is a strong and lightweight cat litter scoop made from steel. It is covered with a protective zinc coating to prevent rusting, which is important since it is in contact with cat urine and water (with washing). It is a quick sifter and I can pull up big chunks and sift the clean litter out without having to shake the scoop back and forth to settle the clumps. This makes the scooping largely dust free because there isn’t litter being jiggled around. You can clean these scoops with soap and water, and even soak them, although I wouldn’t soak overnight or for long periods of time.

This steel litter scoop is very well designed- the tines are thin and light, the collection basket is large, and the scoop picks up quite large clumps without having to break them up. I don’t love the design of the handle- it is large and not very comfortable, but since I only spend a couple of minutes a day holding it, that isn’t a deal breaker for me. It is a little bit more difficult to get into the corners of the litter box with it, especially if the corners of the box are rounded. I really like how large the basket of the scoop is though. My ragdoll cats are heavy wetters, and because they eat wet food, their litter clumps are very large. I like being able to clean the box so quickly because it picks up so much and sifts so quickly.

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