LitterLocker® Litter Box

The LitterLocker Litter Box is a 22.3 x 17.6 x 16-inch litter box guaranteed to keep all the litter scatter inside. It has two flexible high walls with handles on each side, a back wall with an integrated spout to facilitate litter pouring, and a short front wall for easy access.


The LitterLocker Litter Box is a high-quality product made by a Canadian brand designed to keep all the kitty litter scatter inside. It has two flexible high-side walls with handles, a high back wall, and a short front wall. This will permit your cat to enter the box quickly.

The size of the LitterLocker Litter Box is 22.3 x 17.6 x 16 inches, which makes it fit into most bathrooms but also large enough for any cat. Its shape is designed primarily to reduce litter scatter to a minimum.

The flexible sides make this litter box adaptable to small places. For instance, if you want to place it between two walls or between a wall and your toilet, the side walls of the litter box can be bent to fit.

Another great feature of the LitterLocker Litter Box is that it easily folds. Since the side walls have handles, they can be transported effortlessly. Moreover, it makes pouring the spoiled litter extremely easy because you can hold it properly. The back wall of the litter box also has an integrated spout that facilitates the pouring.

The interior of the litter box has a portion with a glossy finish that indicates the ideal level of litter required. This feature will come in handy whenever you put in the new litter.

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