Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mats

The Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mats are double layer litter scatter mats to catch the litter spray from your cat’s litter box. They are soft and made from materials that are safe for your cats.


The Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mats are one of the best cat litter mats I’ve used for my Ragdoll cats. They trap litter scatter and are easy to clean and dump. They come in two sizes – a supersize rectangular mat, and a smaller cat head shaped mat. I prefer the rectangular shape because it’s such a huge litter mat. The mat is two layers, and the top is a honeycomb texture that catches litter. The litter falls into the pocket created by the two layers of the mat and can then be dumped out. They are lightweight litter scatter mats and very easy to pick up, shake off, dump out, or even vacuum. They are made of a soft but durable EVA foam material. My cats also like to use it as a scratching pad, and it holds up pretty well to that.

I use a smaller grain litter with these cat box mats, which works well. The holes in the mat are fairly small, so if you use a larger grain litter, the scatter may get stuck in the holes rather than falling through. These can be cleaned easily with a liquid soap and a hose or shower head. They are also easy to wipe down. The material is non-toxic and safe for your kitties.

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Best Cat Litter Mat: Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Review

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