LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop Product Review

Previously, I reviewed the LitterLocker® Design Plus Pail Starter Kit. When AngelCare, the makers of LitterLocker®, asked us to review their LitterLocker® Design Plus Pail Starter Kit, they also asked that we review their LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop. Lucky us because I think these litterboxes are super rad.

LitterLocker Litter Box With Scoop

First Impression of the LitterLocker Litter Box

LitterLocker® is a Canadian brand and is not sold in the USA. It is only sold in Canada and parts of Europe. Edgewell (Litter Genie) has exclusivity in the USA, whereas AngelCare has it in Canada.

The LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop is a unique design in cat litter boxes that facilitates cat litter maintenance.

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LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop Unboxing

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Packaging of the LitterLocker Litter Box

Because the LitterLocker Litter Box is made from a soft and flexible material, it doesn’t need a lot of packaging material to protect it during shipping. It is thick enough that it isn’t going to tear easily but flexible enough that it can just be sent in a cardboard box with no foam or bubble wrap needed. This is great if you like more eco-friendly products since you have one box to recycle.

LitterLocker® Litter Box with Scoop Product Review. Two fluffy cats using litter boxes.

Box Contents

The LitterLocker Litter Box is a simple product – the box will contain the molded/manufactured litter box and the free scoop, which clips onto the side. That’s all there is because that’s all you need.

Assembly Required

In terms of assembly, there isn’t anything that needs to be put together because it’s a single litter box. You can clip a LitterLocker litter scoop onto the side, but that’s not really ‘assembly.’ The one thing I would mention here is the sticker that is attached to the inside of the litter box.

You’ll need to be careful removing this because it’s one of those that will leave a sticky residue/parts of the sticker behind if you pull it too quickly, which can be a little messier to clean before it’s ready to use.

Long haired cat sitting in a LitterLocker litter box with small trash can sitting besides.

Size of the LitterLocker Litter Box

As you can see, the litter boxes come in grey (although there is a white option, too) and have glossy fun cat paw patterns on the exterior surface. They measure 22.3 x 17.6 x 16 inches, which is a good size – larger cats like Ragdolls should be comfortable using them.

Best Benefit of the LitterLocker Litter Box

I love the high sides – so great for preventing litter scatter – my cats fling litter like they’re throwing confetti. Hence, the high sides prevent that from flying everywhere. If your cat has similar problems with scattering litter everywhere, this litter box could be a great solution.

Pros of the LitterLocker Litter Box

  • I love it for the highly flexible sides and open (allowing your cat to breathe) design.
  • The handles are cool – making dumping out the litterbox a cinch.
  • The flexible sides and design allow it to be squeezed into a spot if need be – like if you had a smaller spot between your toilet and a wall, for example.  I do not have that issue – I have plenty of room in my bathroom, so it worked well.

Cons of the LitterLocker Litter Box

  • The curved base was sometimes a challenge for me when scooping – since scoops are not rounded, but the bottom of the litterbox edges are, it was a challenge to get it off sometimes.
  • The scoop is good but would be better with triangular tines.

I had to be aware of the litter level so that the pee clumps wouldn’t stick to the bottom, making scooping challenging. As long as I had a high litter level, it was good to go. There is a litter level indicator on the interior surface of the litter box (I point this out in the unboxing video). However, I needed to keep the litter level slightly higher than the indicated level for my two. That is always going to vary depending on the size of the cat using it.

Two LitterLocker Litterboxes and Disposal System

The Durability of the Litterlocker Litter Box

The LitterLocker Litter Box is made from plastic that will be scratched as your cats use it – what happens with these types of plastic when your cats use them, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. So, you will need to replace these every few years, maybe sooner, if your cat is a little more enthusiastic about scratching when covering their waste.

Troubleshooting for the LitterLocker Litter Box

There’s very little to mention on the troubleshooting of the LitterLocker litter box, but just a couple of points:

  • Be careful when peeling off the initial sticker on the base – do it slowly to avoid leaving a sticky residue that needs more cleaning.
  • If you plan to use your own scoop instead of the included one, it may need help with the rounded corners. Maybe keep the LitterLocker scoop nearby just for pee clumps in the rounded base.
  • Look for deep scratches when your cat uses the litter box over time. These will become harder to clean and could breed bacteria in the future, which signifies you need to replace them.
LitterLocker® Litter Box with Scoop And two Fluffy cats, with mostly white fur but black faces

LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop Product Review Video

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Ease of Cleaning

They are super easy to wipe down, then pour one litter box into the another (if you have two) using the integrated spout, as I do in the final review video – wipe it down, wait for it to dry, and then pour it back into the cleaned one. Or, you can dump the used litter entirely in the trash can if it’s not clumping litter or if you want to clean your box that way.


There aren’t really any safety concerns with the LitterLocker Litter Box since it’s so simple. The only comment to make on safety – taking it a different way – is that your cats will likely feel safer using this than a hooded litter box since the open design means they can keep a lookout and be more comfortable in their surroundings.

Jenny’s Personal TakeAway

Overall, I liked these litterboxes – the high sides and the open concept are precisely what I look for in a litterbox. My only complaint was about the litter level, but we were good to go once I figured out what that needed to be. Also, the litter scoops that come with it are fine. Still, as we all know, I am the number one fan of the Litter-Lifter litter scoop – so any litter scoops without triangular tines aren’t my cup of tea.

However, I didn’t know about the Litter-Lifter. In that case, this litter scoop is excellent because it hooks onto the side of the litterbox – nobody wants to put a litter scoop on the ground – gross.


I never like to say, “A product costs $x” because prices can change without me spotting it. But as a guideline, you can expect to pay somewhere around CAD$26 for the LitterLocker version. The Litter Genie version is generally a little more expensive, at around US$25-30.

Where to Buy the LitterLocker Litter Box

If you’re in Canada, you can buy the LitterLocker Litter Box on their website.

You’ll need to buy the Litter Genie version in the US, which you can find on Chewy.

Or find it on Amazon.

The new Litter Genie XL is the closest to the LitterLocker and is sold in the USA. I much prefer it over the Litter Genie because it’s the closest to the LitterLocker. And I prefer the LitterLocker over the Litter Genie.

Discount on the LitterLocker Litter Box

Regarding the LitterLocker, there aren’t any regular discounts available. They don’t have an email newsletter, but you might want to keep checking their Facebook page. They’ve not posted any discounts on there before, but that’s where they would do it if they did. However, you get free shipping if you spend CAD$49 or more, so if you’re buying two litter boxes, you could take advantage.

Your best chance of a discount in the US is by buying through Chewy. Again, you can monitor their Facebook page to keep track of any deals. Chewy offers free delivery when you spend $49 (US) or more. In addition, they sometimes have bundle deals where you can get 20% off ‘litter accessories’ (including the Litter Genie litter box) when you buy select litter.


Is the Litterlocker Litter Box Easy to Access for Senior Cats?

While the height of the sides of the LitterLocker Litter Box are 16 inches, the entrance at the front is only around 6.5 inches tall. So if your cat is comfortable climbing over this height, they won’t have problems accessing it.

What’s the Best Litter Scoop?

The best litter scoop is one with triangular tines – this allows the litter to fall right through without you needing to shake it, so there’s less dust being kicked up when you scoop. My personal favorite is the Litter Lifter. However, because of its shape, it can be a little trickier to use with the rounded corners of the LitterLocker Litter Box.

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

Every cat is different. Some cats will prefer the enclosed feeling of a closed litter box, but many will prefer to see their surroundings with an open litter box. Cats feel vulnerable when doing their toilet business and generally like to know who or what is nearby, so they don’t get spooked.


I like that it’s all together in one place – I wish the scoop had triangular tines to make scooping faster and easier with less dust. Overall, though, the scoop it comes with does the job and works better with the LitterLocker litterboxes than the Litter-Lifter can. In addition, my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, instantly used them and never had a problem using them – win-win.

Buy the LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop


We received the LitterLocker® Litter Box With Scoop for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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  1. No idea how but it split down the front from the top down. Very disappointing as a good product otherwise.

    1. Do you have a photo of it? I’d love to see it.

    2. mine too just 6monhs old has 2 cracks

  2. Mine split after only a short time. Very disappointed as this is not a cheap product.

      1. It split in the front about 2 inches from the top down. Very disappointing as it’s a great product otherwise.

        1. We have 4 of these boxes and that never happened. Was yours in the sun, by chance?

  3. SUPER DUPER & FABULOUS & PAWESOME product review post & associated videos, Jenny honey!! Great job with all of this! TYSVM for the wonderful info!! 🙂 <3

    Oh, Charlie, how you make me SMILE when you know your momma is filming and how you perform just purrfectly!!! 🙂 <3

    Ooooooh, I like THESE litter boxes A LOT! Especially those handles, the high sides and the pour spot! FABULOUS! Not crazy about the scoops but I do understand the conundrum trying to use our beloved big Litter Lifter with these particular litter boxes for those clumps stuck in the corner, etc… Will have to check out the smaller version you told me about that Litter Lifter makes! 🙂 <3

    Wish all this super cool Litter Locker schtuff was available to us in the USA! 🙁 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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