Litter Genie Plus Cat Waste Disposal Bin Non-Product Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

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I first bought the Litter Genie Plus in 2017 when I picked up two from Target through a coupon deal. I ended up donating one of them, but then bought another in 2018 with a mail-in rebate that PetSmart was running. Since then I have swapped to the LitterLocker (after doing a review of it), but I wanted to give my thoughts on the Litter Genie since that’s the main one you can buy in the US.

Litter Genie Plus Pail Silver_DX

It’s a useful product. I realized after selling one of them that the litter odor smell in my basement was worse and while that might have been something to do with a change in Charlie’s diet at the time, I think the design of the product does work as intended.

About the Litter Genie Plus

The Litter Genie Plus is a cat litter disposal system designed to trap the smell of your cat’s waste. Simply, it’s a waste bin for your used cat litter, and it’s the same principle as the Diaper Genie for babies. Rather than a standard trash can, it’s been designed to minimize odors around your home by trapping waste and used litter in a compartment that isn’t exposed to the air, even when you open it.

A normal waste bin with a lid will keep odors inside to some extent, but will then release them every time you open the lid. The Litter Genie Plus is designed to stop that from happening, because it has a spring-loaded drop drawer inside.

The way it works is that you put the soiled cat litter and poop into the Litter Genie Plus, where it sits at the top of the bag. Once closed, you then pull back the drawer so that the cat waste drops to the bottom of the bag in the pail. When you let go of the drawer, that acts as a second lid. So, you aren’t exposed to the waste smells every time you open the lid.

Place it next to your cat litter box and you can easily clean out any kitty litter that has been used, trapping the litter clumps with any odor.

Purchase the Litter Genie Plus on Amazon.

My Litter Genie Plus Demo

This video shows me giving a demonstration of the Litter Genie and how it works.

In the video you’ll see that actually using it is pretty straightforward, although it can be tricky to slide the drawer out with one hand, so you will need to put down your scoop and use a second hand if you want to do it easily.

The video also shows you how to replace the bags. You’ll see that it can be tricky if you don’t have longer nails to remove the top cover underneath the lid where the refill sits. The video explains how to set up the refill and tie off the bags (as it’s essentially one long bag that you need to keep cutting and knotting).

In the video you’ll also see the scoop and litter scoop holder that comes with the Litter Genie, and why I don’t like them – the scoop’s not big enough, and it uses flat tines rather than the triangular ones on the Litter Lifter, which I much prefer.

The Litter Locker – Europe and Canada’s equivalent

The Litter Locker is a very similar product to the Litter Genie. It’s available in Europe and Canada but otherwise has a very similar design. There are some differences though, which I explain in the video – mainly about how you put in the refills (no tabs that need long nails here) and also ridges that let you use an elasticated sleeve to add a design to your waste bin, stopping it from looking like a boring plastic device.

There are a couple of other reasons why I generally think the Litter Locker is a slightly better design, which I explain in the video.

LitterLocker Design Cat Litter Disposal System Pail

Purchase the Litter Locker Amazon- Canada

My favorite refills for the Litter Genie

One of the things that can frustrate me is when a company makes a product that needs an ongoing cost, like the Litter Genie refill bags, but then manufactures them in a way that means you need to buy them directly from the company, so they can charge you what they want.

Thankfully when that happens, there are often unofficial or ‘knock off’ versions produced, which are sometimes better or at least cheaper. 

This video talks you through Firik refill cassettes, which are compatible with the Litter Genie and the Litter Genie Plus (but not the Litter Genie XL). In it, I explain what makes them different from the Litter Genie brand refills and how the longer length (21 feet per cartridge) should last for more weeks, although how the amount of time is subjective depending on your cat’s toilet habits.

Refill hacks for the Litter Genie

If you don’t want to keep buying standard Litter Genie refill cartridges, you can just use normal garbage bags or even a plastic grocery bag. You just need to keep hold of an empty refill cartridge to wrap the bag around. In this video I show you how it works, and while it’s not a perfect solution it is a lot cheaper.

Litter Genie Refill (4 Pack)

The Litter Genie XL

The Litter Genie XL is the larger version of the Litter Genie. I recently bought one from Amazon. In this video, I look at how the Litter Genie XL compares to the Litter Locker Plus, and how they’re the same design but the XL has extra space. The video also shows how the refills fit into the Litter Genie XL, and how the design is meant to prevent aftermarket cartridges from being used.

The Litter Genie XL is more similar in design to the Litter Locker than the Litter Genie Plus, which is good. The pail is able to hold around 50% more than the Litter Genie Plus too, as they’ve extended the base of the unit.

Litter Genie XL Pail, Ultimate Cat Litter Disposal System, Locks Away odors, Includes One Refill, Silver

Because it’s closer in design to the Litter Locker, it’s a little bit easier to use. It still uses the same refill cartridges, but it has a plastic ledge inside that stops you from using aftermarket cartridges. You could remove this ledge with a bit of DIY, or use it open – the unofficial refills will sit on top, and you just won’t be able to add the lid.

The only other difference is in the choice of color – with the Litter Genie Plus you can choose from a selection of colors, but the XL is only available in silver. I’m a lot happier with the design of the Litter Genie XL compared to the Litter Genie Plus, especially as it’s easier for US customers to order instead of importing one.

Purchase the Litter Genie Plus on Amazon.

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8 thoughts on “Litter Genie Plus Cat Waste Disposal Bin Non-Product Review

  1. Beverly Kelsey says:

    We’ve been using Litter Genie for years. Love it.
    Just changed litter to Arm And Hammer Litter. No dust. A lot of them say they are but my hubby says this is the best.

  2. Diane MehimAndthecats says:

    We’ve tried the litter genie and years ago there was a similar brand that had one and it just never worked well for us – the bags were always a pain! Once we moved into our home 3 years ago we dedicated a room in the basement for the litter boxes. We have a raised ranch, so the room has two huge windows, one on each side pretty much the full length of the room. I bought an office trash can that has a lid – its maybe a little less than half the size of a kitchen pail. I put two garbage bags in it (one inside the other). and the can sits in the middle of 4 litter boxes. The small can size prevents it from getting so heavy I cant lift it to carry it outside to the garbage pail, and the small size ensures there isn’t so much in it that the smell gets overwhelming. We keep the door closed and installed a pet door on it (we had to take the flap off because or cats couldn’t figure it out). The room has an air purifier and generally we scoop twice a day.

    After reading your post about the litter lifter years ago, we now have 2! They seriously are the best litter box scoops out there!

    • Jenny says:

      sounds like an interesting setup – if you ever want to share it on the site, i would be happy to – always like sharing DIY things that help kitties live more harmoniously with their owners. in fact, another reader just did share her project with me and it will release on the site next month. love that you love the litter lifter!!

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Pawesome post & video, Jenny!!! I so appreciate your honesty about the pros AND cons of The Litter Genie. Personally, I would probably find it as much of a pain in the butt to use as the “diaper pail” I had when my son was a baby…lol. 🙂 <3

    However, the information you provided is wonderful and organized and concise and honest!! Can't ask for more than THAT!!! If I had a multi-cat household again I just might have purchased one of these. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. lrunning says:

    Still like the Litter Champ better than the the Litter Genie. Mostly because of the foot pedal to open the “hatch”. I use the Litter Lifter with it with no problems (can’t give up the Litter Lifter)! Yes, the refills are expensive, but since plastic bags are like hen’s teeth in California (banned in most store in my county) there’s not a lot of options besides buying something to empty the box and the Litter Champ is the best thing I’ve found!

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