Tiniest Cat Breeds

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Tiniest cat breeds

Baby socks, mini cupcakes, doll houses—sometimes, bigger isn’t better. A video of a hamster sitting at an itty-bitty table eating a hamster-sized burrito has 12 million views on YouTube. Customers pay hundreds of dollars for 6-inch tall figurines in their likeness. There’s even an entire cadre of artists devoted to miniaturism or “fine art in little.” Humans have an undeniable affinity for tiny things.

The devotion to all things tiny extends to pets. Puppies and kittens make animal-lovers squeal because of their small size—or “smoll size,” in internet slang. Though pint-size dog breeds like Chihuahuas and French bulldogs have become hugely popular, the tiniest cat breeds aren’t as well-known.

To discover which felines really are the smallest, Stacker compared the average weights of cats listed in the Animal Planet Cat Breed Directory, VetStreet, and PetGuide. All cat breeds had to be registered by the Cat Fanciers Association and have a weight range midpoint of 9 pounds or less to make the cut.

Read on to discover which 22 cat breeds are the teeny-tiniest—and get your daily dose of cute cat pictures. 

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#20. Abyssinian (tie)

Size range: 8–10 pounds

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world—archaeologists have even found what they believe to be mummified Abyssinians in ancient Egyptian tombs. These adventurous, playful cats love to climb up on high places like bookshelves, and enjoy learning tricks.

Soon Koon // Flickr

#20. Khao Manee (tie)

Size range: 8–10 pounds

Khao Manee were once bred exclusively as pets for Thai royalty. In fact, the first Khao Manee cat didn’t leave Thailand until 1999. These adventurous, playful, and attention-loving cats have pure white coats, and frequently have one blue and one amber or green eye.

Neil H. // Wikimedia Commons

#20. Burmilla (tie)

Size range: 8–10 pounds

Sweet and gentle, Burmilla cats love their owners and make great family pets. They’re a cross between Burmese and Chinchilla Persian, and come in two coat types: short and semi-long.

Edenvane // Wikimedia Commons

#14. Tonkinese (tie)

Size range: 6–12 pounds

Known for their gorgeous aqua-hued eyes and silky soft coats, these outgoing, active cats like to be involved in what their owners are doing at all times. Tonkinese cats have even been known to ride on their humans’ shoulders.

Julia Shepeleva // Wikimedia Commons

#14. Somali (tie)

Size range: 6–12 pounds

The Somali cat’s athletic physique and mischievous look points to its personality: outgoing, clever, curious, and extremely active. This cat is a great choice for anyone who wants a furry best friend they can spend a lot of time with.

Desaix83 // Wikimedia Commons

#14. Havana brown (tie)

Size range: 6–12 pounds

With a short, mahogany brown coat and bright green eyes, the Havana brown cat is a striking feline. This breed loves attention, and will often follow you around to see what you are doing, tap you with their paw to get pets, or chat to you in a soft voice.

Alexas_Fotos // Pixabay

#14. British shorthairs (tie)

Size range: 6–12 pounds

The round eyes, round head, and fluffy body of the British shorthair give the cat a slightly curious, reserved look—and indeed he is, until he gets to know you. Later, British shorthairs will become laid back and affectionate with their families.

Irina_kukuts // Pixabay

#14. Bengal (tie)

Size range: 6–12 pounds

A cross between Asian leopard cats and domestic breeds, the Bengal cat gets its high energy and temperament from its wild roots. These cats like to play, climb up to high places, and even go for walks on a leash. Bengals will be especially happy if they have an outdoor space where they can watch birds fly by.

Desaix83 // Wikimedia Commons

#14. Sphynx (tie)

Size range: 6–12 pounds

Prospective owners might be put off by the appearance of these hairless cats at first, but the Sphynx’s personality will soon win them over. Warm, intelligent, and funny, the Sphynx loves to investigate new things, and cuddle up with the people he loves.

Bombaykatz //Wikimedia Commons

#12. Bombay (tie)

Size range: 6–11 pounds

Easygoing and tolerant, Bombay cats are equally welcoming to new people and new animals. Though Bombay cats are intelligent and can be trained to play fetch and walk on a leash, they’d be equally happy laying in your lap.

Heikki Siltala // Wikimedia Commons

#12. American wirehair (tie)

Size range: 6–11 pounds

As its name implies, the American wirehair cat has a thick, springy coat that feels like steel wool. Calm, patient, and friendly, this cat loves nothing more than sitting on a windowsill and watching the birds outside.

Karin Langner-Bahmann // Wikimedia Commons

#10. Siamese (tie)

Size range: 6–10 pounds

This popular cat breed is easily recognizable, thanks to its signature tan and dark brown markings, and bright blue eyes. Highly curious and intelligent, Siamese cats can be a bit demanding of their owners, and often get into trouble if left alone.

15Claudia // Pixabay

#10. Korat (tie)

Size range: 6–10 pounds

Known as a symbol of prosperity and luck in its native Thailand, the Korat is a bit quieter than its Siamese cousin, but no less intelligent. These cats are striking, with sleek blue-gray fur and adorable heart-shaped faces.

Pablo1964 // Wikimedia Commons

#6. Turkish Angora (tie)

Size range: 5–10 pounds

Unlike many of the other breeds on this list, Turkish Angora cats are a natural breed—they weren’t purposefully bred for looks or temperament. Delicate and elegant in appearance, these small cats have a plumed, bottlebrush tail, and come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

Chris 73 // Wikimedia Commons

#6. Japanese bobtail (tie)

Size range: 5–10 pounds

The Japanese bobtail’s signature stubbed tail is the result of a genetic mutation, and is said to bring good fortune. These active, intelligent cats love to play and often splash around in water, chase after balls, and ride on their owner’s shoulders.

Nickolas Titkov // Wikimedia Commons

#6. American curl (tie)

Size range: 5–10 pounds

Instead of the usual triangular ears that stand straight up, the American curl cat’s tufted ears bend backward. This sociable, loving, and family-friendly cat gets along well with older children, other cats, and even dogs.

#6. LaPerm (tie)

Size range: 5–10 pounds

Though the LaPerm cat doesn’t regularly go to a groomer, its wavy, ringleted coat sure looks like the work of a cat stylist. These cats are inquisitive and highly active—they welcome guests into the home with ease, and will even bat your hand to get your attention.

Alexandre Gonçalves // Wikimedia Commons

#5. Cornish rex

Size range: 6–8 pounds

Cornish rex cats have an unusual appearance, with oversized ears, curly whiskers, wavy coats, and oval-shaped heads. These high-energy cats are always on the go, and love to play tricks on their owners.

kitty.green66 // Flickr

#4. Colorpoint shorthair

Size range: 5–9 pounds

This cross between Siamese, Abyssinian, and domestic shorthair is one of the most talkative cats out there: They’ll meow loudly if they want your attention, and won’t stop until they get it. Their active, social, and fun-loving personalities mean that colorpoint shorthairs need lots of toys and playtime to be happy.

Igatto // Wikimedia Commons

#3. Balinese

Size range: 5–8 pounds

Balinese cats are just one gene away from Siamese cats, so it’s only natural that they have the same stunning blue eyes as their cousins. One of the most intelligent long-haired breeds, Balinese cats can live up to 22 years.

Straits Singapura // Wikimedia Commons

#2. Singapura

Size range: 4–8 pounds

As their name implies, Singapura cats originated on the streets of Singapore, and are now considered a national treasure. Their tiny bodies make their big ears and black-tipped tails stand out even more.

danilobiancalana // Shutterstock

#1. Lykoi

Size range: 4–7 pounds

The Lykoi is also known as the “werewolf cat” because of its partially hairless body, and sparse white and black fur. These small cats aren’t scary, though: Lykois are usually highly intelligent problem-solvers who like to cuddle with their humans.

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