Litter-Lifter – The BEST Cat Litter Scoop

Meet the cat litter scoop that will change your life.  Seriously.  You think I’m being dramatic.  I am not.  The Litter-Lifter is an extremely efficient scooper and hands down, my favorite litter scoop on the market.


When my mom bought this litter scoop over a decade ago, it was called the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter. Little did I know how far superior it is to every other litter scoop I have tried. I have told readers it will change their lives – and they agree! Sounds ridiculous that a cat poop scooper would change your life – but it’s true.

Created with peaked blades, the Litter-Lifter surpasses its competitors as the litter does not get caught between flat tines which often connect the teeth of the scooper. Because of this, litter does not clog up the scoop easily, allowing for a more efficient cleaning process. The tines of this poop scooper have the perfect space between them to collect those smaller pieces while allowing your litter to slip back into the box for future use.

The large bowl means that you will need to run through the litter less times to collect all your cat’s waste and create a fresh, clean environment. By passing through the litter less times, this also means less dust is flung into the air during the process, making cleaning your kitty litter much more efficient.

Created from plastic, the cat scooper is a sturdy tool. The hole at the top allows for easy storage providing you the option to hang it up on a hook once finished.

Available in a whole range of colors, you can choose whichever color makes you happy to scoop litter – because, believe me, the Litter-Lifter will change your life.

After a series of posts in December, Dementia Boy, a Floppycats reader, decided to take the plunge and purchase one.

She ordered directly from Litter Lifter and told me about the process:

Jenny, I don’t know where the Litter Lifter product info is on your website, but I received mine today and this is what I have to say about it:

Buy it.  Just buy it.

Even though you and others raved about the Litter Lifter, I must admit I was skeptical.  I mean, what’s the big deal about a litter scoop?  A scoop is a scoop is a scoop, right?  INCORRECTO-MUNDO!!!

This scoop is incredible.  The first thing you notice is its heft.  It’s shaped like a snow shovel with a longer blade and handle than a regular scoop.  It doesn’t have sides like a regular scoop (again, think snow shovel).

The sticker attached to the Litter Lifter states, “Peaked blades catch whole clumps & tiny carats but leave the clean litter…Litter falls through the slanted tines.  NO shaking.  NO sifting.  LESS DUST.”

I can’t see the peaked blades, but no matter. It works.  When you run it through the litter box, you wonder where the clean litter went.  It’s that fast.  It’s that good.  TMI alert:  I ran it through a “clean” NVR Miss box and picked up one “carat.”  The Litter Lifter left every bit of clean litter behind.  I went from box to box, picking up carats, nuggets and one boulder. Nothing fell apart. (I have to figure out the physics of this thing.)

OK, so I’m easily amused and astonished, but the Litter Lifter is fantastic.  I ordered mine directly from the company for $6.85 plus $1.99 shipping.  (Actual shipping was $2.53, and the scoop was packed in a big padded envelope.)  Because I couldn’t decide on a color, I picked the option “surprise me” and received a beautiful purple scoop.  There are three types of scoops; I chose the original.

This is a must-buy.  Thank you, Jenny, for finding the Litter Lifter!!

After I rec’d this e-mail, I asked Bev if I could share it on the site and she said I could and then added:

When my eyes were working–they work for about two hours a day–I noticed that the Litter Lifter has thin, peaked tines rather than thick, flat tines, thus allowing the clean litter to sift through completely and quickly.

This thing is wonderful, something else for me to get OCD about.  My eyes are all googly-woogly–that’s a clinical term–right now, so I can’t figure out how it works.  I tried both the Litter Lifter and one of my regular scoops at the same time in a clean box, but couldn’t focus on both scoops (sort of like rubbing your head and patting your tummy simultaneously).

I can’t believe I am so excited about a litter scoop.  But, really, where has this been all our lives??  Clumping litter came out in 1993; I don’t know how many scoops I’ve had since then, but they’ve all been the same.  I think I’m the only person in your group who gathers waste in a coffee can; I could hear the nuggets hit the can without the–how do you say?–acoustical muffling of excess

Unlike everything else we get for our fluffballs, this is something (1) cheap (2) that works, and works well.

I think I’ll go check the litterboxes again.  (Bev, you have two cats and six litterboxes–give it a rest!!

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